I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 29

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Fearful experiences with mother and daughter

When I quietly opened the door, my eyes met those of my aunt who was sitting on the chair in the guest room. Two white eyes floating in the darkness. I was startled and stood still for a moment. That was really scary.

After a while, my eyes got used to the darkness, and the plump outline of the aunt appeared, and I was released from the horror state.

Looking around the room, which I could finally see, there was a candlestick on the table. However, the candles were not lit.

In front of it, empty dishes were left on the table. On the table with bread crumbs, there were soup plates, a bottle of fruit liquor, and two glasses. It seems that they had been drinking. While I was looking at it, the aunt spoke to me.

“Oh, you’re back. It’s good that you get along well… My recommendation seems to have worked.”

Her voice was small, but I blushed unintentionally. It seemed like she had heard our conversation earlier. Oh my god, it’s so embarrassing. I felt like I wanted to disappear.

“…Th, thank you for your recommendation. So, where is Dorothea?”

“She’s already asleep. Have a little drink, and how is that impudent person doing?”

It seemed like she had been waiting just to hear that. The reason the candle wasn’t lit was probably to not disturb Dorothea’s sleep. I approached the chair next to my aunt and sat down, wondering what to do next.

“He seemed to be troubled about something. I don’t think he would be so down if he was trying to cheat her. I was curious, so I stopped him and talked to him a little… He said that it wasn’t him and he wanted Dorothea to know that.”

“I see, but what if it’s a trick?”

I thought about my aunt’s words filled with rejection. It would be useless to say anything to her right now. However, I couldn’t just leave it at that. I didn’t support Aurelio, but I still wanted more time.

“Well, um, Auntie, I took your advice and consulted with Jeremiah-sama about him and Dorothea. He promised to investigate him. I don’t want to waste what Jeremiah-sama is doing for us right now. So, could you please wait a little longer? Once the investigation is done, we’ll know what kind of person he is and it will be easier to come to a conclusion.”

I pleaded with a hint of reluctance to use Jeremiah, but couldn’t think of any other way. After thinking for a while, aunt sighed and said,

“Alright, let’s wait for Lord Jeremiah to investigate. Well, I feel like I already know the outcome, but in the meantime, make sure Dorothea doesn’t get close to that man.”

“Of course.”

“Phew, anyway, I’m glad we could talk. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Yes, good night.”

My aunt stood up looking tired and left the room.

I called Dora to change and headed straight to the bedroom. Finally, I can rest. Have I been too busy these past few days? Since meeting Jeremiah, every day has been too hectic.

While praising myself for not giving up, I lay down on the bed.

“Ah, ugh…huh.”

I unintentionally let out a big yawn.

I hope I can have some time to relax tomorrow, even if it’s just a little. I wished for it, but I had a strange conviction that fate would betray me in some unexpected way. And so, I fell asleep.


The next day, when I peeked into the adjacent bedroom, I was startled again by Dorothea’s face.

I almost blurted out “Eek!” but managed to stop myself. Don’t worry, she’s alive.

However, her eyelids were swollen and dyed purple, looking pitiful. Her complexion was pale, like a ghost, and her hair had lost all its shine. Since she was wearing white clothes, it made her look even worse.

She looked so ghostly that when she turned around on the bed, I felt like my heart was about to flip over, in a completely different way than I felt with Jeremiah.

“…Dorothea, your face looks terrible.”

“I know, I saw myself in the mirror earlier and scared myself. So, Lorraine, I’m going to stay in my room all day today. Please tell Okaa-sama about it…and also, could you find me a book?”

“Sure, what kind of book do you want?”

“Well, a novel would be nice, something light, but a romance. Just no tragedies, and no poetry either, it might make me feel worse.”

“Okay, got it. But wait a minute, I need to get ready first.”

I came in my sleepwear, so I wasn’t prepared for anything.

I called for Dora.

She was fully awake and started preparing while happily talking about the dress that might come today.

“Based on Lady Astorga’s story, I think it will be a feeling that you have never worn before. So, I want to try the hairstyle that Her Royal Highness the princess started, which is currently in fashion. It’s like this, fluffy and bundled, but doesn’t look like it.”

“That doesn’t suit me.”

“No! It definitely suits you.”

Dora asserted.

By the way, Lady Astorga in her words is Paula. The name of the Duke family she married into is Astorga. They are a great noble with vast land and immense power. They are a prestigious family that has even married a lady to the royal family.

“Oh, the dress… Hey Lorraine, if you get it, the dress will be here to unfold and try on, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Oh, that’s exciting. You’ll show it to me too, won’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but Jeremiah-sama asked me to show it to him first after trying it on.”

With that, Dorothea let out a faint laugh.

“Well, then I’ll tell him before trying it on. But really, I envy you. How did you manage to win him over? Among the ladies, he’s nicknamed the Ice Prince and is considered the most ideal marriage partner, but also the most difficult person to conquer. It was even said that he wouldn’t marry until he inherited his title.”

“I-I see.”

Unable to declare that he wanted me to be his lifelong bug repellent, I hesitated. As a result, my attention was elsewhere, and I didn’t notice that Dora had changed my hairstyle on her own.

When she said, “It’s done,” and I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t help but scream.

“Hey, no way! Dora, what are you doing?”

“You were spacing out, so I thought it would be nice. It’s cute, isn’t it?”

“Really, it’s beautiful, Lorraine.”

Dorothea said as she looked at me in the mirror, but that wasn’t the point. If I went out looking like this, I wouldn’t be able to hide anymore. Even if I didn’t intend to hide, I was able to hide from the murder beams filled with the ladies’ malice precisely because I could hide.

If I stand out like this, I might be subject to actual force.

While thinking that, I looked in the mirror.

As I was thinking that I needed to have it fixed, there was a knock on the door.

“Lorraine, I have something to talk to you about. Can I come in?”

I was surprised to hear an unexpected voice from the other side of the door.

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