I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 27

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Dinner party aka observation

Dorothea couldn’t make it to dinner, so I ended up heading to the dining hall with Paula. Aunt stayed behind to take care of Dorothea.

“Please come back and tell me about that rascal’s behavior at dinner.”

I nodded firmly in response to the request made in a low voice and headed to the dining hall.

Then I ran into Jeremiah. It seems he came to pick me up. When he recognized Paula, he asked suspiciously.

“Why are you with Nee-san?”

“That’s because I heard that Lorraine would be back before dinner today and that her dress would probably arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, I was talking to Mrs. Palmara next door. Then there was a commotion, you know?”

“Yeah. I was supposed to come with Aunt and Dorothea, but it seems a bit difficult now.”

As I said that, Jeremiah put his hand on his forehead and sighed. He seemed to understand the situation from my few words. Paula, who saw his reaction, narrowed her eyes while holding a fan.

“Jeremiah, did you know about this?”

“Oh, yeah. I received a consultation from Lorraine. However, I don’t know much about him either, so I was investigating the details…”

“Can you tell me the name of that man?”

“I’ll have to decline. I don’t know what Nee-san will do if I tell her.”

“Just a little retaliation.”

A low laughter rose from within the fluffy feathers of the fan, as if trying to drag back the soul of an escaped hell messenger. With her glamorous beauty, even her angry face was beautiful. I was almost mesmerized, but I realized it wasn’t the time for that and regained my consciousness.

“Please stop. We can’t be rude to our invited guests.”

“Well, you also have a duty to protect your invited guest, don’t you?”

“Um, shall we go now? It would be inconvenient if we were late for dinner, and there are also some things I want to confirm.”

As I spoke, Jeremiah furrowed his eyebrows. I thought he might have noticed, but I started walking alone without worrying about it.

As a result, I ended up walking ahead, enduring the unpleasant atmosphere that seemed to say “I don’t like this” from behind.

I prayed to God that everything would be okay and headed to the dining hall without expecting anything.


As Aunt and Dorothea didn’t come, I explained the situation to Marquess Castalde before taking my seat. As Jeremiah’s mother, she had a very graceful appearance and her age-defying attire was wonderful. She proceeded with the meal while being careful not to spoil the atmosphere, even though she seemed worried.

I stole a glance at Aurelio while being concerned about the two empty seats next to me.

He seemed to be very depressed and wasn’t eating at all. It bothered me that he was only poking and stirring the contents of his plate and not putting anything in his mouth.

I wasn’t the only one watching him. Jeremiah was also gazing at him with half-closed eyes.

Paula seemed to be trying to find out who made Dorothea cry by following that gaze.

The meal was delicious, and I ate as usual. I felt that I wouldn’t have the energy or stamina if I didn’t eat.

The hateful glares directed at me were getting stronger day by day.

From this situation, it seemed that it was already known that I was Jeremiah’s “special” person. Well, that was what he asked me to do, so the results were excellent. I ignored it, thinking so.

Along the way, my eyes met with Tatiana’s. She nodded a few times, seeming to want to express her concern. I sincerely thought that she was a really good person. At the same time, I also met Lord Grimani’s gaze and he had a similar expression. I decided to explain the situation to those two later.

Then, I looked back at Aurelio again. He seemed to be troubled by something.

Eventually, when the meal was over, Aurelio stood up quickly. He said that he was tired and excused himself. I also left the table, saying that I was worried about my aunt and cousin.

I hurriedly followed him and found that he was waiting for me in the hallway. It seemed that he also wanted to talk to me.

“It seems like you have something to tell me?” he said seriously. I nodded and asked, “Do you also have something to tell me?”

He nodded and looked around before saying, “Then, shall we talk in the place where the painting near the entrance hall is displayed?”


As I answered, I heard footsteps from behind. It was Jeremiah. I thought that Paula might have followed him, but since she had a higher status among the invited guests, she couldn’t just leave easily. Jeremiah must have come up with some reason, probably that he was worried about me or something like that.

After all, the number of death rays was increasing every day. It was clear to everyone that Jeremiah was obsessed with me.

That’s why this approach would work.

I was truly impressed by his acting skills.

“I’ll go with you… I don’t want my fiancé to be alone with another man.”

Jeremiah stood behind me and placed his hand on my side. He seemed to want to claim me as his own. My heart involuntarily skipped a beat. I still couldn’t get used to this.

“Fiancé? Have you already progressed that far? You were faster than I thought.”

“Lord Caldelara, are you misunderstanding something?”

“But if you get engaged so hastily, it’s natural to think that way. Lady Lorraine is certainly lovely, and you could easily win her over…”

“Is it necessary to talk about that now? We should be talking about you and Lady Dorothea, her cousin.”

Jeremiah spoke through gritted teeth.

They still seemed like acquaintances to me. However, I didn’t know much about him. I wondered what that meant. Curious, I asked.

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