I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 136

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: The Secret of Paolo

Even Paula, who always maintains a calm attitude no matter what, cannot hide her frustration.

It’s not a facial expression that is often seen, so I couldn’t help but stare.

Then, Paula sighed and said, “Please explain what this means.”

Asked in a low voice, it was not Paolo but me who trembled. On the other hand, Paolo, who was asked the question, did not show any fear and just shrugged his shoulders.

“It means exactly what is written there. I will be working here for a while longer. The workplace will be different, but I will not cause any trouble for the madam.”

After saying that much, Paolo stood up and bowed his head. 

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Looking back and forth between Paolo and the paper in his hand, Paula shook her head and put her hand on her forehead. It was a gesture that seemed to say she couldn’t believe it.

I was curious about what was written on that paper, but I couldn’t intervene and just watched the situation.

“So how did you get Thomas’s permission? I can’t believe he would make such a decision without consulting me. What did you do?”

I thought maybe Paula’s sharp voice was because Duke Astorga had made this decision on his own.

I’m not sure yet, but I had a feeling that was the case. 

“Perhaps it is because His Highness has given me the opportunity to show my skills. I couldn’t suddenly start working at the royal palace, so they arranged for me to stay with Duke Astorga for a while. They thought it would be easier for me to be accepted where I originally came from.”

“…I see.”

Paula looks like she’s about to tear the paper apart any moment now.

It’s almost too difficult to speak up. As I’m wondering what to do, Paula lets out a sigh of resignation and says quietly,

“Well, there’s no point in me saying anything now that it’s come to this. In that case, I’ll make use of your skills that His Highness has recognized.

Mark Küchner, from now on, make a new dish once a week. It can be a dessert too. If you can satisfy me with your cooking, I’ll recognize you as a chef.”

“It would be an honor.”

I feel like there are sparks flying between the two of them, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

While thinking this to myself, I was curious about what Paula said. However, it’s not a situation where I can intervene, so for now,

I express my doubts out loud as if talking to myself.

“Mark Küchner?”

Yes, Paula definitely said that.

And she said it to Paolo. It definitely sounds like a person’s name…

“Oh, that. That’s my real name.”


Then, Paolo said it so easily. No, if I reflect on what he just said, it would be Mark.

My head is getting confused.

I don’t understand.

He smiled and told me, “Paolo Hübner is a pseudonym. Not only that, but I was actually born in the neighboring country.”

He told me another secret as if it were nothing, and I was speechless. I looked at Paula in confusion and saw that it was true. If it had been a lie, Paula would have looked stunned by now.

Understanding my thoughts, Paula glanced at Paolo, or rather Mark, who seemed to be enjoying himself with a smile and said, “It seems to be true. His Highness’s subordinates investigated.”

Looking at the paper in her hand, Paula seemed indifferent. Well, that’s probably true. Information about Mark, not Paolo, would have no meaning for her.

“Moreover, he was quite famous in the neighboring country. It says he worked for the Duke family and was often invited as a palace chef. I don’t know if it’s true… but I’ve heard rumors about a handsome man with red hair who makes interesting dishes.”

After remembering something, Paula lowered her voice.

“You should have just stayed in the neighboring country.” 

I decided not to ask about it, feeling a bit uneasy.

On the other hand, Mark still seemed to be having fun.

“Well, it was fun in its own way, but I heard from an acquaintance who has memories that Cassini-san is here in this country with other people who have unusual memories, so I decided to come and check it out. But it’s a hassle to stay here for a long time… I was told it would be better to pretend to be a Flosland person, so I decided to do that.”

With a refreshing smile, Mark continued talking as if it were nothing. I thought to myself that it wasn’t such a casual topic, but when he looked at me, he continued.

“So, they said I should change my name too, but I was at a loss as to what to do. I thought about it a lot, but when I got tired of thinking about it, I saw madam’s name and thought it would be good. But I looked for a surname that sounded similar and was easy to call.”

“…Come to think of it, it does sound similar.”

I muttered while feeling somewhat tired.

I hadn’t really noticed until he mentioned it, but it did sound similar to Paula’s name. It was basically something that didn’t matter much, so I hadn’t paid much attention to it, but there was a reason for it.

Still, even though I didn’t really care, when I looked at Paula, she seemed very unhappy.

I can understand how she feels. 

I let out a small sigh and thought that it would be troublesome until I got used to it, but then I thought of something even more troublesome that had already come to mind.

Of course, it was about Lucia.

Lucia was supposed to return at the same time as me, but she seems to want to learn more from Paula.

However, now that it has come to this, wouldn’t it be better for her to leave here early?

It goes without saying that Mark’s work here means he will be living here. There are some servants who have been given houses on the premises, but they are very few. There are also some who commute, but they are also a minority. This means that we will inevitably run into each other. If I think about Lucia staying, my head starts to hurt.

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