I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 116

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Shaken by anxiety

My arm hurt from being grabbed, and my steps were too short, so I had to run to keep up, unable to ask any questions as I was taken away.

——What happened? They said something about a hostage…

The man seemed not to notice my state and continued to drag me along. Soon, I saw other men coming from the front, also with someone in tow. When I saw their figure, I couldn’t help but scream.



They noticed me and called out, but the men didn’t pay attention to us and just nodded at each other.

The men who had joined us started walking again. Lucia and I looked at each other, but we didn’t have time to speak. Along the way, we passed by people I had talked to before.

Everyone looked surprised when they saw us.

“You guys stay here. No, if possible, run away!”

The man said this to his passing comrades. However, one of them seemed unconvinced and spoke up.

“What happened? Did they find out about this place?”

“That’s right!”

The man stopped and replied irritably. His comrades were shocked by his words and looked at each other.

“What a mess. We discussed everything and took various measures. It must be because of the difference in equipment.”

“It’s about information and resources… Anyway, we need to decide what to do.”

Meanwhile, Paolo’s “gunshot” sound echoed several times.

The man ignored his comrades who had started discussing and said, “Let’s go.” I almost tripped but managed not to fall.

I thought to myself.

“Could it be that the police found this place?”

If that were the case, it would make sense for them to use the word “hostage” earlier and their panicked behavior and the line telling us to run away.

In other words, we might finally be able to get out of here. Once I realized that, I couldn’t think of anything else. Hope and anxiety mixed together, and my heart pounded fiercely.

Soon, I heard a loud voice. It seemed to be the entrance to the castle. I had never been there before, so I wasn’t sure, but there was a gate big enough to look up at, so it couldn’t be wrong.

I was told when I was walking around that this castle was used as a mere residence until it was abandoned, so there was no drawbridge like the ones you see in movies.

I couldn’t believe Cassini and the others hadn’t prepared anything, but the fact that we could hear sounds nearby meant that it had already been breached.

I stared ahead as if devouring everything with my eyes.

It had been a long time since I had prayed. I hoped that the people who had come here would be the ones who could help me. 

After all, I haven’t been able to contact my family for a long time. 

I haven’t even seen Jeremiah’s face.

Actually, it had been very painful and sad for me. I couldn’t help but tightly purse my lips. If it turned out to be a disappointment, I might not be able to recover for a while.

Little by little, the light grew stronger. I could see that I was heading towards a hall where the light was shining in from the corridor.

Suddenly, there was a small metallic sound. I moved my gaze and gasped as the man holding my arm pulled out a knife from somewhere and brought it close to my neck.

Without screaming, I stepped into the light with the knife still pointed at me.

The place I came out to was a grand staircase. My view opened up all at once, and I looked down at the people facing me. One side was, of course, the people with memories. The other side was a group of people in uniforms that I had seen many times in the city. However, there was another group wearing different uniforms mixed in.

——Is that a military uniform?

I was amazed.

It seemed that the men who brought me here were also surprised and muttered with groaning voices.

“What the hell, why did the military come all the way out here?”

“Hey, don’t tell me that’s the prince?”

The men’s faces turned pale, and their voices trembled slightly.

Suddenly, I remembered the image of the prince who chose to be a soldier and commanded on the front lines despite being born into royalty. The scene at that time was burned into my mind and wouldn’t leave. It was probably true for most women.

The prince had a well-defined sweet face and always had an unreadable smile. His long chestnut hair had a strong wave, giving a gentle impression. His large golden eyes, which were different from mine, gave a sincere feeling. He was also well-built, and the military uniform suited him terribly.

I had only seen him when he was presented to society, but I felt from the bottom of my heart that he was a resident of a completely different world.

There was no way such a gentleman would be in a place like this. As I thought that, the existence they spoke of appeared before my eyes.

I couldn’t believe it right away.

Not only that, but I could see someone standing near the aforementioned prince who was hard to recognize from a distance but had too much familiarity.

For a moment, I felt like my breath had stopped.


He was there with the same appearance that I had been staring at all along. He was staring at me, and only me.

His gaze seemed to say, “It’s okay.”

I recall those blue eyes that I found more beautiful than any gem. I never thought there would come a time when those eyes would look at me like this.

Unknowingly, my body trembles.

He was indeed looking for me.

Various thoughts come and go, such as how much I worried him, or how he will surely scold me. But in the end, the only feeling left was happiness.

My eyes start to feel hot, but I can’t cry here. I have to hold back my overflowing emotions and tighten my face.

Still, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

“The Secretary of State is here too. It’s kind of funny…”

“Yeah, I feel like I’ve become someone important.”

They let out a dry laugh and were completely intimidated. But when their eyes met with Cassini, who was shouting below, the laughter disappeared immediately. Fear remained, but now there was a sense of determination as they took a deep breath.

I finally arrived and shrank back.

“That’s enough! Is it okay for these guys to die?!”

A loud voice that made my ears hurt was uttered near my head.

I grimaced, but then noticed something reflecting light on the side of my neck and cleared my throat to look at the scene downstairs.

After the man’s voice, I realized that their gaze was focused on me.

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