I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 111

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Dinner with Cassini

“What is the summons about?”

“Cassini-san is calling for you. He wants to meet you tonight at the dining hall of this castle.”

I blinked at the man’s words.

I had been waiting eagerly for this moment, but since he hadn’t come yet, I thought it was hopeless for today.

To be honest, it took a long time for him to call me.

No matter how much I wanted to talk to Cassini, he kept insisting that he was busy and couldn’t make time for me.

Now, I finally know what he wants me to do. When I first arrived, I was dying to know, but now I’m afraid to ask.

Still, there was no change in what I wanted to ask.


“Paolo will guide you. Well, it’s not like a nobleman’s evening party, just eating and talking, so he wants you to relax. Alright then, I’ll tell Paolo and Ojo-sama that you two were getting along well.”

Paolo replied with a stiff “Thank you,” and watched the man with a beard leave. After a while, when he was completely gone, Paolo let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

It didn’t look like nothing at all.

He had a face as if he was holding some kind of secret. Without asking any further, I looked at Paolo’s tired face for a moment and said, “Well, that’s good then.”

“Okay then, shall we go? Where are we going?”

He seemed to be pushing himself a little too hard, but perhaps relieved by my response, he asked in his usual manner. Worried but not wanting to corner him, I answered with my usual tone that we were going to dinner.

Paolo nodded and headed towards the dinner. Following behind him, I let out a small sigh.

I have entered the dining hall where I was called a few times before.

It is a simple place with long tables and chairs arranged in a slightly spacious area that reminds me of a medieval castle.

However, there are decent dishes lined up there now, and I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them.

Of course, I cannot compare them to the dishes I have seen so far, but there are chunks of meat and baked goods-like things.

Since coming here, the meals have been small in quantity, and I have never really felt full.

My stomach made a growling sound again at the good smell that tickled my nostrils.

Then, a cheerful laughter came from behind me.

Almost reflexively, I turned around and saw Cassini standing there, having tidied up his appearance a bit and holding back his laughter with his hand on his mouth.

I cursed my stomach for being like this even at a time like this. I had put in some effort, but this ruined it all. I suddenly felt deflated.

Even the air that had been tense until then seemed to loosen up. The people who were preparing the meal also had indescribable looks on their faces.

“No, I think it’s good to be honest.”

“Oh, no…I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize. Paolo, take her to her seat and let’s start soon.”


Led by Paolo, who nodded, I sat down at the seat he indicated. A large piece of meat was placed right in front of me, and I casually averted my eyes.

My stomach growled again, and I couldn’t stand it.

Fortunately, my wish was granted, and my stomach didn’t growl until the meal began.

“Well then, let’s talk while we eat.”

Cassini said and offered a prayer before the meal. It wasn’t something from this world. I don’t know the details.

Following his lead, I offered a prayer that is commonly performed in this country before starting the meal.

Although it was a large table, only Cassini, two people who seemed to be his subordinates, Paolo, and I were eating. The people who had prepared the meal were nowhere to be seen. They were probably eating somewhere else. While thinking that, I took a bite of boiled potato.

The meals lined up were quite different from what I had been eating as a daily meal in the Valcourt family. Although they looked similar, the texture and taste were inferior.

However, since I was hungry, everything tasted delicious.

The bean soup was well-cooked and thick, and the meat that had been molded by solidifying the end meat and pouring sauce over it had a strong spice flavor. The chunk of meat was thinly seasoned and became more delicious as I chewed.

After eating silently for a while, I suddenly came back to my senses.

I came here to talk, but it seems like the meal is the main event. However, since everyone else is eating silently, it’s hard to disturb them. 

I reached for the French fries, thinking I would eat a little more. Since there are no servants here to serve me, I have to take it myself. As I was thinking about whether to have bread next, Cassini suddenly said,

“As expected of a noble, you eat so neatly.”

“…Uh, no, that’s normal…”

I answered while looking at others, and bones and bread crumbs were scattered around.

After seeing that, I corrected my answer and said,

“That’s how I was taught.”

“Maybe it was in a previous life?”

When asked if it was from my past life, I fell silent. Come to think of it, I wasn’t told much about how to eat from the beginning. My brother was often scolded, but I wasn’t.

I nodded, thinking that he understood even though I only answered vaguely.

“I see.”

Not knowing why he asked me that, I tilted my head.

Cassini reached for the bread and then looked at the dishes on the table. Looking at the plates that had been mostly eaten and the remaining ones, he muttered,

“First of all, I want to know what you thought. How was today’s food for you?”

“Well, it was very delicious.”

Not understanding the intention of the question, I answered honestly. Then Cassini raised an eyebrow and looked at me suspiciously. 

“Really? I don’t think it compares to the meals we had at the Duke’s estate just a little while ago.”

“Why compare it to the Duke’s house? Their cuisine is on par with high-end restaurants, you know?”

Upon hearing that, Cassini grinned.

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