I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 109

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Confession of perplexity

“If you really notice my charm, then why don’t you look at me?” Emilio suddenly asked, and Paolo and I exchanged glances. Paolo shook his head sadly, and I sighed.

It seems we both had the same impression.

As I was thinking about how to answer, a voice of exasperation spoke up.

“Well, that’s obvious. Lorraine-oneesama loves Jeremiah-sama, doesn’t she?”

I turned my gaze to the speaker, Lucia. She was looking at Emilio with a disappointed expression, not me.

“That’s not an obstacle at all. If I exchange words with a woman at first sight, regardless of whether she is married or not, she will come to me on her own.”

“…He’s an enemy of men,” Paolo muttered under his breath.

“He’s an enemy of women too,” I added.

“Then he’s an enemy of humanity…” 

“…He might be the reincarnation of the Demon King.”

“No, that’s going too far. I take it back.”

“I can hear you know,” Emilio said with a slightly hurt expression, so Paolo and I fell silent.

Did we go too far? Let’s apologize just in case.

“I’m sorry.” 

Upon hearing that, Emilio made a slightly dissatisfied face, but then sighed and said, “Don’t worry about it.” I felt like comforting him a little, but I thought it would be better not to say anything unnecessary.

However, he really is a womanizer.

As I thought from the bottom of my heart, I suddenly became worried about Lucia. After all, she was in the same space as Emilio for a long time. I thought it would be okay because there was a partition, but his voice was also alluring.

So, I looked at Lucia as if to ask, and she shrugged her shoulders with a look of exasperation. There was no particular difference from her usual self.

While showing a somewhat apologetic expression to me, Paolo avoids looking at me. Emilio seems to be looking at me, but there is quite a distance, so it may be difficult to know.

For the time being, I turned my feet towards Lucia and let out a sigh of relief.

“Looks like I’m still not on your mind.”


When I turned around to the voice mixed with a sigh, I met Emilio’s eyes directly. Unlike the faint, gentle color of my brother’s eyes, the grayish eyes that reminded me of a storm had a painful color floating in them.

He had a surprising transformation from his previous playful self, and I held my breath at his serious expression. 

I feel like I’m doing something really bad. I fell silent and placed my hand on my chest.

“It’s ironic… it was easy to get while playing, but when you get serious, you can’t get it.”

“Lieutenant Colonel Caldelara?”

“Could you please call me Emilio?”

I flinched at his words. I remembered how Jeremiah had been saying the same thing to me until recently.

Emilio seemed to notice my expression and gave a faint, somewhat cold smile as if he could see through my thoughts.

“Now that it’s come to this, you won’t become Lady Castalde. But I don’t mind. You can still live a life that’s not much different from before, and your honor will be protected. Please choose me. It’s different from before… I really mean it now… from the bottom of my heart.”

I was confronted with something that I had been trying not to think about as much as possible, and my strength seemed to drain from my legs.

Jeremiah is probably still worried about me now. Just imagining being rejected by him makes me feel dizzy.

From the expression on Emilio’s face, it was clear that he was saying it on purpose. And it was also true that the offer presented was very helpful to me.

I know, and I’m saying it. 

It was clear that he was serious.



As I tried to answer Emilio’s words, my shoulder was strongly pulled from behind, and I was pushed back a step. Then, my arms were wrapped around my shoulders, and I was startled.

I looked up, I could see Paolo glaring at Emilio with an angry expression.

“Hey, cut it out. I decided to protect her, and I won’t forgive you if you lay a hand on her.”

“Are you planning to kill me? You’re not the leader of the memory holders gathered here, so can you do whatever you want?”

“You’re not a hostage, so Cassini-san will turn a blind eye.”

I couldn’t speak because of Paolo’s unusual cold voice. Even though I wanted them to stop, both of them were too intimidating.

Despite Paolo’s words, Emilio continued with a cruel smile.

“Well then, let me ask you one more thing. Can you promise her a life befitting a noblewoman? Can you protect her honor? I can do it, but can you?”


Paolo stammered.

I thought it was such a mean question. It was impossible for him as a worker-class person to do such a thing. 

Knowing that Paolo couldn’t answer, I asked the question. Emilio is still Emilio, I thought to myself.

But what is this situation in the first place?

In a way, it’s like a dream-like situation, but it’s not really happy or anything.

Because they left me completely out of it.

Or rather, it seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t fit in with the situation. It’s not just that it doesn’t suit me, it’s just plain weird. I’m not even that valuable of a person. Please don’t use up any more of your luck on me.

“…Wow, it’s like a novel.”

Lucia’s innocent comment hurts in various ways. But thanks to that, my stiffness loosened up. Finally able to speak, I turned to the two of them and said.

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