I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 102

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Angry Lucia

Yes, the person who was captured there was Emilio Lieutenant Colonel Caldelara, a person I didn’t want to meet again since the incident at the hat shop where he disappeared without a trace.

He seemed a little troubled by my question.

“Well, I just got caught up in a little mistake. But more importantly, why are you here?”


“That voice, Onee-sama? Is it Lorraine-oneesama!”

I reflexively looked towards the voice that came from behind the curtain a little away. Of course, I couldn’t see anything from here. I told Emilio “I’ll be back later” and headed towards there. Paolo didn’t stop me.

When I went beyond the almost tattered curtain, there was Lucia inside a large cage. Inside, there was a bed and some small items were provided.

The treatment was different from Emilio, who had only a few blankets and the bare minimum necessities. Also, there was a fireplace nearby, so it was warm.

“Lucia! I’m glad I finally got to see your face.”

“Did you come to rescue me?”

Lucia seemed quite surprised and asked apologetically. I nodded and sat down on the spot. Seeing that, Lucia lowered her eyes and said. 

“Um, I’m sorry… for doing something on my own. I should have listened to Onee-sama more carefully.”

“Well, that’s true. But I’m just glad you’re safe.”

“But, Onee-sama… the people who captured me were after you. It’s because of me that your reputation was tarnished…”

As Lucia said that, she suddenly looked up. Wondering what was going on, I turned around and noticed that Paolo had arrived. He looked a little awkward, but Lucia’s eyes widened as soon as she saw him.

“…So you finally show your face. I thought you were a good person, but you deceived me so well. You used me and I will never forgive you.”

“No… I didn’t use you…”

“You thought you could use me because I’m still young. Yes, I was fooled and felt stupid about it. But just because I was stupid doesn’t mean you can use me.

I shouldn’t have trusted someone of lower rank. The world we live in is too different. You can’t survive without being able to do this kind of thing.

Yes, that’s right. We’re like baby birds… I don’t want to be involved with him ever again.


Paolo was interrupted in the middle of his sentence by Lucia, who began to list her grievances and suddenly raised her voice.

“I will retaliate against you. I won’t forgive you for doing such a terrible thing, leaving two young women injured. I won’t be satisfied until I get my revenge. Yes, that’s right. I’ll report everything, including your pathetic appearance at the Duke’s mansion and your sloppy work. I’ll tell every servant I meet from now on!”


Paolo looked at Lucia, who made the declaration while breathing heavily, with an indescribable expression.

As for me, I was at a loss for how to react and fell silent.

Should I scold her for not behaving like a lady? But even upper-class ladies often speak ill of others as a form of entertainment.

More importantly, should I tell Lucia that Paolo never intended to take Lucia hostage in the first place? But would Lucia believe me if I did?

It seemed unlikely.

Besides, this situation had prevented a more troublesome one from occurring, namely running away with Paolo after falling in love with him.

Although there were many misunderstandings, we could deal with them later.

As I was lost in thought, Lucia turned to look at me. 

“Lorraine-oneesama, I’m really sorry. I got caught in the clutches of such a worthless man and dragged you into it… But it’s okay. I’ll tell Jeremiah-sama properly, so it’s my fault and Onee-sama is not to blame… So don’t worry, let’s wait for help.”

“U-Um, yeah.”

With tears welling up in her eyes, she said it with the force unique to a beautiful girl, and I could only nod. What a tragic heroine. This is the heroine’s solo performance. If this were a play, it would be a highlight. It suits her so well… but because of all the misunderstandings, everything has been ruined.

For now, I thought to myself.

——Well, at least she seems to be doing okay.

If this is the case, she should be able to manage until help arrives. Moreover, when I quietly looked around, even the people standing guard were leaning towards Emilio. In other words, they were avoiding her.

This means that the danger to her person is likely low.

With that conviction in mind, I asked as I moved away from Lucia’s cage.

“… Paolo, where’s Denny?

“Y-Yeah, she’s in another room.”

“I see. Then take me there.”

“Got it.”

Paolo pointed in a certain direction and led the way. It seems like we need to leave the room first. 

Then, Lucia screamed as she saw it.

“Wait a minute! Where are you planning to take Lorraine-oneesama? You’re not thinking of doing something, are you? That’s not good. If you do something, Jeremiah-sama won’t stay quiet. You’ll be nothing but seaweed, and your life will be over!”

Hearing this, I wondered what was going on with Jeremiah in Lucia’s mind, but I was too scared to ask. Then, I turned around and said,

“Lucia, I’ll come back again!”


Lucia clung to the bars and called out to me.

Paolo muttered when he heard that.

“I feel like I’ve become a really bad guy and my stomach hurts.”

Although I felt sorry for him as he put his hand on his forehead and let out a big sigh, I said,

“Well, it can’t be helped, because you guys are acting like a bad guy”

Paolo made a displeased face when he heard that, but he only said, “I know,” and didn’t argue any further.

I smiled wryly and tried to leave the room following him.

Just before that, the voice of a person who had disappeared from my mind because of Lucia’s situation suddenly came rushing back.

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