I reincarnated as a villainess, but I become a gorimacho and avoid engagement – Chapter 2 – Part 2

Chapter 2: The Heated Muscle Lady – Part 2│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Ah, yes.

He was watching very carefully.

I’ve rushed to the aid of people who were about to get into trouble at the castle parties a few times.

There were also a few times when I carried a lady who was about to fall ill, and he looked at me with resentment.

On the more subtle side, I’ve helped an elderly stranger with a cane who turned out to be a very high-profile person, and I’ve gotten a lot of disturbed looks.

From his own experience and from the reports of his subordinates, he knows some of these things about me, though not all.

“We can’t rely on those who are aware of what’s going on but are sitting on the sidelines.

If I had left and called someone else, it would be too late.

The point is, I was the only one. That’s it. “

Maybe it’s because I used to live in a land of peace that I’m so meddlesome.

I know in my head that it’s unbecoming of a nobleman to be so merciful.

“It’s their fault that they’ve allowed themselves to think that way, but… you don’t understand.

Some of them must have been outside the law, or have personally disagreed with you.

I have experience of protecting adversaries and cutting down friends, but that was only because it was necessary for my job.

But you are different.

I don’t know if it was worth the risk to go in and help.”

Well, well, well. You don’t sound like the Sir Seifgad, who is rumored to be impartial.

I wonder if he’s as easy-going in his personal life as he seems.

But he seems to have a very troubled past.

He seems to be under a lot of stress, and I hope for the maidens of the world that he is careful not to go bald too soon.

This is completely none of my business, though.

“I’m well aware that this is a foolish thing to do and that I don’t know what I’m doing.

However, considering the anxiety and fear of the person in question, it is something that cannot be overlooked. No matter who it is.

Fortunately, I’m blessed with a good body, so even when I’m dealing with a ruffian, it usually ends in a peaceful discussion, so it’s not as dangerous as you say…”

“Only for the moment. The time will come when it will become clear that your strength is a sham.

You should refrain from acting rashly before your good deeds turn into an invitation to misfortune.”


Eh… Does that mean he’s worried about me?

You’re warning me not to get myself into trouble if I’m not a good fighter, because you never know what they’ll do to me if they resent me, right?

You mean you, this sexy guy who’s the number one bachelor you’d want to marry, unknowingly fell for me?

Oh, my God!

Joke aside, he’s a nice person.

” In the first place, why would a woman who’s supposed to be protected want to train her body?

“Oh. because they’re beautiful.

I know it’s not what’s in fashion, but this body is the result of my own pursuit of beauty.”

Smiling, I opened my arms lightly to show off my muscles.

Perhaps in response to my movements, the vice commander of the Royal Guards glanced up and down his dark blue gaze, slowly gliding back and forth from my head to my toes.

” … Hmm.

The well-proportioned muscles, different from those of professional fighters, are beautiful and fascinating.”


“Ah, excuse me.

It’s rude to stare at a woman.”


with a straight face!

A handsome man who is the object of the ladies’ gaze just complimented my muscled body with a straight face!

Oh no, I’m so embarrassed!

I can’t stand it!

I have never been so easily robbed of my first blush in my life!

“Hmm, it’s getting late.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long, my lady.

I’ll be going now. “

“Ah, yes. Have a good day. “

Sir Seifgad took out his pocket watch from his chest, checked the current time, and left the place rather quickly.

The question was answered, the warning was given, and there was nothing more to be done.

You’re just trying to upset people.

How sinful of him!

How can I not rejoice when you call the fruits of my labor, withheld from me for so many years, “beautiful” and “fascinating” in a tone so casually?

Take responsibility for my aching heart, you oblivious, handsome idiot!

Incidentally, after this day, when I attended ceremonies and parties held at the royal castle, any trouble I saw was immediately dealt with by the Royal Guards.

It is obvious that this is the work of the vice commander of the Royal Guards, and when I noticed it, I sank deep into the mire of Seifgad.

It is so frustrating, but also so exciting! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

I tried to thank him, but he was too stoic to make eye contact with me as he was on Royal Guard duty.

In the first place, he seemed to think that it was a matter of injustice or something, and he was simply doing what he had to do in his position, not for my personal benefit.

Even so, a girl in love will selfishly harbor a feeling of being protected.

I’m not going to be a vicious stalker, as I’m proud to be a Marquess.

And just so you know, I didn’t fall in love with him because he has a handsome face, you know?

Maybe I’m just too weak to get compliments on my stocky macho body.

That’s my only weak point.

For example, if a tough military frontiersman or a simple man admitted that I had a good body, I would have swooned.

Then you would have been in a state of ebb and flow, and everything you heard would have thrilled you.

Ah~ what a naive woman I am.

However, it was quite cool to see the vice commander playing an active role in the annual swordsmanship tournament.

He was basically a skilled guy who used his speed to twist and turn, but he was also an exceptional man who could take on a larger, muscular man and defeat him by strength alone.

Where do the laws of physics come into play?

If he’s that great, it’s no wonder he was knighted for his valor.

The rumor that he trains harder than anyone else day in and day out must be true.

But it’s not just his strength that makes him great; he’s also very knowledgeable and well spoken.

I heard that he said it was a sin for a high-ranking person to be ignorant…

He probably doesn’t know what compromise is.

It’s a little stifling when you’re your own subordinate.

If you’re just admiring him, he’s a really nice guy.

Anyway, if you’re an unattractive muscle lady, the best you can do is cheer him on from afar.

I wonder what the woman who becomes his wife looks like.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

Just the fact that Lord Seifgad exists in this world makes the world a beautiful place.


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