“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Witches disappear into the night

Upon returning to the Creutzfeldt mansion, Finne and the others were met with a gruesome sight.

The mansion was partially destroyed, and the servants were injured.

When Finne found the young woman who had taken care of her, she was mortified.

“Mia. . .! Mia, what happened. . .!”

“She tried to help us when we were attacked.”

The maid with bandages on her right hand said in a trembling voice.

“She said that Finne-sama would have done it. She covered for us in the end. . .”

Mia was wrapped in bandages all over her body and slept like a doll.

She must have received treatment from a magic physician who rushed to the scene.

Although there was no immediate danger to her life, it would take considerable time for her to fully recover.

The anger that welled up inside Finne could not be contained.

She had originally wanted to beat up the corrupt nobleman.

However, the anger burning in her chest now was different from the light anger she had felt before.

(Lord Bernard. You did something you should never have done.)

Bernard is said to have escaped from the basement where he was imprisoned and is likely to be acting with accomplices.

Finne returned to her room and packed her bags.

Her mind was already made up.

(I will thoroughly crush them until they can never hurt anyone again. Even if I have to use any means necessary.)

[Are you sure? If you don’t explain it to him, you may never be able to come back to this house again.]

“It’s okay. I was planning on disappearing after beating up the corrupt nobleman anyway. It just took a little longer than planned. Being able to experience the privileged position and life of the next Duchess even temporarily is too much happiness for me.”

Delicious food.

A soft bed. 

The pastry chef’s sweets and cakes.

Her husband was surprisingly kind.

The pastry chef’s sweets and cakes.

The university people treated her so well that it surprised her.

The pastry chef’s sweets and cakes.

For Finne, who was imprisoned in the ghost mansion, everything was such a wonderful experience that she didn’t want to let go of it.

But even that can be discarded because she is so angry that her blood vessels are about to burst.

Moonless night.

Finne leaves Zion’s mansion through the window with a large bag in hand.

She jumps over the back gate fence and takes out a mask from under her robe.

(Goodbye, life at the Duke’s house.)

As she put on her mask, she, the 《Witch of Dawn》, disappear into the night.

◆  ◆  ◆

“What is wrong with that girl. . .! I didn’t ask for it! It’s impossible for her to use such amazing magic!”

It was on the way back from the second prince’s birthday party.

In the Count’s carriage, Isabella slapped Olivia’s trembling cheek in anger.

“What have you done. . .! Because of you, everyone at the party was talking about that girl. Some even suggested giving her an important position in the palace. Above all, what if it becomes known that you were the one who brought her onto the stage this time? She might try to crush us.”

Isabella hits the carriage wall as she speaks.

“What will happen then?! We’re finished. It’s all your fault.”

“But, it was because Mom and Dad accepted Bernard-sama’s proposal——.”

“Shut up.”

“Let’s get rid of the nuisance and gain more money and ties with the Duke family——.”

“I said shut up!”

The sound of a slap echoes through the quiet moonless night. 

Olivia’s sobs, unable to be contained, could be heard outside the carriage.

“You cannot change the past. Let us think about the future that can be changed.” 

It was Count Westmeath who said.

Finne’s uncle, the Count of Westmeath, continued in a calm tone, “What should we do to protect the honor of our family and clan? That is what is important.”

“It’s already too late! What can we do?!”

“There are many ways to silence someone.” 

Count Westmeath says.

“Bring that child to our house. Leave the rest to me.”

A suffocating and cold silence enveloped the carriage. It felt like someone was holding their breath and listening intently. No one said anything. Only the creaking of the swaying carriage and the sound of the wheels scattering small stones could be heard.

It was then that the carriage, which had been traveling on a deserted road, suddenly came to a stop.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“W-Well, you see. . .”

The coachman spoke in a frightened voice.

There were soldiers armed with weapons and an old man leading them.

Westmeath’s face turned pale when he saw the old man’s face.

“Bernard-sama. . .You were supposed to be captured. . .”

“I simply did not wish to leave. Charles has gained some wisdom, but he’s still green. With my power, I can escape from there anytime.”

Bernard smiled gently and said, “I would like to ask for your cooperation. I need your strength to punish those foolish enough to underestimate me.”

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