“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Pile-up accident

(Phew, I managed to open it somehow.)

Finne was relieved that she was able to pass the practical exam by opening the 《Emeraldera Box》, but what awaited her was a situation she had never expected.


“To have that level of magical technique at such a young age…I can’t believe it…”

The teachers’ eyes trembled.

The students who were watching were also stunned with their mouths open.

(Did I overdo it…?)

A bad feeling crossed her mind.

Her personality of not being able to see her surroundings when she concentrates became a problem.

“N-No, it was just luck that I was able to do that. I’m not that great of a magician…”

Finne tried to bluff her way out somehow.

(That’s right! The ultimate plan of pretending to have a stomach ache!)

A high-level skill invented by Finne, a genius with overwhelming intelligence, pretending to be sick.

“M-My stomach doesn’t feel well…”

However, her weak voice did not reach the ears of the excited professors.

“Please come to our laboratory!”

“Can you help me too?”

“We need your help!”

The professors rushed in.

The passion of the professors who did not want to let go of a talented person was tremendous.

They were all unique personalities who could dedicate their entire lives for magic.

In short, she couldn’t see anything around her completely.

(O-Oh no, there are so many people…!)

For Finne, who had spent most of her life alone, the population density was too much for her to handle.

(I’m getting dizzy…!)

She tried to refuse somehow, but persuading the professors who were like pigeons flocking to breadcrumbs was too difficult for Finne, who lacked interpersonal experience. 

“I-I’ll do it! I’ll do it, so please forgive me!”

Defeated completely, Finne hung her head and agreed to help the professors’ research as a temporary researcher three days a week.

“Why did this have to happen…”

Mr. Ghost smiled as he narrowed his eyes at Finne, who was holding her head in her hands.

[It’s okay. I’m happy that you’re needed by so many people.]

“I feel like it’s not my problem.”

“It’s good that my disciples are highly valued by everyone. As her master, I don’t feel bad about it. Besides, it’s interesting.”

“You find it amusing.”

The punch she threw missed its target.

Mr. Ghost chuckled while Finne looked dissatisfied.

(Oh well, there’s nothing I can do.)

And so, the Royal Magic College’s assistance began.

As she stretched and headed to the laboratory to help out, the ghost muttered while watching Finne’s back.

[I’m really glad. Because you’ve been alone for so long, I want you to be surrounded by more people and loved as you live.]

Then he gazed at her back.

[I probably won’t be able to stay with you forever.]


Roston Kingdom Grand Palace.

Prime Minister Cornelius’ office.

“Hey, have you heard? Your wife is amazing.”

Zion looked annoyed as Cornelius leaned forward to speak.

“I want to talk about work right now.”

“Well, listen. You know she went to the Royal Magic College to help out recently, right?”

Zion nodded as Cornelius continued. 

“Everyone doubted her true abilities. They thought that a teenage girl who had secluded herself in a mansion in the borderlands and studied on her own could not possibly have the power that the honorary professor was raving about. However, when they opened the lid, they were surprised. Everyone was jumping with excitement at her incredible talent.”

“I think it’s natural to have that kind of ability if it’s her true strength.”

“Oh, I see. So, you also acknowledge her.”

Cornelius said with great interest.

“It seems that she is a true powerhouse. With that kind of feeling, she has the potential to go down in history as a magician. It would be a loss for this country not to utilize such a talent.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

“I’m saying that we should ask her to help us with our work. A talented magician couple supporting the kingdom. It would be a great topic, and we could also showcase ourselves as a progressive country by valuing women. It’s also a good opportunity for her career advancement. Don’t you think it’s a great idea?”

Cornelius grinned.

“Of course, her will is the top priority. Just suggest it to her. This is an order.”

(Frankly, I don’t like it. .)

Zion sighed deeply as he mulled over Cornelius’ order.

It had only been two months since they got married.

She had spent all her time in the borderlands mansion without interacting with people, so it was natural for her to take time to adapt to the outside world.

In addition, she was helping with the search for the 《Witch of Dawn》.

From the traces found in the mountains of the northern borderlands that she had shown him , there were indeed many signs that the 《Witch of Dawn》 had been there. 

From the mountains in the northern border that she taught them about, several traces were found that suggest that 《The Witch of Dawn》 was indeed there. 

(I don’t want to burden her. I’ll talk to her and let her know it’s ok to refuse)


When Cornelius’ proposal was conveyed during dinner,

“Why, even the Prime Minister…?!”

She held her head and crouched down.

She seems to be quite confused, as evidenced by her strange expression.

When told that she can refuse,

“Is it okay?”

She raised her face surprisingly.

“Oh, it’s fine.”

“But he’s a very important person, isn’t he? He’s even your boss, Zion-sama.”

“I won’t force you to do something that inconveniences you. You’re already helping with the search for the 《Witch of Dawn》.”

Finne stared at Zion intently.

“Zion-sama is quite kind, isn’t he?”

Zion almost choked on his words at the unexpected comment.

“What, all of a sudden.”

“I heard that you were as cold as ice and had no human blood, but I feel that you are very considerate.”

(How can someone say that in front of the person themselves?)

In terms of human relationships, she sometimes has some unusual aspects. However, Zion found those unusual parts to be desirable. 

As someone who grew up in a noble society where everyone played a false self, her frankness was rather comfortable.

“It’s just your imagination.”

As he answered, Zion himself was aware that he was different from usual. There was no one around him who could be called an ally. He couldn’t trust anyone. He had always lived with her guard up so as not to be caught off guard.

There were many enemies in the Creutzfeldt family, and there were also ugly adults who would touch him with despicable methods if he showed any weakness.

He couldn’t let her guard down. He couldn’t trust anyone. She had been living like that for a long time. 

In her presence, there is a strange sense of comfort that he feels. 

(Maybe because she doesn’t try to get too close to me.)

Among those who approach him with malice and ulterior motives, she seemed to have little interest in him.

She keeps an appropriate distance without getting too close.

Perhaps she is conscious of the fact that he told her not to get too involved at first.

(I said some pretty terrible things.)

He remembers the day they first met, and it makes him dizzy.

Even so, she got involved with him without any concern.

(I’m really grateful.)

She is the first person he has ever trusted.

Her presence was steadily becoming something significant within Zion.

Dinner time is over.

He’s reluctant to let her go, but it’s not fair to keep her from her time.

“Well then, excuse me, Zion-sama.”

He sees her off as she leaves the room with her maid.

He wants to talk more.

It was at that moment when he was swallowing those feelings.


The voice belonged to Mia, the maid whom she trusts.

It seems that Mia stumbled on a slight step between the carpets.

Mia stumbled and collided with Finne.

A collision accident.

In front of Finne, who lost her balance, was Zion.


Vision shakes violently.

Pressed against the wall.

Something wet touches his cheek.

The feeling of soft skin.

Smooth and fragrant hair tickles his nose.

It smelled like fresh green apples.

“I-I’m sorry!”

She quickly jumped back, covering her lips with a bright red face.

Then, she stumbled on the spot for a while before running out of the room in a hurry.

The sound of footsteps fading away. 

Even after Finne left the room, Zion couldn’t move from where he was for a while.

The flood of information he had never experienced before was causing him intense confusion.

“Zion-sama, I would like to start cleaning up dinner soon.”

“… “

He couldn’t even hear the butler’s voice.

He stood still, reflecting on what had just happened.

He felt like there was something he needed to confirm.

He carefully and cautiously traced his memory.

The warm and soft sensation of human skin.

Something wet that touched his cheek.

And her face, blushing as she pulled away from him, covering her lips.

(What is this…?)

In the midst of a storm of unfamiliar emotions, Zion stood there dumbfounded.


“I want to die… I want to die…”

Finne, who had returned to the room as if running away, pressed her face against the pillow and flailed about on the bed.

(Even though I was pushed away, I kissed him on the cheek and pushed him against the wall…! That’s something that should only happen in romance novels!)

Finne’s theory was that such things were good only in books. 

Doing it in reality was honestly a little painful.

(And to make matters worse, we’re the opposite gender…! I was the one pushing a man down!)

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to die from her terrible behavior.

She had been building a good relationship as an outside friend for the first time.

(It’s over. I’m just someone who has to die now…)

That night, every time Finne remembered what had happened, she held her head and groaned with a voice that echoed from the depths of the earth.

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