“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I didn’t want to


The chirping of birds and the clear sunlight pouring in through the curtains.

Stretching, Finne realized that her body was feeling better than usual.

(It’s so much more comfortable than the bed in the ghost mansion…I’d fall asleep right away because it feels too good.)

Memories of the ghost mansion came to mind.

The tattered bed with damage everywhere was hard with straw laid on it, and her joints hurt every day.

(Not bad at all, this future duchess’s life.)

“Good morning, Finne-sama.”

Mia and the Duke family’s maids helped her get ready.

(They’re so attentive…it’s amazing, the upper class.)

“Breakfast is ready.”

She headed to the room they had prepared while enjoying her comfortable life.

(Amazing! Such a luxurious meal from the morning!)

Finne squinted at the colorful table.

At that moment, an unexpected person appeared in her peripheral vision.

“…What are you doing here?”

Don’t get involved with me if possible.

That husband said that on that day, and he was there.

Zion fell silent for a while at Finne’s words.

A soundless room.

A long silence.

He looked at Finne with a quiet expressionless face.

Then he looked away and said,

“…I want to hear about that person.”

Finne’s eyes trembled.

A faint agitation.

(She really likes this person (me).)

Embarrassed, she scratched her cheek.

Mr. Ghost passing by noticed and narrowed his eyes.

She glared sharply and chased him away.

Finne talked about the 《Witch of Dawn》.

Zion listened quietly while nodding his head.

Finne felt a little uneasy at his cool expressionless face where emotions couldn’t be seen. 

(I wonder if I’m not speaking well enough. .)

Finne, who has been imprisoned in the borderlands and has had little experience with people, finds it difficult to talk to others due to her lack of social skills.

(I must not be speaking well.)

Zion said to Finne, who was struggling to find the right words.

“Please continue.”


“I want to hear more.”

His words were calm, but his strong will could be felt.

Upon closer inspection, he seemed to be leaning slightly forward more than when they started talking.

(He seems to be really enjoying this.)

Finne stopped thinking and continued her story.

“It’s a bit technical, but the 《Witch of Dawn》 uses a magic formula with a special structure here.”

“The Henri-Scholz formula. It creates an optimized smooth velocity vector field and a fragile pressure field.”

“Do you know about it?”

“I have studied the ancient magic she uses.”


“It was a very beautiful magic formula.”

“What?! Yes! That’s right!”

Finne leaned forward and spoke excitedly.

“That magic formula has a very beautiful structure. It’s like the whole thing resonates and harmonizes as if God created it. It’s a bit disappointing that it lacks practicality, but a beautifully shaped magic formula has an invaluable value in itself…”

“But there is something more important than practicality.”

Finne spoke quickly, but Zion listened and nodded repeatedly.

As two people who love magic and have been devoted to it since childhood, they must have some similarities. 

“May I ask you during dinner?”

As they were finishing, Zion said.

“But, I asked the maid, and she said that Zion-sama is always busy and comes home late.”

“No problem.”

After that, they started having dinner together with Zion, but it seemed like the “no problem” was a lie.

He is the next head of the prestigious Duke family and one of the most promising individuals in the kingdom’s magical world as the 《Ice Magician》.

He clearly pushed himself to adjust his dinner time to Finne’s schedule and started bringing a huge amount of work home.

“It’s not like it’s a story worth going to such lengths to hear.”

[Isn’t it because he loves you so much?]

She punched Mr. Ghost’s smirk.

The feeling of cutting through the air and the body dissipating like smoke. It was troublesome because she couldn’t hit an opponent without substance.

“This is only temporary. Once he realizes that he can’t hear anything significant from me anymore, we should return to the relationship he initially wanted. More importantly, let’s focus on achieving our original goal.”

Using her position as the future head’s wife, they gather information on 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》. However, it seemed like the former head had hidden its location very carefully.

They couldn’t find any useful information or even a hint.

(I was planning on finding it quickly and leaving…)

The search wasn’t going as planned.

Time passed by.

An unwanted but comfortable new life went by.

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