“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A poor daughter

The northern border of the Roston Kingdom. 

This region facing the 《Demon’s Mountain》located on the north side of the kingdom has always been plagued by damage caused by demon beasts. 

Demon beasts, led by the flying dragon species, the strongest creature in the eastern continent, cause tremendous damage at a high level. 

The situation began to change seven years ago. 

That wizard single-handedly changed the power balance between humans and demon beasts. 

《Witch of Dawn》

Four years ago, she destroyed the stampede of record-breaking demon beasts that attacked the northern region, causing a great shock to the kingdom’s magical world. The following year, she achieved the first-ever solo defeat of a flying dragon species in human history. 

Despite being called the strongest wizard in the history of the kingdom, with overwhelming power and few people having seen her, little is known about her with her unique magic theory that cannot be fully understood by modern magic. 

Her origin is unknown. 

Many people have a strong interest in her and have tried various methods to explore her surroundings, but they have not been able to obtain useful information. 

Who is 《The Witch of Dawn》?

It is one of the biggest mysteries in the Roston Kingdom. 

◇  ◇  ◇

That mansion was rumored to be a ghost mansion by the surrounding area. 

A dilapidated residence and a desolate garden that had been built for centuries, no one knows how long. 

Count Westmeath’s daughter, Finne Westmeath, lived there because she was confined by her step-parents who were the current owners. 

Her parents, the former owners, died when Finne was five years old, fourteen years ago. 

For the uncle and aunt who inherited the family estate, Finne was a nuisance. 

She was useless and had no talents or skills. 

They resented Finne and hoped she would disappear naturally. 

She was given only one meal a day. 

A shabby bed and torn rags. 

She was not allowed to use the magic-powered water heater and had to wash her body with cold water even in winter. 

She was confined inside the mansion and not even allowed to talk to outsiders, let alone have friends. 

The petite and skinny girl always read books in the library alone. 

Her maid felt sorry for her but couldn’t give her food against their employer’s wishes since her own livelihoods were at stake. 

The maid couldn’t help but say, “This is terrible. . .too terrible, no matter what, ” about the arranged marriage this time. 

The Duke Creutzfeldt family is known for being cold and lacking human blood, with many bad rumors surrounding them. 

Finne was chosen as the eighth wife of the current head, Bernard, who is known to the public as an honest person but rumored to have sadistic tendencies and to be violent towards his family. 

The corrupt Duke covers up his countless unforgivable actions with money and power, living a life consumed by greed. 

Bernard, who likes young girls, reportedly set his sights on Finne, who is disliked by the head of the family after being rejected several times due to the bad rumors. 

“What a wonderful story. Bernard-sama has spoken to you, ” said Isabella, her mother-in-law, with a satisfied smile. 

“I’m so jealous, Onee-sama. He must love you passionately. So much so that you’ll be left with an indelible scar for life. I think his previous wife broke her spine and is still hospitalized, ” said Olivia, her stepsister, in an excited voice. 

“He’s a perfect match for my useless and incompetent Onee-sama. After all, no one will be sad even if she dies, ” she added. 

(How. . .How terrible. . .!)

The maid bit her lips as they sneered at Finne. 

(Finne-sama, how pitiful. . .)

She didn’t know what Finne was thinking as she trembled quietly with her head down. 

(No. . .I can’t be happy yet. . .)

Finne thinks to herself, 

(Finally, I can leave this house. . .! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. . .!)

With joy in her heart that makes her want to scream, Finne pretends to be sad as she listens to the talk of her marriage proposal.

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