I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Encounter with a Mysterious Boy (Part 4)

I naturally don’t understand the current situation.

Moreover, Marion is the heroine of the game.

(If I get too involved, it might turn into a terrible situation.)

But Chloe couldn’t just leave her frightened friend alone.

(Because in any story, the villain who only cares about self-preservation will end up destroying themselves in an unsightly way.)

So, convincing herself that her choice was the right one, Chloe grabbed Marion’s hand.

“Marion, come on! Hide here!”

She points to the hydrangeas at the entrance of the forest.

Marion looks at her with a gaze that seems to ask if she will be saved.

“Come on, hurry up!”

She pulls Marion’s arm a little forcefully and pushes her body into the thicket of hydrangeas.

“Stay quiet there.”

After whispering that, Chloe quickly moves her gaze.

When she checks the boy who is searching for Marion――

(No way. He’s looking over here!)

She wants to believe it’s just a coincidence.

However, the boy continues to walk along the lake, still aware of their presence.

(Why is he getting closer. . .!)

Even though Marion is hiding behind the thicket of hydrangeas.

(Don’t panic, Chloe. Somehow, you have to deceive him!)

Chloe squats down in front of the thicket with force and starts digging the soil meaninglessly, holding the shovel that Marion left behind.

Footsteps approach from behind.

At this point, she has no choice but to brace herself.

Hiding her inner panic behind a calm expression, Chloe waits for the enemy’s attack in a fighting stance.

“Hello, lady.”

The voice that reaches her ears is as sweet as candy.

For some reason, her neck area sends shivers down her spine.

Slowly turning around while remaining cautious.


Due to being on high alert, she ended up speaking in a more cold and distant manner than usual. 

Even without a mirror, she can tell. 

Right now, she must have an extremely mean-looking expression.

However, the boy she faces remains completely unfazed, standing tall with a refined face and a sweet smile that matches his voice.

His honey-blond hair with a unique texture, drooping eyelids, and lack of intimidation despite his height are probably due to his slender build.

The modestly decorated lace blouse and vest in soft colors are at the forefront of fashion in the capital.

Judging from his innocent face, he is probably around the same age as Chloe and Marion.

But Chloe has never met a thirteen-year-old like him before.

The boy is thoroughly sweet, and there isn’t a trace of childishness in his atmosphere.

(Ugh. What is this feeling? It’s so uncomfortable.)

She feels a chill and wants to run away unconsciously.

If she didn’t have the mission to protect Marion hiding behind the bushes, she would have undoubtedly left.

Unconsciously gripping the shovel she picked up like a weapon, the boy’s eyes widened, and he let out a chuckle.

“I greeted you so nicely, but there’s no need to be so wary, right? Well, but I guess that’s also exciting. Hey, lady.”

The boy’s eyes are fixed on her, as if searching for something.

He must be asking about Marion.

Realizing this, Chloe stiffens her body, and the boy says unbelievable words.

“Don’t you feel fate brought us together like this?”

“What?! Fate?!”

“I can’t just brush off meeting a wonderful lady like you as a mere coincidence. It’s not something I can do.”

“What are you talking about?!”

The boy finds it amusing to see Chloe flustered.

“You know what I mean, right? I’m trying to woo you. My destined lady.”

“W-Wait a minute!”

As if it were a natural progression, he closes the distance between them.

Just like Steed.

But even Steed wouldn’t approach her so suddenly and meaninglessly.

“Hey, don’t come any closer!”

“Why not? I want to get closer to you. Can I have a place in your heart?”

“No way. . .”

“Do you dislike assertive men? Do you prefer someone more reserved? If that’s the case, I can behave like a gentleman to suit your preferences. For you, I can change as much as you want.”

His sweet smile deepens.

His gaze, which looks at Chloe with narrowed eyes, exudes a seductive charm.

Pierced by the eyes of an adult who seems to know everything, Chloe is completely swallowed up in his world.

She can’t retort with her usual strong attitude.

If it were just mean words, she could handle it easily.

She didn’t take his talk of destiny seriously, but her thoughts couldn’t keep up with the situation.

The boy is one or two steps ahead of her.

Inexperienced Chloe doesn’t know how to handle situations like this at all.

Leaving herself at the mercy of the other person’s pace is also dangerous.

Without the composure to hide her agitation, she retreats and feels the sensation of the hydrangea bushes through her skirt.

There is no escape route.

The boy placed his hand on his waist and peered into Chloe’s face.

Then, at a distance so close that it seemed like he was about to exhale on her, he faced Chloe with bright red cheeks and whispered like this.

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