I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Clumsy and lonely red-haired prince (Part 3)

When she reached the basement of the tower, there was a guard standing at the entrance to the passage.

“Chloe-sama?! You shouldn’t be in a place like this. . .!”

“I know that! So just turn a blind eye and let me through.”

“That’s reckless. . .!”

She pushes her hand out and says, “Stay there!” to the guard who tries to approach her.

All the cells in the tower’s underground prison are open except for one.

(I can’t believe they’re really keeping someone locked up in a place like this. . .)

Chloe rushes to the closed door and puts her hands on the cold metal, listening carefully.

Except for the air vent at her feet, there are no holes in the door.

(It’s pitch black inside the cell. . .)

Feeling helpless, she looks up sharply.

She can’t see inside or hear any voices.

But Roland must be in there.

“Hey, Roland! Are you in there?!”

When she calls out loudly. . .

[That voice. . .that girl from before. . .?! Why are you here?!]

“I came to encourage you because I thought you were scared.”


“Wait here. Steed should be able to do something about it now. I’ll stay with you until then!”

[I’m not scared! Just go away!]

“It’s okay not to pretend to be brave. I understand. If I were locked up in a place like this, I think I would be scared and wet myself.”

[Hey, I’m not scared, and I’m not wetting myself!]

Ignoring his objections, Chloe stands tall.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, so relax! It’s just between you and me, our little secret!”

[O-Our little secret. . .Hah, no, that’s not it! Listen to what I have to say!]

“Steed is working on persuading Onii-san. Just be patient until we can open the door. I’ll be here with you until then.”

Roland seems surprised, and there is a subtle pause until he responds.

[Until then. . .We don’t know when we’ll get permission. Besides, even if it’s not a prison, it’s still a creepy tower. You don’t want to be in such a gloomy place either. You said so yourself.]

“That’s right. When I calm down, it’s still scary.”

The fear that had been forgotten due to anger returns with overwhelming force.

Feeling a chill run down her spine, Chloe trembles.

“Ugh. . .I wasn’t scared until you said that unnecessary thing.”

[Then just leave already.]

Being spoken to as if she were a dog to be driven away makes her angry.

She doesn’t like the idea of being thought of as running away.

“If I’m scared outside, then that means you’re experiencing even more terrifying things inside. If I were to abandon you here, I would feel like a loser. Besides, if I leave you here, I’ll be ruined!”

[What are you talking about? Ruined?[

“Oh, I got it! I have a great idea!”

Chloe has a brilliant idea and claps her hands.

[To drive away the scary feelings, we should sing!]

[Huh? That’s a childish idea.]

“That’s not true. You’ll definitely feel happy! Come on, let’s sing!”

[That’s stupid. . .Do whatever you want.]

Clearing her throat, Chloe clasps her hands in front of her chest.

She spreads her legs a little, straightens her back, and takes a deep breath.

“Aaaah~ boe~~~~~.”

[What. . .?!]

Chloe starts singing loudly and energetically.

She senses someone holding their breath on the other side of the iron door, but she ignores it.

“Boe~, bo~~~e~~~~~.”

[. . .]

A guard who was watching her nearby looks at Chloe with a surprised expression.

But she continues to sing without caring, and then a voice erupts as if unable to take it anymore.

[Bwahaha! Ahahaha!!]

Roland’s laughter echoes through the room.

Even though they are separated by the door, she can imagine what kind of face he is making right now.

[What the hell was that?! You’re tone-deaf, aren’t you?!]

“Fufu. I hear that a lot.”

Chloe grins.

“But when you sing from your stomach, it makes you feel better. I’ll keep going, boe~~~~~.”

[Ahahaha! Stop it, stop it! You’re getting carried away because you think you’re funny! You’re even worse than before!]



As Chloe continues to sing loudly, Roland laughs until he’s about to cry.

When the first song ends, Roland gasps for breath and says.

[I’ve never met a weird girl like you before. This is the first time I’ve laughed like this. Haa, I really laughed. . .]

“Oh my, are you already thinking it’s over?”

[What? No way. . .]

“Let’s go, second song!”

[H-Hey, stop it! Are you trying to make me die laughing?!]

She’ll make him laugh so hard that he won’t be able to think about the fear of the darkness.

With that thought in mind, Chloe starts singing again.

From beyond the door comes an endlessly bright laughter.

(I hope my tone-deaf singing will be a memorable experience for Roland today!)

She has confidence in her powerful singing voice that can rival Gideon’s and his tutor’s meanness.

The flames in Chloe’s competitive heart burn fiercely.

Until Steed and his older brother arrive, Chloe doesn’t stop singing.

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