I Became the Academy’s Genius Shikigami Summoner – Chapter 49.2



The technique of the 4th boss, Shadowless, that I had first used in my fight against Hektel.

Ggong-sam-yi, who sprang out from my shadow that had stretched and extended, had her mouth filled with flames.

And I aimed it straight down at Kim Jun-sik from above.

“Burn him to ashes.”



An incredibly powerful flame struck the ground, and acrid smoke spread in all directions.

When the smoke cleared up to some extent and revealed my field of vision, I saw Kim Jun-sik lying on the dirt floor, unable to move his body.

Sori-soe’s technique that had been dwelling inside him had collapsed due to Ggong-sam-yi’s Cleansing Fire trait.

“. . . Amazing. You interfered with me twice.”

When I glanced to the side, I saw Yoo Ha-on engaged in a fierce battle against a woman who must have been a 3rd-grade exorcist.

If I sent just the Elder Water Ghost, she would easily be able to secure victory soon.

In the end, we had won the first battle, and Sori-soe would have no choice but to come out personally in order to turn the situation around.

Just then, Yoo Ha-on, who had briefly turned her gaze, shouted at me in a desperate voice.

“Behind you─!”


And at the same time, something bit my leg with great force. I felt a numbing sensation in my body and couldn’t help but fall to the cold dirt floor.


The culprit was one of the wild lynxes that had been confronting the Fierce Wolves.



In an instant, the area near the lynx’s neck warped and transformed, and a somewhat unpleasant voice began to emanate from the lynx’s mouth.

“Greenhorn, greenhorn. Growl. You lack vigilance.”

The situation was clear. Sori-soe’s main body had been hiding among the beasts from the beginning, commanding the battle and observing the situation.

Sori-soe’s foot, which had turned me over to face upward, touched my chest, and I immediately felt a sharp demonic energy flowing into my body.

“Your knowledge and body, growl, I’ll put them to good use.”

An expression that said it had achieved complete victory.

However, I looked at Sori-soe and slightly raised the corners of my lips.


“Cough! W-What?”

I knew it. I knew that Sori-soe, who had lost his limbs, would appear in this way.

I had seen that method through the original work, and even if I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been difficult to predict.

In PVP, there were countless people who showed off tactics that were incomparable to Sori-soe.


“I guess I can’t get through this one.”

I activated the Spirit Absorption trait in advance to replenish my spiritual power, and used a spell from the future.

To be exact, it was the mental protection technique, Harmonizing Spirit and Emotion, that appeared in Exorcism 3.

To be honest, even after the initial work, yokai similar to Sori-soe appeared frequently as enemies.

And Harmonizing Spirit and Emotion was a technique that could be effective against such yokai.

Of course, there was no way that Sori-soe, a yokai from the initial work, would be immune to it.

“This pathetic human bastard. . . . . . !”

The moment Sori-soe used his ability to devour and consume his opponent, he himself became the most vulnerable.

In that case, all I had to do was drag Sori-soe, who had revealed his weakness, into my home ground.

“Spirit Devouring.”


The forbidden technique that devoured and consumed the opponent’s soul, which I had also used in the battle against Ggong-sam-yi.

Sori-soe, who sensed something ominous, hurriedly tried to get away from me, but it was too late.




Hundreds of thousands of vengeful spirits dwelling inside me let out curses and screams at Sori-soe, and the karma value that had reached its limit further amplified the effect of the technique, gradually pulling Sori-soe’s soul.

“Growl! This can’t be. What the hell is this. . . . . . !”

Sori-soe was gradually losing his strength as he was being pulled by an enormous force.

Since I had activated the technique while he was trying to take away my body and soul, there was no way he could escape in this situation where we were so closely connected.

I got up from my spot and approached Sori-soe, and I made an irresistible offer to the guy who was looking at me with an expression of disbelief.

“Choose one of the two.”

“. . . . . . .”

“Either get your soul devoured and perish, or become my shikigami and be my loyal servant.”

“To think that you’re asking me, growl, to become a human’s dog?”

It was an extremely unreasonable offer, but it was actually a matter with a predetermined answer. There was no other choice for Sori-soe in its current state.



How long did it endure?

Feeling its soul gradually shrinking, Sori-soe eventually gave up and urgently began to ask me for help.

“Cough! Fine! I’ll accept it!”

And so, Sori-soe pledged his soul and made a shikigami contract with me.

Just like with the Elder Water Ghost, it was an unfair contract in which I took away all the initiative.


As soon as the contract was completed, I put the exhausted Sori-soe into my shadow, and at the same time, the Soul Devouring technique, which had been gaining momentum, also came to an end.


“Whew, is it, over?”

Yoo Ha-on approached me with a look of exhaustion and asked. Since she had fought against the body of a 3rd-grade exorcist who had quite a bit of experience, she must have had a hard time even if she didn’t show it.



【Yoo Ha-on】

▶Level 33

Just in case, I checked, and she had leveled up again from the battle just now.

It really was an incredibly fast growth rate.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere. . . . . . .”

“I’m fine. I was just pretending to get hit to make him let his guard down.”

“. . . I thought my heart was going to drop while watching.”

Yoo Ha-on seemed to be truly relieved as she relaxed and plopped down on the floor.

“I’m sorry. I got so surprised that I lost my strength.”

“It’s not like I could’ve told you about it in advance.”

“That kind of tactic is dangerous, after all. Senior Seo-ah was worried that you wouldn’t care about your own body and fight.”

It was more of a complaint than advice. I chuckled and helped Yoo Ha-on up before hurriedly heading toward where Lee Jung-il was.

“. . . Amazing. How could a student who isn’t even in the graduating class.”

“It’s just that the plan worked out well. Will you be able to get up?”

“Ugh, inhale. I think I can somehow manage.”

After helping Lee Jung-il to a safe place, we called the nearby Defense Corps to ask them to treat him, and gave them a brief explanation of the situation.

We would have to record a detailed testimony again later, but for now, it was safe to say that the incident had come to an end.

And the very next day, I received a piece of news.

It was a summons from Baek Seo-ha, the next elder of the Baek family and the administrator of Dongaksan Mountain.

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