How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The tail seems to say as much as the mouth (Part 1)

Saint Legrand Kingdom, Royal City. Loire Castle. This castle, which also functions as a fortress, is located across the Loire River and boasts a stunning garden.

The green lawn is well-maintained and various flowers bloom throughout the year. In addition, you can enjoy a view of the rich valley right in front of you.

On the terrace located at the very back, overlooking both the valley and the garden, Margaery couldn’t help but feel unhappy despite the magnificent view before her.

The reason, of course, was the man smiling in front of her.

“I was hoping we could talk leisurely, and it seems you had the same idea.”

King Julius, holding a teacup, cheerfully lied. As soon as they were alone, he transformed into a beastman with wolf ears and a tail. He claimed that this was his true form and that it was easier to relax without having to keep up appearances.

There was no doubt that his elegant tea-drinking figure amidst the breathtaking scenery was picturesque. Moreover, he had the adorable dog ears that had pierced Margaery’s heart in her past life. He was probably unaware of it himself, but that only made him more annoying.

(Somehow, I’ve been skillfully manipulated.)

Margaery sighed as she also took a sip of her tea. However, if they had continued the conversation with her father present, Margaery wouldn’t have been able to handle it. As a result, she ended up having tea alone with the king, but she should accept that it was unavoidable.

Her father in this life, Jordan du Noel, was undoubtedly a gentleman who belonged in the category of handsome middle-aged men, and he had a close relationship with her mother that was enviable. He was a proud father, but he had a weakness of loving Margaery too much.

In the novel, it was largely due to Jordan’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering that Margaery returned as Julius’s fiancée in the second part. It seemed to be a move to show off to Prince Serge, saying, “You made my daughter cry.”

(His Majesty took my first time☆ I wonder what kind of face Otou-sama will make if I say that.)

Margaery trembled at the thought of the worst-case scenario. If she could just marry and take responsibility, that would be fine. But at worst, regardless of the flow of the novel, there was a possibility of heading straight for the destruction route.

“…gaery. Margaery!”

She was called and snapped back to reality. When she hurriedly blinked her eyes, Julius’s beautiful face was so close that their noses almost touched. Margaery literally jumped at the sight of his beautiful face, which filled her vision.

Julius frowned somewhat unhappily.

“What have you been thinking about since earlier? You have the nerve to leave the king behind and think about something else when we finally have some time alone.”

“I-I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Ignoring the fact that they were alone together, it was certainly a problem to be absent-minded in front of the king. Thinking about that, Margaery apologized sincerely. However, Julius’s face became even more unhappy.

“Call me Yuri.”


“I said you can call me that…there’s no one else here.”

He stared at her with his red eyes, and Margaery was at a loss for words. He was strangely stubborn about this. It seemed that he wouldn’t let her go until she called him by his name.

After much hesitation, Margaery reluctantly called out the name as instructed.

“…Yuri, sama.”


Despite only calling out his name reluctantly, Julius widened his almond-shaped eyes and suddenly became very pleased.

“I don’t really need the ‘sama,’ but I’ll forgive you. You passed. From now on, make sure to call me that.”

He snorted with satisfaction. Despite his composed demeanor, his fluffy tail was vigorously shaking in the corner of Margaery’s vision.


Margaery couldn’t help but stare at the tail in silence.

(Huh? Is His Majesty really happy? He’s trying to act calm, but is he actually overjoyed inside?)

Margaery fell silent, staring at the tail unintentionally. She couldn’t understand why he was so happy just by calling out his name. Actually, the current situation was already a mystery in itself.

Until the trouble of spending the night together, Margaery had never had a proper conversation with Julius. Yet he declared that he would definitely obtain her and called her to the castle without delay.

It was as if he really…really liked her.

(Does His Majesty like me?)

Margaery quickly pushed the thought out of her head. After all, he was the king. Moreover, he was so charming. Despite being a solitary king who didn’t let people get close to him, he shouldn’t be so desperate for a woman after spending just one night with Margaery.

So why was Julius paying so much attention to her? It was simply because Margaery was a valuable commodity.

It may be immodest to say, but Margaery is beautiful. She would make a great queen. In addition, she has education and the strength to survive among the nobility. And to top it off, she is the daughter of Prime Minister Jordan. It’s understandable that Julius wants to add her to his pawns now that she’s no longer a candidate for Prince Serge’s fiancée.


(Calm down, Margaery…whatever happens, I absolutely cannot agree to an engagement with His Majesty! I must endure this life long enough to become a grandmother and pass away in the company of numerous grandchildren. That’s the one thing I cannot compromise on!)

She placed her hand on her chest and took a deep breath. After admonishing herself in this way, Margaery cleared her throat.

“By the way, Your Maj…Yuri-sama. I have seen the imperial decree. It says that I am to support Flora Hermeia-sama, Prince Serge’s fiancée, and act as her attendant when she enters the castle.”

“To be precise, you will be her bodyguard and advisor.”

The king answered calmly and returned his cup to the saucer.

“Flora Hermeia was originally a foundling from the church. She is scheduled to enter the castle soon to receive an education as a queen, but she will face many difficulties due to her birth. When I was thinking about that, your face suddenly came to mind.”

‘How shameless.’ Despite Margaery’s disbelief, the king continued.

“I heard that you and Miss Flora were close at the Royal Academy. And you are a daughter of the Noel family, the Prime Minister’s daughter. If you are by her side, no one will harm Miss Flora, and she will have someone to consult with. So, will you accept?”

“I respectfully decline.”

Without hesitation, Margaery bowed her head.

——He was worried about his younger brother’s fiancée, who would soon enter the castle. But that was a blatant lie. His true intention was undoubtedly to call Margaery to the castle. He would definitely get his hands on her. He declared he would slowly fill in the moat and corner his prey.

As proof, Julius’ eyes gleamed with a cheerful color that has appeared and disappeared since this topic came up! He had the eyes of a carnivorous animal, enjoying the thrill of the chase.


(I can’t let him underestimate me. I won’t let myself be caught so easily!)

Margaery swallowed hard while looking down. She hadn’t been breaking the death flag for three years for nothing. She had overcome similar situations many times before. This time too, she would surely escape from the future of destruction.

‘Now, it’s time for a counterattack!’ She gave herself a pep talk.

With that, Margaery choked back her tears and said,

“…I’ve reached my limit.”


Julius raised an eyebrow as she looked up at him with teary eyes. ‘Good, he’s taking the bait.’ While smiling to herself, Margaery continued her convincing acting.

“I, actually, have feelings for Prince Serge.”

“You? My younger brother?”

“Prince Serge is a splendid person. He’s kind to everyone, sincere to everyone…but Flora-sama is also an important person to me. So I suppressed my feelings and supported both of them. But it was so painful!”

She choked up again and shook her shoulders. Then, Margaery tightly clasped her hands together.

“When we graduated, I felt relieved. I could avoid seeing both of them for a while. I want to face this painful feeling slowly…Please don’t ask me to serve Flora-sama until this pain disappears.”

‘How about that!’ Margaery smiled slyly under her hands, covering her face.

Margaery rejected the royal order. And for a childish reason, “I don’t want to serve my love rival.” And to make matters worse, her lost love was Julius’ half-brother with whom she had a delicate relationship. Julius must have been disappointed in Margaery two or three times over this.

(Come on, Your Majesty. Disappointed already. And throw away the idea of marrying me!)

With that thought in mind, Margaery stole a glance at the king.

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