How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: As expected of Your Majesty, you work fast

Legrand Kingdom’s first king, known as the “Wolf King of Legrand,” was said to have been granted magical power by the sacred beast Fenrir, which gave him the ability to rule the kingdom.

According to legend, every few generations, a black-haired prince with the power to transform into a beast like the first king is born into the Legrand royal family. In such cases, even if he is not the firstborn, the black-haired prince is destined to inherit the throne.

In the current generation, that prince was Julius. However, his birth was a bit complicated.

He was born to a maid whom the previous king had impregnated during a night of debauchery, as the queen had been unable to bear a child for a long time. Despite not being the legitimate heir, Julius was born with the power of the first king.

The Legrand Kingdom was divided on how to handle a child who was born with the power of the first king but was not the legitimate heir. 

Ultimately, Julius inherited the throne based on his own abilities, but the turmoil leading up to that point created a rift between King Julius and Serge that still exists.

With such a backstory, King Julius made his appearance in the second part of the story. ‘To be honest, he is one of my favorite characters.’

Due to being born with many enemies, he was a lonely wolf with emotional scars. And she fell in love with him in an instant. The story of “Cinderella abruptly” remained in her head, not only the main story but also because she had been searching for Julius’ fan art and SS on the internet.

‘My favorite scene is when Julius opens up to the protagonist about his true feelings in the middle of the second part.’

Julius had been wearing the mask of the “Wolf King” that everyone sought. But for the first time, he let slip, “Serge is truly worthy of being king.” It wasn’t just about their birth. His younger brother was loved and supported by everyone. It was completely different from him.

Flora quietly shook her head. Julius and Serge should take each other’s hands and move forward. She would be the bridge between the two of them. So she asked him to face them.

Her straightforward words shook the heart of the lonely wolf. So Julius, in the form of the cursed beast that he had always cursed, visited Serge for the first time. It was a scene that fans of Julius couldn’t describe without tears.

But even in such an important moment…

(They showed it off so blatantly! With such a smug look! That’s cheating!)

In the Noel family’s mansion on the outskirts of town, Margaery was writhing with her face buried in a cushion in her private room.

‘The animation was amazing. Seriously, it was beyond godly. ‘

Even though she had seen the illustrations and fan art, the raw destructive power was on a completely different level. The gap between his handsome face and dog ears, and the swaying, elegant tail were a perfect match.

Perhaps that was why. 

[For today, I’ll let you off the hook. Let’s meet again soon.]

Even when she was sent off with the eyes of a wolf that let its prey escape, and even now as she writhed, she couldn’t come up with a proper countermeasure.

“Why! How did this happen!”

Holding her shining silver hair, Margaery rolled around on the sofa.

Just when she thought she had avoided the path of destruction, she picked up another path of destruction. And with the option of a one-night stand. It would be impossible to say not to go crazy.

There was someone who sighed and shook her head at her.

“How long do you plan on doing that? If the situation improves, that’s fine, but to be honest, it’s a waste of time.”

“Anya is being mean!”

Margaery glared at the maid who was staring at her with a bewildered expression, pouting her lips.

Her name was Anya. She was Margaery’s maid and bodyguard.

When you hear the term “bodyguard,” you tend to think of a muscular, macho man, but she was not like that. She was a beautiful girl with cat-like, round eyes.

Despite her appearance, she was extremely skilled. They had been together since her father picked her up in some back alley.

By the way, Anya is also a character in the novel. She appears from the second part onward and acts as Margaery’s arms and legs, moving around like a spy.

Under her master’s resentful gaze, Anya shrugged her shoulders.

“Whether you cry or laugh, the fact remains that Ojou-sama was deliciously devoured by Julius-sama.”

“Stop it; don’t say it like that.”

“Then how about this? It’s called premarital sex…”

“Please stop it!”

Gyaa! she yelled, and Anya tilted her head. She was a disrespectful maid, even though she had a slightly cute face.

Furthermore, she was the only one who knew what had happened to Margaery last night. She had seen through the “reason” for her morning return that she had made up with her steel mental strength.

[Ojou-sama? You’ll tell me the truth, won’t you?]

As soon as she entered the room, Anya approached Margaery. When she tried to deceive her, Anya showed a devilish smile.

[If this isn’t going to be a conversation, be prepared. Maaasterrr! Maaasterrr! Maaasterrr! Do something!]

A panicked Margaery ended up spilling everything.

Margaery pouted, and Anya tilted her head.

“Why not consider the proposal from His Majesty?”


“He’s the king, isn’t he? Isn’t it an honor? At least it’s better than being used and thrown away after one night. What’s the problem?”


She couldn’t reveal the truth about the novel. If she suddenly talked about it, she would be thought of as crazy. But for Margaery, it was a matter of life and death. 

After all, the other party was a death flag. Maybe she could avoid it by scheming, but she had no confirmation. Above all, she didn’t want to live in constant fear for her life from now on.

(No matter what, I have to avoid engagement with His Majesty!)

She swore firmly in her heart. Anya still looked at her strangely, but she seemed to have noticed something.

“By the way, I must say, you seem quite energetic. Are you not in pain?”

“Ah, well, now that you mention it…”

She was momentarily surprised, but quickly understood. Last night was Margaery’s first experience, but aside from a headache from a hangover and stress, she was feeling fine.

(I thought it would be tiring…)

Margaery blushed and looked down at her body. She had no experience, and in this life and the previous one, she had been busy with club activities and work, so she had no experience with romance.

The maidservant also looked at Margaery with a strange expression. Eventually, she muttered in a barely audible voice:

“Did His Majesty really lay a hand on Ojou-sama?”

“What did you say?”


When she asked again, Anya shrugged lightly. Instead of answering, she raised her eyebrows.

“In any case, if you really want to escape, you should hurry. The other party is the king of a country. If you hesitate, you’ll be caught in no time.”

“Hey, hey! It’s only been a day since yesterday, you know? Even the Wolf King hasn’t done anything yet.”

Margaery’s eyes swam with hope, but…


“What did you just say?”

Right after that, Margaery, who had been summoned to her father’s study, was unable to accept the news she had just received.

The Prime Minister of this country, Jordan du Noel, glanced at his daughter and then dropped the letter he had just finished reading on the desk.

“I’ll say it again. You have been ordered to go up to the castle tomorrow. Julius-sama himself has ordered you to come.”

[You saw me in this state, and you can no longer escape from me. I swear on the name of the ‘Wolf King of Legrand’ that I will definitely get you.]

The voice of the Wolf King, faintly smiling and whispering, echoed in her ears.

The flowing handwriting was probably Julius himself. He had handed it to Margaery’s father, who was the Prime Minister. He understood very well that Margaery had no right to refuse.

(Did he already block my escape route?!)

“By the way, Margaery…what happened between you and His Majesty last night?”

He probably had a vague sense of something. The Prime Minister, who was feared as the king’s right-hand man, couldn’t hide his agitation.

However, Margaery just stood there in shock.

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