How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Drinking Mistakes, Really Scary

“You, someday you’ll mess up with alcohol.”

That’s what my mother used to say in my past life.

In my past life, I loved alcohol. With a strong constitution for it, whether it was a company drinking party or a gathering with friends, I enjoyed drinking delicious alcohol.

When I returned home feeling completely satisfied, my mother would say those words to me.

But I just brushed it off every time. Although there were times when things got hazy, I never completely blacked out, and I never had a one-night stand while drunk.

I thought I was immune to the so-called failures with alcohol. Even after being reborn, I believed that I could save myself before making any mistakes.

(And yet, this is what happened! I really want to punch my past self from last night!)

Still in shock, Margaery held her head in her hands.

She found herself reminiscing about her past life as a way to escape reality. She scolded and encouraged herself to face the hopeless situation. Then, Margaery slowly turned her deep blue eyes to the person next to her.

Then, His Majesty Julius-sama smiled charmingly.

“You look so scared and unfriendly. You were so obedient last night.”


Deciding on a strategic retreat, Margaery shrunk back again.

The king was loosely wrapped in his robe, but it was clear that he was naked underneath. Fortunately, Margaery was also wearing a negligee, but that didn’t make her feel any safer.

After all, a young man and woman had spent the night together in the same bed and woke up in the morning. Could there be any more conclusive evidence?

(Mom, I’m sorry. I messed up with alcohol big time.)

Trembling, Margaery apologizes to her past life mother. She should have listened more carefully to her warnings. She should have asked for advice on what to do if she carelessly “failed”.

As for her current parents… she decides not to think about it. Just thinking about how they would react if they found out makes her head ache.

Then, she hears a chuckle from next to her. When she half opens her eyes and looks over, she meets the amused gaze of the king.

“Sorry. You make so many faces.”

Perhaps he sensed her disapproving look. The king shrugs lightly, trying to hold back his laughter. Margaery feels a secret thrill at the glimpse of his true nature behind his gesture.

But the next moment, Margaery’s expression turns serious at the king’s words.

“Don’t worry. I slept with an unmarried woman last night. I’ll take responsibility for it, of course.”


“What’s with that face? Did you think I was a heartless man who would take any woman to bed? I swear I won’t do such a thing, and my body will always belong to you.”

Now, she feels like she’s been hit with a huge declaration.

While Margaery is still stunned, Julius-sama continues to talk to himself, ignoring her. “So, what about the ceremony?” “We need to get engaged first.” “We have to greet your parents. The Prime Minister will come to the castle soon. Shall we go now?”

(Is this a nightmare? What kind of punishment game is this?)

Margaery gives up thinking and silently looks up at the canopy.

―Julius Loui Legrand, Your Majesty.

He is the young king who is the half-brother of Prince Serge and ascended to the throne a few years ago. Due to various circumstances, there is a rift between him and Serge, so even Margaery, who is close to Serge, has never met Julius outside of official events.

However, I have heard stories about him through my father, who is the Prime Minister. He is a very sharp person, sometimes so rational that he can be called cold-hearted. Once he sets his sights on something, he never lets it go. One of the reasons he is called the “Wolf King of Legrand” is because of his personality.

This is all the information I know as a Noel family daughter.

According to my memories from my past life, Julius is also a character from “Cinderella wa Totsuzen ni.” He appears in the second part called the “Bride Training Arc.” He is a new character that Flora, who has entered the castle, meets.

You might think, “Did she panic because she got involved with a character from a novel?” But the important point is the following:

Julius is Margaery’s second death flag.

Margaery, the villainess from the first part who was humiliated at the end, was “exiled” from her position as a candidate for the younger prince’s fiancée, but she appears in the second part with her resilience, using her resourcefulness and her father’s connections as the Prime Minister to revive herself as Julius’s fiancée. It was like a phoenix, and I couldn’t help but make a comment at the time.

Margaery, who has revived like a phoenix, naturally hates Flora and the others who humiliated her in front of a large audience. So she uses the rift between Serge and Julius to work behind the scenes to discredit Flora and the others.

However, at the end of Part 2, as a result of her past misdeeds catching up to her, Margaery dies without much fanfare.

The one who takes her life is none other than the King, Julius.

She gulps and holds her breath.

Calm down. What’s done is done. What’s important now is how to get through this crisis.

Mission Impossible, Is Possible. If I try, I can do it, I definitely can. I can do it!

Encouraging herself, she sits up straight on the bed.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty!”

“Hmm, what is it?”

Julius, who had been happily talking about something until now, closes his mouth and tilts his head. Margaery, feeling uneasy under his strangely innocent gaze, clasps her hands together and bows down – as if she were prostrating herself in her past life.

“You don’t have to take responsibility. Instead, could you please pretend that last night never happened!”

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