How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Tonight, we’re forever

It was a busy day from the morning. 

Margaery took a bath first thing in the morning, combed her hair, and applied scented oil. She was polished and made more beautiful by the maids, led by Anya.

The finishing touches were makeup and hair styling. The other maids had already left, and only Anya remained in Margaery’s room. The only sounds in the room were the two of them breathing and the faint sound of hair being brushed.

Today, she tied up her shining silver hair that she usually let down. This revealed her slender neck and décolleté line, making her so attractive that one would want to be drawn to her.

A thin chain swayed around her neck, and a necklace with an amethyst embedded in it shone on her chest. “He” would surely be pleased. It looked like a violet star shining on her white skin.

Finally, a light pink was applied to her lips, subtly and modestly, so as not to detract from her natural beauty.

“It’s done.”

Whispered by Anya, Margaery slowly opened her eyes.

She was wearing a pale violet dress that sparkled like scattered snowflakes. Silver strands of hair fell gently on her revealed white skin.

The silver-based eyeshadow wrapped her deep blue eyes in a fantastic way. It was a wonderful job that could rival the title of “perfect lady,” if she said so herself. She wouldn’t look inferior standing next to that breathtakingly handsome person.

“You look beautiful, Ojou-sama.”

Anya smiled at her through the mirror. Margaery shrugged and laughed at her gently spoken words.

“It’s all thanks to Anya. Everyone is skilled.”

“You’re too modest. Ojou-sama is always beautiful. It’s just that today is exceptional. His Majesty will surely say the same.”

“What’s the point of praising me if it doesn’t change anything?”

She looked forward to a month later. As promised, the king would come to her room to pick her up. The thought crossed Margaery’s mind, and she blushed and turned away.

Anya sighed and then suddenly looked serious.

“Ojou-sama has been surprising me since graduating from the academy. First, you came back in the morning with His Majesty, then you said you couldn’t marry him. Then you went up to the castle and started talking about ‘love Julius plan’ or something incomprehensible.”

“. . .I’m sorry.”

“And now, today. Fufu. I really can’t get enough of being by Ojou-sama’s side.”

Anya shook her shoulders with a happy expression, and there was no sign of anger or amazement. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying it, thinking it couldn’t be helped.

This was probably Anya’s way of congratulating her. Her twisted “congratulations” wasn’t straightforward.

So Margaery twisted her words and laughed.

“I don’t want to indulge in the feeling of doing it on my own. I’m going to keep causing you trouble, Anya.”

“It’s okay. I can’t bear to see Ojou-sama fall into a pit where I can’t see her. After all, my Ojou-sama is a bit clumsy.”

“I appreciate you saying that!”

After a moment, the two laughed together like close sisters.

Anya lightly clapped her hands together and quickly gathered the cosmetics, then picked them up in a flash.

“Well then, Ojou-sama. Please wait patiently until His Majesty arrives. There’s still time, would you like me to prepare a drink?”

“Then, I’ll have grapefruit. The freshly squeezed, refreshing kind!”

“You’re so demanding. I’ll prepare it right away.”

After bowing respectfully, Anya left with the luggage in hand.

The engagement ceremony between Prince Serge and Miss Flora of the Hermeia Baron family was scheduled for exactly noon today. This was the first time Flora would be presented as his fiancée in public.

After the engagement ceremony, there would be a standing-style engagement party. The orchestra was also invited, and a splendid party would be held from evening until night.

Margaery would also attend the party. As none other than the partner of King Julius Lui Legrand.

‘With all my love to my one and only.’ She hugged the small letter that came with today’s dress to her chest.

This was her resolution.

Tonight, Julius would propose to her. And Margaery would answer with a smile. Happily.

When she was alone again, Margaery couldn’t calm down and checked herself in the mirror several times. 

Would he compliment her? Would he be happy? Would he narrow his eyes and say she was beautiful?

Today, more than anything, she wanted him to praise her. Today, more than anything, she wanted to have his gaze all to herself. Not just today, but forever, she wanted him to look at her with those soft eyes that were only for her.

So when she heard the knock on the door shortly after Anya left, she literally jumped up.

“Y-Yes, who is it?!”

Margaery, who had just turned around in front of the mirror, stiffened in surprise as she answered.

‘Was it Julius?’ He was quite early for their appointment, but maybe he couldn’t wait and came to pick her up. Perhaps Anya had thoughtfully sent him as a messenger while preparing juice.

Thinking such things, Margaery hurried to the door.

She adjusted her bangs and took a deep breath. She suppressed her excitement with a cough, but her eyes sparkled with love as she put her hand on the door with a radiant smile.

At that moment, Margaery was completely off guard. She was so excited about this day that she was acting out of character.


Without suspecting anything, Margaery opened the door, hoping to see the young king with his glossy black hair and red eyes smiling kindly at her. But the person on the other side of the door was not her beloved.

She was suddenly pulled by the arm and dragged out of the room. A large cloth was stuffed into her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She felt suffocated by the sickly sweet smell and her vision began to distort rapidly.

It was always like this. Margaery was careless. Just one step away, and important things slipped through her fingers.

‘I was looking forward to the party with Yuri-sama.’

As she thought about such things, Margaery’s consciousness was swallowed up in confusion.

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