How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Almost Answered

“The two seem to be having a good conversation.”

Flora held her hair back as it fluttered in the wind while looking at the two from a distance.

On the other hand, there were two girls left sitting on the sheet. They were full and enjoyed the beautiful flowers while basking in the warm sunshine.

Margaery also nodded as she watched Julius and the others.

“They must have a lot to talk about. They’ve been talking non-stop since they got there… I’m glad.”

She breathed a sigh of relief as the words overflowed from her heart.

From a distance, the atmosphere between Julius and Serge was gentle. Slowly but surely, they were filling the gaps in their time with each other, layering their words.

Serge said something, and Julius widened his eyes. After a moment’s delay, he shook his glossy black hair and laughed happily.

Margaery’s heart overflowed with warmth at such a peaceful scene.

(I’m glad. I’m so happy for you, Yuri-sama!)

Her favorite character’s happiness was so precious to her. No, was he even her favorite character anymore? Watching him work hard every morning, she felt like a proud mother watching her son grow up.

‘Well done, my child!’ Margaery wiped away her teary eyes gently.

“——Margaery, do you think I can become like you?” 

Julius asked, revealing his vulnerable heart while his eyes trembled with anxiety and hope.

Margaery didn’t know what Julius meant by wanting to become like her. But at least, Julius had won. 

He reached out to Serge, lighting a fire in his fearful and stubborn heart and breaking out of his shell. 

(…I won’t let Yuri-sama’s courage go to waste.)

She calmed her excited heart with a small sigh.

As if the joy she had been feeling just a moment ago was a lie, Margaery quietly opened her eyes and gazed ahead with her blue eyes, determined.

She would protect this happy scene no matter what. She wouldn’t let Julius fall into loneliness again, like in the novel. No matter what happens from now on, she will protect this bond until the end.

After making that vow, Margaery turned to face Flora.

“Thank you very much for today, Flora-sama. I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

“W-Wait, please raise your head, Margaery-sama! I did it because I wanted to. Besides, it’s a little strange for Margaery-sama to thank me.”

“Ah…well, that’s true.”

It was completely true. Margaery, who was pointed out, laughed awkwardly to hide her embarrassment.

Then Flora smiled charmingly and tilted her head.

“Julius-sama is special to Margaery-sama, isn’t he?”

“…That’s not true.”

“I can tell even if you try to hide it. Margaery-sama, you work so hard when it comes to His Majesty. I’m almost a little jealous.”

At the unexpected words, Margaery blinked in surprise.

Flora stretched her arms forward and looked up at the sky, letting the wind carry her. The gentle breeze that blew through made the ribbons on her hat flutter lightly.

“I was helped a lot by Margaery-sama during our time at the academy. Whenever I was in trouble, she would come flying over and gently lend me a hand… Margaery-sama was my hero.”


“So, to be honest, I felt a little lonely. But when I saw how hard Margaery-sama was working, all those feelings disappeared.”

Flora smiled, and it was like a big sunflower blooming under the sun.

“Margaery-sama is my hero, my benefactor, and my precious friend. That’s why I want her to be happier than anyone else. If I can be of any help, I’ll be happy too.”

Margaery was taken aback by Flora’s dazzling smile and innocent words, and eventually looked away.

“…I’m not the kind of person Flora-sama thinks I am. I’m really not that great of a person.”

She tightened her hands on her knees.

“When I first spoke to Flora-sama, I had ulterior motives. I approached you for my own sake.”

Guilt seeped through her heart like thorns.

It was all to avoid the impending doom flag. That was the only reason it started.

Of course, it was all for the sake of not being in a bad situation, but she also hoped that they would help her in a pinch. It was a hypocritical act with ulterior motives, nothing more and nothing less.

Julius was the same. She didn’t know what she blurted out while drunk, but she was determined to escape from him. She tried to escape to her own safe zone, thinking only of herself and her own safety, ignoring the death flag that awaited him.

And yet, she was such a selfish and self-centered person. ‘Why did Flora… Why did Yuri-sama…’

“So you don’t have to think of me as that important.”

Margaery smiled awkwardly.

She thought she was a fool. She had worked hard for three years to earn their favor, but now it was all for nothing.

Margaery was prepared. Would Flora be sad or angry? What should she say to apologize to her, who would cry and feel deceived and betrayed?

But then…

“I knew it, you were up to something when you talked to me, Margaery-sama.”

Flora answered brightly and nonchalantly, and Margaery was left speechless.

It was like she heard a hallucination. Flora waved her hand happily at Margaery, who was shaken.

“No way. I knew it! When I first met you, Margaery-sama, you seemed so suspicious.”

“Uh… what?”

“If I become friends with you, I guarantee a comfortable school life, right? It sounded too suspicious. I thought it was a new kind of scam!”


Margaery was left speechless as Flora laughed loudly.

So, those three brilliant years that she had thought were perfect, had stumbled right from the beginning. 

‘What was that? It was too embarrassing.’ Shocked, Margaery leaned forward, blushing.

“I-If you had just told me earlier, wouldn’t it have been better?! And why did you suspect me so much and still try to become friends with me?!”

“Well… I didn’t think you were a bad person. You seemed like a good person, actually. And besides, it seemed interesting!”

“Is your sense of adventure too much?!”

Margaery held her head in her hands at Flora’s innocent words. She couldn’t say it was her place to speak, but she wished her friend would be more careful when choosing her friends. At least, she shouldn’t get involved with people she thinks are suspicious.

Margaery felt dizzy, but Flora smiled happily as ever.

“But thanks to that, I had so much fun for three years. I was so anxious before entering the academy, but it seems like a lie now… And I think I’m not the only one who thinks I met an irreplaceable best friend, right?”

Margaery was at a loss for words as Flora peered into her face with her bright green eyes. It was annoying to admit it so honestly. Flora was so confident in her words.

So at least, she would resist by pursing her lips.

“It’s a secret. If you’re my best friend, you should understand even if I don’t answer, right?”

“Yes, I understand completely. It’s so obvious that it’s laughable.”

Flora laughed happily, making Margaery pout even more. After laughing for a while, Flora tilted her head lightly.

“Isn’t it the same with His Majesty Julius? At first, you didn’t have any intention, but you couldn’t leave him alone. Before you knew it, you fell in love with him for real. The hunter becomes the hunted. It’s so like Margaery-sama.”

“As you say.”

“But isn’t it hitting the nail on the head?”

Instead of answering, she glared in frustration. It was so painful that she couldn’t deny it. Although becoming close to Julius was completely unexpected, it was like an accident.

She looked at the mirror pond, drawn there by the gentle wind tickling her cheeks. Julius was still talking to Serge on the opposite bank.

“…I wonder what he thinks of me. Actually, I don’t even know myself.”

He must have been told something by Serge. After tilting his head, Julius turned to look at her.

She couldn’t see his expression from this distance. But she was sure he smiled. And then he lightly waved his hand towards her.

That smile. That gesture. His figure, with his black hair swaying in the wind and waving with a smile. Margaery’s heart was filled with a ticklish and warm feeling.

“I don’t know, but…I want Yuri-sama to keep smiling. That’s the only thing I’m sure of.”

She wanted him to be happy. She didn’t want him to feel alone anymore. What should she call this feeling?

How should she convey it to him?

“I think it’s wonderful.”

Flora nodded vigorously at Margaery, who was staring at Julius as if drawn to him.

“I think Margaery-sama’s feelings are very, very wonderful!”

“Therefore, there’s no need to rush,” Flora said gently, placing her hand on Margaery’s.

Her smile, like the sun, showed a glimmer of hope. The answer was almost within reach. Margaery had a feeling about it.

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