How to Live as a Wandering Knight – Chapter 72.2

𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 (𝟑)

For the first time, Caenerna showed a surprised expression.

“Answer the question.”

“. . .Yes.”

“Can you talk about the Emperor?”

“I can’t.”

Johan casually placed his longsword on Caenerna’s shoulder.

It was a warning.

Caenerna shivered at the chill of the metal. She turned her head to look at Johan.

In this warehouse with three wizards, only Johan was not a wizard. Caenerna tried to enchant Johan by any means.

Red hair, crimson eyes. Despite being covered in a robe, Caenerna was a beautiful woman. Combined with her magical power, enchanting people was not a difficult task.

But Johan’s eyes did not waver.

In his eyes, Caenerna felt the power of a strong soul.

Johan’s eyes conveyed only one message.

The death of Caenerna.

“Why can’t you speak?”

“Probably sworn by mysteries and magic. Unless the Emperor is a fool.”

Even a court wizard couldn’t fully earn the Emperor’s trust. Naturally, he would have sworn her to secrecy.

For a wizard, death was preferable to losing magic.

“So, may I kill her?”

“. . .Do you bear a grudge?”

“No. But there’s no good in sparing a wizard. You never know what they might do.”

Unlike Gulrak and Suetlg, who were well-versed in magic, Johan, who was not, couldn’t help but be wary.

And the best defense was to cut off the opponent’s head. A dead wizard can’t cast spells.

“How would you feel if your arms and legs were all tied up?”

“I’d probably secretly untie them and get up, don’t you think?”

“. . .I asked the question wrong. What do you think when you see someone with their arms and legs tied up? They don’t seem dangerous, right? It’s the same with a wizard.”

Suetlg placed a Fire Goblet in front of Caenerna, who looked shocked. With just one Fire Goblet, Caenerna understood everything.

“We didn’t kill Gairendel. We just took care of the remains.”

“. . . . . .”

“Wizards don’t usually kill each other. But nothing is absolute. Even the knight here wants to kill you. If you want to live, convince us.”

Unlike Johan, Suetlg had no intention of killing Caenerna.

It was too wasteful to just kill such a talent.

A wizard could be trusted. Once they swore an oath, they could never break it.

Sensing this, Caenerna sighed and asked.

“What do you want?”

“You might know, but the Emperor is becoming more violent. We need someone to warn us of danger when our lives are at risk someday. Will you repay the favor if I save you?”

“. . .If it doesn’t conflict with my oath, I will grant you three requests.”

“You must swear to secrecy about what happened today.”

“I will do so.”

Johan listened to the wizards’ conversation with a look of wonder.

Caenerna showed not an iota of loyalty to the Emperor.

Is this what a wizard is?

Gulrak said beside him.

“This woman is peculiar.”


“She doesn’t serve the Emperor; she thinks she’s trading with him. That’s why she acts like this without any hesitation. Suetlg is different, don’t misunderstand.”

“I didn’t misunderstand.”

“Good. Then that’s settled.”

Suetlg and Caenerna’s conversation flowed so smoothly, it was like merchants who had come to negotiate from the start.

Caenerna will repay Johan by granting him three requests for sparing her life today. This will not be disclosed anywhere.

After the conversation, Caenerna discarded her polite demeanor and returned to her arrogant and languid attitude, assured of her life’s safety.

“May your path, brave Sir Knight, be filled with pain and glory.”

“. . .?”

Johan immediately drew his longsword to strike Caenerna. She screamed and ducked. Suetlg, taken aback, intervened.

“What are you doing?!”

“Isn’t that a curse?”

“No! It’s just a greeting!”

“Sorry about that. Thought it was a curse.”

“. . . . . .”

Caenerna glared at Johan and then rode away on her horse.


Gulrak was a wizard who, despite his crude way of speaking, expressed his gratitude sincerely.

He took out a surcoat made of the finest leather and personally draped it over Johan’s shoulders.

The surcoat, worn over armor, was the best garment for knights to display their family pride and style.

The smooth leather surcoat, swirling with dark red hues, possessed a dignity that any knight would admire.

“This leather will protect you from the cold, and from things like moisture and arrows.”

Suetlg was amazed by the surcoat. Gulrak, despite his large build, was known for being stingy. It was unlike him to give away such a treasure so easily.

It was clear that Johan liked it very much.

“Come visit my house when you’re in the forest.”

“How should I find it?”

“Just ask a wolf, and they will lead you there. Be careful, the east is a wild place.”

After the conversation, Gulrak picked up a piece of leather and threw it at Suetlg. The leather, seemingly unprocessed and unstitched, left Suetlg bewildered.


“Wrap yourself in it. It’ll keep you warm if you sleep under it.”

“If you’re giving me something, at least make it decent!”

“I have repaid my debt. And Suetlg, if you intended to give me the Fire Goblet with such a story, you should appreciate this leather too.”

“I didn’t know that wizard would come for the Fire Goblet.”

“I’m giving this because of that. Otherwise, you would have gotten nothing.”

Gulrak slammed the door harshly. Suetlg, grumbling, wrapped himself in the leather. It definitely felt magical, despite its foul smell.

“You have a good friend.”

“He’s much better to befriend than a wizard like Caenerna. Don’t think too poorly of me for sparing Caenerna’s life. It’s more beneficial to keep someone alive, even if they are hard to trust, than to kill them.”

“I don’t think poorly of it.”

“. . .Right. I worried over nothing!”

Johan had said that because he tended to draw his sword at the sight of wizards, but it turned out to be an unnecessary worry.

“We will keep this Fire Goblet. It’s better to have a way to contact.”

Johan accepted the Fire Goblet. It was a bit awkward since Caenerna could contact him but he couldn’t do the same. . .

“It’s surprising that a court wizard has no loyalty.”

“Do you know why Caenerna gave the Fire Goblet to Gairendel?”


“She must have bribed him. If she found the remains of Karamaf, she planned to steal Karamaf’s sword and other treasures. It’s a treasure worth such a scheme.”

“. . .!”

To steal treasures without reporting to the Emperor.

It’s not just a lack of loyalty. . .

“To her, everything must be a transaction. The Emperor might think differently, but what can be done about it? If someone is deceived, it’s their own fault. You might see more wizards in the future, but don’t treat them like knights. You’ll be betrayed. Loyalty is a difficult virtue to expect from wizards.”

“But friendship can still be hoped for, right?”

Suetlg nodded and smiled at Johan’s words.

“Yes. Friendship is indeed a virtue worth hoping for.”

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