How to Live as a Wandering Knight – Chapter 130.2

“The pirates. . . This is really a good thing, isn’t it??”

“How do you know if they will properly give the treasure?”  

“Think about it. They made this offer because they are afraid now. Do you think they would openly try to deceive us? Of course they might skim off some, but they will hand over a sufficient amount of gold. That should be enough.”

Johan summoned some of his most loyal vassals and told them the story. While some were disappointed they couldn’t fight, they didn’t dislike the offer.  

“Why does the Count have to listen to those b*stards’ offer? Let’s ignore them and fight!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Marquis Crucho is still out there. Do we need to fight the pirate gang when we are already short on strength?”

“You are right. If the pirate fellows know their place, there is no need to completely wipe them out.”

More than anything, the vassals wanted to capture Marquis Crucho for sure. They wouldn’t be able to sleep well if they didn’t deal with him now.

“By the way, isn’t it interesting? Ahir-gong is from the Mulc family, so why did a nobleman from the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms send the envoy?” 

“What do you mean?”

Johan was puzzled by Baron Ginobansi’s words.

“As you know, south of here is the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms.”  

The islands southwest of the peninsula were the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms. A place pirates were bound to love.

“It was traditionally the nobles from the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms who took command of the pirates, so it’s peculiar that Ahir-gong sent the envoy.”

Who sent the envoy was an unexpectedly important issue. Unlike when there was a single commander like Johan, it was even more so for the pirates who acted so recklessly.  

It was directly related to their face and honor.

And yet a nobleman from the distant Mulc family took charge. It was very unusual.  

“Interesting. Please continue.”

At Johan’s words, the vassals’ gazes stabbed the old baron. He panicked at the sudden attention.  

Among the vassals here, the baron did not actually have that much power. Seeing some vassals look at him jealously, his heart shrank.  

“D-Did this old baron make some kind of mistake?”

“No. Baron, I told you to continue because it’s an interesting story. So what happened?”

“Wouldn’t the nobles of the J-Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms be non-existent. . .?”  

“No. After checking, the nobles of the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms did exist.”

After verifying the family crests of the nobles, Johan compared the information as soon as he returned. He was told they were small noble families of the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms.  

“Then, isn’t it that the nobles of the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms conceded due to Mulc family’s fame. . .?”

“Conceded. . . I see.”  

While Baron Ginobansi also found it a bit strange, Johan thought of something else after hearing it.  

“Good. Baron, thanks to you, I just had a nice idea.”

“. . .?”



When Count Yeats’ envoy arrived, the pirates breathed a sigh of relief.  

Fortunately, it seemed the Count was also willing to compromise.   

“I’ve come to convey Count Yeats’ will. Where are the nobles of the Nusard family?”

“Nusard family? Wasn’t it Ahir-gong?”  

The ones who came out to greet them were perplexed. The Count’s envoy was looking for the wrong nobles. While the Nusard family was a powerful family in the Jekyllid Hundred Kingdoms, the one in charge this time was Ahir-gong.  

“It appears there has been some misunderstanding. Let me guide you to Ahir-gong.”  

“Are you telling us to disobey Count’s will? Nonsense. If you don’t guide us to the Nusard family, we will leave.”  

The envoys shouted stiffly. Showing they didn’t care one bit.  

They could not send away the messy and arrogant envoys. The pirates hurriedly reported to their superiors. After some chatter, a knight from the Nusard family decided to receive the envoy. Considering just the family status, the Nusard knight was also fully qualified to receive envoys.  

The envoys who came just rattled off some formalities. Since Johan originally sent them just to say hello, they didn’t have much else to say.  

Greetings delivered and received well, came to confirm the spoils, decision will be made after some time passes. . .  

Still, the pirates were very satisfied. The fact that the other party responded at all was a success.  

“Ahir-gong! Your plan worked out. It seems the Count wants to negotiate.”  

“What plan. . . Who wouldn’t take money to use a bridge?”  

One of the leaders grumbled.  

It was Ahir who proposed negotiations before being surrounded from both sides, while they still had a chance.  

The pirates agreed, but that didn’t mean they liked giving up gold. Having to hand over that much gold to the opponent. . .  

“Didn’t we already talk about this! Are you thinking of saying something else now?”

“What did I say? I just said it doesn’t take a plan to propose something like that. If it was really a scheme, shouldn’t it be enough to take down that solid castle?”  

There was discontent building up among the pirates over not being able to take the castle. That discontent could only be directed at the commander.  

“The envoy came, so shouldn’t we guide them to Ahir-gong? Why is the Nusard family receiving them?”  

“What do you want me to do when the Count’s envoys insist? Is it wrong for even the pagan b*stards to know the name of the Nusard family?”

Such complaints were prone to bursting at the slightest issues.




Johan stared intently at Iselia as they played chess. Iselia asked in puzzlement, 

“Why so, my dear?”

“I knew you were better than your fake.”

“. . .I have a fake?!”

At Iselia’s words, Johan nodded. He said he saw such an illusion while suppressing the pagan temple.

“Since it was an illusion that looked like me, you wouldn’t have been fooled. It must not have been very charming.”

“No. It was nothing compared to you, so I ignored it.”

Iselia’s face turned bright red and she bowed her head. Then she made a wicked move. Johan immediately took her queen with a knight and called checkmate.


“Cow. . .cowardly. My dear. Such an underhanded tactic.”

“It wasn’t underhanded though, was it?”

“. . .May I ask exactly what was different?”

Iselia cautiously asked. It was a question she would never have asked before.

“First of all, she was a lot more undressed. . .” 

“. . . . . .”

“Her expression was like she was intoxicated. . . Shall I stop there?”

“Yes, you can stop. My dear.”

Iselia couldn’t stand the embarrassment. She changed the subject.

“May I ask the reason for keeping the envoys waiting?”

“From what I heard, it doesn’t seem like the pirates are very united, so I thought it would be better to wait. If it’s disadvantageous, won’t they offer better terms?”

The more they doubt and argue with each other, the more anxious they will become and bring better terms. That’s what Johan thought.

“Your excellency! Your excellency!”

“What is it? Did those guys already send new envoys?”

“The pirates seem to have gone crazy!!” 


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