How to Live as a Wandering Knight – Chapter 118.2

𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐆𝐨𝐝 (1)

“Aren’t you the most experienced among us?”

“No. . .”

The eyes turned to the oldest priest, who had taken on the role of assistant priest during this military campaign.

He was an outstanding and seasoned priest who had received direct orders from the order’s bishop.

But even as a priest, there was not much to say in such a situation. Especially to a young person who has fallen in love.

Say is he being deceived? There was a high chance of being met with fiery anger. Johan may have been a devout knight, but that did not mean he was weak. When such a person got angry, it was even more frightening.

It was the same with saying that they had committed a sin or that their family was humble.

By simply stating that he had fallen in love, Johan had effectively blocked all rebuttals from the priests.

“No. . . I mean. . .”

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Con. . . Congratulations.”

The priest barely managed to speak. Johan nodded with a pleased expression.

“I am truly happy to receive such a blessing. Iselia. Aren’t you happy?”

“Y-Yes. My dear.”

When Johan embraced Iselia next to him, her body stiffened with fear. Johan whispered in disbelief.

“What are you doing? Someone might think I’ve kidnapped you.”

“Ah, ah, I know. My dear. Forgive me.”

“. . .At least act properly.”

At Johan’s words, Iselia desperately clung to him.

Fortunately, Iselia’s usually stiff expression was a help. There was no difference even when she was terrified or tense.

The priests suppressed their displeasure at Iselia clinging tightly as if hanging on.

So frivolous and indecent. . .!

It pained their hearts as if a person they cherished like a child had fallen into corruption.



The priests who returned to the temple began to raise their voices when they gathered together. It was that shocking.

“Why couldn’t you say anything?!”

“What should I have said?”

“You should have told him he was being deceived, or to think about it calmly. . .”

“You’ve never had a love affair, have you?”

In response to the assistant priest’s words, the young priest spoke confidently.

“Yes, but why is that coming up now?”

“Try telling that to a young man who’s in love and has blood boiling! The sword will fly! No, it’s lucky if the sword flies. It could even burn more because of the interference.”

“No, Sir Johan is different from those young men.”

“Oh my God. . . Come to your senses! I know Sir Johan is faithful too. But he’s not a priest, he’s a knight! Even priests who have made a vow to God suffer because of their youthful blood, how can that knight overcome his desires?”

No matter how much the priests denied it, the person in love did not come back. The priests were troubled.

They suddenly realized that Johan was really a flawless knight. He had never once caused trouble within the order. It wasn’t for nothing that people said that God had sent him.

Seeing that such a perfect knight began to be stubborn, they felt sad rather than angry.

“We have to report to the order, don’t we?”

“I’ll write it up and send it in.”

“What do you think will happen?”

“What can we do. . . We’ll just have to wait and see if it doesn’t work.”

It was unimaginable for the order to expel Johan, who was now in control of the troops and was doing well in other areas without any shortcomings. 

It was of course impossible to excommunicate him again or use coercive methods.

“Love is said to pass through anywhere, even if it is blocked by the gates and the roads. . .”

“Are you reciting a poem now? Stop talking nonsense.”


The priests had no idea about the political benefits that would arise from Johan’s marriage to Iselia.

Johan could now rule the countship with a pretext without the help or support of the order.

They just prayed to God that Johan would come to his senses and get out of love.



“You. . . are you okay?”

“So-so. But I would like you to act more naturally. If you act like that every time you see me, people around you will be suspicious.”

Iselia nodded frantically at Johan’s words.

From the first meeting to now, Johan had been the embodiment of fear. From his strength to his actions of seizing the fiefdom.

Iselia could only tremble in fear and desperately try to please him. Every moment was like walking on thin ice.

“Oh. I’m going hunting with Amien tomorrow.”

“A-Amien? Why?”

“She wanted to go.”

Hunting by a noble, not by a hunter, was quite an expensive pastime. It was to release soldiers to surround the area and lure monsters and beasts.

Of course, Iselia did not allow such luxury.

However, Johan had plenty of bored soldiers under him. He could hunt as much as he wanted.

Iselia’s face turned pale. Hunting grounds were the best place to kill a noble by accident. Could it be because she didn’t act properly in front of the priests?

“You. . . you. I also want to go.”

“You like hunting? Well, you’re a knight, so that’s understandable. I was careless.”

Johan said, stroking Iselia’s cheek. Iselia nodded, her head going pale.



Eastward warriors ran merrily, whistling as they went. They had also heard the news of the elf of the Bluea family.

Amien swayed as she clung to Karamaf.

“Now, be careful. Karamaf will also dislike it if you pull too hard.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Hold it gently. Now, that’s right. You’re doing well. That’s like an elf, isn’t it? You have a talent for riding.”

Johan was a fairly good teacher for his innate talent. Amien, who had balanced herself on Karamaf, cackled and liked it.

Iselia was confused by that sight. It was a completely different image from what she had been worried about.

There was no need to show off that kind of appearance just because Iselia was accompanying her. Moreover, it was natural, not like they had met a few times.

“Amien! You shouldn’t bother Sir Johan. Come here now.”

“. . . . . .”

Amien looked at Johan with a look of regret. Johan looked at Iselia and said.

“It’s not too much trouble, can you let her play a little longer?”

“. . .O-Okay.”

Amien was surprised. It was the first time that the strict Iselia had listened to anyone’s words so readily. Her eyes twinkled with curiosity.

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