How a Reincarnated Warlock Lives – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Inquisitor (2)

Although the Order recognized only one true God, it did not consider all other deities to be heretical.

No matter how fanatical or narrow-minded they may have been, they could not possibly brand all the gods worshipped in countless nations, including the Empire, such as the God of War, the God of Abundance, or the God of Magic, as heretical.

Therefore, the Order had a wide range of professions, including high-ranking priests, monks, paladins, and priests of each parish or temple.

And they were all objects of respect and gratitude from ordinary believers.

As long as they did not commit mortal sins, they were the most reliable support within the fence of the same faith.

“Oh, greetings, brother.”

However, there was only one exception. Among the many professions of the Order, there were those who were feared or even angered by their fellow believers.

“Inquisitor. . .!”


If the high-ranking priests who wielded powerful holy power were the Order’s shield and the paladins who formed the Sacred Knights were the Order’s mace, then the inquisitors were the Order’s dagger.

The sharpest, most secretive, and most menacing.

The man in black, wearing an oppressive emblem depicting a cross-shaped sword and flames of a pyre, which symbolized the Inquisition, greeted them in a light tone.

The abbot, looking up at the man mounted on a large horse, had a nervous expression on his face.

Known as the Order’s most secret sword, inquisitors were the only ones who could judge sinners without going through a separate procedure.

Beings capable of judgment and summary execution.

Hunting dogs selected from the most outstanding in various fields and subjected to harsh training.

“W, What brings you, Your Grace, to such a rural area. . .?”


The priests looking at the inquisitor who had suddenly visited the Yarnell Monastery had somewhat uneasy expressions.

They seemed to be afraid that their own mistakes might be revealed.

There are few people who have not had a single shameful moment throughout their lives. Especially in these times, when the majority of people converted to the Order simply following the Pope’s authority.

“What does the distinction between rural and urban areas mean in a place where God’s will is carried out? All are lands of the same God.”

As if aware or unaware of their feelings, the oppressive inquisitor spoke in a calm voice.

The acolyte priests of the monastery watched the scene with interest, hiding behind the pillars of the building.

“Is that person an inquisitor?”


It was not easy to see the friars, who were usually strict and aloof towards me, acting so humble and anxious.

‘Inquisitor, huh? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one.’

A very small number of paladins, high-ranking priests, and inquisitors had reached a high level. They were guys who had been quite annoying in my previous life.

Of course, aside from being annoying, quite a few inquisitors had died by my hand.

‘What brings him here?’

I looked at the man in black with an expression closer to curiosity than fear or anxiety.

There was no reason for the Order’s hunting dog with such great authority to visit this rural monastery.

Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Originally, inquisitors traveled all over the continent, carrying out their own unique operations. It was most likely that they had wandered here after traveling around various places.


I twisted one side of my lips. The fanatics who believed that God was omnipotent would not like this word very much.

And so did I. Because everything that happened in the world had a cause and effect.

“Please come inside. We will prepare a meal first.”

“A simple meal of bread and water will suffice.”

The man, who answered politely to the abbot looking up at him, turned his gaze towards the place where I was, the children hiding behind the pillars of the monastery’s prayer room.

Of course, since the distance was close enough to hear the conversation faintly, there was no way that he, with his keen senses, would not have noticed the children.

“. . . . . .!”


The children, startled by the inquisitor’s gaze, hurriedly stepped back, but he did not get angry or anything. Rather, he even waved his hand towards this side.

His gaze, which had been scanning the faces of the trainees, stopped briefly on me.

Does he recognize me? Or can he sense something? His gaze, which had brushed against my eyes, made me a little nervous, but there was no need to be afraid.

Because I had already used up all the magic power in my body.

When I did not avoid his gaze, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. It was an expression that seemed somewhat satisfactory.

I did not let my guard down until the end, watching the inquisitor like that.

Because I knew that they were the ones who would not hesitate to wield their weapons if they were convinced that their opponent was a heretic, even if they appeared infinitely kind.

“Now, this way. . .”

Eventually, he turned his gaze away from me and followed the abbot’s guidance into the monastery.

I watched the inquisitor, who seemed to have several thick iron chains wrapped around his waist, disappear into the interior of the monastery with a cold expression, accompanied by the clanking sound that rang out every time he moved.


Contrary to my thoughts, it seemed that he had not really come here with any special purpose, as the inquisitor in black did not do anything unusual for several days. He just wandered around the monastery and its surroundings.

I wanted to find out more, thinking that it might be an opportunity, but I did not dare to take the risk because I was worried that I might arouse unnecessary suspicion.

Several days passed like that. And finally, things broke out.

As I had expected and as the friars had feared.

However, there was something I had not expected.

“. . .Me?”

“Yes, hurry. He is waiting for you in the prayer room right now.”

I could feel the gazes of the other children piercing my back as the friar who had come to collect me at the inquisitor’s request spoke.

Worry, curiosity, jealousy, sympathy, admiration, etc.

Since the friar had not said anything else about why I was being summoned, their gazes were filled with a mixture of emotions.

“Come on, let’s go.”

The friar’s voice was tinged with concern as he spoke curtly.

“. . .”

I followed the friar who was walking ahead, lost in thought.

‘Why is that guy looking for me?’

I wondered if the inquisitor had noticed something suspicious about me. I shook my head as soon as I asked myself the question. There is no magic power left in my body right now, so it can’t be that.

It did not take even a few minutes to reach the small prayer room of the not-so-large monastery.


I quickly scanned the room. The air was filled with tension.


As I entered the room, the white-haired abbot cleared his throat.

The abbot, who looked a little frightened, glanced at the inquisitor and slowly opened his mouth.

“Oh, Luciel, come here. The reason I called you is. . .”

Eventually, the abbot’s following words were simple.

It was that the inquisitor here was interested in me.

It is not uncommon for the monastery to make various offers to candidates who show talent among the trainees who receive various training.

According to the abbot’s words and my memory, it seemed that the child named Luciel had shown considerable talent in various fields.

“Answering the call of God is the path to the greatest glory━”

The inquisitor, who had been listening calmly to the abbot explaining with useless rhetoric, turned his body and looked this way. I met his dry blue eyes staring intently at my face without avoiding them.

“I met your father once.”

Eventually, the words that the inquisitor uttered were somewhat unexpected. Perhaps he had already heard a brief explanation from the abbot, who knew my identity.

“His faith in God was somewhat lacking, but he was a pretty good knight.”

I searched my memory, but unfortunately, I did not have many memories of Luciel’s, or rather, this body’s father. It had been a long time since this child was sent to the monastery, or rather, abandoned.

“I see that you have inherited that talent as well.”

He showed me the report containing the trainees’ evaluations, which he seemed to have received from the abbot.

“Basic physical strength, swordsmanship, understanding of the Order’s doctrines and history. . . all excellent.”

I answered the satisfied-looking inquisitor in a humble tone.

“I am still lacking in many ways.”

I was sincere.


He smiled, showing his teeth as he looked at me, who did not avoid his gaze. It was the first smile I had seen since arriving at the monastery.

Looking at that slightly ferocious smile, I realized what he was going to say next.

No, maybe I had guessed it to some extent when he first came to find me.

“Would you like to walk the path of an inquisitor?”


Those who stood on the front lines of the war between good and evil, and in some ways, those who were closest to evil among the figures of the Order.

The great power given to them was, conversely, proof of how dangerous it was to be an inquisitor.

A cruel offer for a child who was still glorious but had a bright future.

But at the same time, it was a very sweet offer.

A very secure status backed by the authority of the Order.

It was a perfect job for me, who planned to travel freely around the continent and visit various suspicious-looking places.

Of course, it would be just as dangerous. In any case, I would not be able to remain a faithful figure of the Order until the end.

Thinking that the conversation was too one-sided, the inquisitor looked back at me and spoke kindly.

“Oh, of course, I respect your choice. That too will ultimately be God’s will.”

It was a fork in the road.

Should I grow safely but slowly and boringly in this rural monastery?


Should I follow this inquisitor, Anton Revecht, and regain my strength quickly and surely, albeit somewhat dangerously near the heart of the enemy?

And as always, my deliberation at the crossroads was not long.

“I will follow you.”

“. . . . . .!”

The abbot and the friars ‘ faces were filled with surprise at my words, which were uttered without the slightest hesitation or even a hint of timidity, unlike what they had known.

It was probably a reaction to choosing something that could potentially cost me my life without much thought.

On the other hand, the inquisitor’s face was filled with satisfaction.

“Good. Then now. . .”

He took a small step towards me, his chains rattling, and slowly pulled something small out of his bosom.


A bright light shone from the small metal emblem in the inquisitor’s hand.

‘Is it a relic?’

In contrast to before, the friars’ faces were filled with curiosity at the sight of the light emanating from his hand, while my face was filled with a slight disgust.

“It is a simple test to see how sensitive you are to holy power, so do not be so frightened.”

His blue eyes sparkled as if piercing me. He continued to speak, his gaze still fixed on my face as if trying to examine my complexion in detail.

“That is, if you have no fear of sin.”

I smiled at his words.

Even if not an inquisitor, but any human being came, no, even in front of an angel symbolizing God’s authority, I could say with confidence.

That I have no regrets for what I have done.

“. . . . . .”

But what the guy was talking about was not about such a conscience.

The inquisitor was probably shining holy power on me to confirm my innate talent as a believer of the Order who could receive sacred power.

At the same time, it was to cover up any traces of magic power, if there were any.


The radiant energy emanating from the emblem in the inquisitor’s hand felt slightly warm along with the warmth.

Unlike what I had felt with my previous body, which had been contaminated as much as it could be contaminated by various traces of contracts and the stigma of original sin.

I felt a rather unfamiliar sensation and sneered inwardly.

Even if the High Priest of the Order of Heretica himself came and poured out a powerful holy spell, it would not have any effect on me now.

Unlike all other warlocks who inevitably leave traces of contracts, I did not make a contract with the devil.

“Now, stay still.”

The beam of light emanating from the small relic sparkled beautifully.



As soon as a single white beam of light extended from the emblem in the inquisitor’s hand and touched my body, the emblem he was holding flashed as if it were exploding.

“. . . . . .!”

The eyes of all the monks, including the inquisitor, widened, and the small prayer room was filled with light.

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