How a Reincarnated Warlock Lives – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Key (4)

For inquisitors, cultists who worship devils are usually not much different from death row inmates.

Of course, there are also the Seven Catacombs that serve each archdevil, blaspheming the name of the gods and spreading evil in the world, or those who do not belong to either light or darkness and build their own forces.

Unfortunately, the ones lying before my eyes, the Bergezia Cult, were not on that list.


I ended the pain of the warlock whose body was twisting and screaming with black smoke gushing out.


The silver-clad sword, cutting through the air sharply, instantly severed his neck.

It was a clean finish, unlike the monsters I encountered outside the cave, who had peculiar neck bones unlike humans.

Raising the sword high and swinging it vertically. It felt awkward at first, but I felt myself getting used to it quickly as I gained experience in actual combat.

I think my Lumenique family was famous for being a knightly family. Maybe I have some talent in that area.

“Damn inquisitor!”

A warlock, gnashing his teeth and muttering curses, glared at me with bloodshot eyes and raised his staff.

He didn’t even glance at the bodies of his comrades who had already become corpses with severed necks, and began to mutter evil incantations.

I looked at the black magic gushing out of his body. It’s a bit funny and unfamiliar.

Not even the tower masters of the Magic Tower, who are proficient in attribute casting, have cast magic spells on me one-on-one.

‘Sercria’s Spear.’

It was a bit disappointing that I couldn’t show the difference in rank with the same black magic, but that’s not important now.

A spear of light that appeared in the blink of an eye shot out towards the warlock’s black spell.


The spell made of black smoke, spewing out from the unknown warlock, was torn apart.

“ . . . . . .! ”

It took only a blink of an eye for the spear of light, cutting through the darkness, to pierce his body.


Outwardly, that is, no major wounds were visible on the body.

However, the inside of the guy, who was full of magic, must have been shaken up already.

As if to prove it, black smoke, signaling the death of the warlock, soon began to rise from his body.

“Ah, no! Kuaaaah─!”


I walked again and finished his pain.

I glanced at the floor I had walked on. There were over ten corpses of warlocks at a quick count.

The amount of holy power I had consumed so far was also considerable. From clairvoyance to consecutive holy spells.

If it hadn’t been for the large amount of holy power contained in the relics obtained from Yarnell Monastery, I wouldn’t have been able to do this much at the moment.

‘I should be grateful to Anton Revecht.’


From the other side of the dark corridor of the cult, a scream came, cutting off my thoughts.

It seemed that these dull warlocks had finally realized that it was foolish to show themselves directly before the eyes of the inquisitor.


With the rough vibration of several entrances opening, a low growl, not of a human, was heard.


‘Are they experimental subjects?’

They’re probably a bit better than the failures I saw outside.

I laughed a little.

Yeah, this would be more effective for them. Much higher levels of magic are needed to cover the holy power.

It would be wiser to try to overwhelm them physically. Unfortunately, they were not that threatening.


I muttered, lifting the silver-plated sword, which was gleaming with radiant holy power.

“I will find you rest.”


Soon the dark corridor was filled with the ferocious screams of the monsters.



Every time I take a step, I feel an unpleasant dampness.

My shoes, soaked in the green blood from the monsters, were so dirty that it was hard to tell their original color.


I exhaled, turning my tingling arm around.

As expected, it wasn’t an easy fight. I clicked my tongue and looked around at the bodies of the warlocks and monsters that filled the hallway.

I felt pain all over my body. It’s the best I can do for now.

If it had been the Seven Catacombs that served the highest of devils, I wouldn’t have been able to get past the entrance with my current abilities.

In the first place, the fact that I’m alive right now proves that this Bergezia Cult is a cheap imitation.

‘It’s not very satisfactory.’

It would have been a sound that would have made the warlocks, who had their necks or limbs cut off or rotted away in other parts, jump up, but I clicked my tongue and leaned my body against the damp wall for a moment.

As Marcell Pavlino, the Chairman, said, if I had joined Lefra, a veteran inquisitor, and entered here, it would have been a much easier and more comfortable fight.

‘But that won’t do.’

At least until I retrieve what’s mine here, it’s better not to face her.

Rather than hand over my recovered inheritance to the Inquisition, I’d rather bury it in the darkness.


I took the relic I had taken out of my arms and held it in my hand.


I felt the pain in my body subside with a mysterious light. It was pretty immediate.

Of course, it wasn’t a fundamental solution.

Not all relics gave me holy power as easily as the relic I first obtained from Yarnell Monastery, the ‘Eye of Kahadir.’

All relics have slightly different effects.

Of course, if I break this small statue, I can absorb the powerful holy power contained within it. . . . . .

‘Then Baroque will try to kill me.’

There’s no need to earn the hatred of the Inquisition that much, not yet.

The use of this ‘Resounding Voice of Louveris’ was a little different.

I looked up and looked at the door in front.

‘This is it.’

The innermost part of the Bergezia Cult, probably where the cult’s priest resides.

I could feel it.

Beyond the thick door made of rough stone.

Something waiting for me.


The door slowly opened. And.


As if waiting, black magic from deep within flew towards me. It was probably black magic cast by the priest of this cult.

As if to prove it, it was more powerful than the warlocks I had easily dealt with so far. No matter how half-baked the priest of the cult, he must have some skills if he claims to offer sacrifices to the devil.


‘Silver Shield of Gabras.’


A sound like a huge iron plate being pounded reverberated through the cavity. It was the most powerful attack I had ever received with my new body.

The vibration of the air was so strong that I could feel it beyond the silver shield.

I looked at the priest through the trembling transparent shield. He was glaring at me with bloodshot eyes, holding up a grayish-white staff made of demon bones.

The fact that I, an inquisitor, came this far means that all but a few of this cult have been defeated.

“Damn inquisitor. I’ll send you to the side of the god you love so much!”

I looked at the altar at the back without answering him.

“ I was wondering why you didn’t show yourself until your subordinates were all wiped out, but you were performing a ritual. ”

Magic faintly remaining in the air. It wasn’t difficult to read its form.

“Are you trying to make a pact with a higher-ranking devil? It’s not a method I would recommend.”

“What, how did you. . . . . .? ”

I walked slowly toward the old man who was clutching his cane with a look of bewilderment.

“Fortunately, you didn’t hide in fear or run away. Of course, it’s a shame for you.”

“Shut up!”

The old man shouted and swung his cane.


Black magic spewing out of the grayish-white staff split into several branches and flew like blades.


I immediately ran forward and swung my sword to the side. The black blades, aiming for the part not covered by the shield, clashed with the silver-plated sword, creating an eerie ringing sound.

My hand tingled for a moment, but I didn’t let go of the sword.

“ . . . . . .! ”

As if waiting, the sight of me effectively disrupting his attack while rushing forward was clearly reflected in the guy’s eyes, which had not yet lost their shock.


The guy hurriedly swung his cane and began to chant another spell.

But faster than that.

‘Kehalin’s Orb.’

A transparent bead that stretched out from my hand exploded in front of the guy’s eyes.


I jumped onto the platform near the altar, turning half a circle, and raised my sword.


It cut off the guy’s arm, which was raised and holding the cane.


In front of the altar of the Bergezia Cult, full of ominous energy.

“Groooow. . . . . .! ”

The priest of this place, who was supposed to prepare the ritual, was now glaring at me with eyes full of pain and hatred.

He didn’t care about the cross-section of his arm, which was bleeding so much that it was suspected of being excessive, or the sword that was placed under his neck.

“Do you still have nothing to say?”

I raised my left hand and pointed to the mysterious sphere floating in the nearby air, the relic I had left for myself.

It would be right to clean up this place right away after achieving my goal, but I wanted to check one thing before that.

Had he told other cults or contracted devils, or perhaps one of the seven catacombs, any information about this relic.

Of course, they are inheritances that respond only to my soul, but I didn’t like it when something annoying happened.

Even more so now, when some of the seven archdevils might still be looking for my soul.

“Do you think I’ll say anything that could help you? If you’re going to kill me, just kill me quickly, you dirty servant of God.”

That’s right. There’s no need to leave any regrets.

“Yes, I’ll kill you.”

“ . . . . . . ”

I laughed a little at the old man.

“But if you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you in a slightly different way.”

“ . . . . . .? ”

“Do you know what this is?”

I said, taking out the relic I had borrowed from the Inquisition from my arms.

“I will engrave a trace of light on your soul.”

“ . . . . . .! ”

Looking at the shocked priest’s eyes, I began to recite the prayer.

“In the name of God’s lofty name, I earnestly pray━”

“Wh, What are you doing. . . . . .! ”

The relic, ‘Resounding Voice of Louveris,’ began to respond to my words.

“If the wicked repent of their own wrongdoing, they will be forgiven━”

“No, wait! Stop!”

It wasn’t just a prayer in words, but a real blessing with the power of a powerful relic.

Following my voice, the same prayer was flowing out of the small statue.

Did he feel the ominousness of it? His expression began to harden rapidly.

Of course, it would not be at the grandiose level of having his soul truly purified and entering paradise, but at a level where only a very faint trace would be engraved on his soul. However, even that would be quite welcome in hell, where only devils roam.

The one who entered hell with a faint trace of light. The furious devils would tear his soul apart and throw it into the hellfire.

“If the wicked truly repent, they will enter paradise━”

“I, I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything!”

The priest, who had forgotten the pain in his arm and was gasping as if something was digging into his ear, or rather his soul, began to open his mouth urgently.

“I, I never told anyone! The reason I was preparing a new contract in the first place was to break that seal! I swear in the name of the King of Death and the seven most respected archdevils━ ”

He started to spit it out quickly, wondering if I would continue the prayer.

From the process of entering Fehern Mountain and discovering the relic for the first time, to everything he had done so far to break the seal.

I nodded at the priest. It didn’t leak outside.

If the reason for preparing a new contract in the first place was to try to break the seal of this relic, the guy’s words would be true.

“ I don’t trust your words, but I trust your greed. ”

I slowly put the statue, which was beginning to glow, back into my arms.

“Now, now. . . . . . ”

“There is no mercy for a mouse who covets something beyond his means, but a promise is a promise.”

Unlike his words, the priest, who seemed to have a lot of lingering regrets, couldn’t bring himself to say that he wanted to die, unlike before.

Looking at him, I raised my jagged sword and whispered.

“Die as a sinner, without repenting.”

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