B-class adventurer, expelled adventurer, let’s hear your stories – Chapter 3

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“… Wow, that’s tragic. Those guys.”

Someone said as he saw the three of them enter the Adventurer’s Guild, looking a little battered.

I turned around and saw Guise and the others there.

There they were, in a completely different state than when I first saw them six months ago.

They had become C-Class adventurers three months ago and had been working tirelessly on a variety of jobs.

But in each job, they only achieved half success, failed on the first try, or received so many complaints from the clients that they were demoted within a month.

On top of that, they couldn’t even do D-class jobs anymore, and even E-class jobs became doubtful, so the clients asked the guild to choose someone else over them.

It has become difficult to survive as an adventurer.

Since they were not eating or sleeping well, their magic power and strength seemed to have dropped considerably, and they were now barely capable of defeating E-C-class monsters.

The only thing that sustains them is the occasional goblin job, and more than that, they have no choice but to flee.

The Adventurer’s Guild, unhappy with their situation, asked them to stop being adventurers and get a normal job, but they refused.

The reason for this is an article about an A-class adventurer that has been in the newspapers for about two months now.

“… Al, you’re doing great.”

I picked up the paper and read the headline. It said, “Alfred, Royal Capital’s New A-class Adventurer! He’s finally earned the title of Dragonslayer and is on his way to S-class! “

Apparently, Al’s skills are already completely out of my reach.

I’m really glad that I left him in Kirie’s hands.


“… Damn it! Why is Al in A-class… I’m so much better than him!”

This is not good news for Guise, who is looking at the same paper and muttering vindictively with a very different expression.

“That’s right… We deserve better than this…”

“… Hey, Guise. We should go to the Royal Capital. That way, we can expose Al…”

“That’s a good idea…! All right, let’s go! As for the silver, we can make it if we sell our armor! Once that’s set, we can get going!”

And with that, they left the Adventurer’s Guild.

“…They’ve lost their minds.”

To be honest, that’s all I could think about.

If you want to go to the Royal Capital, that’s fine.

It’s every adventurer’s dream to get there, and it’s normal for those with a certain amount of skill to move their base to the Royal Capital.

But it is ridiculous that you would want to go there without having enough silver to do so.

It is also extremely ridiculous that the way to raise the money is to sell your armor.

Aren’t you adventurers? How are you going to get a job if you sell them?

I’m tempted to ask.

Well, at least I know what they’re thinking.

They still think Al is a member of their party, so they are probably just trying to cash in. The amount of money an A-Class adventurer makes in the Royal Capital is enormous.

—You can get not only gold but even platinum for a single job.

So when they meet him and blackmail him, that’s probably what they’re thinking.

But there’s a big problem with that plan.

First of all, it’s not that easy to meet an A-Class adventurer.

They are an important asset to the country, and unlike B-level adventurers, they do not usually receive jobs from the Adventurers Guild.

It’s because of this that they get jobs from the nobility and royalty, who take care of all the formalities for them.

That’s why they don’t need to go to the Adventurers Guild and can’t meet people.

It would also be impossible to visit him directly at his home.

Because Al is currently living in the house of Kirie, an S-Class adventurer,

I’ve never been there, but according to the letter, there are a lot of wards and traps that can prevent even A-level adventurers from entering.

In addition to that, there were also monsters on the loose, and if you wandered into the place by mistake, you would have to prepare for death.

I can only say that the heads of the Guise and others who are heading for such a place are not just a little bit gone, but completely gone.

And that was the reason why I was able to be at ease even if such disturbing people went to the capital.

In the first place, even if they could see Al… they’re no longer a match for him.

Even if they were to acquire S-class armor and attack Al in his sleep, fully equipped, they would be thrown out with one hand.

That’s the difference in class.

—If I could make one wish, I’d like to see that happen with my own eyes…

Well, I guess not.

Instead, I’m sure he’ll write to me instead.

I correspond with Al once a month.

With Kirie, it’s once a week, which is more often.

Obviously, Kirie is a silly parent or teacher, and she is very fond of Al.

I can tell that she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him, but she is extremely overprotective…

There is no trace of the former Ice Wizard Kirie, who was once feared by the armies of other countries…

Well, it’s all in good fun, isn’t it?

Since I haven’t fulfilled my promise to have a drink with her yet, I might as well visit her in the Royal Capital.

I also promised Al I’d do that.

So be it.

Let’s make some plans…

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  1. G says:

    This old man and Kirie sound like a separated couple but is still in love with each other and is communicating with each other to raise their kid

  2. Alix says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing! They are just too cute!

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