An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 8

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Job of a Magic Tool Maker

“Are you really able to come with me?”

“What’s wrong? Am I bothering you by coming with you?”

“Bothered? No way! Your Highness is busy and yet, you’re willing to come with someone like me, so I feel sorry.”

“Hahaha, you’re too reserved.”

His Highness walking next to me laughed and said that.

“I’m interested. What kind of work does a magic tool maker do?”

“Have you never seen it before?”

“I haven’t had the chance. I’ve only heard about it. It’s an important position that supports this country. It’s a good opportunity to actually see it with my own eyes. It’s also a prince’s duty.”

“That must be tough.”

I casually replied.

His Highness answered with a smile, “Not as tough as you think.”

Somehow, when I talk with him, I forget that he’s a prince. It may be because of the atmosphere, the way he talks and his gestures are kind, and they remind me of something nostalgic.

We left the royal palace and headed towards the direction where the court is located.

The work of a magic tool maker at the court is mostly completed within the court. 

“What’s wrong? You look down.”

“Well…yes. Honestly, I’m a little anxious.”

“This Isn’t your first time coming.”

“…That’s precisely why.”

Even though it’s for work, I feel hesitant about coming here.

Especially since I just left the court and entered the royal castle yesterday.

By now, the rumors have probably spread.

In a small world like this, rumors spread quickly.

As we enter the court grounds, familiar faces pass by.

As expected, there are a few who, knowing the circumstances, avert their gaze upon seeing me.

But greetings are exchanged as His Highness is with me.

It’s a strange feeling.

Along the way, we passed by my former research laboratory.

I can’t help but be conscious of it and my gaze is drawn to it.

But strangely, I didn’t feel any desire to return.

And so we descend down the stairs.

To the underground.

“The management room for the magic machinery is ahead.”

“I’ve been here once before.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Only once when I was a kid. I got lost while exploring the court.”

His Highness happily tells an old story.

It seems like His Highness was quite a mischievous child. 

Looking at His Highness now, I couldn’t imagine it at all. It seems that he has become a calm person with growth.

“Not really. I still get scolded by Father and older brother for being impatient.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Have you met with Father and the others before?”

“No, I have only seen their faces to some extent.”

Even though I work at the palace, there are not many opportunities to interact with the king or His Highness. The only one who regularly reports and meets with them would be the director.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the director around. Usually, at this time, she would be going around checking the progress of each department…

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that we haven’t met.

I feel relieved in a way.

As I was thinking that, we reached the end of the stairs and arrived at a long corridor.

Thanks to the lighting attached to the walls on the left and right, it was bright even in the basement.

“Come to think of it…”


“Lighting is an amazing invention. Thanks to it, we can feel safe at night and can move forward in places like this without getting lost. I think it’s truly great.”

“That’s right.”

Life has changed along with the development of magic tool technology in this country. 

Not only the capital city but the entire country’s way of life is supported by magic tools – lighting, water, temperature control, daily necessities, and so on.

Magic tools have become indispensable in our lives. Each and every one of them is a legacy left behind by our ancestors. As His Highness said, I too respect the great people who created them.

“I also want to invent something like what our ancestors left behind someday.”

“Is that Freya’s dream?”


“That’s a nice dream. Isn’t it?”

“Thank you. Um, what about His Highness’s dream?”

“My dream? Mine is… that the happiness of the people living in this country will continue on into the future.”

He said that with a smile. It was a gentle and somewhat embarrassed smile. My heart warmed.

His dream was much kinder and more beautiful than mine.

We arrived at the destination room. With a press of a button, the grand iron door opened, revealing an even grander device inside.

“This is the first time I’ve come this far. Is this… a magic tool?” 

“Yes, technically it’s called a magic institution, and it’s larger in scale than the commonly known magic tools.”

This magic institution here is the central facility of the magic equipment that spreads throughout the royal capital.

The one we’re looking at right now is the magic institution that oversees the lighting equipment.

“So, this one manages the lighting for the entire royal capital. Impressive.”

“There are others too, you know. The ones for water-related matters, and the devices that supply magic power to the connection ports for magic tools.”

“How many are there?”

“Um, there are a total of 27.”

Ten of them are in the underground room.

In each room, two to three magic institutions are installed.

Half of them generate magic power and supply it to the royal capital.

“There are so many of them. Did you manage all of them alone?”


“…I know it’s too late to ask, but were you okay?”

“I wasn’t okay, but I somehow managed it. I understand the structure, so I only need to check if they’re working properly and do some fine adjustments.”

“Well, it must have been tough. You had other work to do too.”

It was indeed tough. 

As His Highness said, I couldn’t spend much time managing it while doing other work. The efficiency was also low due to the constant moving around. However, this is the central part that supports this country. I couldn’t afford to do a sloppy job, so I always approached the work with the utmost concentration.

“Was it okay? It must have been tough even with just this. You could have handed it over to someone else.”

“…No, I’ll do it.”


“Out of all the jobs I’ve taken on, this is the most important.”

For whatever reason, it was one of the jobs I had done. I was a little anxious about leaving such an important job that supports people’s lives suddenly to someone else, even though all the magic tool makers working at the court are excellent.

If I had to choose from the jobs shown by His Highness, I would choose to manage this place. That’s all.

“You’re really diligent. Watching you makes me feel like I’m slacking off.”

“I-I don’t think that’s…”

“Hahaha, no, it’s good motivation. I need to work hard too.”

After that, the two of us finished checking the devices. By the time we were finished, it was already past noon.

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