An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 40

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Feelings in words

“Why did you call us Papa and Mama?”

“It was just for fun. I thought it would be easier for you guys to deal with an innocent boy persona…but it seems to have had the opposite effect.”

“Thanks to that, there are strange rumors going around. I don’t care about myself, but don’t cause trouble for Freya.”

“I understand. That’s why I took action on my own.”

“Is it about last night?”

I informed His Highness that someone was watching me.

According to him, it seemed to be a spy from another country.

It wasn’t just a recent problem; it was known that there were spies from other countries within the organization.

“We were trying to flush them out…but we don’t know which country they were from.”

“I asked, but they didn’t answer. It was too much trouble, so I teleported them outside the city, but it seems I was too lenient. They keep trying to approach her again and again. They’re quite persistent. Do they really want to exploit your weaknesses? You must be very popular.”

“Don’t tease me. I don’t feel happy about having many enemies. Rather, I feel really sorry for causing trouble for Freya in this matter.”

“It’s not your fault, Your Highness. I’m fine, really.”

“…No, I’m really sorry.”

As I see His Highness apologize repeatedly, I can’t help but feel sorry for making him worry about me.

To think he’s troubled about me…

“… Maybe it’s not good. Maybe it’s not good for me to see you like this.


“Because I’m so close to you, I’m involving you in troublesome things. For the sake of your safety, maybe I should maintain an appropriate distance from now on…”


I didn’t need him to worry about that.

I was about to say those words, but I swallowed them back.

I can tell from His Highness’s expression that he’s genuinely worried about me and is proposing this while in anguish.

It made me both happy and sad at the same time.

I hear a small sigh next to me.

“So you don’t mind if I take her, do you?”


“What do you mean?”

“This woman has value to me. A magic tool maker with such excellent talent did not exist even in the era when I lived. With this woman, I can achieve my goals.”

What is he suddenly talking about?

Is Nero’s goal not to be freed from the curse and live on?

That’s what he was talking about yesterday.

Or so I thought.

“What’s your goal?”

“That’s right. My goal is to make this world mine.”

“Wha…Are you crazy? You can’t just——”

“I can do it.”

In an instant, the air turns cold.

His Highness is staring sharply at Nero.

I have never seen such an expression.

“I’m the great magician. Now that I have an undying body, I can do anything. For starters, I can take over this country.”


What are you planning?

I was about to say that, but I stopped.

I didn’t feel any malice or hostility towards me in Nero’s gaze.

I understood it in an instant.

This isn’t his true intention, it’s just an act.

“Are you planning to use her for that purpose?!”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

His Highness doesn’t realize it.

He confronts Nero with an expression full of anger.

He’s already standing up, ready to draw his sword.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll cut you down. I won’t let you lay a hand on her.”

“Oh, really? Don’t get ahead of yourself.”


The air is heavy, too heavy.

It’s like my whole body is being held down by a giant hand.

I can’t move.

Neither can I nor His Highness.

“What…my body…is it magic?”

“No, it’s just magic power. You can’t move because you’re afraid of my magical pressure.”

“Is that so…”

“If the difference in power is too great, this is what happens. Your instincts understand it. You can’t beat me. If you try, you’ll be killed.”

There are times when fear makes my legs freeze.

Now, it’s happening throughout my whole body.


“Give up. It’s thanks to you that I woke up. I’ll spare your life.”

“…Who said I’m giving up?”

“Oh, really? You’ll fight me?”

His Highness drew his sword.

Prepared to die.

“Why go that far?”

“To…protect her.”

“Why? This woman is a stranger, isn’t she? Are you willing to risk your life for a stranger?”

“…She’s not just any stranger.”

Trembling, His Highness tightly grips his sword.

Pushing aside his fear, raising his feelings, and smiling.

“She saved my life… She’s someone I care about and she deserves to be happy.”

“Even so, you’re still strangers.”

“Maybe that’s true now! But eventually… we won’t be strangers anymore. I’ll make sure of it!”

Those were undoubtedly His Highness’s feelings.

His expression of emotion towards me.

“I’ll protect her. Because I… love her.”

“Your Highness…”

His Highness said that about me…

“Hahaha! You finally said it.”


The heavy pressure of magic disappears.

Surprised, His Highness also puts down his sword.

“Just kidding. I didn’t have any grand purpose like that. I just wanted to live in the world of the future.”

“Then… what about earlier…?”

“I was just teasing you. You were trying too hard to be cool and making this girl sad. And just so you know, you were the one who accidentally revealed your true feelings. I didn’t tell you myself.”

I have nothing to say.

He certainly didn’t break that promise, but…


“Here’s one for you, as thanks.”

On purpose, to let me hear His Highness’s feelings.

“You got me good.”

“I’ll tell you one thing. Just holding onto your feelings won’t convey them. If you don’t express them, you’ll surely regret it later. It’s my advice as an elder.”

“…It’s kind of humiliating to be told that in that way.”

“Throw away your shame, especially in front of the woman you’re in love with.”

His Highness laughed and said, “That’s right.”

Then he looked at me in the eyes.

“What I just said is my true feelings. I love you.”

“Your Highness… I also——”

“You don’t have to say anything more.”


His Highness smiled and spoke as he stopped my answer.

“There are still various constraints that prevent us from being together. But in the near future, I will definitely tell you again. At that time, I want to hear your answer.”

“Your Highness…”

“You’re being shy now.”

“I’m in front of the woman I love. Besides, I’m still a prince. I’ll do my best to make the best of what I can do now, thinking about the future. It may take some time.”

“——That’s alright with me.”

I’m already very happy.

“Thank you. Please wait for me.”

“Yes. I’ll wait. Forever.”

I dream of a future walking with His Highness.

A brilliant and happy scene.

The best time that will eventually come.

I’m looking forward to it now.

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