An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 21

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Things that crumble


A high-pitched voice echoes through the mansion.

However, her voice doesn’t reach the men wearing heavy armor.

“I already explained. Unnecessary outings are not allowed.”

“Aria just wants to go outside!”

“What’s the purpose? Where are you going? If you’re meeting someone, who is it? Explain the reason for the outing to us, and if it’s deemed necessary, permission will be granted.”

“That’s ridiculous! It’s because I’ve been cooped up in this mansion for so long!”

Aria raises her voice.

With a volume of voice that she has never used in her entire life.

Anyone who knows her well would be surprised.

No one has ever seen her with such an uneasy expression.

But the other party is a group of knights who protect the kingdom.

Emotion doesn’t enter their thoughts.

If even a small part of it is deemed unreasonable…

“We can’t permit the outing for that reason.”

They deny her outright.

Aria frowns and asks them.

“Why?! Aria hasn’t done anything wrong!”

“That is what we will prove from now on. As we have explained repeatedly, Roaster’s family is currently under suspicion. Until their innocence is proven, we will monitor everyone, including you, miss.”

Currently, multiple knights are staying in the Roaster family’s residence. Their purpose is not to act as guards, but to monitor.

The fact that the eldest son of the Balmoust family was involved in the black market has become public, and the nobles associated with him are now under suspicion of being accomplices.

The black market was massive. It was unlikely that only one noble was involved.

And then there was the phrase Julius heard.

[It’s not just me who’s cursing you. There are others who are hostile to the kingdom.]

These suspicions increase when it comes to people in higher positions rather than those who are in hiding.

Therefore, Julius ordered the knights to monitor them.

The monitoring will continue until their suspicions are cleared.

“T-Then, why is it just Aria and the others! Onee-sama is also a Roaster!”

“His Highness has stated that Freya Roaster is trustworthy.” 

“Hey, why…”

In this matter, Freya has achieved great success.

She contributed to the rescue of Prince Julius and the capture of the person who cursed him.

Due to these achievements, the possibility of her conspiring with Cain is extremely low.

If she were an accomplice, there would be no reason for her to help Prince Julius.

Furthermore, her current position.

As the Special Court Magic Tool Maker for the Second Prince, it was also a factor that cemented her credibility.

Trust in the Second Prince is also linked to the trust in her as a subordinate.

There is no one in the kingdom who doubts her.

However, her blood relatives are different.

Some people know about the treatment Freya Roaster has received from her family.

“Freya-sama is from the Roaster family, but I have heard that her involvement is minimal. There is no reason to doubt her.”

“A-Aria is Onee-sama’s sister! If you trust Onee-sama, then Aria too——”

“I understand your words, Aria-sama, but you are actually the one who is most suspected.” 


Receiving strong and cold words, Aria trembles and stiffens.

Why me?

To her who makes such a face, the knight monitoring her says, “You are Mr. Cain’s fiancée. Isn’t it natural to suspect the person closest to him?”


Aria’s shoulders slump.

The reason she became engaged to Cain was all because of her older sister Freya.

It was proof that she was better than her sister.

She took everything her sister had and made it her own.

Such desire has come back to her as suspicion.

It is not the right way to put it, but it is a self-inflicted wound and a misplacement of priorities.

“…That’s enough!”

Unable to retort, she slams the door shut and locks herself in her room.

She collapses onto her bed, hugging her pillow tightly.

“Why…even though Aria has nothing to do with it.”

She is not at fault.

So why is she treated like this?

Regret and helplessness well up inside her. 

However, she doesn’t understand.

The emotions she has been holding within herself all this time were actually what she had been giving to Freya.

In other words, she finally understood the feeling that her sister had been enduring for so long.



I let out a big yawn and stretch, arching my back.

The clock’s hands pointed to eight in the morning.

If I were still working at the court, I would have been late and in a panic by now.

But things are different now.

There is no clear start time, and I won’t be scolded for waking up late.

It’s still a bit unfamiliar, but it’s nice to have a relaxed morning like this.

All of this is thanks to His Highness for giving me a place to belong.

That’s not entirely true, is it?

You won it with your own strength.

His Highness would probably say something like that.

“Well, let’s do our best today too.”

I change my clothes, eat breakfast, and finish getting ready.

As I leave the royal castle, I walk down the hallway.

When I first came here, I was so nervous that I was stiff, but that has eased up a bit too.

I can greet the people passing by to some extent.


“Your Highness!”

Today is lucky.

To run into His Highness like this in the morning.

While thinking about such things, I run towards him.

“Hey, if you run, you’ll fall again.”

“I’m fin——waa!”


As I stumbled and nearly fell in an empty spot, His Highness supported me with his hand.

“I told you, didn’t I? You’re quite clumsy.”


His Highness takes me by the hand.

Led by the warmth of his hand, I am guided.

Now and in the future.

“Your Highness, how is your health?”

“I’m completely fine now.”

“That’s good. Oh, you’re still wearing that bracelet.”

Two bracelets are equipped on his right arm.

The magic tool that I made.

“You don’t need it anymore, you know?”

“I know. But it’s important to me. I want to wear it all the time. When I wear it, I can always feel you by my side.”

Saying that, His Highness smiles.

Smiling like a blooming flower.

I become embarrassed and my face turns red with happiness, making a silly grin.

“I-It’s an honor.”

“It’s the life you saved. I’ll treasure it.”


Being by this person’s side makes me the most at ease.

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