An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 17

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Light

Magic flows within humans. From infants to the elderly, magic always resides within every human. However, for most people, their magic is too weak, or they lack the talent to use it as a magician, so they cannot feel it.

Only the chosen ones can embody their inner power. And there are individual differences in magic. The size, quantity, and nature of it are all different. Just like a person’s appearance, even if they are similar, there are no two completely identical things.

That’s what they say.

“If this book is correct, there should be someone else’s magic mixed in with His Highness’s body right now.”

“I see. If we examine the magic and find a match, then…”

That person would be the culprit.

“But is that possible? Can we identify magic?”

“It’s possible. There is a device that can examine the nature of magic, but…”

That won’t work.

We can examine the magic flowing within His Highness. However, we must try the same method with other people as well. Will the culprit comply willingly?

If it were me, I wouldn’t approach them suspiciously.

If we want to investigate, we need to find a way that the culprit won’t notice, and it should be easier to understand…

For example, yes!

So much that you can tell just by looking at it.

“That’s right. The magic eye.”

“Magic eye?”

“It’s the eye that houses special powers. Among the many magic eyes, there is an effect of being able to see the flow of someone else’s magic.”

“Is there really such a useful eye? No, even if there is, I don’t know anyone who has a magic eye. Do you know someone who has it?”

I shake my head.

Of course, there shouldn’t be anyone.

Magic eyes are very rare, and confirmed cases within the country are scarce.

If His Highness is not aware of it, I would not know either.

“If you trace back the magic eye’s origin, it is a type of magic. That’s why it can be reproduced with magic.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Probably.”


His Highness tilts his head in confusion.

I answer honestly.

“I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know unless I try. But I think I can do it. No, I’ll show you!”

To save His Highness’s life.

I clench my fist with strong determination.

It’s just wishful thinking.

Even though I said I can do it, I have no assurance.

Even so, I’ll do it.

I’ll definitely create it and show it to them.

“Freya…then, I’ll leave it to you. I’ve entrusted half of my future to you. If you say you can do it, then I’ll believe in it too.”

“Yes, thank you!”

I knew His Highness would say that.

He trusts me.

Therefore, I will live up to that trust.

I will put everything I have into it and definitely make it happen.


The first thing I started with was studying about the magic eye.

Just like during the curse, I don’t know much about the magic eye.

With His Highness’s help, I gathered some relevant materials.

I read through them all.

“I see. It’s just that a special magic we are born with resides in our eyes… so if we understand the contents of the magic, it seems like we can reproduce it.”

Next, I continued my magical studies.

Although, knowledge of magic is essential for making magical tools.

I already understand almost all existing magic.

As a review, I selected several spells that have effects similar to the magic eye and decided to improve them.

“Let’s also refer to the magic tool that inspects magic properties.” 

Although I can’t use it for this task, it should be easy enough to investigate.

By flowing magic power into the device, detailed information such as its properties, amount, and speed of flow within the body can be examined.

There should be several of them in the court.

They are used for entrance tests for the knighthood.

I run to the court and confirm the structure of the device once again.

I passed many familiar faces on the way, but I can’t afford to worry about them now.

There may not be enough time.

I start working on it as if today is the deadline.

“For the device…if I look with my eyes, glasses would be a good choice.”

To avoid suspicion from others, I should use a normal design if possible.

If I wear an obviously strange device, the culprit might escape.

I’ll also apply layers of magic.

A single magic won’t be able to reproduce the effect of the magic eyes.

Combining different effects and properties of magic is difficult.

The device could compete and break, resulting in failure.

If I fail, there is a risk of the magic backfiring.

In the worst case, I might get seriously injured…

“It’s not a question of whether I can do it or not.”

I’ve decided to do it. 

“I’ll do it, knowing the risks.

Above all, if I don’t complete this, His Highness’s life will end.

That kind and wonderful person will be gone.

I don’t want that.

I might get injured?

If that’s what it takes to help His Highness, it’s a small price to pay, right?


I slapped both of my cheeks and focused on the task at hand.

I concentrated and thought.

In my mind, I tried every combination of patterns, and tried them in order of the most likely to work.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

The clock’s hands moved forward.

Not a word was spoken, only the sound of work echoed through the room.

I didn’t even notice when evening turned into the next day.

I didn’t feel hungry.

With all my focus, I moved my hands silently.

And then——

As the sun rose in the eastern sky,

“I did it!”

The magic tool of the pseudo-magic eyes was completed.

Emotions and exhaustion overwhelmed me, and I fell asleep as if I had collapsed.

The morning sun I saw before falling asleep was the light of hope for me.

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