Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 94

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 94: At the Academy afterwards

On that day, Lars-sama didn’t come home until late at night.

Kvasir, who had sent me home, also went to Lars-sama’s side and returned home late at night with Asher-sama and Lars-sama.

It was such a late hour that I was worried and waiting for him to come home, but I held back from calling out to him. He must be tired, so I wanted him to rest.

The next day, both I and Lars-sama took a day off from the Academy.

Even though I was taking a break, it was important to take care of myself. After all, I was kidnapped and used my skill excessively, so I was told to be careful by Lars-sama.

“You never know what might happen. Haven’t you suddenly fallen ill before?”

“I don’t think that will happen this time…”

This time is different from before, my feelings are different. Many problems in my life have been solved, and I’m feeling relieved.

“Even so, I’m still worried.”

Lars-sama reaches out his hand to my shoulder. Gently, with his fingertips, he pushes back my hair that was resting on my shoulder, and then the three of us, Lars-sama, Asher-sama and Kvasir, headed to the palace for follow-up.

After that, for a week, the three of them were busy and I couldn’t talk to them much, but I understand that it can’t be helped.

“In any case, we have to have a discussion about whether to crush the Duke and Count houses one by one.

We have to decide whether to hide the fact that they kept demon beasts or not. If we hide it, what kind of reason should they come up with? There are many things to talk about.

I went back to the Academy as usual.

In the Academy, I was able to pass the time more peacefully than I thought.

Miss Brenda, who had already heard the general situation, treated me as usual.

“I’ve only heard that there were problems with the Duke Augren and Count Herkuvis houses. Basically, I’ve been told to be careful about anyone who had connections with those houses…”

Miss Brenda looked around.

The people who were always with Duke Augren’s daughters had a confused expression and were frozen. They weren’t having a conversation.

“It seems like the details haven’t leaked yet. It’s because Lars-sama and the others are involved.”

“Yes, but… It’s not my fault.”

Occasionally, I could hear snippets of conversation that only touched on Miss Elena, but didn’t go into any detail.

It’s strange, thinking back on how Miss Elena would blame me for everything, even if it rained or she tripped, and how everyone would give me accusing glances.

“The fear that I felt towards Linea-sama was because of the terrifying rumors that I had heard and the evaluations of those around me…”

“Rumors and evaluations, right?”

“As for the mysterious and terrible rumors, they were reduced significantly when you became a foster daughter of another house. Originally, they were rumors about Linea-sama’s real family, but it doesn’t matter now. And as for evaluations from those around you, it was mainly because you didn’t want to be glared at by Duke Augren’s daughter or royalty.”

Miss Brenda then gave a bitter smile.

“I was also afraid that by approaching Linea-sama, I would be lowering my evaluation from Lars-sama, who is also royalty, and others.”

“That can’t be helped. If your evaluation lowers, it will affect your family and marriage prospects.”

People won’t want to marry a girl from a house with bad rumors, especially if they’re a noble.

“Linea-sama is really kind. If she had been Duke Augren’s daughter, we wouldn’t have become friends.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Miss Elena might be friendly on the surface, but you don’t know what she would do later. After all, she’s the one who tried to kill me with a demon beast.

On the way home that day, one of the people who was usually with Miss Elena approached me while I was with Miss Brenda and the others.

“Um… “

I turned around to the voice filled with unusual determination, and saw her hiding in the shadows of a rose arch in the garden visible from the winding corridor.

She had black hair twisted into a spiral and tied up on top, always wearing a silver hair ornament shaped like a flower. I like the simplicity of the hair ornament without any jewels, but sometimes Miss Elena said it looked cheap.

She always pretended to be “honored to be a foil for Elena-sama.”

I wondered why she would approach me.

“I-I apologize for my attitude, Linea-sama. I couldn’t let anyone else see me like this.”

I realized that she doesn’t want to be found by anyone, especially Miss Elena’s entourage, who are always with her. Perhaps her business is not related to a complaint about Miss Elena.

“Um. About the future of Elena, Duke Augren’s daughter… I was wondering if you know anything about the people who used to serve in that house.”

“People who used to serve…?”

I wondered why the black-haired lady in front of me would be concerned about the servants of Miss Elena’s house. At that moment, Miss Brenda, who was sitting next to me, whispered to me.

“Perhaps her servants were taken away by Elena-sama.”


I had heard that she liked to take away her entourage’s favorite servants.

Perhaps the black-haired lady in front of me was someone who had to give her servants to Miss Elena.

“I don’t know the situation well yet. I can imagine that the survival of the house may be difficult, but…”

I had to pretend that I had not encountered any demon beasts and that I knew nothing, so I answered that way.

The black-haired lady burst into tears.

“A person named Ralles who used to serve in my house is now in Elena-sama’s house. From that person, I received a letter, a… will.”

“A will?”

“No matter what happens, it has nothing to do with you. Because I have already left to work for another family. I just want you to take care of my sister.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks and fell on the hem of her wide blue dress.

“Ralles is the one who stopped me from going against Elena-sama, and became her servant willingly. He is a benefactor of my family, but it seems that he has been involved in something terrible. I’m afraid that he might be executed, and that’s why I couldn’t stay any longer.”

As I listened, I suddenly remembered.

In the forest where the demon beasts were, one of the two servants was named Ralles. He was the one who stopped the other servant who tried to kill me.

“He has golden hair, and he’s good-looking…”

Judging by his appearance, it was almost certain. So that’s it, he was the one who was reluctantly serving.

And I’m sure he was trying to help me.

“Let’s ask Lars-sama.”

The black-haired lady looked up at my words.

“I don’t know how far I can go, but I’ll let you know.”

“Thank…thank you…”

She covered her tear-stained face with her hands and fell prostrate.

I remembered Michelia who begged me for Albert’s life. Ralles, the servant, might have been someone very important to her.

After I returned, I talked to Lars-sama, who I could only see in the morning, about Ralles. I asked him for compassion because he was a benefactor who tried to help me.

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