Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 88

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 88: Elena stabbed who

“Such a thing…”

Miss Elena shakes her head with a disagreeing expression.

“That woman is deceiving everyone. Lars-sama, you’re being deceived too. She’s pretending to be pitiful and trying to bring you all to ruin!”

At Elena’s words, Lars-sama furrows his brow.

“I’m not particularly being deceived, but Miss Linea is quite admirable.”

I wryly smile.

Even though they might not think of me as weak, I never thought I would appear admirable.

In any case, it seems that Miss Elena’s excuses have run out. She glares at me silently.

That’s why I said,

“You hated me because you wanted Albert, right? I’ve always known that you had unrequited love for him.”

“…you liked Albert?”

The one who reacted was Michelia, who stood up unsteadily.

Perhaps because the demon beast was defeated and she had calmed down a bit, she walked away me and Kvasir, towards from Miss Elena’s side.

“Didn’t you notice? She had a one-sided love for Albert.”

That spiteful gaze, and the way she looked at Albert with a gaze that seemed to be dreaming of something.

Even among the insults directed towards me, Albert was praised quite a lot.

Besides me, there should be many people who know that she cares about Albert.

“That doesn’t matter! If only you weren’t here!”

Miss Elena screamed. But I thought that I wouldn’t get hurt because Kvasir was there.

“I’ll kill you first!”

But Miss Elena heads towards Michelia.

With a knife that seemed like a self-defense weapon and was adorned beautifully, taken out from under her skirt.

Michelia froze in surprise.

I couldn’t move because of the suddenness of the situation.

Kvasir looked at Michelia with cold eyes. Normally, he probably thinks that it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not someone he’s involved with.

Lars-sama and Asher-sama were about to run.

But someone jumped out and passed them by.


The person who jumped in between Michelia and Miss Elena, shielded Michelia, and sat down on the spot screaming on, was Albert.


Whose voice was that, filled with grief.

Albert was stabbed in the back by the knife and collapsed on the spot.

“Ugh… guh…”

While crouching in pain, Albert was still struggling.

So, as you would have known, Albert was trying to protect Michelia.

Although he was sometimes selfish and sometimes treated her like she was nothing to him, deep down Albert must have loved Michelia.

Miss Elena, who stabbed him, could only stare at him, her hand holding the knife trembling.

“Al, Albert-sama, why?”

Miss Elena probably didn’t understand why he would do that. Her gaze wavered in confusion.

Surely, Lars-sama and the others had brought him along for guidance. Demon beasts must have been strong and she had been hiding in that carriage until now.

But now the demon beasts were gone and Michelia’s voice could be heard.

And when Michelia was about to be killed, he probably just acted on impulse to protect her.

But why was Asher-sama so angry? He directed harsh words towards Miss Elena.

“I brought him along to show off the fruits of your labor for your love affair. You worked hard, so you want to be praised, right?”

“It’s not praise! I just want Albert-sama to understand that he can’t leave me!”

Miss Elena screamed again.

“I understand that you wanted him to understand, so you obediently showed him that Albert’s father hid the demon beasts in this forest. If it weren’t for that, this cowardly man probably wouldn’t even have stopped Lars.”

At Asher’s ironic words, Miss Elena stared with wide eyes, trembling.

“In any case, didn’t your feelings get through? He don’t need your will, the feeling of threatening to break and destroy something important, no matter how important it is, if he defy yourself. And I’m sure Albert answered. If something important is going to be destroy, it’s better for him to be hurt than for it to happen.”

The knife she was holding fell to the still frozen ground.

Miss Elena seemed to have no energy left.

“Arrest her.”

Following Asher-sama’s instructions, Lars-sama’s soldiers acted.

They bound the dazed Miss Elena with ropes, and quickly restrained her two followers, and took them to the horse-drawn carriage they came on.

Asher-sama also headed towards there.

Meanwhile, Albert, who had been stabbed, had a look of anguish on his face and continued to groan.

“Um, magician-sama! Please save Albert!”

Michelia pleaded with Kvasir.


However, Kvasir’s response was slow. Michelia quickly changed the person she was pleading with to me.

“Please, I’ll do anything you say. If you tell me to lick your shoes, I’ll do it! So please, beg this magician-sama!”

“Linea-sama, it’s no use begging me. I can’t cure injuries like that.”


Michelia’s expression turned to despair.

But Kvasir continued with a nonchalant attitude.

“If you’re going to beg, Linea-sama, you should beg Lars-sama instead.”


I tilted my head, but it seemed that Lars-sama was approaching us and his voice was heard.

“Kvasir… Before you beg, let’s get the necessary treatment done.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Kvasir, who had bowed to the bitter-faced Lars-sama, used one sacred flower.

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