Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 79

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 79: Idle talk — Elena’s plan

“Linea is really a foolish person. Even after getting married, if she just damages or gets rid of the face of a commoner enough to lose the man’s interest, it would be fine.”

A true noble lady never shows anger towards his man’s mistress directly. There are plenty of ways to dispose of them.

And a husband who surrounds himself with mistresses is only someone who can be made to listen to what she says.

Many ladies take advantage of it and live surrounded by jewelry as much as they want.

But if the husband cannot get tired of the mistress, it is enough to dispose of the mistress secretly.

After leaving the party venue, Elena leaves the palace.

As usual, Dior was waiting in front of the place she had prepared.

Elena extends her hand.

“I’m going to the Academy. We’re gonna have that talk later today, right?”

Elena asked Dior, who was escorting her to the carriage.

“Yes, my lady.”

“We have to move on to the next stage.”

Elena heads to the Academy.

The Academy is a bit far away because it used to be a detached palace. But that’s okay. The servants’ nights are late. It’s better to talk quietly in the middle of the night.

Entering the Academy.

You could tell the guards that you’d left something behind, for it would be dishonorable to leave anything behind. But Dior had given him money to keep his mouth shut.

Elena lets Dior her and advances deep into the Academy.

After bypassing the large building and going a little distance from the well used by the servants, they arrived in the garden, which was normally only accessible to the nobility. Michelia, the daughter who had fallen from the nobility, was there in a place where the roses had finished blooming. Perhaps she had some degree of thinking ability that helped her avoid danger, even as a servant.

They were sitting side by side on a small lawn in the middle of a rose hedge, where the roses had finished blooming.

One is Michelia, the daughter of a fallen nobleman, whom Albert is obsessed with, an eyesore to Elena.

Although her golden hair stood out, Elena’s hair color was also beautiful platinum. It was well-maintained and lustrous, and should have attracted attention.

Or was it perhaps the issue of her facial features?

Did that weak, powerless appearance actually need to be necessary?

Every time Elena saw Michelia, she felt a bitter feeling.

The other was Ralles, Elena’s servant. He was a young man with dark golden hair. He was given to her by one of her followers, and she had heard that he was from a small merchant family, but his sharp eyes made him easy to use.

Above all, the young man had a beautiful face and was very skilled at rubbing Elena’s feet (currying favor?).

It’s a shame that my things are being used to please other people, but in this case it’s a necessary part of the plan.

The two were having a fun conversation, but Ralles, who noticed their presence, turned and looked at Elena.

Elena nods at him and begins the conversation she had planned.

“…I’m sorry, Michelia-san. There is something I must apologize to you for.”

“What is it?”

Michelia tilts her head curiously.

“Actually… My Master pursued me about meeting with you…”

“Were you reprimanded?”

Michelia looks sympathetic.

What does she think of me? Elena feels disgusted.

Ralles shook his head.

“She was very sympathetic when she heard about you being forced to work by your colleagues. And also about Count Elvasti’s daughter. It seems that the master also had a strong feeling of disgust, so she felt sympathetic.”

Elena wants to laugh through her nose. It is impossible for a noble to feel sympathy for a commoner. It was said to be necessary to relax her guard, but it is still unpleasant.

“That’s because everything is for the sake of achieving a common goal.”

I mutter to lift my own feelings.

“I see, Duke Augren’s daughter…”

Michelia seems to have believed Ralles’s words.

Knowing this, Elena appears on purpose, making a loud noise with her footsteps.

Michelia, startled and turning around, stood up with wide eyes. It seems that the manners of a commoner are ingrained to the bone.

Elena felt better about this and was able to make her voice more gentle than she thought she could.

“I’m sorry for listening to your conversation. But I thought that it would be dangerous for you to continue facing the daughter of that evil Count’s family in your position…I came to talk to you when I had the time, thinking that I might be able to help.”

“Help? Why would a Duke’s daughter do that?”

But Michelia has a slightly wary expression.

But it’s okay. Elena thinks so. As long as she ends up moving the way I want her to, that’s fine.

“I also don’t like Count Elvasti’s daughter. Even when I met her at the Academy, her attitude of always looking down on people, and the way she doesn’t feel any pain even when she traps people, always scared me.”

Michelia’s expression turns to one of understanding as she says these words mixed with a little bit of honesty.

Honestly, it’s not horrible, but it’s annoying that she doesn’t react to Elena, Duke’s daughter, when she should be more humble.

Above all, she can’t forgive her for taking Albert away.

It’s the same with this woman in front of her. Elena sees Michelia as a flying insect around Albert and doesn’t think of treating her as an equal because she can only be a mistress.

“The reason I thought of speaking to you is that if you are ready, I will teach you a way to keep that woman away forever.”


Michelia initially had a confused expression, but after a few seconds, she opened her eyes as if she understood something.

“No way, to kill…”

“I can’t say it clearly here. Michelia Allerid.”

Elena stops Michelia’s words.

Michelia looks around, but Elena is not cautious that someone might be listening in.

If Elena says ‘kill’ clearly, someone might think Michelia was swayed by Elena when it was revealed.

But if she didn’t say it clearly, they can say that Michelia was mistaken.

Elena secretly laughs at Michelia, who is not thinking about such things.

“If you do it, I’ll speak well of you and you can become a foster child of some house.”


What Michelia wants most now is this. If she can return to being a noble lady, it is also possible to marry Albert as his legitimate wife.

And at the same time, she wants to eliminate the hated Linea.

According to Ralles, Elena seems to wish to marry someone other than Albert and leave the capital.

That way, even if she can’t marry Albert, she won’t have to see the hated Linea anymore.

Two wishes will be granted at once.

Above all, Michelia is anxious that Albert is not thinking about her.

Anxiety can mislead judgement. And Michelia does not know that Elena wants Albert.

(Come on, take my hand.)

She looks at Ralles and gives her another push.

“Once you know how Elena-sama is planning to deal with Count Herkuvis, you can hold his secret. You may be able to easily persuade Count Herkuvis, who may be opposed to the marriage, if you know a family secret that even the Count’s son does not know.”


“But it is a truly important secret, so I cannot reveal it casually. You must nod to this plan.”

There should be enough bait.

All I have to do is wait. For the prey to be caught.

And a few seconds later, Michelia nodded.

Elena smiled and said to Michelia.

“It’s okay. All I want you to do is guide Linea there.”

Michelia probably thought it would be easy and brightened up her expression.

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