Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 69

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 69: Party at the palace

It was already evening by the time we were ready for the royal palace party.

I left the room with Irene and Katie and went down to the entrance.

Lars-sama was already waiting there with Asher-sama.


Lars-sama is wearing a lake-colored jacket very nicely. He must have chosen it to match my dress.

The white and silver threads depict a delicate ivy pattern, and diamonds are sprinkled throughout, making Lars-sama, who is already dazzling, even more sparkling.

To be honest, I couldn’t wear a dress that exudes such a cool atmosphere and makes such a statement from a distance. Even if someone else wore it, the clothes would stand out on their own.

The aquamarine is keeping the white cravat. It looks like we have matching jewelry, and it’s embarrassing.

Even if we match the colors, I thought we should choose easy-to-combine colors like the same hue or black and white. But if we match even the jewels, it looks like we are engaged…

(I wonder why. Even Lars-sama should know that doing this much would make me think we have that kind of relationship and make people doubt it.)

I wonder if I’m okay to be suspected. If so, there must be some advantage to doing so.

To protect me… is the most likely possibility.

Did he absolutely need to make sure that no one would lay a hand on me just because I became the adoptive child of the kind Count Radin…

While I was worrying about it, I reached the side of Lars-sama.

Lars-sama was staring at me as I descended the stairs step by step.

Perhaps he was checking to see if there was any problem.

I think there are no mistakes in the work of Ileana and Katie, but when you actually wear it, you may find that a different piece of jewelry or something else is a little better.

So I asked.

“How is it? I am very satisfied with Ileana and the others’ preparation, but if there is anything that is not enough, please let me know.”

However, Lars-sama opened his eyes wide in surprise at my question and smiled softly like the moon appearing from behind the clouds.

“No, there is no problem at all. It is very beautiful, Miss Linea.”

“Thank you for your praise. I am wearing such a wonderful dress for the first time, but thanks to you, I seem to be able to get through without feeling nervous.”

When I think that it is flattery and return it, Lars-sama extends his hand.

I am startled by the fingertips that come close to my eyes.

Then, I think about escaping reality by looking at the surprisingly strong fingers (Lars-sama is also a person who holds a sword) and those who continue to properly practice swordsmanship have thick skin on the grip.

While I was thinking that it was a hand that was different from the image called the Confectionary Duke, Lars-sama’s fingertips touched my ear.

I felt a tickling sensation on my neck, although he did not directly touch myself, by the sound of shaking hair ornaments.

When I wonder what is going on, it seems that Lars-sama has taken only one rose flower from my hair.


I’m not thinking that there are too many roses, but Lars-sama hangs the rose on his buttonhole.

It looks like a single rose flower is floating on the blue lake surface.

“This is good. Let’s go, Miss Linea.”


What is good about this? I don’t understand what you meant by wanting to match even the roses.

Without understanding what was going on, I got into the carriage with Lars-sama.


The palace of the Lexander kingdom is built to the north of the capital city.

During grand parties, many carriages line up on the road that passes through the low hedge of flowers set up outside the palace walls.

After passing through the hedge of flowers, you can see a fence made of iron that draws a beautiful curve with white stones stacked on top, and beyond the gate is a white palace and a beautiful green lawn.

There aren’t many carriages lined up today.

They must be limiting the number of invitees.

(In other words, this is probably a party that the royal family held only for their very close friends…)

I am going to participate in such a place. I get scared now, even though it’s too late.

The last time I participated in a palace party was just after becoming an adult. I thought that everyone must have disliked me because they were looking at me, so I tried not to look up as much as possible.

On a day like this, I didn’t want to be glared at. So I was looking away from people’s faces, thinking that as long as I didn’t see the other person’s face, it would be okay.

As a result, I don’t remember the faces of the royal family.

Although portraits of them are circulated, I didn’t have any special interest, and most of them are beautified, so they are not accurately depicted.

This time, I decided to attend, so I hurriedly asked Lars-sama to show me their portraits.. Thanks to Lars-sama’s explanation, I should have remembered the characteristics roughly.

His Majesty the King has a sharp gaze and sandy hair with red eyes.

Her Majesty the Queen has slightly slanted eyes, clear eyebrows, and golden hair.

His Royal Highness the Prince is a dreamlike person with sandy hair like dry summer sand and red eyes with a shape similar to the queen’s.

“That’s what it should be…”

I confirm it to myself, but still lack confidence and mutter.

“Is something wrong?”

Lars-sama kindly asks and, feeling sorry, I confess.

“I’m not confident that I remember the characteristics of the royal family properly.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be by your side the whole time when you greet them for the first time, so even if you don’t understand well, I think you’ll naturally remember by listening to my conversations with His Majesty and the others.”

“Yes, I will study next to you.”

I was grateful to Lars-sama for being there.

Lars-sama gets off first.

When I get off, Lars-sama extends his hand to me.

“Here you go, Miss Linea.”

“Thank you very much.”

I gratefully borrowed his hand because it was difficult to get off the carriage in a dress with a wide hem.

And when my feet touched the ground at that time, a tense atmosphere spread around.

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