Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 31

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 31: The only one who can help

The best way to get help is to use your skills.

But I don’t want to show this person——.

(Well, I have a good excuse)

I thought and told Count Herkuvis.

“In any case, I am not My Lady. Excuse me.”

I just bow to the other person and quickly turn back on the road.

“Then who do you say you are?”

I answered the Count Herkuvis who asked mockingly.

“…I am a magician.”

If it’s like this, I’ll take advantage of the misunderstanding of the ruffians earlier.

From now on, I will imitate a magician.

“I was ordered to serve My Lady for a reason.”

I don’t say much… because I might dig my own grave.

I headed towards the ruffians who were trying to catch up with me from behind.

“Hey… it’s this again!”

“Why can’t I move on?!”

“I mean, I’m being pushed and ouch!”

As I advance, they are forced to retreat.

Count Herkuvis seemed to have something to think about as he saw this scene.

“There’s no way that gloomy young lady has that kind of power… Could she really be a magician? And is it possible that she’s deliberately making herself look that way?”

It seems like they misunderstood as I had hoped, but I can’t help but feel angry.

“Gloomy” is quite a harsh word. I wasn’t very trusting of him to begin with, but now I like him even less.

“Well, but there’s also the possibility of an exception…”

I hear those words, but I continue to walk, pushing aside the ruffians as if to repel them.

And just as we were about to turn a corner, something quickly passed by my side.

There’s a loud “clang,” and an arrow bounces off the stone paving after hitting it.


This can’t be real, right?

If, by any chance, I really am Linea, then why shoot an arrow at me?!

In surprise, I turn around.

Count Herkuvis was trying to have one of his servants, who was riding in the carriage with him, shoot more arrows.

“You there, woman! Stop! Especially since you’re just a servant. It’s not allowed to defy the orders of a noble like myself. And speaking of which, are you really a magician? You keep people away but you let arrows through…

Count Herkuvis said that and laughed with his mouth twisted.

I hesitated.

I thought I could keep people away, but I was wrong.

(But then, I don’t know how far to specify…)

If I specify everything except the air, it seems that the fence of the house next to me and the stone pavement will also be affected. But even if I list as many weapons as I can think of, if something leaks out of them by any chance… I will still be suspicious.

Anyway, it is best to leave this place.

I decided to block the arrows and swords and tried to run.

Then I heard the sound of a carriage running.

I may be cautious, thinking it might be someone from Count Herkuvis’s hand again.

But the cart that stopped at the corner was not from Count Herkuvis’s house, although it was black-painted, with a gold crest with a twisted horn on the side and white-dressed servants and courtiers.

(Someone related to the Count…?)

I thought so, but the crest was different.

The lion’s mark with a corner is the proof of this kingdom’s royal family. If it is allowed, it is a family belonging to the royal family…

As soon as the door opened, I widened my eyes.

“Ah, you were here. I came to pick you up.”

The one who got off was a young man with long golden hair——Lars-sama.


He smiles and invites me.

“It must have been a long way. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to pick you up earlier.”

Lars-sama doesn’t seem to care at all about the ruffians in between me and him. Rather, I am confused by this.

Uh, is it okay?

As expected, half of the ruffians tried to intimidate Lars-sama.

“What a nice guy.”

“Hey, what are you trying to do with our prey, you brat?”

Lars-sama finally looks at them and orders his two followers behind him with a sigh.

“Get rid of them.”

With that one word, the two of them silently run towards the ruffians.


The ruffians tried to counter, but before that, their attacks were counter and they were kicked away in an instant, clearing the way between me and Lars-sama.

“Well, the danger is over.”

I approach him uncertainly with the extended hand.

It’s a ridiculous situation, but I came here to see him. I can’t miss this opportunity.

“W-Wait, Duke Svald!”

Finally, Count Herkuvis spoke up.

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