Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 24

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

Chapter 24: Is this a normal dream?

Next, I realized that I was walking in complete darkness.

There was no moonlight, and I couldn’t see the road.

But I can still proceed with confidence because each of my hands is held by a different person.

“It’s time to stop.”

With those words, the right hand side becomes bright.

Lars-sama, who holds a white and pale shining flower, is there.

He is smiling at me.

“It’s okay now. There’s no one after you, right? Asher.”


The voice comes from the left.

I can see that person too.

The person who was holding my hand wrapped in leather gloves was Asher-sama.

He looks at me seriously and says.

“Can you still walk?”

Now that I think about it, my legs felt heavy as if I had been running through the mud.

But the me in the dream didn’t want them to know that.

What comes to mind is that we have been running and protecting me while fighting all this time.

But I don’t want to burden them. That’s why I said “I can walk.”

Lars-sama says “Here, hold this.” and hands me a flower.

As soon as I obediently received it, I was lifted up by Lars-sama as if I was scooped up.

“I can walk! I’m sorry, please let me down, Lars-sama.”

“Please be quiet. Because I don’t want the pursuer to notice with your voice.”

Lars-sama carried me, who had kept quiet as I was told.

Asher-sama moved while keeping an eye on the side.

Soon we found a brighter light at the end of the road than flowers.



I woke up normally today.

However, it is dark outside.

Or rather, it is dark inside the room.

However, since the candle holder has a light, Katie must have come to check the situation and left the light on.

And the fact that no one is with me means that it is currently the night of the day I fell asleep.

I got up with a groan and drank a full glass of water that was prepared in the room.

Then I immediately write down the dream I saw just now in my notebook.

I don’t think I’ll forget it easily, but the details may be missing from memory as time goes by.

“The first dream was… it felt like a continuation.”

I was locked in a cell and was pulled out as if I remembered… my father, who was supposed to be the main culprit, was living proudly under a different name.

I also felt it at the same time.

That person with red eyes was thinking about how to make me despair and hurt myself as much as possible because I couldn’t do anything about it due to my father becoming an important person in another country.

I remember and tightly close my eyes.

It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable dream.

I wasn’t shocked that much because I had been staring at the nightmare for a while and was a little numb.

“The problem is that I couldn’t hear the crucial part of where my father became a person in which country.”

The clothing itself wasn’t that different. It was because this country and the culture of the other country didn’t change much.

I couldn’t see the difference well because it was from a distance.

“…Let’s think about the next dream. Is that perhaps the dream [now] after that one?”

Lars-sama and Asher-sama were also there.

Even though they had no shadow or form in the previous nightmares.

Both of them were somehow running away with me and even caring about the condition of my feet…

Remembering the scene where I was being picked up, I cringe a little.

In my life where I was hated by many people, I only had the opportunity to be picked up and carried when I was young.

“A-Anyway, it wasn’t a nightmare.”

In this case, it’s okay to talk to Lars-sama and the others. There is no need to hide anything, especially since it was just a situation where we were trying to escape together.

“I wonder what we were trying to escape from…”

I feel like It had a purpose.

We were moving without being noticed, but it seems that we were noticed and were in a hurry to move to our destination… or something like that…

“It’s too vague.”

I didn’t know what to write down, so I wrote it down as it was. I’ll correct it when I remember.

I’m hungry, so I check the clock in my room.

It’s seven o’clock at night.

It’s about time for dinner to be called. However, no one comes to call me.

I, who was wondering, put on a gown over my nightclothes and went to look for Katie.

I just wanted to go and see the kitchen, but I didn’t want to call when Katie was busy.

What I saw there was Katie cooking.


“Oh, I’m sorry. The substitute cook couldn’t make it today, so I was just making soup…”

When I reported the servant who tried to find out the inside story by talking too much, the head of the house promptly fired him and arranged for a new substitute cook.

But it seems that Katie had to somehow take care of today’s dinner because the new chef’s schedule didn’t work out.

It might have been better for Katie if I had slept until morning…

But I woke up, and now that I know the situation, it’s too late.

“That’s fine. Do you have bread?”

“Yes, we receive bread from the main house every day.”

Katie showed me a basket of bread. There was such a large amount that two people couldn’t finish it, so I could see that the main house wasn’t trying to starve me.

(It’s strange, isn’t it? They intended to keep me alive, and even raise me, but only I was caught and put in prison as a criminal… But while my father left a guide to the invasion behind and escaped on his own, he’s living leisurely as an important person in another country)


Did they try to save me, but it wasn’t in time? Did Michelia and the others catch me faster…?


I deny my own imagination.

After thinking about it again, I somehow came up with an image.

(I must have been used as bait)

My study abroad to the neighboring country. And my father, who had me caught as a criminal and made time for himself…

I put on a bitter smile, trying not to be seen by Katie, with such an image in my mind.

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