Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 15

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

Chapter 15: Since there’s no other way, let’s do it

“It’s the nightmare after all!”

Without shouting, I returned to the room and yelled as I fell on the bed.

However, since I yelled with my face pressed against the bedding, it probably looks like I’m just yelling incoherent words to those around me.

There is no worry that the content of the words will leak and be heard even if a servant passes by nearby.

I yelled for a moment and calmed down, then sat up.

“That’s right. There is a problem.”

Even if the nightmare was about the future, I still thought there was still time.

“Is the situation going to move soon?”

If that happens, I might be taken to a neighboring country.

“Even if I have the Block Skill, what can I do if I run away… hm? Skill?”

I consider the idea that suddenly popped into my head.

It’s a little scary to die socially… but it’s still better than really dying.

I know that my position is very fortunate in terms of living.

You can see from the servants that the common people don’t have such an easy life.

Katie and the others live a life where they cannot find a single moment of leisure from morning to night, but they have no intention of quitting because their salary is better than others.

I heard from rumor that there are even worse working environments.

In some cases, I have to be abandoned and live as a commoner.

Whether I, who was raised as a young lady, can endure it…

“But if this continues, I will die.”

Closing my eyes and weighing my feelings on the scale…

I decided.

…That day, I gave up on taking a nap and took action.

First, go out to the garden while there are visitors.


And then loudly play the violin that I brought out.

“My Lady!”

The servants came out in a panic.

“Please stop. The master is in the room, so at least in the music room…”!

“It will also echo to the next door!”

I blocked the voices trying to persuade me.

Even if it becomes silent, I continue to play more comfortably.

I’m doing it on purpose. Don’t you understand that I know my father hates loud noise?

By the way, I am practicing the most inauspicious funeral song.

I always practice this bad luck song, but I don’t listen to the servants like usual.

When the servants were at their wits’ end, the housekeeper came.

She is a woman in her fifties with a good figure, but her expression is always severe, and she walks around looking for someone’s failure with a plate-like expression.

“My Lady, a guest has arrived at the Master’s place, so please stop the performance.”

I also block the voice of the housekeeper.

Well, I feel very refreshed. It seems that I really disliked this housekeeper. Just not hearing the voice is a very good feeling.

But the housekeeper, who has boiled the business, tapped my shoulder.

I couldn’t ignore it and turned around thinking it was about time. Of course, the performance continued.

I also tried to make it possible to hear what she was saying.

“Please stop the performance! The Master will get angry!”

The housekeeper shouted in a louder voice than the violin, perhaps because she thought I couldn’t hear her well.

Of course, I ignored her neatly and blocked the voice again.

Then, pretending to be absent-minded, I continued the performance.

The housekeeper, who looked angry at me angrily and her face turned a little pale.

Oh, now I somehow understand the words she just muttered.

You didn’t… You said that, didn’t you?

The housekeeper began to complain to the house manager who rushed over.

Eventually, the butler came to me and grabbed my right arm, which was holding the strings to stop the performance. Reluctantly, I stopped the performance.

“Did you ignore the housekeeper? My Lady. It seems that she told you to stop playing because there was a guest at the Master’s place.”

Smiling awkwardly and tilting my head, I said to the butler, “Did the housekeeper say that? I thought I couldn’t hear her voice because it was so small.”

Suddenly, the housekeeper shouted something.

Since I can’t hear it, I look at the housekeeper curiously and say,

“What is this…?”

The butler wrinkled his cheek as if he had received a shock.

“No way, My Lady. Can’t you hear the housekeeper’s voice?”

“It was like she couldn’t even hear us earlier!”

“But it seems she understands the butler’s words?”

Surprised servants. When I made the servants’ voices audible again, they were talking about similar things.

I will continue not to hear the housekeeper’s words.

While it was noisy, there was movement behind the servants.

Appearing in the center of those who moved away from my side was a person with bright brown hair, green eyes, and a mustache, brighter than the hair tied at my neck.

It was my father, Count Elvasti, with a cold expression.

“What happened?”

Although it was a short word, I realized that it had been a long time since I heard my father’s voice.

His voice is said to be like a raspy devil, and I do nod inwardly every time I hear it.

“It seems that My Lady cannot hear the voice of a certain person.”

“Can’t hear?”

The butler hurries and calls the servants to my father’s scowling face.

From the way Katie is approached when she is found, it seems that Katie is being asked to report since when I can’t hear her.

“Ah, in the morning it was as usual. Umm, after that, at lunchtime, you’ll have to ask the servants…”

Even though she is afraid, Katie looks at me worriedly.

I feel a little pain in my heart for making Katie feel this way, but don’t worry, Katie. If everything goes well, I will be gone soon.

The butler began calling other servants.

From what I hear on that side.

“It was as usual at lunch.”

“I’ve been approached in the usual way.”

It seems that the housekeeper shouted something at the two servants who answered trembling. They flinched and shook their shoulders.

Amidst this, my father stepped forward towards me.

(He can’t get within five paces of me.)

My father’s feet stopped as he approached me, using my skill.

“…what is this.”

Whispering, my father glared at me.

I have been afraid of those eyes since I was young. Even if I am not scolded, I can tell that he hates me from those eyes.

I can clearly feel that the servants have the same understanding.

(But why didn’t he give me to some foster family?)

If I am an unnecessary daughter, I can be excluded from the place where I enter his sight. But why didn’t he do that… why?

“If you can hear my voice, answer.”

Without even calling my name, he orders me. Does this person even remember my name?

“I, I don’t know. I don’t understand what’s going on… but I can hear your voice clearly, Father.”

I averted my gaze from my father, who was trembling and acting.

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