Completed ― The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

Completed ― The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

Chapter 1: The villainess princess is struck by lightning


The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Miliaria = Humming, saw the truth of the world the moment she woke up.

She was looking at flowers in the garden and suddenly BANG!

She was suddenly struck by lightning that exploded in her brain from the sky.

The exciting thrill and damage that she couldn’t quite experience was enough to knock Miliaria’s consciousness out.

And when Miliaria woke up, she realized that she had unknown memories in her head.

It’s vague, but there’s definitely a mysterious unknown memory.

Of the vast amount of information, the most shocking was the memory of playing the outrageous… female-oriented simulation RPG “Concerto of the Light Princess,” which is exactly like the world she’s in.

“It’s meaningless…”

Miliaria held her head.

The memory that fits well with the feeling of suddenly emerging from somewhere.

But strangely, she doesn’t feel bad.

It’s a piece of hell Eden, filled with love and youth, where she enjoyed a fun and beautiful hobby.

Well, it’s okay because it’s pretty fun, but the problem is the content of this game.

Miliaria regains consciousness and looks at her mirror first.

Long hair with a black wave and slightly sharp red eyes.

The girl who had the protection of the spirit of darkness especially strongly expressed certain characteristics of a certain character.

She had seen her face many times since she was born.

But her name and face were those of the final boss of this game.


The result was the same even after looking twice.

The first princess who had a genius-like talent while being lost in love and going crazy with jealousy.

In simple terms, she was an evil character who used her great power to indulge in her own selfishness and torment the protagonist.

In the end, she was taken over by the demon king and was defeated as a conqueror character… and was defeated.

That was the digest of Miliaria = Humming’s life.

“No, no, no… that’s too much.”

Ignoring it as a kind of delusion is easy.

However, to do so, there is a strangely realistic reality.

Miliaria sighed deeply and muttered.

“Yes… I’m going to ruin if I stay like this.”

Her face turned pale, but it was only a momentary thing that she became an unhappy feeling.

The memories of villain princess Miliaria and an unknown world from somewhere are beautifully mixed, and at that moment, they burst with a bang.

Miliaria stands up without leaning.

After all, she doesn’t have such a cheap pride that she would lean down in despair.

“Ho ho ho ho! I’m not joking! This Miliaria Humming! I’m not weak enough to bend to fate!”

Her laughter echoed surprisingly loudly.

Well, the odds are not at all in her favor.

On the contrary, the newly acquired knowledge definitely has the potential to elevate Miliaria Humming to a higher level.

“That’s right! The truth of the world is in my hands!”

From the day she declared and reached out her hand, Miliaria became rumored to have gone crazy from being struck by lightning.

Unfortunately, Miliaria was a girl with a good head but a little selfish – indeed, she had a reputation as a villain that was worthy of being called one.

Chapter 2: The villainess princess glitters

“Are you really okay, Miliaria-sama?”

“I’m okay, it’s no big deal!”

From the bed, Miliaria cheerfully replied and assured that she was okay.

The face of the maid peeking into Miliaria with a worried look is well-known.

Miliaria’s exclusive maid, Mary, is a good maid who swears loyalty to the selfish Miliaria.

Although she wanted to praise and commend this devotion, including daily gratitude, as soon as possible, Miliaria couldn’t help feeling restless when she looked at Mary’s worried face from the bed.

For some reason, her body is surprisingly energetic, and she has already checked that there are no injuries.

So, she can’t stay a patient forever.

This is the world of the game—or perhaps the world where her destination is vaguely indicated.

But what awaits her is not a happy ending, but an ending where she will suffer as a villain.

Of course, that’s not something that Miliaria can accept.

Therefore, Miliaria shouldn’t have any time to waste in order to confront her fate.

Here, instead of trying to show off her energy, she changes her strategy and tries to look a little weak, holding her head down.

“Mary… I think I’m a little confused. Really, thank you. Can I be left alone for a little while?”

“Ah, Miliaria-sama using words of gratitude… I’m moved. Please take a good rest.”

Oh? She’s acting a little modest?

She’s muttering things like “My head is still…” and seems a little hurt as she exits with a pitifully cute expression.

The moment the door slammed shut, Miliaria jumps out of bed, gathers her energy, and takes her diary in hand to organize her somewhat confused memories and knowledge.

“Well, what should I do! This is bad!”

This “Concerto of the Light Princess” game is a female-oriented series that has gained popularity with its sweet scenarios and solid RPG parts.

And since the original Miliaria’s memories affirm that fact, Miliaria had no choice but to make use of the meta-element.

“Depending on how you think about it, it’s exactly the truth of the world. It’s like being able to predict the future.”

Miliaria chuckles. It’s a bit of an extreme way of looking at things, but Miliaria feels like she knows what drives this world.

“This world is a female-oriented love simulation RPG… in other words, the point of this game is to flirt with handsome characters! That’s what it’s all about–no, wait. That’s not it.”

But just as Miliaria was about to reach that conclusion, she stopped just in time.

Love is the truth of the world… in a way, that’s correct.

However, that’s the love between the protagonist and the conquest target, not Miliaria’s love.

Miliaria is the villainous final boss.

That’s something not to forget.

“Or rather… maybe love is my landmine?”

Rechecking her memories, Miliaria herself in the story was… already a disappointing woman.

Although she still doesn’t understand the meaning of love with her current cute heart, she knows this much.

That’s no good.

“They say love is blind, but there’s a limit to it, you know…”

Miliaria, to herself, dropped her shoulders and pouted her lips.

Normal Miliaria is not a final boss from the time she was an infant.

Until then, at least in terms of personality, she was excellent enough to maintain her position as the first princess.

If there was a moment when Miliaria entered the final boss route, it was the moment she fell in love with the target of the conquest.

She fell in love with the target of the conquest who deepened his relationship with the protagonist and ignited the flames of jealousy.

Well, the reasons were various, such as her fiancé being infatuated, having a crush on someone, or having a sense of rivalry towards the protagonist, but roughly speaking, that’s what it was.

The final result was that she became the final boss.

There are several patterns of targets of conquest, but it’s painful to think that they all end up on the same path of death.

If falling in love leads to this, Miliaria had to stop and think.

Miliaria crossed her arms and hummed, and after thinking, she had a sudden insight in her mind.

The love part is certainly important. But… there should have been another selling point in this game.

“RPG… that’s right! I had that hand! Defeating enemies with a trained character is also an important element of training! Then, reaching the peak of strength is also the key to conquest! Especially for me as the final boss… my growth potential is outstanding!”

Miliaria is thrilled with her own insight and shivers.

Miliaria was confident that her visuals were outstanding, but that was a trap.

There’s no doubt that she’s terrible at love. However, her future combat ability is tremendous.

I’m sure the original Miliaria once exerted her power after being possessed by the evil spirit of the former demon king, but that was also due to her inherent potential.

“That’s me. Even Chappie, the pet dog in the work, defeated the sub-boss solo. There’s nothing I can’t do!”

The dog Chappie, who was a companion of the protagonist Lyra, was a healing frame that could become a companion in the work.

However, if you train it well, it can become a trustworthy companion who can defeat sub-bosses.

There’s no way that a dog can do it and I can’t now.

Nowadays, she’s a somewhat positive existence amidst the worst developments.

“Yeah, I’ve decided! From now on, I’ll plan to rage as a battle junkie!”

I couldn’t help but think that it might be different when I said it out loud.

But this is all about momentum. Miliaria decided not to worry about the small details, as she believed that the direction was not wrong.

“Miliaria-sama! What happened?”


She was scolded severely when she was found jumping out of bed and making noise, but it shouldn’t be a mistake.

Chapter 3:The villainess princess checks

I got a little carried away.

Miliaria, with teary eyes, thinks of a sudden idea and tries it out, and to her surprise, something that looks like it comes out easily, and her eyes light up.

“Oh! I was able to do it too! It’s a little dark, and I don’t have any status like likability or something… but I can roughly check my own specs!”

In Concerto of the Light Princess, there was also something called parameters.

And what I’m looking at now is definitely a parameter screen, though the details are different.

It shouldn’t have been possible before, but it’s clear that this is the influence of newly acquired memories.

In these small details, this memory makes me feel that it’s not just an imagination, but Miliaria’s own changes were clearly reflected in the parameters.

“My usable attribute is darkness… and lightning!? Something is growing! Anyway, when you think about it, it’s pretty villainous!”

The increase in attribute was undoubtedly due to being struck by lightning. Miliaria thinks this is quite a spec.

Miliaria is currently 9 years old.

Considering her age, being able to use magic already is a questionable rate of improvement.

However, Miliaria, who knows the game, brings her left and right index fingers close together and flows a small electrical current.

“…It’s weak.”

Let’s use darkness again.

A hazy darkness appeared on the palm of her hand.

“… It’s also weak.”

Honestly, I don’t understand why I was so disheartened and joyful every day.

However, in the game, I was lively and slaughtering big dragons.

It seems that the current Miliaria can’t be satisfied with just this.

“Defeating a lizard would be nice…”

People around praised her as a genius, but unfortunately, she only felt a little bit because she could only produce the black grill of a small lizard.

Miliaria took a dive into her own bed, feeling defeated.

What should I do?

By the way, even with a hinoki stick, her arm strength is appropriate for her age.

But when Miliaria found a certain item in the parameters, she raised her body with a start.

“The rest is the inherent technique of teleportation… I wonder what to do about that.”

Innate technique is something like a special ability that can’t be classified by attribute, and is quite rare.

However, from a meta perspective, it gives the impression of being a fluffy power that is only used in scenarios, such as the heroine or main members.


Anyway, Miliaria tries to use it.

The effect of this teleport is an exciting thing that can instantly move herself and non-living matter, but there are currently drawbacks.

Of course, Miliaria was at full power. However, the cup that was placed in an appropriate place only moved about one meter.

“… I’m so weak.”

Whether it’s at full power or losing focus, the movement distance is roughly about one meter.

In fact, it has already been verified.

It was known that this can’t defeat monsters.

But if you don’t defeat monsters, there’s no way to level up.

Miliaria crossed her arms and groaned.

“Hmm. Even so, I have to do something with this trump card. Leveling up is the top priority…”

In the first place, if a 9-year-old child casually says “Umm, I want to defeat monsters…”, they will definitely be stopped.

Even more so for a princess.

Miliaria expected it, but as she thought, the first step seems to be the hardest and she let out a huge sigh.

“The first step is the hardest hurdle… do I need to do something with my weapons on hand… can’t I do something with this spell depending on how I use it?”

But what should she do?

While Miliaria was fidgeting with some appropriate gems she had on hand, she was thinking and suddenly had a question.

“Teleport… what happens if you teleport things to another place?”

The memories without a sense of reality suggest many comic-like possibilities.

Fuse, be expelled, explode.

There are also dangerous things, but considering the current situation, it’s welcome.

There’s nothing to do but try it when you think of it.

Miliaria teleported the gem she was holding from a slightly distant position, imagining it overlapping with another appropriate gem.

Suddenly, a fierce flash of light burst out.


A sharp sound echoed.

Turning around, she saw that a hole the same size as the gem was neatly open in the thick wall of the castle.

“Wa wa wa wa…”

Realizing that she almost had her head blown off, Miliaria trembles.

But at the same time, what filled Miliaria’s heart was a strong delight.

Turning her eyes around, Miliaria jumped into bed and shouted.

“It’s thunderous!”


Oh no, I shouted again.

That day, another tail was added to Miliaria’s rumors, but for Miliaria, such things were relatively unimportant.

Chapter 4: The villainess princess wants a weapon

“Mary, I want to go to the blacksmith. Can you take me?”

From the next day, Miliaria set out.

Miliaria, who suddenly came out of the room and said that, made the maid Mary show a look of confusion and tilt her head.

“What? The blacksmith? Why such a place…”

“Because I need something! Take me there right now, no matter what!”

This attitude that doesn’t ask for permission is necessary here.

Since it’s a confusing shopping, momentum is important. It’s just a little more rugged than my usual selfishness.

A little discomfort can always be done with my usual rhythm!

As Miliaria is looking at the situation, sweating inwardly, Mary nodded.

“Okay, I understand… I’ll prepare now.”

“Thank you!”

Yes, I won! Good job, selfish me!

Let’s go to the forge! The purpose is to acquire a weapon.

With the accidental finishing move I made yesterday, I saw the direction.

Miliaria, who used a carriage and came to the craftsman district of the capital, met a huge man there like a rock.

“I’ll place an order!”

Charging in with momentum into the dimly lit store, the dwarf with a fierce face turned his gaze to Miliaria.

“What… Jo-chan?”

“Order! I said I want something made!”

Miliaria had the store in sight from the start.

And she knows the owner of this store very well, even though she’s never been here before.

In the story, it’s a store where you can entrust the production of weapons.

The dwarf owner, Arnold, is known as a famous craftsman among dwarves, but has a history of being expelled from the country due to a minor misunderstanding.

Such a dwarf, Arnold, ran the store that was said to be the most used by the protagonist in the story, and it was not an exaggeration to say that.

Arnold’s face may look childish, but Miliaria is not afraid of that.

This Miliaria, her mentality is also that of a princess. If she tried to advance on her own, she wouldn’t become a demon king.

“Oh, oh… so what then… play elsewhere if you’re just playing.”

Oh? I said it was an order. How could you say such a thing to a princess? If there were a knight here now, that head would be flying, wouldn’t it?

But I’ll forgive it just this once.

That’s because there is something that Miliaria desperately wants right now.

“It’s not a game! It’s a job request! I want you to make something for me! A steel tube!”


When the requirements are conveyed, Arnold’s movements stop due to the surprisingly unexpected lines.

“Yes! A tube! About 1 meter in size, please make it as strong as possible! Make it very strong!”

“Wh-what’s that for? What are you going to use it for?”

“Well, since I’m going to ask a weapons dealer, it’s a weapon! I’m sure you’re the only one who can do it in this country!”

With a proud chest, Miliaria asserts this, and Arnold seems not to care much but looks uncomfortable with a very skillful expression.

And now, he talks to Miliaria as if he were trying to convince a child.

“Uh, Jo-chan… weapons are no good. Children shouldn’t have them.”

“I need them because I’m a child! Such a weak creature needs weapons to fight to some extent! My only breakthrough is the strength of my arms and spirit power, which are the same as the fleas!”

“Oh, okay…”

With bloodshot eyes, Miliaria approaches.

Mary by her side and Arnold at the counter were also confused, but they had to accept it, no matter what.

“I don’t think you should degrade yourself like that… As for me, I won’t do it. It’s a hassle if I make something I don’t understand and then there are problems later.”

“Yes… that makes sense.”

Indeed, it’s understandable that if you’re making something new, you need to prepare experiments or drawings, or else you can’t help feeling uneasy.

Miliaria, who had been breathing heavily, finally regained her composure, but by then Arnold’s face was already the epitome of a look of disbelief.

It’s not surprising. This person is still just a child.

Miliaria nodded, understanding, and took out the bamboo tube she had procured beforehand.

“Okay… let me show you. Is there a target for a test shot in this shop?”

“Yeah… there is.”

The shopkeeper pointed in the direction of a shabby target doll, and Miliaria floated the bamboo tube with magic and pointed its tip at it.


As soon as she whispered, the tip of the bamboo tube sparkled, and a stone shot out with tremendous force.

The stone roared and hit the target, making a loud noise as it shattered it.

Miliaria was also stunned as the upper body flew off and the target crumbled.

Whoa, this is more powerful than expected.

By the way, the bamboo pipe burst from the inside and split like a trumpet, causing Miliaria to smack her tongue.

“Shit! It broke after all! …Excuse me. I mean… I’m looking for a pipe that won’t break and a bullet that won’t break. Durability is a must no matter what. If I make it with a makeshift thing, I might even die… What happened?”

I think I explained it very clearly and easily, but Mary and Arnold were slouching.

Chapter 5: The villainess princess pushes through

What Miliaria came up with was essentially a substitute for a gun.

Even if you’ve trained a little with a sword or a spear, having a combat ability below level one is completely meaningless.

But with a gun, you can defeat a monster as long as you shoot and hit it.

If you can quickly prepare a substitute for a bullet, there’s no reason not to use it.

For some reason, it seems that if you try, you can do everything from generating gunpowder to designing the gun itself… but Miliaria wanted you to spare her from twisting around the poop, which is a bit princess-like.

I don’t know whose memory it is from, but it’s a very versatile memory.

The blacksmith Arnold, who was stunned, finally squeezed out his voice.

“Ah, um… I don’t really understand, but it’s amazing power. Uh, was it a iron pipe?”

“Yes, as long as it can withstand the current shock and shoot in the direction you aim, it should be fine.”

“Hmm. It should be made robustly. The bones might break… Should we drill a hole in the iron ball? Something like that…”

“That’s right!”


Arnold’s joke, which he made in a tightened voice, was a bolt from the blue for Miliaria.

I thought that simply lining up tubes like a gun array was not cool, but isn’t the iron ball quite cool?

It can also be a training to float objects in a way that looks like weightlifting, killing two birds with one stone.

“That’s it! Ten of the iron balls with holes opened about one meter in diameter! And as many lead balls as possible! Yes, please prepare about 1000 of them!”

“Hey… so I’m…?”

I really hope you can do it! Or is it not possible? That’s what you said, right?

If it can be done easily, I’d like to have it accepted without a problem.

Arnold, growling, heard it in a way that says “for now”.

“Yeah, I can do it… Ojo-chan, do you have money? It seems like a order that will cost quite a bit?”

He feels a resistance that is somewhat mean, or rather, pushing back in the end.

However, Miliaria was waiting for the question that would make a child swim in their eyes.

“Mary! Payment!”

“Yes. Miliaria-sama.”


The weight of the gold coins placed down made Arnold silent.

Ah, the power of money from a princess is amazing.

Well, little Miliaria is sure to be troubled.

Regardless of whether she is a young girl, some discomfort is nothing before this radiance. It’s wonderful.

So, Miliaria took the opportunity to place another order with the quiet shopkeeper.

“As a thank you for your good idea, I’ll make your shop my favorite from now on!”

“… No, that one.”

“I’ll make it my favorite!”


“And it’s not good to come to the weapon shop and not buy a decent weapon. Could you make me one iron fan?”


Fufun. Her majesty’s power is terrible. And from now on, I’ll use whatever I can use.

The iron fan is a proof of Miliaria’s determination.

In the near future, I will obtain a power surpassing the golden radiance and a happy life.

My hand is already on the power to do so, and Miliaria’s knowledge whispered.

Chapter 6: The villainess princess investigates

Miliaria, who has studied this world with even more enthusiasm than usual, and has plunged her head into sword practice in addition to dance and piano lessons, has finally become convinced.

“…What? Am I too much of a genius?”

Miliaria muttered absentmindedly in her room.

Perhaps because of the strange memories in her head, she can understand the smoothness of learning incredibly well.

She felt as if she could hear the resentment from somewhere in her memories.

Once she hears it, most things easily enter her head, and her body moves just by listening to dance and music practice.

Come to think of it, she feels that this ease was also the cause of her previous carelessness, but she feels sorry for it.

It’s wonderful that interests that were not even a fragment can easily come up thanks to the memories from somewhere else.

Miliaria regrets why she disregarded such interesting things before.

“But… when you think about it, being this good at 9 years old feels a little too packed. Maybe I was expected to absorb like a sponge if given, right?”

As a result, even if a little tomboyish Queen is born, there is no other way, is there?

While devoting himself to self-analysis, he continues to run a pen on a blank page without stopping.

And after writing it down and looking at it, Miliaria’s eyes shone.

“Well, it’s said that life is long… but it’s different from here on!”

Dreary time doesn’t suit this sparkling world.

As a result of reflection, I think that continuing education as a princess in a straightforward manner seems to be possible.

But there was also a conviction that a straightforward approach would not be able to overcome the worst future.

What was written down is Miliaria’s strongest Development Plan.

“Complete coverage of monster information! From small tips to compatible equipment, it’s a friendly design that reaches the itching spot!”

No matter how much data there is, it won’t be useful when the time comes if it’s not organized.

“If you organize it like this, you can make progress with various things!”

The goal is the demon realm! The realm of heroes.

However, there were several problems for that.

“Positionally, I can’t wander outside. But I do have a hunch about a great hunting ground that only I can use.”

Yes, there is. A very convenient place.

Miliaria knows a place that is both delicious and frightening, where the conditions are met.

That is the dungeon that sleeps deep in the underground of the castle.

And that dungeon is the final content in Concerto of the Light Princess.

A hidden dungeon, the tomb of darkness.

When she was struggling, the door of the room was knocked, and Miliaria raised her face like a rabbit.

“Miliaria-sama… um, the person with the baggage has arrived.”

“Bring it in immediately! I’ll have it brought into the room!”

After the order mixed with applause, the long-awaited baggage was brought into the room one after the other.

It was in a big wooden box, carried by several knights.

Miliaria opened the wooden box like she would open a toy box and relaxed her cheeks when she confirmed the iron ball and bullets inside.

And she picked up her weapon, which she had set aside, with shaking hands.

“It’s wonderful… it’s the first step, as they say.”

Opening the heavy iron fan with a thud, Miliaria swayed a little.

Incidentally, on that day, rumors of even stranger daughter theories spread due to the mysterious iron ball and lead ball that arrived for Miliaria, but Miliaria didn’t care at all.

With a feeling of tension due to the echoing footsteps, Miliaria goes down the stone stairs.

Taking advantage of the time when the castle was asleep in the middle of the night, it was easy for Miliaria, who had the power of teleportation, to leave the room.

So far, so good.

In a quiet and pitiful manner, Miliaria has to take this risk to achieve the ultimate strongest development plan.

“… finally, it has come.”

The dungeon that is never opened, which is only released to the fierce people who have exhausted all the contents and is the largest taboo in the Humming Castle.

The door of the dark tomb is sealed underground.

It is officially set that this is the dark dungeon, which was sealed underground by the king who founded the Humming Kingdom when the dark spirit gods ran wild, created a labyrinth on top of it, and told his descendants to guard it.

Since Last Dungeon is the only one with monsters of a vicious level, once you enter, you can’t escape without living.

However, at the same time, it was also undoubtedly the best training ground in the work.

After the end of the main story, the protagonist and company are given the key to liberation by Okaa-sama, the queen of the country, and it is an element for playing through after the first ending.

Normally, in the present before the main story even starts, you shouldn’t even be able to enter… but in fact, there was a secret technique for this dungeon.

“Let’s see… it’s seven steps to the right of the wall from the center of the entrance door.”

There was supposed to be a bug there.

In the game, you slip through the wall and enter the dungeon before the ending, and if you’re lucky, you get your hands on a number of items that you can only get after clearing it, and it could break the game balance.

However, we must not forget that this is reality.

Of course, you can’t slip through walls, but as Miliaria thinks about how to use her abilities, she remembers this secret technique.

“… Honestly, I’ve always thought I had a useless ability, but now I’m breathing fire, I wonder what will happen…”

I don’t expect it, but if I try it, it’s free.

If I fail, I’ll sacrifice the dignity of a maiden, roll around like a child, and forcibly go to an efficient hunting ground.

Miliaria took a deep breath, placed her hand on the target wall, and muttered with determination.


And then, Miliaria, who had transferred with a snap, was faced with a dark dungeon scene that stimulated her survival instinct to an alarming degree.

“… it’s creaking!”

She cried out involuntarily, and upon hearing the sound of a large number of frightening footsteps running towards her, Miliaria fled like a rabbit.

Chapter 7: The villainess princess becomes beautiful

“Mary, how should I say this… my apologies until now?”

As Miliaria gracefully sips tea while laughing brightly and saying greetings at the window, the maid Mary dropped a silver tray.

“Wh-what happened, Miliaria-sama…!”

Well, you don’t have to be that surprised, do you?

The fairly high teapot she was riding on also shattered into pieces, and it’s a quite impolite reaction, but I’ll forgive it now.

Miliaria now is… yes, a beautiful Miliaria.

But I’ll deduct the fee from my salary, I’ll tell you that.

Thinking about such things, Miliaria smiled gently.

“It’s nothing, Mary. I’m in such a good mood today, it’s rare in life. What should I say? Life is tumultuous? Now I feel like I could even reach the truth of the world.”

Nothing has started yet, so I can’t explain it, but I want you to sense this feeling.

However, as expected of Mary.

To Miliaria’s sudden words, she seems to have sensed something without hesitation.

Mary quietly approached Miliaria and patted her shoulder with a kindness that she had never experienced in her life.

“Is that so… Miliaria-sama has also come to such a time… Yes, it’s a truly wonderful idea. However… you must keep your dreams quietly in your heart. Of course, as a lady, but if you speak it out loud, Ojo-sama herself will suffer greatly in the future.”

“Is that so? Why, I wonder? I can’t laugh at these idle words. Why is Mary biting her lip? Is there blood?”

“It’s nothing… just an old wound that hurts. Ojo-sama is already beyond help. But I would like you to remember today’s advice.”

“Is that so?”

Mary simply held her stomach as if she were about to be sliced open, her expression gentle.

Surely she must have touched a wound that shouldn’t be touched. But why don’t I feel sorry for her at all?

Anyway, just looking at the words, it was certainly true that Miliaria’s words were a type of fantasy.

Miliaria-chan’s strongest Development Plan has just begun.

That’s why I have to move.

With arms that are still in the beginning stages and feeling sore, Miliaria opens the iron fan with a snap and orders Mary.

“Well… I want something, so can you call the merchant Maximilian for me, Mary?”

“Y-yes. Maximilian it is. Right away.”

“Good job. I also want to request a buyback this time, so tell him that.”

“A buyback?”

Miliaria nods in response to Mary’s surprise.

Considering her past life, this was within expectations.

“Yes. I’m in the midst of decluttering a bit. I’m in the midst of a decluttering trend.”

“Declut… I don’t really understand, but got it?”

“Well then, see you later. Mary.”

She sends her out carefully, as it is an important matter.

When she left, she whispered, “Maybe I’ll drop a spear soon…” but pretended not to hear it.

Well, I won’t give her a snack tomorrow.

Chapter 8: The villainess princess goes shopping

“Umm, not this, not that…”

Miliaria searched through her storage room.

However, things that she doesn’t need keep popping out. When she looks at them herself, she realizes that most of them are things she doesn’t remember, which is helpless.

Miliaria, who is amazed at how much she has collected, separates what she needs from what she doesn’t.

Of course, Miliaria’s desire for material goods is overflowing and still unchanged.

However, when considering the treasure she will obtain from now on (planned), she doesn’t have the luxury of collecting even garbage.

From now on, she will carefully choose the best clothing and equipment.

Being strong, beautiful, and stylish is the motto of the new Miliaria.

However, among all of this, Miliaria found a leather shoulder bag that is somewhat different from her interests and tilted her head.

“Mary? What was this?”

When she asked, Mary explained.

“It’s a magical bag that can be found in dungeons, etc. You can put up to 100 items in it, it’s a very convenient item.”

But Miliaria was surprised by Mary’s explanation, which had come back lightly.

“Wh… why is such an item placed here?”

“Didn’t Miliaria-sama buy it because it was interesting?”

“… now that you mention it, I have a vague memory of that.”

That’s right.

However, Miliaria was secretly cheering for this best job.

Meeting unexpected treasures is the essence of cleaning.

Miliaria continued to sort out with tremendous momentum in that state.

And a few days later, a few round old men came to Miliaria’s room, smiling happily.

“It’s been a long time, Princess Miliaria.”

“You’ve come well. Then, do you have something you’d like to ask for?”

Maximilian seemed surprised by Miliaria, who welcomed him with a smile, but he was, after all, a merchant.

He quickly moved on to a calm negotiation.

“Yes. Of course. I will definitely meet Miliaria-sama’s request. A new dress? What about a perfume that is popular among noble Ojo-sama?”

“…I don’t need it now. But if you have a request, I do. First, get me one Emerald.”

“Oh, it’s a gem! But an Emerald? Excuse me, but did Ojo-sama not like green gems much?”

“That’s why I don’t have it. Can you please get it for me?”

Maximilian was intimidated by the sharp gaze of Miliaria, who glared at him.

But it’s an important thing that gives him energy, so there’s no choice.

In this world, gems are not just decorations.

Well, currently in this world they are recognized as decorations only, but in the game they were equipment with effects.

However, Miliaria had never heard of gems having special effects.

It was probably because the effects of gems were mostly illusions like more money, a 15% increase in spell effects, etc. Miliaria had expected.

But because it’s special, it has valuable worth that can’t be ignored.

And the effect of the Emerald is an increase in experience points.

Miliaria, who had a habit of wasting, would naturally have one, but to her disappointment, she was a Miliaria who didn’t buy emeralds because she didn’t like green before.

To be honest, now, because it’s the first time, I want it so much that my hand comes out from my throat.

Well, Maximilian, who heard the request, had eyes that were already droopy, but his response was quick.

“Of course, I’ll have it ready for you. Let’s see… then… that’s right! How about the white powder that was released this month? It’s been highly rated because it has a good stretch and good reputation!”

“I don’t want it… rather, white powder, you don’t think it has lead or something, do you?”

“Oh! As expected of Princess! It’s said to be very white and look good on the skin with the latest materials!”

“What? Is it really in it? Stop selling it at the castle. If you bring it into the castle from now on, I’ll kick you out.”


When Miliaria scowled and said that, Maximilian lost his momentum, and for some reason, Mary on the side was shocked.

Even if you’re hit with such a standard material, it’s a problem. And you bought it, Mary.

Miliaria doesn’t have time for a big makeover of the castle’s cosmetics – wait, can’t she use this?

At that moment, the villainous brain cells within Miliaria suddenly activated, but she managed to hold back.

Making a fuss without any basis is meaningless. Miliaria understood that just making a fuss would end up as a child’s tantrum.

What should be prioritized now is to get what she wants.

“…more importantly, I need medicine! I want an EX Potion and also Holy Water!”

“E, an EX Potion?”

“Three dozen of each for now, please, as a set.”

“That much!? What are you planning to fight with?”

Maximilian’s reaction with wide-eyed surprise at what a funny thing this is.

An EX Potion is a high-end recovery medicine used in the final stages, and in the real world, it’s a powerful potion that can restore everything, even if your arms and legs are chopped off.

But it should have been something that could be bought if it was sold at the town’s pharmacy.

But if they were asked to explain how to use it, they would be in trouble.

In this situation, make a quick decision! Miliaria’s dictatorial power is activated.

“I’m saying I want it because I need it. Don’t talk back, just prepare it.”

“Well… the EX Potion is sold primarily to adventurers, who have a higher effect…”

“Bring it. I’ll use it effectively too. In other words, bring as many as you can, even if they’re expired. It’s a princess’s order.”

Under Miliaria’s pressure, Maximilian stumbled with his words, but quickly gave in and nodded.

“…Y-yes. Of course, I’ll bring it!”

“Good job!”

Maximilian, who was in a hurry and stretched his back straight, had to make arrangements despite being a little unreasonable.

Well, that’s about it for the important shopping.

So there were also things to do for the future.

“Well then Mary, take that with you.”

“Yes… Miliaria-sama.”

When ordered by Mary, a variety of dresses and accessories are carried into the room.

It was Miliaria’s personal belongings, prepared in advance.

“I’m thinking of organizing my belongings a little. Can you buy these for me?”

It was a mass disposal of dresses and accessories that she had accumulated without wearing them much.

The items gathered without much thought will be a bit of a hindrance from now on.

Of course, limited to those without special effects, and those that have become too small will be goodbye.

It can’t be helped because it doesn’t match the sensibilities of Miliaria, who has evolved a little more graceful.

From now on, I plan to pursue beauty in my own way more smartly.

“Would you like to use these sales to cover the purchase funds?”

“Uh… Is that okay?”

“Of course. Oh, and will you come back here in about seven days?”

Smiling, Miliaria tells Maximilian, who nods without any resistance.

With the business with Maximilian over, Miliaria, who took a deep breath, extends her hand to Mary, who was waiting next to her.

“Hand it over, Mary.”


“Mary… if you easily seek beauty, you’ll dig your own grave.”

“Is that so? I’m sure it’s not the result of a small effort.”

“I’ll buy you a different powder, so stop that.”

“…Please forgive me. That’s one month’s worth of my salary.”

“I’ll buy you three times the amount.”

“…If it’s not a cheap one.”

Mary, who is quite stubborn, reluctantly hands over the powder, and Miliaria immediately throws it into the trash can.

Chapter 9: The villainess princess exhibits her villainous power

At first, there was a rumor among the maids that she was a sadist, but when Miliaria orders Maximilian to investigate the sales route of the white powder that’s circulating, and it is proven that the lead is dangerous, she is viewed differently.

And seven days later.

Maximilian, kneeling, was sweating an incredible amount in front of Miliaria.

Miliaria faced Maximilian, snapped her fan, and he trembled with a start.

“That document – did you go over it?”


“The strong toxicity of lead contained in the white powder that you were selling has been confirmed… it seems that there have been users for a long time in the town? The skin appears white, so I understand that it’s a good product in that regard… but wouldn’t it be a problem to bring poison into the castle?”

“T-that is!”

Miliaria silenced Maximilian, who raised his face and raised his voice in a panic, by thrusting her fan towards him.

“Of course – you didn’t know, right? I think it’s an unavoidable thing.”


“I know that you are an excellent merchant. Fortunately, by taking seriously the advice of a little girl like me, the problematic goods have been handled to the minimum. I think it’s a pity to let go of a relationship with an excellent person like you just because of one mistake.”

“…thank you.”

Maximilian, trembling, stands up and approaches Miliaria.

Her slow movements and perfectly charming smile, which was not like that of a young girl, were mysterious.

“What are you afraid of, Maximilian? You can relax, can’t you? If there’s a problem, I’m the first princess. And I’m involved in this matter, aren’t I? If something unfavorable happens to you, I will protect you.”

“… ”

“In exchange – will you not refuse to listen to my request?”

As Miliaria said this with an iron fan on her shoulder, a fierce conflict could be seen on Maximilian’s face.

And for a few seconds, Maximilian was silent, and said in a squeezed voice.

“…Nice to meet you. So… what kind of wish would you like me to grant?”

Hmph. This guy gave in?

Miliaria was convinced of a villainous victory.

A devilishly frightening villain move, if I do say so myself.

Planning as she pleased, Miliaria put on her best devilish smile, sat back in her original place, and pulled out several sheets of paper and handed them to Maximilian.

“T-this is?”

“Oh, it’s nothing big! I just want you to answer me a little bit about my recklessness! First, will you make this for me?”

The paper was filled with drawings and explanations, and Maximilian had a huge question mark floating above his head.

“Uh, what is this supposed to be?”

“A carry bag! By the way, I drew the picture!”

“I-it’s very skillful.”

“Isn’t it!?”

Miliaria also puffed up her nostrils, feeling that she was writing well.

There was a square bag and a cart with wheels to carry it securely drawn on the paper.

Being in a growth period, she thought of a product that could be stretched and adapted for adults.

The magical bag that was discovered is convenient, but I can’t stand the type that hangs down from my shoulder.

So I have a plan to transplant the entire function while making it something that can be used for a long time.

I’m planning to get a nice bag that can be used immediately when I get it, even if it’s rough, and it’s a sturdy one that won’t break no matter how rough it is.

“I have a magical bag, but please modify it and make a product based on the plan. To be honest, I was having trouble relying on a craftsman because I didn’t really understand magic items. Can things like that be done?”

“Y-yes. If there is something… I think it can be done.”

“That’s wonderful! Then, please?”

“Y-yes… Umm, is this all?”

Maximilian, who was frightened, now tilted his head at Miliaria.

“Yes, that’s all this time… Oh, but! I will still be reckless from now on, so be prepared!”

Requesting to create something that doesn’t exist is not something that can be done easily.

I want many cooperating partners with connections.

In the future, I want to build a slightly stronger cooperative relationship here.

“I understand… this Maximilian. I would like to sincerely respond to Ojo-sama’s request.”

“Good! I’m looking forward to good transactions from now on! Ohhhohohoho!”

While thinking what a wicked queen Miliaria is, her hearty laughter echoed throughout the castle.

The merchant who leaves with a blue face after the transaction is over.

It was rumored that Miliaria-sama, at that age, already had connections with merchants and dark dealings, and her hard-won reputation fell a little.

Chapter 10: The villainess princess levels up

“Finally, this time has come.”

For several weeks of preparation, in addition to the usual lessons, she tried various things, but it is not possible for a person’s abilities to change dramatically in a short period of training.

As a result of the verification, Miliaria was convinced that to acquire higher abilities, a task called level-up was necessary.

The preparation was quite difficult, but the results can be seen today.

Miliaria prepares everything and sneaks into the dungeon at midnight again today.

“Even if it’s a heavy burden for a child, as long as there’s this magic bag, it’s all right! Oh, I’m seriously crazy for buying this out of curiosity! The timing of decluttering was also perfect!”

The special carry bag can pack all sorts of items without regard to weight.

It can be said that the convenience of carrying everything is the reason for the victory this time, and Miliaria was chewing on that.

As soon as she put on the holy water taken out from the bag and banged her head, the preparation for entry was complete.

“Well, I’m going! Teleport!”

Miliaria passes through the walls along the route she investigated.

However, once inside, more careful action was necessary than ever before.

Failure means instant death.

The last dungeon is literally filled with the strongest monsters, and if a child goes in there, they will surely die.

However, there was a way to survive.

There was a trick in this game that was suitable for the current Miliaria.

Whether it’s a bug or whether the management intentionally left it as a service is a point of disagreement.

However, there is no doubt that this has become a lifesaving measure for players who are about to dive into further play.

Miliaria’s destination was a hidden room located on the first floor.

Normally, that room is a trap that you can’t get out of unless you defeat the monster inside.

However, the boss in the room, Wight-Emperor, has a hidden secret.

This undead is an incredibly high-level monster that you encounter on the first floor, and even if you’re at a level that allows you to just barely clear the story, you’ll definitely be killed instantly.

From here on, the difficulty is like saying “start over again!”, and it’s a trap that makes players who have finished the main story and discovered the hidden room scream out loud.

However, in reality, only recovery potions pass as damage, and if you use an EX potion, you can defeat it with fixed damage in one shot.

Therefore, even a character in the level one state that wasn’t used in the story can be defeated by oneself and gain a vast amount of experience points.

Furthermore, with the kind design that waits for your attack until the first strike, it was said that this was no different from the kindness of the creator.

It is a well-known fact that is often introduced as an easy level up in conquest videos and the like.

“But, when you actually try it, you don’t feel like you’re alive…”

As a memory, it’s a skill that has been taken care of. Miliaria knows the route to the secret room by heart.

If you put on holy water from your head, encounters temporarily become zero.

Even if you know that much, things that are scary are still scary.

The monsters encountered with the effect of the holy water seem to be unable to recognize Miliaria like transparent people, but from this side, they can be seen perfectly.

It’s very tiring for a vulnerable child to quietly pass by the side of a ferocious monster.

While Miliaria was about to relapse from a conquered bedwetting, she advanced into the dungeon.

“If I were to face it, no monster would be unworthy of fear!”

That was only said in the first second before the start.

Oh, the eyeballs of the zombie tokage passing by are out of place.

Miliaria wished that just a little bit of saliva would fly out of her tongue and smoke would come out.

Stick to the wall and move somehow.

If you get carried away, this little body will die instantly from the poison of the floor trap or something.

However, that’s covered by knowledge and physical reflexes. In the end, it’s just one body that you can rely on.

By fully utilizing her latent specs, Miliaria finally reached the goal of the hidden room.

It was a wall with a suspicious color that was slightly different, and when you stand in front of it, it automatically opens.

Inside was a treasure that looked like this, and a skeleton sitting in a chair.

“…I’m going.”

As soon as Miliaria stepped into the room, the door closed with a bang, and she made up her mind.

There’s no turning back anymore.

Heading for the skeleton sitting in the chair at the back of the room, Miliaria slowly moved forward.

“It’s annoying that it’s slightly deformed. But… this guy is stronger than me, the boss.”

The treasure around her makes her want to investigate, but when she finally takes hold of this treasure, she immediately jumps into battle.

And before that thing rises, one EX potion would have completed the mission.

“…I’m going.”

Miliaria swallowed hard.

She considers memories to be a gift, but if there is even a slight error in her knowledge, her life will end immediately.

Miliaria prepares with the most excitement in her life.

She takes the potion with grace and beauty and aims.

It’s important to be graceful.

It’s important to be beautiful.

Life is important and must shine.

Even now, when she has grasped the truth of the world, this belief is more important than ever in Miliaria.

She will elegantly break through everything, even the things she doesn’t like, even the things that stand in her way.

The first step is this one throw.

“Take that!”

The EX potion that was released with momentum hit Wight-Emperor directly and its physical body decays with the effect of recovery.



Miliaria pressed her ears against the dungeon-shaking scream and sat on the spot with her butt.


And at the same time, a power like a tsunami runs through her whole body, and her chest emerald faintly heats up.

A huge amount of experience points was poured into Miliaria, who was almost empty.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Miliaria trembled.

Her mouth rises up with overflowing joy. Ah, this is the kindness of the creator, I can believe.

Yes! This is what I wanted!

The explosive growth strongly impressed Miliaria with what a level up is by pouring experience points into her body.

The heat that feels like boiling blood vessels is followed by a terrifying sense of omnipotence.

Miliaria slowly stood up and took a deep breath of air.


Steam rises from her body and her whole body sweats.

She felt a little pain, but at this time she had to take a suitable form.

“It’s… It’s rattling!”

Right now, even if it’s a bluff, I will eventually make it real.

Miliaria quickly wipes her hair wet with sweat.

And at this moment, Miliaria, who rushes into death fate only by herself, was reborn as she walked, showing it.

Chapter 11: The villainess princess doesn’t show self-restraint

Well, I just went home!

After achieving her goal, Miliaria quickly returned home from the labyrinth.

She had to go back once because the boss wouldn’t respawn.

Miliaria knew that her current state of weakness would make it difficult for her to survive in the challenging labyrinth.

She would have to continue to be cautious for a while.

However, she couldn’t ignore the strange changes happening within her.

“Ho ho ho ho ho! Alright! Let’s begin the lesson in spiritual arts!”

“…Yes, Miliaria-sama. We’ll start with the basics.”


The bread and Miliana opened the iron fan with a flourish, and it gleamed radiantly.

Miliaria, who could easily open and close the fan despite her small and weak hands, felt a sense of satisfaction wash over her.

This was a lesson, after all.

The lesson, taught by a novice spiritual arts teacher still finding their footing, mainly consisted of repeating the basics.

Once you learned the basic spiritual arts that suited your attribute, it was necessary to practice every day to be able to use them properly.

By “basics,” it refers to techniques other than attributes.

These include floating objects and enhancing physical abilities, all of which can be accomplished by manipulating the spiritual art that flows within the body, similar to muscle training.

Miliaria was still a young girl, and before, her arm strength was only sufficient to maintain levitation for a few seconds.

She had never tried physical enhancement before, as she disliked the idea of getting muscle if something went wrong.

But those days were behind her.

Miliaria, trying to show off while feeling slightly embarrassed, disappeared into the dungeon.

“Please lift and maintain this brick,” instructed Hoipin-sensei, the spiritual arts teacher.

“Understood,” Miliaria replied, nodding to the teacher’s instructions. She then swung her iron fan towards the brick and focused on levitation.

The brick effortlessly rose into the air and remained suspended two meters above the ground.

Miliaria smiled with pride and covered her mouth with the iron fan.

Hoipin-sensei was ecstatic.

“Oh! Amazing! To be able to master stable levitation like this!”

“Well done. This level is barely worth a mention!”

Miliaria boasted confidently that it was nothing special for her.

At her current spiritual power level, she could maintain levitation for hours, not just minutes.

Her level, which had defeated the Wight-Emperor, was likely over 30, an impressive value for a seasoned fighter, not just a castle knight.

Considering that the recommended level for the endgame was around 50, she was capable of participating in battles in the middle of the game.

However, there was no reason for Miliaria to neglect her basic magic lessons.

In fact, she saw these foundations as her lifeline in the future.

“Sensei, I have a particular interest in improving my levitation skills. How can I increase the weight I can lift?”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. It’s important to master the basics. Keep practicing and you’ll become a skilled spiritual arts master…”

“No, I’m not interested in becoming a good spiritual arts master. Specifically, I want to increase my power. I want to be able to lift heavier objects, as well as improve stability and accuracy.”

“Oh? …I see. It’s crucial to never miss your daily spiritual arts training. You need to find your own way to manipulate it freely. Also… it’s not scientifically proven, but it’s said that physical exercise can also help. The limits of levitation are often tied to physical strength.”

“Oh… I understand. I’ll do my best to strike a balance between the two.”

Miliaria knew that there was no alternative but to be consistent, but actually hearing it made her sigh.

Of course, she would prioritize spiritual arts training, but she resolved to also incorporate arm exercises, albeit with a sigh.

“Let’s maintain this levitation for a while. Alright? The source of spiritual arts power is said to be ‘thought.’ It’s the fundamental part of the soul that harnesses immense power. A spiritual arts master harnesses ‘thought’ and uses it as spiritual power to perform the arts. Through training, you will be able to harness a stronger thought and master powerful spiritual arts.”

Hoipin-sensei’s lessons always followed this pattern.

While conducting basic training, he would impart the teachings of spiritual arts like a Buddhist scripture.

The original Miliaria despised these lessons like a snake and a scorpion.

However, the current Miliaria was different.

She was eagerly listening, hoping to discover new possibilities she may have overlooked.

After maintaining levitation for about 10 minutes, Hoipin-sensei clapped his hands in approval, and Miliaria slowly lowered the brick to the ground.

“Wonderful! As expected of Miliaria-sama! You’ve improved greatly!”

“Of course!”

Why did tears form in Hoipin-sensei’s eyes as she clapped with excitement?

Miliaria realized that she needed to reflect on her behavior, as the accumulation of her daily actions had taken a toll on her.

And finally, the much-anticipated event was about to take place.

“Well then, please try the attribute art.”

“I’ve been waiting!”


Oops, Hoipin-sensei was taken aback by Miliaria’s enthusiasm.

Miliaria realized that, even as a lady, her manners were not up to par.

Miliaria cleared her throat with a cough and regained her composure, covering her mouth with the iron fan.

“Excuse me. I understand. Would you like to see a new technique I just learned today?”

“A new technique you just learned? I’d love to see it,” the teacher replied.


Miliaria positioned herself in front of the target for her spiritual arts practice and spread her legs slightly apart.

She extended her hands forward and focused her spirit.

She was going to demonstrate the new lightning attribute, which was dull.

With her increased level, Miliaria had learned a new lightning attribute spiritual art.


Spiritual arts are roughly divided into three stages, each with a different name based on its power.

Miliaria was going to use the maximum power, Goroadon, as she felt confident in her ability to control it.


Think of it as a chant in a game-like setting.

This is the fuel for spiritual power and determines the power of the spell, based on factors such as INT, intelligence, magic attack power, etc.

Miliaria channeled the explosively heightened energy towards the target.

The air crackled and small stones with phosphorescence floated around.

At that moment, Hoipin-sensei began to panic.

“Uh, … Miliaria-sama? Miliaria-sama??”


But Miliaria was unable to hear these words as she was fully focused on casting the spell.

Gradually, even the sound around her became inaudible, and at the peak of her concentration, the incantation of the spell spilled from her lips.

“Thunder and roar, oh heavens, Goroadon!”

Thunderclouds swirled in the blue sky, and lightning bolts shot down from the sky.

The target, of course, was the training ground at Miliaria’s residence.

Just as she heard a crunching sound, there was an explosion.

The residence shook, and windows shattered from the shockwave.

At first, Miliaria thought she had gone blind from the white, hazy view.

In the midst of the rising sand dust, her vision and hearing returned with a high-pitched sound.

What Miliaria saw was the desolate land where the target had disappeared and Hoipin-sensei collapsing to the ground, screaming.


Oh no, this is terrible. It’s better to be at the edge of the palace grounds even within the castle grounds.

Despite being frightened, Miliaria forced herself to wipe away the cold sweat, as it looked bad.

She then crossed her arms and said,

“Gehogeho… Hyoo ho ho ho! Oh my. I tried to hold back, but I think I may have overdone it a bit?”

Even she was thoroughly shocked. And she also missed her laughter a little.

Although her memories were telling her to be “a little more self-restrained!” she disregarded them and thought that this spectacle was something to boast about.

Miliaria covered her mouth with the iron fan and just let her proud laughter echo.

Chapter 12: The villainess princess awakens to muscles

As soon as Miliaria turned the training ground into a barren wasteland, she was scolded. The facility was designed to withstand intense training, but she couldn’t understand why.

However, Miliaria finally realized the extent of the mess she had made in her room with all the shattered glass.

She realized that it was not always appropriate to be so flamboyant.

So, with a change of mood and a practical goal in mind, Miliaria set out to become more beautiful.

The old Miliaria used to believe that a muscle-bound princess was not beautiful, but she now realizes that this was a misguided notion.

Muscles that are easily visible are not easily obtained, and if they deteriorate, there is only disadvantage.


Taking this advice to heart, Miliaria began doing arm raises and sit-ups in her room. As she worked, she heard a crash and the sound of a vase falling.

“Mary… have you been distracted lately? Vases aren’t cheap, you know. They’re beat up already.”

“Well, um… I think Ojo-sama, who has been taking too many unexpected actions, is also to blame.”

For a moment, Miliaria was confused by Mary’s words, but then she realized that she was referring to her weight training. Miliaria puffed out her cheeks in frustration.

“What are you saying? Arm push-ups are just a hobby for girls dieting, aren’t they? There’s no reason to be blamed for what you do in your own room.”

“…Dieting? I don’t think Ojo-sama needs it though?”

“No, weight training. I’m working on building up my arm strength.”

“…Eh? Why? I’ve also heard that you’ve increased your sword practice. What happened? Did you suddenly awaken an interest in muscles?”

“If you want to call it an awakening, then yes, I’ve awakened. It’s not a bad thing to have some muscle, is it? It’s better to be prepared for any slackening of fat. Inner muscles are important.”

“Ugh… you’re saying painful things to my ears.”

“And, Mary, this is necessary. Please cooperate? Can you ask the chef to give me more chicken breast? Or a non-oiled fish? I’m focusing on high protein. Then, a beautiful body will come naturally, Mary.”

“I, I don’t really understand, but I’ll tell the chef to increase the chicken dishes. And I’ll try eating it too!”

It seems that Miliaria has inspired another person to focus on building muscle, and she increased the pace of her arm push-ups.

Miliaria believed that muscles equated to power, and that a solid foundation was necessary.

“That’s right. While we’re at it, let’s try lifting the iron ball using levitation. That should bring us closer to our goal.”

After a somewhat unsatisfying conversation, Miliaria began a serious special training regimen.

All of the previous, mundane training was just a prelude to reaching the next level of seriousness.

Chapter 13: The villainess princess is suddenly attacked by an accident.

And the battle was like a repetition of basic training.

As usual, Miliaria snuck into the dungeon and tirelessly threw high-priced potions.



“Well, this is the fifth time today. I’m already several levels ahead.”

The repopulation from the entrance to the outside remained unchanged and was quite good.

The nine-year-old Miliaria, who had begun to feel a sense of relief and a thrill that couldn’t be described with the familiar death knells, started to experience it.

“…This feeling of power from leveling up is dangerous. What if I accidentally open a strange door?”

When she voiced this concern, she now felt like it was too late.

The work was tough, but if she wasn’t careful, she would die, so she had to pay close attention.

Her target level was 60.

That level, which was almost within reach, was her minimum goal and the initial final boss, Miliaria, was already prepared to defeat it.

“But the efficiency here is starting to decline.”

There would still be several more levels to climb.

However, it should no longer be possible to level up by today.

It was clear that she would have to overcome even more levels to go beyond this.

“A full-fledged battle… I’m excited!”

While she had some ideas for the crucial battle strategy, she wanted to focus on what she could do now.

But then, an incident occurred during the 10th repetition of the Wight-Emperor marathon.


As she shouted and threw the potion, which had become a casual gesture from her repeated use, the accident happened.

The familiar scream was not heard.



Even though the EX-Potion was dripping, the Wight-Emperor, who showed no signs of disappearing, stood up and enveloped himself in a black aura.

Miliaria took a step back, tensing her facial muscles.

The boss’s unique sense of intimidation was intense.

Miliaria, who had no experience in combat, felt overwhelmed by the pressure.

The Wight-Emperor’s red shining eyes looked like those of a grim reaper, and the eyes staring at her seemed to foretell only death.

“W-What’s going on? The HP should have been depleted…!”

Miliaria, shaken by the unexpected turn of events, frantically inspected the potion bottle she held.


It turns out that the stated shelf life had expired by about three years.

Chapter 14: The villainess princess breaks through the wall

“…! That damn merchant! He really bought the expired one!”

This mistake was the cause of the Wight-Emperor’s rage.

He was fuming, steam practically pouring from his head and mouth.


“W-Why? I’ve only sprayed you with a recovery potion dozens of times…!”

Miliaria knew that these words would only infuriate him further.

“…but I can’t just sit here and let you kill me!”

Despite the situation, Miliaria was not caught off guard.

Perhaps it was her laziness that had kept her from engaging in battles until now.

The Wight-Emperor’s dark clothing radiated a curse-like pressure, but Miliaria smiled, her fighting spirit ignited.

“Well, this is unexpected——let’s show them what we’ve got!”

She reached into her magical bag and pulled out a steel ball.

Miliaria focused her gaze on her opponent and used levitation to lift the ball, which had a hole in it, into the air.

The ball hung suspended, aimed directly at the Wight-Emperor’s head.

The Wight-Emperor wouldn’t wait patiently, though.

He drew a massive sword from among the treasures surrounding him and lunged at Miliaria.

His jump was terrifyingly fast.

But coming straight at her was like asking to be hit.

“Teleport. Continuous activation—blow it away!”

As she spoke, a flash of light blinked from the ball’s hole.

The result of Miliaria’s experiment was that if an object already exists at the destination, her teleport would rapidly shoot away the existing object at the same coordinates.

If successful, a strong light is generated, with power comparable to a bullet.

And the transported material remains properly at that coordinate.

In other words, by repeatedly teleporting, rapid-fire was possible.


The rain of lead shot out at a speed that was almost invisible pummeled the Wight-Emperor’s body mercilessly.

Miliaria continued to barrage him with bullets frantically.

The Wight-Emperor attempted to dodge by jumping around the room several times, but the bullets never missed their mark.

“Gah… Kah kah kah.”

Within moments, his dark clothing, which was supposed to be tough, was shredded to pieces, and the Wight-Emperor fell to the ground.

It was a victory.

Miliaria watched the disappearing Wight-Emperor, her body covered in sweat, tensed.

But what echoed through the room was not the death rattle of the Wight-Emperor, but Miliaria’s loud, triumphant laughter.

“…Yes! Ho ho ho ho ho! Great victory! That’s it!”

She saw that the door of the hidden room, which was revealed by the defeat of the boss, was shining with a golden light.

It was just a hunch, but it was enough to use.

Her weak arm strength was augmented, and her excessive, unauthorized cheat method had worked.

And it had worked overwhelmingly, to the point of negating the level difference.

——Her level increased.

The sense of achievement, as if she heard a victory fanfare, signaled Miliaria’s full-scale start.

From now on, she would have no need to hesitate.

All of the elements of failure had become meaningless in the face of her meshing gears.

“Well… but I’m really tired, after all.”

Miliaria returned to her room and slept deeply.

That night, she dreamed of being hoisted by the Golden Wight-Emperor and waving lead balls around.

Chapter 15: The villainess princess stabs

“As expected of Princess Miliaria, you are remarkable.”

“It was my pleasure, it was a valuable learning experience.”

The etiquette teacher, Miss Samantha, seemed pleased with Miliaria’s performance during their tea party lesson.

Miliaria, who had developed an interest in etiquette lessons, found them to be quite fascinating.

It was a matter of refinement.

The attention to detail and the numerous delicate manners were captivating.

In her pursuit of beauty, even in the smallest of details, Miliaria discovered the knowledge of what humanity considered to be beautiful.

Only recently, she had thought, “What’s the point of this pointless, full course meal? It ruins the taste of the food!” It was a shallow thought from a girl who sought beauty, but she now regretted it.

She wanted to be as dedicated as her newfound level of knowledge allowed.

Miliaria aimed to reach new heights, beyond simply wanting to be beautiful for its own sake.

With her daily intense level-ups, she was determined to achieve this goal.

Miliaria returned to her room with enthusiasm and opened the door with eagerness.

Although it was far from beautiful, she needed to maintain her momentum.

“Mary! Prepare my dress!”

“A dress?…Was there a tea party invitation?”

Mary looked confused, as she had not heard of any invitation, but Miliaria laughed confidently.

“It’s not a tea party, it’s a celebration! It’s a special training, but I won’t show off.”

It was like a celebration in hell, and she couldn’t explain it, but she was determined to give it her all.


“Ho ho ho ho ho ho! Ho ho ho ho ho!”

Miliaria let out a high-pitched laugh as she walked through the dungeon.

She was proud and confident as she walked down the hallway in her red dress and iron fan, using the walking style she had learned in the etiquette lesson.

However, for Miliaria, there was still room for improvement.

She wanted to wear high heels and improve the levitation iron ball.

“No more sneaking around the side of the road! Time to earn some experience points! You’ll be my next meal!”

Miliaria’s body was overflowing with newfound power after leveling up.

She could now easily lift three iron balls.

As for the boss, she wouldn’t be late for the encounter with the lesser monsters.

The sound of numerous footsteps could be heard from a distance.

As soon as Miliaria spotted the monster, Basilisk, with its massive chicken body and snake tail, she aimed and attacked.

The battle was about to begin.

“Activating teleport continuously——Fire!”

A line of iron balls quickly formed in front of Miliaria, and with a flash, she cut down the Basilisk.

What was left behind was a large chunk of meat, surrounded by sparkling magic stones.

“Hmm… I don’t know if I should be happy that I don’t have to dismantle it in this dungeon, or if I should be surprised at this unnaturalness I just realized. But it’s convenient, so it’s good… if I sell these scattered magic stones, I’ll make some money… this is suspicious!”

Regardless, it was a victory.

Miliaria was about to dance with joy at how easily her tactics were working.

The passages on this floor were narrow, forcing close encounters with the monsters, but with Miliaria’s combat style, she could defeat them before they got too close.

Even for monsters with close-range abilities, her iron ball was a fatal blow that worked wonders.

Miliaria’s continuous attack with fixed damage was lethal, regardless of her attack power, and the monsters had no escape route, so they couldn’t dodge.

As a result, her bag was soon overflowing with loot.

“Ho ho ho ho! I can’t stop laughing! The teleport technique is the best!”

Miliaria stroked her cheek and praised her iron ball.

She was already in love with her teleport gun (temporary).

This fighting style was like a secret technique, and she was determined to continue developing her tricks.

What was Miliaria’s original fighting style?

Apart from the Dark Arts, she thinks she used to float and throw many knives, but this achievement has already surpassed her old ways. She was proud of her newfound coolness and elegance.

“In other words, this weapon is a cool, round object that floats around the character, like in many fantasy stories! Although, it’s just an iron ball now, so it’s not very refined.”

The floating round object was somehow cool, and would be perfect if there was an elegant master to wield it.

“Well, let’s keep going!”

Miliaria wanted to conquer the dungeon as quickly as possible.

It was more efficient to delve deeper and level up, instead of staying at the same level in the beginning.

The Wight-Emperor was just the starting point.

There were still many delicious hunting grounds waiting to be explored.

But she didn’t want to be too hasty, as there were events she couldn’t miss, even in shallow depths.

The first encounter on the small path was a small treasure chest.

“Huff huff huff… This is the essence of it.”

She aimed for the shortest path, but if she didn’t take what she could get, her play efficiency would actually be worse.

Since her goal was to become stronger, it was urgent to improve her equipment.

Miliaria opened the treasure chest and three glass bottles filled with liquid emerged.

“This is… medicine? Oh, this is a good thing, isn’t it? What was the color again?”

She carelessly threw a slightly white, strange liquid into her bag.

Her adventure had just begun.

That day, she spent about two hours exploring and had a substantial harvest.

By the way, there was a transfer point for each floor, and it was a relatively relaxed specification that allowed her to freely go to a conquered floor because it was the end content.

“Despite everything, it’s a helpful specification. And there’s also a lot of prey… as expected of an unexplored dungeon. Well, I guess I should say an explored dungeon? There’s a lot of amazing treasure.”

Miliaria returned to her room, drank a gulp, and fell asleep.

That day, she dreamed of making grilled chicken from the Basilisk, and got really craving grilled chicken.

Chapter 16: The villainess princess has her food taken away


Miliaria hummed a cheerful tune as she ran around her palace before lunch.

In the courtyard, she stumbled upon a perfect hiding spot and, using a skewer and a net, she stole a bird from the dining hall’s kitchen.

Today, she had no responsibilities or studies, and planned to enjoy a relaxed day.

“There are plenty of things to skewer if you look for them!”

Overwhelmed with joy, Miliaria couldn’t resist handling the bird and began preparing it.

As a genius, she was able to cook the internal organs with just a vague understanding from a mysterious memory, even though she had never cooked in this manner before.

Chicken looked delicious and the result seemed like it was from another world, making her mouth water.

“Oh, I have to be careful. I must not be sloppy… Salt is the key, it solves everything.”

And now, all she needed to do was roast it over the charcoal… it was going to be fantastic.

As she waited for the charcoal to settle down, Miliaria finished her preparations.

She lined up the chickens neatly on the net and placed them over the fire.

The adjustment of the fire here would determine the flavor of the dish.

She gazed at the flames and the chicken skewers.

However, Miliaria was so focused that she didn’t notice the little one who had sat down next to her until it was too late.



The little one, with prince-like features and fluffy blonde hair, was sitting with his fingers clasped together, gazing at Miliaria’s skewers.

“…What is it?”

Where did he come from?

The adorable little one is surprised and fixates on Miliaria as she initiates a conversation.

No, this was different.

To test it, Miliaria tried to pick up a skewer, and the little one’s gaze followed it without fail.

This little one was a foodie. What was she going to do now?

The skewers were a secret mission, known only to the kitchen group who had obtained the ingredients. She couldn’t let this stranger slip any information.

However, Miliaria couldn’t be certain that she wouldn’t give in. The little one in front of her had a gaze that was too innocent and sincere.


Miliaria sighed, defeated.

“…Well, it doesn’t feel right to deny you.”

Reluctantly, Miliaria offered the skewer to the little one, who eagerly took it.

“Oh! Be careful! The skewer is hot! Don’t eat the skewer!”

Ignoring Miliaria’s warnings, the little one expertly removed the meat from the skewer and stuffed it into their mouth, swallowing it with a big gulp.

“H-How is it?”

Miliaria asked, and the little one smiled brightly, swallowing the meat before returning a little gaze to the skewer.

Apparently, the grilled chicken was to the little one’s liking.

Miliaria looked up at the sky.

Well, she had found someone to share it with, so there was no going back now.

“Would you… like to eat some grilled chicken together?”

The child nodded happily and took another skewer, gulping it down.

Miliaria picked up a piece of skin and tried it. It was delicious, tasting like the best she had ever had.

Chapter 17: The villainess princess’ encounters

“Something happened, but what was it, I wonder, Mary?”

As they talked during dinner time with the intention of chatting, Caran and Mary dropped the tray.

“Is it time for that tray to stop having a round shape (because it keeps falling)?”

“What are you doing, Miliaria-sama … is that … the offspring of the duke?”

“…What? Why would there be one here?”

“You shouldn’t say such a thing! I heard that the Duke brought him with him on business.

“…I don’t know about that?”

“Miliaria-sama had a long holiday, so I didn’t inform you. It was a sudden talk.”

Even if it’s the offspring of a duke, there’s no need to specifically tell the child.

Probably, opportunities to meet with someone who is not much different from oneself or with a younger partner are rare in the royal castle.

More to the point, such a cute child … well, it’s not so rare in this world, but the feeling of gaining(bonus) is undoubtedly there.

Thinking to herself, “I see, he’s a Duke,” Miliaria asked, “Do you know his name?”

“Yes, I heard it’s Edward, Your Highness,” Mary replied.


Miliaria gasped, choking on the large steak in her mouth.

She quickly drank some water to clear her throat.

She couldn’t ignore that name.

Edward, from the Duke family, was the name of the strategy character who defeated the demon king Miliaria, together with the heroine in “Concerto of the Light Princess.”

The golden-haired, blue-eyed prince, who could be considered the main character of the story, was the central figure of the story.

Of course, he was also handsome. Haha.

Miliaria managed to swallow the piece of meat and sighed with relief.

“It’s okay, I just bit off more than I could chew.”

“P-Please be careful. It’s not good for your health,” Mary warned.

“My esophagus is not narrow enough to not be able to swallow a steak! If you wanted to kill me, couldn’t you have at least brought me a thicker American one?”

“…Please calm down and enjoy your meal,” Mary said, trying to keep the mood light.

That’s correct.

The size of the steak doesn’t matter as much as satisfying one’s hunger. The characters in the story are not Miliaria’s concern.

More importantly, Miliaria has been feeling hungry lately due to her increased physical activity.

Conquering the labyrinth requires intense effort, even in the game world.

Not only are the enemies strong, but time is also a major obstacle.

“Ah… I lack grace in everything. I need to make an effort,” Miliaria thought to herself.

“Yes, moderation is best for your appearance (Don’t be such a tomboy),” Mary commented.

“You’re annoying,” Miliaria replied, a little frustrated.

Mary’s remarks may have been a little concerning, but the immediate issue was that Miliaria was tired of playing games and didn’t care about the game characters anymore.


“I want to eat Yakitori (skewed chicken), Otoo-sama!”

“Yakitori? What’s that?” the Duke asked.

From that day on, Edward frequently mentioned his favorite mysterious food, Yakitori, much to the Duke’s confusion. But that was not Miliaria’s business.

Chapter 18: The villainess princess develops a new technique

Sixth floor

Miliaria encountered a challenge.

“This is a tough walk…”

For some reason, the soil-covered path was poorly maintained, making it difficult for Miliaria to traverse in her shoes.

Issues that seemed trivial in the game became a harsh reality when experienced in person.

“Were there many areas like this? This is a problem…”

The wide path was overgrown with vines and moss, and there were numerous bumps that appeared to be tree roots.

It was not a place suitable for wearing shoes like walking around the castle.

If it were the usual Ojo-sama, they would have given up, but Miliaria’s thought process was different.

“This is…Let’s think of a spiritual art that can level the ground!”

Recently, Miliaria had been focusing on spiritual art and it was a natural thought for her.

It may seem a silly idea, but Miliaria’s talent was quickly surpassing human limitations.

Miliaria found a large tree root and sat down, craning her neck.

“To begin with, I don’t fully understand what spiritual art is. Is it just a way of performing long-range attacks? No, no, despite that, the basics can be used for various things, right?”

Levitation is one example, and teleportation can also be considered a form of spiritual art. It’s hard to believe that the magic bag is not related to spiritual art.

“Why is spiritual art limited to just attacking? It’s too mediocre.”

Most attributed spiritual arts are divided into three categories based on their power.

For example, Miliaria’s thunder attribute.

The three spells of GoroaGorondGoroadon.

The dark attribute is Ancrasia of AnkuAnkokuu.

Although the methods of destruction may differ, they are all spells used to defeat the opponent, and many spiritual art users measure their power by exploiting their strengths and weaknesses.

“I want spiritual art to be more mysterious and useful. If it can be used for things like levitation, it seems like it could be applied even more with the attribute added, right?”

Although it’s just a game, Miliaria’s idea was not confined by the game system and was her greatest weapon.

With this in mind, Miliaria was eager to try it out.

“…Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s give it a try!”

Miliaria immediately put her skills in dark spiritual art to the test.

What she envisioned was a smooth, flat road that would be easy to walk on in her shoes.

It was like laying out a carpet over the rough terrain.

She remembered the Wight-Emperor, whose body was covered in what appeared to be the result of dark spiritual art.

That could be a good starting point to use as reference.

Miliaria visualized the path to her destination and imagined laying out a carpet.

“I’ll call it… the Black Carpet!”

With a burst of magic power, a roll-like black energy appeared, transforming the rough terrain into a black road.

“Wow! This is so easy! This is amazing!”

Spiritual art can be arranged so easily!

Miliaria was unaware that this was a result of her exceptional talent and the ability to produce sudden, unexpected techniques, which was characteristic of the final boss.

She tried walking on the newly created black road.

“…It has just the right amount of elasticity. I was worried about being crushed, but it’s soft.”

The road was like walking on a carpet, making it incredibly easy to traverse.

A voice in her head reminded her that this was too much in a dungeon, but the ease of travel was the most important thing.

“I made a great spell… yes! I’ll be able to travel smoothly!”

The smooth road was a great advantage.

With this, she could conquer the dungeon even in high heels.

With the easier travel, she would reach her destination in no time.

The staircase led to a large room, where monsters acted as guards.

In this format, she couldn’t proceed unless she defeated the boss.

A huge pig, which seemed to be too jammed in the previous corridors to walk through, dominated the floor as the boss, taking advantage of the spaciousness of the room.


“This guy is round and fat…”

The round and fat pig’s main method of attack was through powerful rushing attacks.

With high HP and endurance, it wasn’t a dangerous enemy unless a mistake was made, as its attack pattern was monotonous.

Miliaria, who was skilled in using technical spiritual art, chuckled confidently.

“Let’s go steady and strong! I’ll show you my magnificent skills! You can attack from any angle…”

Feeling self-assured, she was caught off guard by a surprising ground attack.

The ground shook violently and Miliaria was thrown off balance.


Oh, Miliaria remembered that the pig had that attack pattern too… but more than that, what filled her mind was intense anger.

“You’ve soiled my dress…Goroadon!”

With merciless thunder, she burned the pig to a crisp.

Yes, she realized that the attribute magic that can be fired without thinking is the best.

Miliaria, who saw the pig rise in smoke and retract its iron fan, realized she had become too relaxed.

At that moment, Miliaria remembered she had forgotten to bring dinner.

“…Tomorrow’s side dish will be pork cutlets!”

Miliaria shot bullets into the three floating iron balls.

Chapter 19: The villainess princess makes what she wants to eat

Kara kara kara kara…

The sound of the breadcrumbs sizzling was satisfying and comforting.

Miliaria had taken over the kitchen with great enthusiasm and was now fully immersed in cooking.

Her occupation of the kitchen, theft of ingredients, and display of power had left the cooks in distress.

Mary was the only one watching Miliaria.

“Ojo-sama… you’re using too much oil. You shouldn’t play with your food like that.”

“No, I have to. I need to eat some fried food today, or I’ll die.”

“Please don’t say such things. Why are you cooking? The cook will cry again.”

“Unfortunately, I took the pork, and the cook is crying. Let’s eat tonkatsu (pork cutlets) later.”

“But… is it safe? It’s making a lot of noise.”

“That’s good. The oil is made from special pork fat. There’s no reason it wouldn’t taste delicious.”

Ignoring Mary’s concerns, Miliaria patiently waited for the perfect moment.

And now, it’s time to eat!

Miliaria expertly cut and plated the tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

The beautifully golden-brown cutlet was served on a plate with an impressive aura.

She added shredded cabbage, a squeeze of lemon, and a generous helping of sesame-based tonkatsu (pork cutlet) sauce to complete the dish.

“Fuh… I’ve created another masterpiece in this world. Let’s eat!”

“This looks… delicious. What a shame.”

“I know right?”

In order to keep her position as Mary’s master, she must start eating before drooling starts to appear.

It would be a waste to let such a perfect creation go to waste simply because it had cooled down.

When Miliaria took a bite of the thick cutlet, the rich pork oil flooded her mouth with flavor.

The overwhelming happiness made Miliaria’s body tremble.

As Miliaria ate with joy, Mary also licked her lips.

“Uh… may I eat too?”

“Oh? I thought you were worried that my cooking was just for fun?”

“Come on, Miliaria-sama, you’re being mean.”

After all, Miliaria was frying something, and of course, Mary’s portion was also made.

Mary eagerly accepted the plate and squeezed lemon on it, mimicking Miliaria.

As she took a bite, a crisp crunch echoed and her eyes widened in delight.

“——Th-This is delicious.”

“Of course it is!”

Miliaria was filled with pride in her accomplishment as a self-proclaimed otherworldly culinary expert.

However, Mary, who was trying to offer constructive criticism, tilted her head and said,

“Er… I think the sour juice is a bit much. And the decorative leaves will make the crisp skin go soft, won’t they?”



“I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away… I just let off a little spark.”

Oh no, Miliaria thought, she let out a little thunder.

Mary, if this continues, a war could break out in the kitchen.

Despite the minor setback, Miliaria took the finished cutlet to Tom, the cook, and he was moved to tears again, but strangely, he wasn’t sad.

What on earth made Tom cry over the cutlet? Miliaria thought it might have been the mustard that was too overpowering.

Chapter 20: The villainess princess goes out

Even the villainess princess Miliaria would sometimes become bored.

In one such moment, she snacked on some dried potatoes.

But why dried potatoes? As a treat for a princess, wouldn’t it be lacking in both color and flavor?

Well, they were still delicious…

But dwelling on these questions for too long would only lead to boredom, so Miliaria opened her mouth and spoke.

“…It’s boring, Mary. Can’t you sing a song for me for a while?”

“That’s a subtle form of bullying.”

“It’s that boring. If this continues… I’ll have to sing and dance by myself… wouldn’t that be entertaining?”

“Please don’t dance in the carriage. It’s cramped.”

They were currently traveling by carriage.

Of course, when they go on a trip, even training takes a break.

Since Miliaria had grown closer to Mary, the latter’s teasing had become more stringent.

Miliaria was a carefree individual, but at times she felt lonely.

“But the outside world looks so fun.”

“Miliaria-sama? They’re not playing.”

Oh? Is that so?

From inside the rocking carriage, Miliaria could hear the sounds of the knights happily playing outside in the serene atmosphere.

“Jelly! Jelly has appeared!”

“Don’t get too close to the carriage!”


TL: It’s not a Slime — ゼリーだ

The first thing that came to mind was the delicious, fruit-flavored dessert that was a summertime favorite.

But her monster encyclopedia quickly corrected her, informing her that it was actually the name of a monster.

“…Looks like they’re having a blast?”

“What are you talking about? Jelly is a powerful monster, you know?”

“…Well, I suppose so.”

Miliaria peered out the window.

The knights in armor were indeed battling a green jelly that was about the size of a basketball.

Miliaria quietly turned away and organized her thoughts.

She realized that in this world, many monsters were modeled after sweets, especially those that would appeal to girls.

It was a lazy concept, with monsters named after sweets such as jelly, pudding, parfait, and so on.

Even though they were supposed to be dangerous, to Miliaria, it appeared that the knights were simply playing with ghostly sweets.

“…What can I say, it looks scrumptious, doesn’t it?”

“…What? Your Highness… are you referring to jelly? I’ve never thought it was palatable, though?”

“Eh? Isn’t it delicious? It’s wobbly, and——”

Miliaria realized the truth about the world at that moment. How could something with that translucent green color be appealing?

In fact, Miliaria had also considered this, but there seemed to be a shortage of sweets in this world.

Even if there were, they all seemed bland to her current taste buds.

She had thought it was due to the scarcity of sugar and the lack of advanced confectionery, but… she couldn’t shake the feeling that the answer was right in front of her.

As long as there were monsters that looked like sweets, they couldn’t possibly be delicious.

Miliaria shuddered at the thought.

It was only logical, if you thought about it.

Imagine if a way was found to solidify fruit juice. If someone asked if it was delicious, the response would be similar to this.

“Doesn’t it feel slimy like jelly? Can’t it look like something else?”

Miliaria suddenly had no desire to eat anything.

Memories from another world were disrupting her thoughts and emotions.

In other words, was it their (monsters) fault that there were so few sweets?! When she reached this conclusion, her previous notion that it looked delicious vanished.

“…Indeed. If I must fight, I will eliminate them with every ounce of my being.”

“Ojo-sama? You have a very intimidating expression… If you bite your lips too hard, you will have to cut them off. Ojo-sama?”

Whoops, I shouldn’t have let my guard down. My doubts have been cleared and my urge to kill has risen.

Leisure is causing me to think about unnecessary things.

And now, I’ve remembered another unnecessary thing related to monsters.

Come to think of it, Miliaria had experienced a traumatic event in her childhood.

It was an event that was yet to happen, but while on a trip, Miliaria was attacked by a formidable monster.

At that time, Miliaria herself had sustained injuries and had to recuperate for several days, but her parents still didn’t visit her, and this only reinforced the already selfish Miliaria’s doubts about love and drove her further down the path of evil. That was the story.

In fact, Miliaria only had a few memories of her parents visiting her and was mainly taken care of by servants.

This was a result of the traditions of the Humming Kingdom.

The Humming Kingdom was ruled by a queen, and to raise strong and independent princesses, they were given a mansion within the castle grounds and raised by maids.

While it would be harsh to blame the current queen, who was raised in a similar environment, it would also be cruel to expect a young girl to understand it.

Miliaria was just one of the exceptions.

“…I wonder when the event will happen.”

Miliaria mumbled to herself.

Most of the time, events were powerful battles.

But to be honest, she couldn’t predict when an event would occur.

Although she didn’t leave the mansion often, monsters still appeared randomly.

She wanted to be stronger before that happened, even if it may never come.

What worried Miliaria more than unpredictable events was the future that was sure to come.

For example, if this carriage was heading to her grandfather’s mansion, she should be worried about that now.

“Did Oji-sama need a souvenir or something?”

“We have already prepared them here, so…”

Miliaria was talking about meaningless things out of boredom when Mary’s words were suddenly drowned out by a loud noise.

“Enemy attack! It’s a monster!”

“Form a line!”

Here we go again.

The carriage came to a stop, and Mary moved to Miliaria’s side with a serious expression.

“It’s a Horned Bear! It’s a big one!”

Miliaria responded to the voice.

“Did you say Horned Bear?! Please wait a moment!”


Miliaria kicked open the carriage door and jumped out.

There was a black bear with horns, about 5 meters long, that had burst through the forest trees and was now staring at Miliaria and the others.

Chapter 21: The villainess princess picks up souvenirs

“…Ah, Miliaria-sama.”

A voice filled with despair, unlike any Mary had ever voiced before, lingered in her ears.

Again, Miliaria’s memories surged within her with a powerful force.

Horned Bear.

An intermediate-level monster, tough and strong, but lacking spiritual abilities.

Its meat was slightly tough, but flavorful, and it’s right paw was sweet, like honey.

Some fur collectors traded at high prices for its pelt, the value of which increased if it was undamaged and its horns were intact.

In other words, it was a prized trophy.

“Knights! Retreat for now! You mustn’t damage the fur!”

Miliaria cried out in alarm.

Her voice was high-pitched and carried well.

The Horned Bear glared at them, and the knights guarding them paled.

“Why did you let Ojo-sama out!”

“Stop her at all costs!”

Although they seemed disturbed, it was unacceptable to hold a sword while instructing them not to damage the fur.

Miliaria stared directly at the Horned Bear and licked her red lips.

Being flustered, panicked, and scared is not elegant.

At times like this, it is the composure of a beautiful and strong person to remain calm and achieve the best outcome gracefully.

“Move aside.”

As the knights prepared to attack the monster with their swords, Miliaria summoned tentacles from their (knights) shadows, restraining the Horned Bear.

This was a new development, the application of dark fibers that could be woven freely.

The tentacles firmly restrained the Horned Bear’s movements, preventing any further violence or harm.

It was good that she had created a spell to restrain it. Although it was her first time using it in actual combat, it seemed to be effective.

No matter its size, it was just a monster on the ground, inferior to the random first-floor monsters in the hidden dungeon.

Miliaria quickly examined the immobilized Horned Bear, transferred her favorite iron ball, and prepared to deal the killing blow.

“Nice to meet you. Well then, goodbye! —— Fire!”

She smiled and struck the heart with a single blow.

With that one strike, the Horned Bear was killed, but unlike in the dungeon, its body did not disappear.

“…Wonderful. This will make a great souvenir for Oji-sama ♪.”

Miliaria turned around with a cheerful expression.

Then, she saw her amazing subordinates, and Miliaria tilted her head.

And thinking back to the cause of this atmosphere, she hit her hand.

“I’m sorry for bothering you with work. I was thinking about getting something ready as a souvenir for Oji-sama, that’s why I wanted this fur and meat. Of course, I will help with the transportation too, okay?”

“That’s not it!”

“Then what is it?”

The head of the knight squad, Remington, was showing an angry retort, but shouldn’t he be happy since she finished his work?

The moment she hunted her prey is the moment of bliss for a hunter.

But at this time, Miliaria completely forgot.

That she is not a hunter, but a princess.

And she thought she had shown her skills during the lesson, but the meaning of actual practice is completely different.

Everyone was stunned, but Miliaria was the only one who was jumping with excitement about the size of the prey she hunted.

Well, well, it’s a good start that the souvenirs will come from over there.

If this dangerous event goes as smoothly as this, Miliaria will tie the Horned Bear she hunted to the roof of an appropriate carriage with magic.

Chapter 22: The villainess princess travels to the countryside

The mansion where Miliaria’s grandfather, Cymbal, lived was located in the countryside. Although Miliaria was not involved in politics, she was aware of the significance of the location near the capital, and so was careful not to be rude.

When Miliaria arrived, she was greeted warmly by her grandfather, a kindly middle-aged man.

This was an opportunity for Miliaria to show off her power.

“Oh! You’ve arrived! Miliaria!”

“Oji-sama! Thank you for inviting me today!”

Miliaria greeted Cymbal cheerfully and lifted the hem of her skirt slightly.

Cymbal deepened his smile upon seeing Miliaria and patted her head.

“Hmm, it’s good that you’re safe. But weren’t you a little late?”

“Yes, Oji-sama. There was a small issue. But I got a great souvenir for you and had a wonderful journey!”

“Ho! A souvenir for me! What is it? I see, I see. What did you bring?”

Miliaria decided to show her special souvenir to the eager Cymbal.

At that moment, the expressions of Miliaria’s followers all tensed up.

“Here! It’s a bear! (A real one!) I found a great bear and thought I’d give it to Oji-sama!”

“A bear? (A stuffed animal?) Hmm… I see. Thank you! What kind of bear is it?”

“Yes! It’s very big, and even Mary was surprised. I think Oji-sama will be too!”

“I see, I see… It’s big. Where should I put this “bear”? Won’t it take up too much space in your room?”

“…What? You can’t put it in my room. Please put it at the entrance or in the living room. Also, it’s recommended for dinner!”

“…Dinner? You’re going to serve a bear? (A stuffed animal?) for dinner?”

“Is that strange? But I heard that wild bear is a delicacy.”

“Wild? That’s the bear’s name?”

“No, that’s why we’re eating the bear. It’s supposed to have a unique taste.”

At this point, the unreadable conversation is finally given room for doubt.

Cymbal, unable to find the right words, looked away from Miliaria.

“Uh, um? … I don’t think we can eat it … I’m sorry, maid. What is this “bear” that Miliaria is talking about?”

Mary, who was in charge, forced a smile, but in accordance with her professional demeanor, she gave a brief explanation.

“It’s a… giant Horned Bear.”

“I hunted it!”

Miliaria, satisfied with the explanation, patted her waist and made a confident statement.

Miliaria knew that hunting was the pastime of lords, and the size of the prey was a symbol of status. As an innocent granddaughter, she was boasting about her success.

“Oh? Is that so … hm?”

Cymbal still seemed to be having trouble understanding, even after the explanation, and was tilting his head.

“I don’t really understand. Show me this bear or whatever.”

“It’s on the last carriage! You’ll know it’s there because it’s covered in cloth!”

Cymbal followed Miliaria’s directions to the last carriage.

“Here it is!”

Cymbal looked up at the large, horse-drawn carriage covered in cloth and blinked in surprise.

“Ugh, hmm… is this a bear? Hey, remove the cloth.”

“H-Here…? Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Okay? What do you mean? Just remove it quickly.”

“Yes! Excuse me!”

Cymbal ordered the knights, who were nervous, to remove the cloth and tensed up as he looked at Miliaria the moment it was revealed.

“Did Miliaria… take this down?”

“I took it down with one shot! Miliaria is studying spiritual arts!”

The bear was three times larger than the average Horned Bear, and its fur could be used as a mat, while its horns could be sold as materials. Miliaria was excited to try the meat, which was rumored to be delicious.

However, when she saw the expression on her grandfather’s face, she realized that he had turned blue.

“Is this… It attacked you?”

“Yes! It was a magnificent counterattack!”

As Miliaria declared, her grandfather fainted and collapsed with a sigh.


Miliaria realized, too late, that her grandfather was not a martial artist.

Chapter 23: The villainess princess enjoys her holiday to the fullest

“What a great summer vacation it was!”

With a break from the dungeon, I was able to explore and experiment with spiritual arts.

And to top it off, Oji-sama and I had a lovely picnic, and he was much more engaging than usual.

This relaxed state of mind is what I should strive for.

While exploring the forest during our picnic, we heard that the dense trees in a certain area were in an unmanaged forest and were dangerous due to high monster activity.

Of course, Oji-sama and I ventured into the dark, tree-filled area.

Sure enough, jelly monsters attacked us in large numbers, but surprise attacks are no match for me. Although my shoes did get a little dirty.

In the face of this world’s reality, I was a bit frustrated and used dark spiritual arts to crush the monsters.

The forest was revitalized as the trees were cleared, allowing for more sunlight to shine through.

The once dense forest had transformed into a small lake, a perfect place for reflection.

I can only imagine how popular it will become as a tourist destination by next year.

“Phew… that’s a wrap!”

Miliaria, who had just recorded the day’s diary entry, put down her pen with satisfaction.

It was indeed a fulfilling vacation.

“I was able to battle monsters in the low-level zone and was pleasantly surprised by my own strength.”

I let loose and fought without restraint, showcasing my abilities.

By displaying my skills, I was able to avoid any unwanted flags and deviations from the original work.

It’s a wild and effective technique to avoid trouble by not willingly engaging in a fight against a strong opponent.

“Hmm… I may be going off the rails, but what can I do? This world is an RPG after all!”

It’s easy to forget, but that’s the truth.

With fond memories and a contented heart, Miliaria crawled into bed, feeling relaxed and comfortable.

But in another room of the same mansion…

Cymbal’s voice was deep and stern, creating a stark contrast with the tranquil atmosphere in Miliaria’s chambers.

Mary, the maid, and Remington, the leader of the knight’s brigade, were both summoned to the study in the dead of night, causing an air of unease to permeate the room.

Cymbal was seated at his desk, his fists tightly clenched as he awaited their arrival.

“…I have a matter to address with both of you.”

The two individuals, caught off guard by the sudden summons, sat rigidly in their chairs.

Chapter 24: Behind the scenes of the villainess princess

Cymbal took a deep breath and addressed the two people he had summoned, the maid and the knight.

“Hey… you two. Miliaria… Isn’t that this kind of bad?”

“… It’s not bad.

“… It’s not bad.”

The maid and knight both shook their heads in unison.

Cymbal’s doubts persisted.

“Really? And what about this Mary person? Tell me what you think, I won’t be angry.”

When he directed his question specifically to the maid, Mary stiffened and replied.

“Um… well, Miliaria-sama, who used to have many challenging aspects, has recently become more energetic in her studies and is making appropriate progress as a princess…”

“Appropriate progress for a princess? In the past, Miliaria was selfish, but I felt like she was still more rational before… I mean, she was cute, wasn’t she? She didn’t have a sullen expression, she was cute and considerate. I definitely felt like she had grown. But what about her proficiency in spiritual arts?”

“I, I’ve heard that her progress in spiritual arts is nothing short of genius. Miliaria-sama has also mentioned that she are working especially hard in this area.”

“…Yeah. It seems like she is putting in a lot of effort. But, that is… is it okay to describe it as genius? We got lost in the forest, the hole? It’s not like a mole hole, right? The terrain changed, didn’t it? Are you teaching her or something with a lesson?”

Cymbal emphasized his tone on the crucial point, causing the maid’s gaze to finally wander.

“…I don’t think I’m teaching her.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. But it’s okay. Proficiency in spiritual arts is a requirement for the queen’s qualifications. My wife, my daughter, everyone knows they were amazing… But how can you defeat monsters so easily at that age? The remnants are crushed by strange flying things, or even stepped on… What’s going on? Remington?”

The grandchild, who wielded weapons he had never seen before and effortlessly slaughtered monsters with immense power, was cute but scary.

When Cymbal questioned the knight, he too seemed a bit perplexed.

“…Well, Miliaria-sama is learning how to wield all weapons and practicing self-defense techniques, but I’ve only heard that she has excellent physical strength.”

“Physical strength? Are you training her?”

“No… she is our deputy captain.”

“Your deputy captain, not the legendary hero, correct?”

“I, I don’t believe so.”

“Right? Then why did that happen to Milliaria? Don’t you know anything?”



It appeared that the knight was also in the dark about the secret behind Miliaria’s combat abilities.

But it wasn’t just her combat abilities that had changed, Miliaria was vastly different from the person Cymbal remembered.

Before, she was smart but had a mischievous childlike quality.

It wasn’t exactly a change, but she was still a cute granddaughter to look at and they shared many memories.

Her personality had changed as well… it wasn’t that her previous character was completely gone, but it was clear that something had made her brighter.

Cymbal rubbed his forehead.

“…That’s right, it feels like something triggered a change. There’s a brightness that feels like a big problem has been solved. That child is complicated. The queens of this country have always had strong light attributes. I thought she would struggle a lot in the future due to her birth attribute and position.”



“That’s why, even if I doted on her a little, I wanted to create a place for her… that’s what I thought. If she has grown both physically and mentally on her own… that’s wonderful.”


“As you say.”

Cymbal nodded firmly, expressing his thoughts.

“Mm. Miliaria must have put in a lot of effort. She made a weapon to compensate for her weaknesses. She even embraced darkness as an attribute and worked hard. If she has become capable of using such incredible spiritual arts as a result… that’s also wonderful, isn’t it?”

“As you say!”

“I completely agree!”

“But that power… what can I say… it’s crazy, right?”

“”It’s crazy.””

“You guys think so too, don’t you?!”

When Cymbal raised his voice, the maid and the knight both hung their heads with concerned expressions.

“I apologize! But proficiency in spiritual arts is not necessarily a bad thing!”

“But I don’t understand! Something that even well-rounded knights are criticized for?”

“…That’s… that’s true, but isn’t there a limit to these things? Don’t you really understand the reason?”

“…I don’t know.”

“… I have no idea.”

“Is there such a thing? I mean, she’s involved in something like an evil spell that alters humans, would you?”

“No, she wouldn’t!”

“What are you talking about!”

“Because it’s strange, isn’t it?”

The night was long for the adults.

The commotion from that day never died down.

Miliaria thought that after filling her mind with memories and returning to the castle, she would return to her normal daily life, but something unexpected happened as soon as she arrived home.

“What? Okaa-sama is calling? Why all of a sudden?”

“…Well, that’s… perhaps it’s because of this trip.”

“Oh. I have no idea, though?”

Mary sighed and shrugged at Miliaria’s puzzled question.

Chapter 25: The villainess princess meets the queen

She was like a divine light personified, and Miliaria would later testify to this.

It was not just a matter of heart.

Everyone who met her, including Miliaria, would say the same thing.

“…You have arrived, Miliaria.”

“…It’s been a while, Your Majesty the Queen.”

The audience room was filled with the presence of spirits, making it a very solemn and awe-inspiring place.

The light from the large stained glass windows shone down upon the queen sitting on her throne, as if blessing her, and the queen with her golden hair shone brightly as she looked upon Miliaria.

Her appearance was breathtakingly beautiful, but her expression was devoid of emotion.

A scrutinizing gaze from such a person would be a painful experience for any normal young girl.

But my mother, the queen, presented the greatest challenge.

“Relax. Hmm, I see… The presence of spirits is strong. It appears that the power you possess has been well-cultivated.”

“Yes… Thank you very much.”

Although she thanked her, Miliaria couldn’t relax in front of the queen.

But if she remained silent, the gaze would become even more painful.

So, while looking at the queen, Miliaria cautiously asked, “Uh… what brings me here this time?”

“Well, I received a message from Father. He thinks it would be best to see you in person.”

“From Oji-sama?!”

For Oji-sama to give direct advice to Okaa-sama was surprising.

Maybe he was annoyed because the monster from the hunt had been taken away.

Damn, Oji-sama. I won’t give you a bear’s paw again, Miliaria thought, filled with anger at the thought of her grandfather’s face.

Queen Crystania Humming, Miliaria’s mother, was said to be the queen loved by the most light spirits in history.

The queen stood from her throne and suddenly released a burst of strong light spirit power towards Miliaria.

The pressure was intense, and even the guards were overwhelmed.

But Miliaria met the queen’s gaze even in the face of the pressure.

She felt the pressure, but it was not unbearable. However, Miliaria couldn’t understand what the queen was thinking.

“…hmm. It’s true that you don’t look like a child.”


“Not Okaa-sama. Call me the Queen.”

“I’m sorry!”

Miliaria realized her mistake and quickly apologized.

As soon as she did, the pressure subsided, and the Queen appeared flustered and uncomfortable.

“Well… That’s alright. I heard you were excellent, but you seem to be growing up in a most intriguing way. How was the Horned Bear that you took down this time?”

In response to the Queen’s question, Miliaria could only answer with enthusiasm.

“Yes! It was delicious!”

To Miliaria’s surprise, the Queen’s eyes narrowed and she burst into laughter.

“Ha! Hahaha… So, it was delicious, was it? Eat well and grow well. By the way, I heard that the Horned Bear you defeated was a big one, three times larger than a normal one, and was already a powerful monster that had caused some damage. Did you know that?”

“Yes, it was big. But I didn’t realize it was that strong.”

“Is that so… But I heard from your escort knight that they didn’t have the power to take it down.”

“They’re too modest. If you use spiritual art properly, you can handle any opponent.”

In fact, Miliaria could have killed the Horned Bear instantly.

The level of the knights, although surpassing the maximum party number in the game, was enough to handle any monsters they encountered on the roads or in dungeons.

“Hmm… Well, that’s fine. Regardless of your modesty, I will award you as reported.”

But Miliaria was confused by the unexpected situation.

“An award?”

“Yes, that’s right. You can say whatever you like.”

While Miliaria was still in shock, her heart raced at the thought of the possibilities.

A great kitchen that she could use freely would probably be inappropriate.

Money would be safe, but she already received an allowance to do as she pleased.

Besides, she was already looking forward to converting her dungeon conquest items into money, so it was too impulsive to ask for cash in this situation.

Then, perhaps dresses or accessories…

As Miliaria thought about it, she had an idea.

Miliaria quickly lowered her head in respect and made her request.

“So… May I have a Black Diamond?”

“Oh. An accessory?”

“Yes. A Black Diamond. If possible, I would like to have one.”


The Queen appeared to be assessing the value, and Miliaria could sense a hint of disappointment in her gaze.

“…Alright. A Black Diamond. I’ll get you the highest quality one as soon as possible.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“May I ask why you want one? Why a Black Diamond?”

The Queen asked with genuine curiosity, and Miliaria looked up.

There were several reasons, but for Miliaria, it was of great significance.

“Yes, you see… I believe I will need it in the future.”


“Because it’s an accessory that complements my dark hair. If it’s given by Your Majesty, the Queen, it would bring me the greatest happiness.”


The Queen’s eyes narrowed.

Miliaria’s response, which touched on her attributes, was delicate in a way that could not be considered disrespectful, but could also be seen as strange.

However, Miliaria continued without noticing the tension.

“I have a desire for beauty. But I have recently realized that pretending to be someone you are not is not the most beautiful thing. I only want the radiance that is suitable to adorn my beautiful life.”

The Queen was taken aback by Miliaria’s words, and her face softened with emotion.

“…Alright. I’ll look forward to observing your journey towards becoming even more beautiful.”

“Yes. I’m sure it will be an exciting journey.”

It was a powerful conversation, not between a parent and child, and the courtiers around them were all pale-faced throughout.

Chapter 26: The villainess princess is thought of


After Miliaria’s departure, Queen Crystania let out a sigh of relief.

How can I judge this?

Crystania remembered how the last time she saw Miliaria, she appeared more like a child. But now, the princess seemed mature and composed.

Most of all, Crystania recognized that it was rare to find a child who was so resolute in their determination.

(I understand why Father was so eager to contact me. She had hoped for a piece of jewelry as a reward, but this situation is far more complicated than I expected based on previous reports of Miliaria’s excellent but selfish nature.)

But the next statement was not something that could be easily ignored.

This kingdom tends to favor the light attribute because the first queen had a dominant light attribute, both for good and bad.

It was a secret known only to a few, but the first queen had sealed the dark spirit god, leading to a long-standing prejudice against the dark attribute.

Miliaria, who strongly inherited the dark attribute, must have faced many difficulties.

The statement could be interpreted as a sarcastic remark directed at Crystania or as a declaration of determination to move forward with what she has been given.

Her bold and fearless attitude was not a sign of maturity, but rather a manifestation of her unwavering heart.

Was it the typical recklessness of a child, or was there more to her actions?

Regardless, Crystania found it intriguing.

If such a rebellious spirit is what it takes to win the throne, then so be it.

To rise to the top with darkness, one must have an overwhelming power that defies common sense.

“…Well, what kind of person will eventually sit on the throne?”

Crystania, who had been smiling at the thought of the future, quickly composed herself and returned to her official duties.

Chapter 27: The villainess princess is convinced of the success of her demands

Miliaria breathed a sigh of relief in her room after successfully navigating the emergency event.

She reported the outcome to her maid.

“I convinced Okaa-sama. Tee hee.”

“…Are you all right? I was very worried.”

“It’s fine, I think… it’s just the same old nonsense.”

“So you knew it was nonsense.”

“I see it as a necessary expense. It’s great practice in the social world. The only problem was that I was off balance.”

Mary gave her a sharp look, sensing something amiss.

Despite feeling like she had done something unnecessary, Miliaria was proud of the great result she had achieved.

The Black Diamond was a decoration in the game that enhanced dark attribute spiritual art and was the most powerful item with the highest multiplier.

In a game where dark attributes were scarce, it was just a minor collectible, but for Miliaria, it was the most desired item she could think of.

Normally, it could only be obtained from a treasure chest in a dungeon, but obtaining it was not as straightforward as it seemed.

The Queen’s commendation was the key.

Although it was a rare item, if she asked the Queen, she was sure to receive it.

Excited at the prospect of a guaranteed gift, Miliaria answered with a cute smile.

“That bear I defeated the other day was an amazing monster. I was lucky.”

“Luck may have played a role, but… aren’t you lucky to have survived the attack from such a monster in the first place? Don’t you understand, Miliaria-sama?”

“Oh… I understand. I’m just happy that I came out unscathed.”

“You’re not sorry, are you? Miliaria-sama?”

“…Why would I feel sorry? If I can defeat it, I should do so quickly.”

I mean, isn’t everyone overreacting?

They say they’re hiding in dungeons, but they’re just in shallow places, right?

In terms of RPG, it’s about average, and you can handle a decent number of monsters, but can’t defeat the tougher ones.

Despite feeling superior to her peers, Miliaria still felt like there was someone above her.

She wasn’t intimidated by monsters like that bear.

In reality, her mother, Crystania Queen, was definitely a higher level than Miliaria, with her level being in the 80s, which was amazing.

“By the way, isn’t Okaa-sama stronger than that bear? I would do my best to avoid fighting if Okaa-sama came out of the forest. In some cases, I’d even put my own neck on the line for her majesty. She’s seriously dangerous.”

“Shh! Ojo-sama! Shh! Insulting her too much could be deadly!”

“That’s an exaggeration. Our Majesty the Queen is not that petty. I still have respect for her. She’s the best queen in the story.”

These were Miliaria’s true feelings, and she spoke them with conviction.

Queen Crystania was strict and the strongest, and she truly was a ruler who led the country.

In the story, Miliaria was depicted as a selfish and overbearing woman, a poisonous woman who caused turmoil in the country, and the heroine was fundamentally fluffy-brained, making decisions based on her romantic tendencies.

Regardless of who succeeded the Queen, it was impossible to imagine anyone becoming a greater ruler than the current Queen.

Miliaria wore a cynical smile as she mourned the impermanence of the world.

“Well… it can’t be helped. Okaa-sama should have had more children.”

“Cut it out! Please be a little more considerate! This is still the premises of the castle, even if it’s away from it!”

“I know. I’m sorry. But it seems like it’s going to be a troublesome thing.”

“Is that so? You seem to be in a good mood for some reason?”

“Yes. Maybe Mary should start looking for a new job?”

“What have you done?!”

Don’t make a face like you’re about to cry. I’ll speak well of you to Mary.

Well, if you’re suddenly summoned, you’ll probably be caught off guard.

After all, Miliaria is still a child in a sense.

Chapter 28: The villainess princess enters into a short-term intensive training

Miliaria, who had caught her breath, once again sagged at the recent unexpected events.

Not only were they not in the original story, but the previous changes had been a headache as well.

It could be said that she had been noticed by someone stronger than her at an early stage.

The queen, sensing something, could have had dire consequences.

She’s a queen before a parent and child, and if it was discovered that she had secretly entered the secret dungeon, Miliaria couldn’t predict the reaction she would receive.

Though she was probably being monitored, she would have to exercise even more caution from now on.

Miliaria put more effort into her plan than usual.

Fortunately, her schedule was free for the next three days after her trip.

So, she decided to use this time for a short-term intensive training and put all her energy into it.

“Well, I’ve finished my business… Mary, I’m going out for a bit.”

“What? Where are you going?”

Miliaria was met with suspicion, but she smiled and covered it up.

“Just for a little while! Please cover for me, Mary.”

“Oh! Ojo-sama!”

Miliaria’s vision changed in an instant.

This was before entering the last dungeon, which she had reached through teleportation spell.

As expected, teleportation was dependent on level, so it would be more convenient to use in the future.

“Well, well. It seems that various checks are necessary.”

In any case, she had to raise her level to be safe, no matter what.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to resist her fate in the game, which was either execution or exile.

“I don’t know how far I can go… but if I at least raise my level, I should be able to handle anything! The short-term intensive training begins!”

Miliaria had realized for a while that it was inefficient to sneak around every night for a short time.

She had wanted to do it someday, but if she could focus for a few days and level up, it would be a significant accomplishment in the game.

“I think… there was a good leveling spot on the 15th floor. Let’s raise our level and establish our fighting style there.”

Honestly, she had become capable of various things and had started to enjoy fighting.

Miliaria set out on her dungeon exploration, seeking maximum efficiency.

Now, the difference between the 15th floor and the others is that it houses monsters with high experience points that are ideal for leveling up.

“Metal Pudding…!”

The sweets-type monster, with a pudding-like face, was renowned for the amount of experience points it provided.

It was a rare monster with a low encounter rate, but defeating it was worth the effort.

However, there was another advantage to hunting this monster.

In “Concerto of the Light Princess,” the final weapon for the character was created by a blacksmith who traded items in the store.

And the Metal Pudding dropped the special metal material that could be used to make these weapons.

There were also the King Metal Pudding on the 35th floor and the Golden Metal Pudding on the 59th floor that dropped something, but they were even more difficult to come by.

If you were targeting items, it was standard practice to aim for the Metal Pudding because it was more efficient in terms of experience points and had a higher drop rate for items.

“Its name was Spirit Steel, wasn’t it? I don’t know if I can make my own exclusive equipment, but it’s definitely a superior ore.”

Miliaria didn’t form relationships in the game, so it was doubtful whether she could obtain the strongest exclusive equipment, but there was no denying that the metal was valuable.

She also had a friend who was a blacksmith, and even if it didn’t work out, it would be fun to have something made.

“Well, it’s a matter of rotations! Let’s do our best!”

A fire ignited in the memories of the gamer that always lived in a corner of Miliaria’s mind.

In any case, she had to start rotating around the 15th floor and defeating as many Metal Pudding as possible.

However, Miliaria still hasn’t realized the truth, that even in a game, the cycle of real-life work is nothing but a path of destruction.

Chapter 29: The villainess princess prances around

Miliaria made full use of holy water to avoid combat whenever possible.

By taking a direct route, she was able to reach the 15th floor quickly.

This floor was characterized by its long, wide passageway.

The preferred method for hunting Metal Pudding was to walk along the longest perimeter of the floor.

It was like a marathon, testing one’s physical limits, but there was another problem to contend with.

“Using long-range attacks against that creature is a poor strategy. Direct attacks and one-shot kills are the best option… here it is!”

Miliaria reached into her trusty backpack and retrieved a mosaic-processed bat.

Hidden dungeons often dropped various items, and this bat was the perfect weapon for defeating Metal Pudding with its high durability.

“This is the one-shot kill bat! If you hit it with the hidden spiky feature, it’s always a critical hit! But what’s the purpose of the mosaic? It must serve some other function.”

Regardless, the bat was a formidable weapon.

Hitting Metal Pudding was difficult, but if it connected, it was a guaranteed critical hit.

And a critical hit was all it took to bring down Metal Pudding, whose tough exterior belied its low stamina.

“Well, let’s go!… Three days of marathon running er… did humanity have that kind of endurance?”

Though it seemed like a difficult task, there was no alternative.

Miliaria ran through the 15th floor of the dungeon, wielding her mosaic-covered bat.

The sound of her footsteps echoed on the stone pavement.

Metal Pudding heard the sound of pursuit and panicked, fleeing desperately.

But the sound was getting closer.

Crunch… Clik-clik…



The intervals between the sounds grew shorter, drawing near.

Metal Pudding turned around, frightened, but there was no one there.

It must have been a trick set by another monster. Metal Pudding faced forward once more.

“——I’ve found you.”



The scent of vanilla filled the air.

The last sight that Metal Pudding saw was the pair of red eyes peeking at it.

Chapter 30: The villainess princess was in high spirits

The long and grueling battle had transformed Miliaria into a hunter of experience points.

She targeted the monster, charged forward, and took it down with ease.

Her movements had been optimized and even her weakest attack, the bat, had become accurate.

After repeating this process numerous times, she finally received a reward.

“He he he… here it is! Spirit steel!”

Miliaria’s eyes lit up with excitement.

The mineral in her hand had a strong vanilla scent, and for some reason, it seemed to emit a gentle glow.

“It’s not just my imagination, it’s actually shining a bit! This is amazing!”

Through her hard work and determination, the shine had become something special to Miliaria.

She rubbed her cheek unconsciously, feeling the cool sensation of the mineral in her hand.

“Still, the monsters in the dungeon seem to keep appearing from nowhere. Otherwise, they would eventually become extinct. It’s a mystery.”

No matter how many monsters she defeated, the seemingly endless supply of creatures was both helpful and eerie.

On the 15th floor, the monsters were even more powerful than before, so Miliaria had to be cautious.

“Metal Pudding is a very dangerous monster if you’re not prepared. You’ll face many challenges.”

However, the experience points she hunted with difficulty were worth it.

The newfound strength had allowed Miliaria to level up significantly from when she first started.

She decided to challenge the boss of the floor as a celebration of her achievement.

“Well, this is what an adventure is all about. It’s not always safe, you know.”

With her spirits high, Miliaria set out to search for the boss.

She had explored the floor so thoroughly that she had a good idea of where the boss might be hiding.

If she was careful with her positioning, she could reduce the risk of encountering the roaming boss. But if she stumbled upon it carelessly, it would surely be a fierce battle with a powerful enemy.

Miliaria waited at a strategic position, and suddenly, the boss emerged from the shadows with a metallic clang.

The monster, adorned in a giant suit of armor, glared at Miliaria with red eyes shining through the cracks in its rough helmet.


Even Miliaria felt a shiver run down her spine at the creepy aura emanating from the monster, which would have made her back off if she wasn’t feeling brave.

Nightmare Knight.

A knight-type monster capable of easily wielding a blunt sword that would be difficult for a human to handle with both hands.

Miliaria’s act of spreading out her fan and hiding her mouth behind it was a manifestation of her fear.

The pressure was immense, and if she hadn’t felt the “comforting presence” of her mother earlier, she might have fled.

“This is… quite intimidating. But the first strike wins!”

But no matter the enemy, this strategy remained the same.

Miliaria deployed all her iron balls, and thanks to her hard work, she still had enough bullets left for this cannonball battle.

She fired without hesitation from all five gun ports, and the Nightmare Knight crashed to the ground with sparks flying from its body.

“Did I do it?!”

Miliaria was confident in her unbeatable cheat strategy.

But as she watched the smoke rise and fill the air, she felt a vague sense of unease.

Maybe it was intuition born from leveling up.

Her unease proved to be well-founded.


The armor of the Nightmare Knight, emerging from the smoke, had withstood the barrage of shots.

Chapter 31: The villainess princess meets a nightmare

“Ugh…! This is insane.”

Miliaria watched in disbelief as the enemy armor fired (bouncing) iron balls at her.

She felt her entire body tense up as the sparks flew wildly.

“Ugh… To think that my actions would trigger this! Is this the wall that can’t be overcome with my improvised cheats?”

She knew that as the enemy level rose, this day would come, but she couldn’t remain calm when faced with it.

Despite Miliaria’s situation, the Nightmare Knight moves on.



With a roar, the figure that started running at a speed that seemed to defy logic was nothing but a threat.

Miliaria was pursued while unleashing a barrage of iron shots, yet the agility of the Nightmare Knight, who effortlessly evaded the projectiles, was breathtakingly impressive.

“Stop dodging!”

The flash of a sword approached.

Miliaria barely avoided a blow that would have beheaded her.

But as soon as the offense and defense switched, the barrage became even more severe.

Miliaria was amazed at how skillfully the enemy wielded the long sword, but she could barely keep up with its movements.

Her brain was predicting the opponent’s movements, but it seemed that the opponent had the upper hand in close combat.

An attack that she couldn’t possibly avoid was launched, surprising Miliaria.


Just as she thought she had dodged the sword, the armor’s iron fist thrust into her body.


The impact seemed to shatter Miliaria’s entire body.

A loud crash echoed like an explosion, and Miliaria’s light body was sent flying like a ball.

Miliaria stood firm, biting her teeth and enduring the pain.

The moment the fist hit, the Nightmare Knight must have also heard the sound of her resistance.

Facing the confused Nightmare Knight, Miliaria wiped away the blood from her mouth with her thumb and brandished her iron fan.

“I’m… I’m sorry. Did I give you high hopes?”

Her clothes were tattered, but black darkness in the form of fibrous fibers was wrapping around her.

Chapter 32: The villainess princess wins

The plan was already in motion when she was able to create the carpet.

The spiritual art of crafting clothing and decorations was the result of her diligent study of dark spiritual arts, and it was a boon to her life.

The darkness that enveloped Miliaria took shape and was woven firmly.

And the finished form of darkness dyed her red dress black and colored Miliaria.

“It worked so well… I feel like I’m going to be sick…”

At the same time, Miliaria’s body was wracked with pain.

As a result of the injury, Miliaria’s knees buckled and stars danced before her eyes.

“But strangely… the dark attribute seems to be more useful than ever.”

She would normally have fallen to the ground and spun around in agony.

But the memories overflowing in her head called out to her, and she felt a highly advanced dark spiritual art coursing through her body, like the creation of a dress.

“…Treat 10 bruises, repair blood vessels and nerves. Fix rib fractures after repair… The recommended fashion trend of the year… A slightly mature design… Dark and light attributes are thought to be opposing, but in reality, they have many similarities. The difference lies in their area of expertise, with dark attributes being focused on material and light attributes being focused on the spiritual. The differences in what can be achieved are not significant, with dark attributes being strong in attack and light attributes being strong in healing. In terms of their effect on the mind, light attributes are more likely to be well-received by people and can easily evoke genuine emotions. On the other hand, dark attributes have a moderate impact on the mind, so their limit is brainwashing, which can be released by a strong shock. ——Excerpt from the Concerto of the Light Princess Official Fanbook… What is this?”

Miliaria muttered almost unconsciously and looked up in surprise.

There was too much information to process.

But now, her torn clothing had been restored and her pain had diminished, so she should be grateful.

The battle was far from over.

She was momentarily confused by the initial damage that could have killed her, but if she remained calm, it was clear that it was not a life-threatening thing——in other words, hit points (HP).

“I have exposed my flaws.”

Miliaria smirked nonchalantly, wiping away her tears with a composed expression and glaring at her enemy.

“Defense is crucial in battle, isn’t it? And now I realize… there seems to be quite a disparity in skill level?”


The offensive and defensive strategies shifted once again.

When shooting is ineffective, it becomes essential to have a form of attack that is appropriate for the skill level.

As Miliaria raised her right hand to the sky and focused on using her spiritual art, she felt the power more strongly than ever before.

“No — this is… overflowing!”

Miliaria released an abundance of energy far beyond her expectations.

“Take this! Ank!”

In a moment of desperation, she activated the lowest-level spiritual art and black waves swirled around the Nightmare Knight.

It was meant to be a small test, but it turned out to be much larger than she anticipated.

And then she heard a disturbingly familiar death rattle.


The Nightmare Knight vanished in an instant, leaving behind a piercing scream.

“…That’s seriously insane.”

Miliaria was relieved that she was able to control the power.

Gazing at the aftermath of the destruction, surrounded by a swirling aura of darkness, Miliaria felt a sense of intimidation, realizing that she couldn’t use this power lightly.

Chapter 33: The villainess princess was scolded

After intense training, Miliaria returned with a newfound confidence and a medal of pride in her heart.

However, her triumphant return was met with scolding, as she had been missing for three days without informing anyone of her whereabouts, and her dress was tattered.

Mary scolded her harshly.

“Where were you, Ojo-sama?!”

“I was on a training journey!”

“Why did you return like a wandering warrior?”

“I left a note saying when I would be back, didn’t I? It was on the desk in my room.”

“That’s not the issue! You were gone for three days, and the castle was in an uproar!”

Despite the scolding, Miliaria was somewhat unsurprised.

“What are you talking about, Mary? Going missing is a sign that my teleportation abilities have leveled up. You should be celebrating, not scolding. Teleportation can cause one to go missing (for an adventure), you know. I’ll try to give a heads up before I teleport in the future, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Why are you being so vague about the important part? Of course I’m going to worry!”

Well, you’re right, but I hope you’ll pardon me for not being fully attentive to it in the future.

I’ll make an effort to improve my studies and focus.

It’s surprising for Miliaria that she would go missing and cause such a commotion.

Despite being the first princess, Miliaria had a reputation for being unpopular and was shunned by the entire castle.

Weird rumors, exaggerations, and tales are commonplace.

In the past, there were even instances of minor harassment.

Despite being just the first princess with a title, could this happen?

Feeling relieved, Miliaria indulged in a slightly larger dinner than usual that day.

Her dream that night was of being submerged in a pool of pudding, but surprisingly, she woke up feeling rejuvenated.

Chapter 34: The villainess princess is acknowledged

Despite her victory, Miliaria couldn’t shake the feeling of unease in her heart.

“Finally, I’ve come across an opponent that I can’t defeat with my consecutive teleport shots. I’ll need to use spiritual arts if I want to defeat it properly.”

While using cheats was an easy way to level up, it was a shame.

So, she had reached a stage where she needed to hone her abilities without relying on shortcuts.

Although it was exhilarating, the overwhelming sense of power she felt while fighting was a little concerning.

There were still many things she didn’t understand, with the biggest mystery being Miliaria herself.

“Maybe I need to think harder. Anyway, I need to train my abilities in general. Since my teleport has evolved, I need to find a way to rapidly increase my parameters.”

As Miliaria pondered what would be convenient for her, she suddenly remembered something important.

“! That’s right!”

She rang a bell with a crisp sound, calling out, “Mary! Mary! Come here for a moment!”

“Y-Yes! What is it, Ojo-sama!”

“I’m going to the blacksmith’s now. Follow me!”

Mary’s eyes widened in surprise as she prepared to leave.

“Eeh! No! You disappeared for three days and now you want to go?!”

“I’ll make it up later. I need to go order something there.”

“In that case, I’ll go! Just tell me what you need!”

“No, I’ll place the order myself. I’m going to climb the ladder, so come with me.”


Miliaria apologized to Mary as she couldn’t avoid going once she had realized what she needed to do.

And this was something she couldn’t trust to anyone else.

So, she rushed to the blacksmith’s shop.

Of course, her goal was to have the item she obtained processed into a weapon.

“Process this into a weapon!”

Arnold, the weapon maker, was taken aback when he saw the spirit steel Miliaria handed over.

“Ojo-chan… where did you get this?”

“It’s a trade secret!”

Arnold lifted the spirit steel with a shaky hand and took a deep breath before nodding.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s not easy to find the source of this material. But turning it into a weapon… that’s impossible.”

“…Why is that?”

Why was he suddenly saying it was impossible? They had been able to do it normally in the game.

“To process spirit steel… it must choose you. The spirit steel has its own will and changes form for its chosen owner. Even if you pay for it, it’s just a rock without that recognition.”

“I see…”

Miliaria was impressed by the secret of special weapons.

But she had no idea how to be recognized by the spirit steel.

“How do I get recognized?”

When Miliaria asked, Arnold scratched his head and shook it sideways.

“…I don’t know. Some say it’s a chosen bloodline, some say it’s the quality of one’s soul. But those who wield spirit steel weapons possess the necessary abilities.”

It was a vague explanation.

Miliaria tilted her head in confusion.

“How do I know if I’m recognized?”

“It’s said that when the spirit steel recognizes you, it will emit a faint glow.”

“Hm? It glows?”

Miliaria remembered that the spirit steel should have been glowing a little, but it wasn’t shining anymore.

She grabbed the spirit steel, and it immediately began to glow.

“It’s glowing, right?”


Please don’t come closer with wide, bloodshot eyes.

Miliaria pushed away the dwarf who was approaching with an iron fan.

“What’s going on? Am I recognized?”

“…Ha ha. Amazing, really. What are you, Jo-chan?”

“I’m just a naive, beautiful girl.”

Miliaria showed Arnold, who was surprised, a face that she didn’t fully understand.

If the conditions were met, it was fine. She could request the weapon now.

“…I, I see. But it’s possible. It seems like you’ve been firmly chosen, Ojo-chan. One more thing, okay?”

“What is it?”

“You must use a weapon that fits your hand as the base material.”

The first thing that came to mind was the iron ball that she always kept floating beside her.

“A weapon… Oh, that iron ball.”

“An iron ball? That’s a bit harsh. I mean, is an iron ball even considered a weapon?”

“It’s great, but… I don’t think it feels like it fits in my hand.”

It was definitely a magic attack, but that was all.

So, Miliaria next looked at the iron fan in her hand and offered it to Arnold.

“How about this?”

“Oh, an iron fan… Let me see.”

When the old man took the iron fan, he approached the spirit steel.

And, to Miliaria’s surprise, the spirit steel began to glow just as it had when she touched it.

So, this mineral was an easy-to-understand ore.

However, although she loved the iron fan, she had only used it a few times as a weapon and had gotten it at a discount.

“…This is it. Jo-chan… Are you sure you want to entrust this to me?”

Arnold’s eyes were burning with passion as he spoke.

So, there was no reason for Miliaria to hesitate.

“I said I would give you priority. If this iron fan can be reborn in your hands, it would be my hope.”

“Thank you. I’ll definitely make it into something great.”

“Oh, and I would like to place an urgent order for 10 more iron balls, like the ones I ordered before.”

“…Are you sure, Jo-chan? Isn’t levitation using spiritual art proportional to muscle strength? Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up looking like a small gorilla.”

“I-It’s fine, really! I want to improve my spiritual power so I can support the iron ball without building muscle! I don’t want it to be proportional!”

Miliaria believed that strength in parameters was not equal to muscle.

So she would not become a gorilla!

By the way, when it approached the iron ball, the spirit steel did not shine.

Apparently, it didn’t like it.

Chapter 35: The villainess princess plays

Next, Miliaria and her entourage made their way to the artisan’s workshop.

The artisan, who specialized in decorations, raised an eyebrow as he looked at the iron ball placed in front of him.

“Excuse me, Ojo-sama. What is this iron ball?”

“I want you to decorate it beautifully. Polish it until it’s smooth and don’t plug any holes. Oh, and I want you to use gems.”

Miliaria said with a cheerful smile on her face.

She treasured this iron ball even though it was ineffective to some monster.

She intended to keep it forever.

Despite her enthusiastic request, the artisan had a look of confusion on his face.


“…Mary. Bring that out.”

“Yes, Ojo-sama.”

As instructed by Miliaria, Mary took out several rings from a bag she retrieved.

The bag was filled with large, first-class gems that Miliaria had acquired.

“Please use these. I would appreciate if you could work quickly.”

Miliaria grinned mischievously and applied pressure.

Everyone appeared to be looking at Miliaria with suspicion, but she disregarded their gazes and continued with her plan.

“…Are you serious?”

“Of course I am!”

Miliaria could feel Mary’s skeptical gaze, but she chose to ignore it.

This was a fascinating experiment.

Would adding gems to the iron balls, which floated with levitation, enhance their abilities as equipment support?

Miliaria was eager to find out.

The artisan appeared to understand Miliaria’s intentions and respectfully agreed to undertake the task.

“…Understood. I’ll take care of it. I promise to do a perfect job.”

“I love to hear that. Please decorate an additional 10 iron balls of the same size in the same way. I can’t wait to see the results!”

“Understood. I’ll accept that as well.”

The artisan was quick to respond and seemed genuinely sincere. Excellent.

After completing the task, Miliaria and her group headed to a fashionable café.

She ordered tea with apple pie, but it seems the pudding she wanted to try didn’t exist.

“Hey Mary, why isn’t there any pudding? Is it because there’s a monster pudding, so they don’t name sweets as pudding?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ve never wanted to try monster pudding.”


The age-old question of which came first, the egg or the chicken.

Even if Miliaria could create pudding, she wouldn’t want to try it if it would be considered creepy and unsatisfactory like monster pudding.

“Anyway, sweets are the taste of happiness.”


“What’s wrong, Mary? A sigh means happiness is slipping away.”

“No, I just spent the whole day with you, Your Highness, and I have no idea what we did.”

Mary looked troubled, but Miliaria didn’t recall explaining anything to her.

Even if she did explain, it was doubtful Mary would understand.

“Is that so? We were doing something enjoyable. It’s almost complete, right?”

“Complete? What’s completing? May I ask?”

“It’s the perfect Miliaria-chan, of course!”


Mary was at a loss for words after Miliaria’s immediate response.

Her expression was indescribable and showed complete confusion.

Miliaria, not liking the silence, puffed out her cheeks and took a bite of her apple pie.

“Well, it’s okay… I can only see a vague outline beyond the dense fog. It might be hard to understand. To put it simply, it’s about training in martial arts and spiritual arts and equipping myself with top-notch equipment.”

Although the explanation was rough, the plan was no more or less than that.

But the explanation seemed to be easy to understand, and Mary nodded her head and looked at Miliaria.

“Do, do you want to become that strong?”

“Yes, that’s right. Don’t you have any aspirations? I’m proud of my recent progress.”

“Y-Yes, there’s no doubt. In fact, Ojo-sama has grown so much lately… Although her eccentricities are a bit obvious at times.”

“Don’t call it eccentricity. It hurts a princess’s reputation. Haven’t you become a bit more outspoken lately? I’ll put a stop to that.”

“Please stop. You used to be… Before, it was intense, but it was easy to understand.”

“…What was it like? Summarize it in 15 characters or less.”

“…Selfishness turned into weirdo.”

“Yes, it was. Miliaria (referring to herself) was hurt.”

“I’m sorry.”

Miliaria offered Mary the newly ordered apple pie and tea, as Mary hung her head.

“Well, you should eat too. It’s delicious.”

“Uh, that’s not what I meant…”

“Oh? Don’t you want to eat what I ordered? Mary, I’ll have to throw it away if you don’t eat it.”

“…I’ll eat it.”

“Good for you.”

Miliaria smiled and nodded as Mary took a bite reluctantly.

“Well, from now on, I’ll need your help more often, so I’ll rely on you even more, Mary.”

“…You’re saying that now?”

“Yes. Miliaria (referring to herself) is like that, even if she tries to change a bit.”

But now is the time to solidify her strength.

She has been regarded as seriously bizarre lately due to the recent monster hunting, and it’s better to have her surroundings recognize her as a presence with actual abilities, rather than sneaking around, so that there will be fewer problems in the end.

For instance, if she shows that she can hunt monsters competently, she will have more opportunities to hunt with ease.

The only thing Miliaria should keep secret is the main hunting ground.

“I have been secretive until now, but from now on, I’ll be more open about it. Let me show you the part that can’t be contained by just being an excellent and beautiful princess.”

“And, what do you mean by that?”

“I’ll show my actual abilities in a full-fledged manner. I think I’m ready now.”

“…It’s kind of scary, but please do your best.”

Mary chewed on the apple pie as she spoke.

Miliaria, having said enough to satisfy her, drank her tea and stood up.

“Apple pie is delicious, but to be honest, I have a preference for pudding now. Shall we make it when we return to the castle?”

“Uh… I don’t think that’s a good idea… it wouldn’t be appropriate, would it?”

Despite Mary’s reservations, Miliaria is as confident as ever.

Although Mary made a face of distaste, Miliaria herself doesn’t hesitate to eat what she desires.

Incidentally, the pudding that was served later was well-received in terms of flavor, regardless of its appearance.

Chapter 36: The villainess princess experiments

“Hey, I got it…”

Miliaria had acquired a valuable item, the Black Diamond, which she believed would greatly benefit her.

“As expected of Okaa-sama! You’re so generous!”

The large, perfectly cut and pure Black Diamond sent from the Queen was made into a pendant.

Miliaria stifled her excitement and put on the pendant.

The jet black color, which seemed to hold the darkness captive, seemed to give Miliaria a boost of power.

“Not bad… Not bad at all!”

It was sophisticated and complemented Miliaria’s black hair perfectly.

As she tried to channel her spiritual energy, she felt that the pendant was enhancing and amplifying her power.

It was supposed to make her more proficient in using the dark attribute.

“Why don’t the people in this country realize this? Despite the abundance of power they possess.”

Miliaria shrugged her shoulders in disappointment, but then realized that perhaps it was simply because they never thought to wore gems in battle.

“It would have been easier to understand if there was a culture of wearing wedding rings, but it’s a shame.”

Even if she powered up, she could still be defeated with a single word of magic.

But she wanted to experiment with the gem’s effects slowly.

The dark attribute was deep and complex, and the spell she was most interested in lately was the one she touched her clothes with.

“This is still quite a valuable acquisition.”

Miliaria imagined a dress and immediately transformed the clothing she was wearing into a jet-black dress, twirling in front of the mirror.

She added ribbons and frills to the dress, changing its shape.

“Oh, the design is so flexible. If you set your mind to it, you can do anything!”

She was having fun manipulating the dark attribute.

Miliaria saw a new possibility in using the dark attribute.

“As expected, the higher level makes a difference… Although it’s not a feature from the game, it’s becoming quite enjoyable.”

As she produced black tentacles from her palms, Miliaria pondered for a moment.

“…Can this be made into a liquid or something?”

The thought that had come to mind was quite dangerous.

Potions existed, so it shouldn’t be impossible to create a similar substance, but the danger of consuming it herself was a concern.

But she decided to try it anyway.

Miliaria found a suitable cup and focused her energy on it.

The swirling darkness transformed into a liquid that flowed into the cup like mud.

Miliaria made a small sound in her throat as she watched the darkness fall and spread ripples.

“Well, I did it… a liquid of the darkness attribute? It looks like coffee at first glance…”

It was fascinating.

The liquid disappeared as if evaporating instantly when she thought about it.

“I see… you can also manipulate it with your imagination. Can the flavor be replicated as well?”

Well, if she thought about it, the darkness attribute could also have healing properties, as evidenced by her own body.

Maybe she could create something with a similar effect as the image in her mind?

“…Yes, if I can create something like a potion, it would be a complete success.”

She would start small.

First, she was nervous about taking medicine, so she would start with coffee.

Once again, as she held her hand over the cup, a liquid that more closely resembled coffee emerged, and a fragrant aroma filled the air.

“Is, is this… not a failure?”

Gazing at the coffee-like substance in the cup, Miliaria nervously took a sip.

The appearance and smell were perfect.

“Well, then… it all comes down to taste.”

Nervously, Miliaria touched the dark liquid to her lips – at that moment, she made a face at the bitter taste.

“What a bitter taste… I imagined it would be bitter, but the flavor needs some work.”

The bitterness that numbed her tongue seemed to linger, but she still felt the endless possibilities.

Carbonated drinks or perhaps even energy drinks.

She had been feeling a bit tired lately due to reduced sleep time, relying on her young age and increased level and stamina.

Well, whether or not doping was healthy, Miliaria was motivated.

From that day on, Miliaria was often seen carrying the mysterious liquid around with her.

Every time this happened, rumors spread of the dangers of consuming the liquid and people worried that it was poisoned. As a result, Miliaria’s reputation took a hit.

Chapter 37: The villainess princess receives the delivery

The day that Miliaria had been waiting for had finally arrived.

With excitement coursing through her veins, Miliaria asks Mary,

“Is it finally here? Today?”

“Yes, it has arrived, Miliaria-sama.”

The weight of the wooden box confirmed her eager anticipation. The attendant who brought it seemed curious about its contents.

As the lid of the large wooden box was lifted, Miliaria exclaimed,

“Oh! It’s a magnificent iron ball!”

She hugged and nuzzled the beautifully polished and ornately decorated iron ball, which was like a gleaming bowling ball.

Although the iron balls were still heavy, Miliaria’s excitement outweighed their weight.

Wiping away the drool that threatened to drip down her face, Miliaria pulled a tight face.

“I must hurry. Mary! Let’s start getting ready!”

“Yes, Ojo-sama. And this is from the blacksmith I mentioned.”

At the mention of another delivery from her main supplier, Miliaria eagerly approached Mary.

“It’s here! That one too?! I thought it would take a bit longer because of the rush for the iron balls!”

She quickly considered promoting Arnold as her personal worker.

As she checked the contents of the delivered package, Miliaria was entranced by what she saw.

“He did a fantastic job.”

“Yes… it certainly looks that way.”

Even Mary was impressed by Miliaria’s new weapon.

Without even having to touch it, Miliaria could sense its power.

She must try it out.

Miliaria was ready for her debut.

“Sensei, I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

As she arrived at the training ground, Miliaria, dressed in a red dress and carrying a bag, confidently stepped forward.

And Hoipin-sensei, who was always full of energy, was overtaken by Miliaria’s even greater energy.

“Yes, Miliaria-sama… um, what’s the matter?” Hoipin-sensei asked, taken aback.

It was understandable for Hoipin-sensei to be confused.

Anyone who saw the aura radiating from Miliaria would have known that today was a special day.

So, let’s get started. Today marks the debut of the fully armed and perfect Miliaria (for now).

Chapter 38: The villainess princess aims for perfection

“Actually, I came to see you, sensei, and seek your opinion. I’ve improved my use of spiritual arts.”

“That’s… a commendable effort. Can you tell me how?”

Hoipin-sensei approached the matter cautiously.

Miliaria decided to show off her skills and ease the tension in her shoulders by starting with a visually impressive display.

“I’ll demonstrate now!”

Miliaria reached into her carry-bag and retrieved 15 iron balls, making them all float simultaneously.

The ornate iron balls were captivating as they moved in a controlled manner.


However, the weight of 15 iron balls was substantial, and Miliaria realized that even though her level had increased and her spirit power had grown, she still needed more practice.

“This is levitation using spiritual arts. Being able to float 15 objects is truly remarkable.”

“Thank you. However, it’s naturally difficult to control 15 iron balls with precision. I plan to continue practicing to improve.”

“Iron balls… these are iron balls, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right. Iron balls, and then… ”

Next, Miliaria cast the dark spiritual art spell on her dress.

The Dark Dress spell, which instantly turned the dress black and dramatically increased its defense power, was a convenient spell that allowed for quick design changes.

Hoipin-sensei’s eyes widened in surprise at the sight.

“T-This is a spell I’ve never seen before… what kind of spell is it?”

“I imbue the dress with the aura of darkness and use it as armor. It doesn’t weigh much and provides high defense against both physical and magical attacks.”

Miliaria was proud of her revolutionary spell.

Hoipin-sensei’s apprehension dissipated, and he examined Miliaria’s dress with interest.

“Oh… Miliaria-sama can manipulate spiritual power to this extent and even add attributes. I’ve never heard of anything like this before!”

Feeling encouraged by Hoipin-sensei’s excitement, Miliaria regained her confidence and began preparing for her performance.

“But my battle style begins now!”

“Ba, battle style?”

“Yes. Let me show you!”

Miliaria brandished the fan she had just received, feeling a rush of powerful energy flow through her.

The power emanating from the fan was so strong that it made Miliaria’s body tingle.

It was like the fan was greeting its new master and coming to life.

This was Miliaria’s exclusive weapon—her dark fan.

The strongest weapon that increased her parameters to incredible levels, making Miliaria growl as soon as she took hold of it.

It was time to start the battle practice.

First, Miliaria lined up 15 iron balls and sent them forward.

She aimed at the target set up for the exercise.

Holding the fan towards the target, Miliaria focused on all the iron balls.

“Transfer start! Fire!”

She activated the transfer magic, loaded the bullets, and shot them out.

The bullets, precisely delivered into the 15 iron balls, raining down on the target.

The incredible power that could turn even the fearsome monsters of the Last Dungeon into mist, amplified and unleashed, made quick work of the wooden target, leaving it full of holes.

“This way, we can eliminate smaller foes with a surprise attack! Furthermore! Horaa!”

Miliaria raised her hand and released a lightning spiritual art.

When she saw the gems embedded in the floating iron balls react in a chain, she clenched her fist in triumph.

Miliaria gathered her spirit power in her palm and released a lightning strike.

Amplified by the gems, it burned the target to ashes in an instant, more like a high-output laser than a lightning bolt.

“Wow, it’s like an electric particle cannon!”

Of course, the wooden target turned to ashes and disappeared without a trace.

This power was remarkable.

Though she had held back during this debut, further fine-tuning of the output may be necessary.

“We will deal with enemies that are deemed impenetrable with conventional spiritual art by using gunfire. It would be intriguing if we could use this technique without even mentioning its name.”

Looking at the range of applications for the dark attribute, it seems that if enough rounds are performed, the image of the attack technique will be established without the need for explanation.

But shouting also feels good, so it’s important to use it appropriately.

“Long-range and mid-range attacks are like this. And when facing an opponent that can withstand long-range attacks, we switch to close combat.”

“No… I don’t think there are any monsters that can survive that.”

“I fight in close combat!”


This is what troubles Hoipin-sensei.

Miliaria created three human-shaped dark creatures and lined them up, directing them to attack her.

The demonstration technique was quite impressive.

Miliaria defended against the attacking human-shaped creatures with her fan, and then unleashed countless tentacles from her dress, wildly waving them.

It had been a long time since she felt so powerful, and now she was like a dark tornado.

Even Miliaria was surprised.

The tentacles beat the enemy like whips and destroyed them.

And the last one that Miliaria deliberately missed, she hit with her fan.

With a thud, it was a one-hit knockout.

The sound was more like a cannon exploding close by than a blow.

The way the dark puppet, which was supposed to have a certain degree of strength because it was created by Miliaria herself, scattered like it was smashed by pudding was surreal.

“Oh… Ohh. It’s light but seriously crazy.”

Is the hand feel so different with this special equipment?

Miliaria trembled with joy, even though she was frightened.

This was the culmination of hard work that had been steadily carried out, the ecstasy of accumulated experiences that could even be felt in the game.

With the improved hand feel and Miliaria’s smile,

With the defense from the dark dress and the addition of a close-range attacking means, the gaps in battle should be filled.

The combat style that was only vaguely thought about is finally taking shape, and Miliaria has re-realized her own power.

“Hohohoho! It feels good! What do you think, sensei? There may still be some unsightly parts because it’s just taking shape, but it’s a pretty interesting way to use it, isn’t it? I’m thinking of refining this pattern as a template. Is there any effective training method?”

Miliaria’s hope is to refine the design of the dress in more detail and to increase the stability of the iron balls.

Miliaria had a romantic idea of using her mental power for levitation as an invisible force to control or even knock down others.

Therefore, she wanted Hoipin-sensei to teach her a training method to enhance her abilities beyond simply leveling up.

Miliaria believed that without substance, even the most perfect display was nothing more than a superficial show.

Thus, she sought expert guidance to refine her skills.



When she called out again and received no response, Hoipin-sensei slumped over.

“S-Sensei! What happened?!”

“I apologize… I may not be able to teach you.”

“What?! No, it’s crucial for my future, Sensei!”

Miliaria’s voice echoed through the castle as she shouted at the unconscious sensei.

On that day, Miliaria received a stern reprimand for the destruction of the training ground, which had been completely obliterated in a tragedy.

And it seems that her reputation as the “Selfish Princess” has upgraded to the more notorious moniker of the “Destruction Princess.”

Chapter 39: The villainess princess heads out for a walk

During her private tea time in her room, Miliaria was engrossed in a book.

Mary, her maid, looked at her with concern and asked,

“Ojo-sama… what are you reading?”

“It’s the monthly dangerous monster list issued by the Adventurer’s Guild,” Miliaria replied.

“…Why are you interested in something like that?”

“I find it fascinating,” Miliaria said with a shrug.

“What could a princess of a kingdom possibly find interesting about dangerous monsters?!” Mary asked, looking bewildered.

Miliaria rolled her eyes at Mary’s overreaction and looked back at the monster list.

“I just find it more interesting than love novels.”

“Isn’t there something wrong with that?!”

“No, it’s nothing. Oh, the giant centipede is pretty cool, don’t you think? I heard that it has a high defense power.”

“I’ve heard that it’s a very dangerous monster… how is that cool?” Mary asked, still looking confused.

Miliaria nodded eagerly and replied, “I want to see it for myself someday, since it’s a valuable monster. But… it might be difficult to go out now. Well, I’ve learned about its combat style, so let’s leave it at that for now.”

“Where are you going, Ojo-sama? And why do these floating iron balls always float?”

Mary asked, looking at the iron balls.

“Just get used to it. I thought it would be fun to float iron balls in the castle, so I had it decorated. Don’t you think it’s a nice decoration?”

The iron balls were specially made by a craftsman, and its shine was like that of a high-quality vein.

No matter what coating was applied, it had a great feel to it.

It could even be displayed in an art museum, but Mary didn’t seem to understand its beauty.

“In terms of being a decoration… I don’t understand it at all. That’s my opinion.”

“Is it a matter of taste? And It’s a great physical and mental workout… if it comes down to it, I’ll make it popular no matter what! Don’t you think that with one chance, you could make it popular by starting with a decoration iron array or something? Look, it’s not rough when it’s placed in a room, right?”

“W-What could it be?”

Miliaria observed Mary’s confused expression and realized that new things can sometimes be confusing.

She then muttered a magic word to explain the iron ball.

“Anyway, the iron balls are essential… it’s a crucial tool for training in spiritual arts.”

“Ojo-sama… if you thought you could fool everyone with that, you were mistaken.”

Mary replied skeptically.

“Oh, quiet down! You’re too loud! I’m not going to stop, no matter what you say, so give up!”

Miliaria retorted.

“I won’t make you stop… spiritual arts are very important for royalty…”

“Is that so? How important are they?”

“Yes, very important. They’re almost a lifeline.”

From now on, Miliaria’s quest to become stronger wouldn’t be limited to just the last dungeon.

The giant centipede was also part of that quest, and she wanted to fight it at an earlier stage.

But the problem was that Miliaria didn’t have enough daily virtue accumulation to fully indulge in her selfish desires.

“Sigh… is there anyone who could take care of all these troubles for me?”

Miliaria sighed.


Mary asked, looking concerned.

Miliaria realized that, no matter what she did, she would never become the subject of good rumors.

Being a princess of a kingdom meant she had to be careful about everything she did, even just going out.

“Is today’s spiritual arts class canceled? Let’s take a walk to refresh ourselves.”

Miliaria said, standing up and finishing her tea.

“Yes, that’s a good way to take a break like a princess. I’ll prepare it right away, Ojo-sama.”

“Mary, is there anything interesting around here? Are there any legendary swordsmen in the castle?”

“Unfortunately… there’s only the knight’s training ground.”

“Depending on how you look at it, there might be many of the strongest warriors in this country. Well, let’s go see.”

Miliaria said, intrigued.

“What? To the knight’s training ground?”

Mary asked, surprised.

“Of course. You said it yourself, didn’t you?”

She was interested in physical battles, and the acquisition of the strongest equipment had only increased that interest.

Chapter 40: The villainess princess observes

The knight’s training grounds were also utilized for spiritual arts training, making them spacious and accommodating.

Miliaria felt a tinge of jealousy towards the facility, which was far larger than hers.

It was like a military base from her previous life, with active knights and young trainees constantly training and sweating.

As she strolled around the grounds with a rolling bag, Miliaria thought to herself,

“As expected from an otome game… everyone here is beautiful.”


“Hey Mary? Isn’t it written in the recruitment requirements for knights that only good-looking people are allowed? Did Okaa-sama make a mistake?”


No matter where she looked, all she saw were handsome or fresh-faced individuals.

It makes you think, doesn’t it?

While Miliaria muttered, “It’s still so game-like,” she decided to take a mental snapshot to remember the scene.

Later, she could burn the image onto paper using the newly developed dark spiritual art “Dark Room.” The palace maids might appreciate it.

But let’s get back to the main topic.

From what Miliaria observed, the warm-up exercises were not particularly helpful.

What she was mainly interested in was the technical aspect.

In this case, what Miliaria considered technique was a term used in the game for special moves or skills.

In the Concerto of the Light Princess, battles were mainly composed of spiritual arts and techniques.

Techniques could be acquired through the weapon being used and proficiency with that weapon would increase through repetition.

Compared to spiritual arts, techniques had a lower charge time and were often faster, making them a popular choice among players due to their power and speed.

For example, Flare Zamber, the strongest technique of a character named Arthur, was extremely useful.

The continuous sword attack combined with flames had many hits and had a high critical hit rate with each strike.

Thinking about it, having such a technique would have made hunting Metal Pudding much easier.

“Thanks to the best equipment, I finally found my weapon of choice. I still don’t understand how to fight with a fan, though.”

While observing the knight’s training and wondering if there was any chance, Miliaria felt the presence of someone approaching and turned her gaze.

Oh, it was a cute red-haired boy. He was quite the sight to behold.

However, the boy of the same age approached her with quick steps, closing the distance between them.

He was trying to extend his right hand from a distance that was too close, and Miliaria realized in shock.

This is not to extend … It’s a wall bump! A gentleman’s technique to seduce a lady!

Of course, it’s natural in an otome game.

But I’m prepared for this.

Before the outstretched right hand could reach the wall, Miliaria moved.

Using the teleport ability, she positioned herself behind the boy.

“Oh, that’s just an afterimage.”


“This is me. Don’t you think you’re invading a lady’s personal space a bit too much?”

Miliaria wore a triumphant expression at the success of her improvised emergency evasion.

This is the emergency evasion technique “afterimage” against the wall-don in otome games.

With this, she was not afraid of love flags, etc.

The beautiful people were not capable of holding Miliaria in their grasp.

Redhead-kun was momentarily stunned, but soon turned to Miliaria, perhaps overcome by his anger.

“… You’re Miliaria, aren’t you?”

“Ah, wait a minute? Let me put on a face of annoyance… So, what is it? Speak.”

“…Fight me!”

“Fine! I’ll take you on! Goroadon!”


Thunder roared.

Chapter 41: The villainess princess decides immediately

Miliaria’s Goroadon suddenly descends from the sky and strikes the knight’s training ground.

Amidst the screams ringing out all around her, Miliaria gazed down at the red-haired young man who was collapsing, bent over at the waist.

“Well, let’s put on a proper show for this foolish boy who dared to challenge a royal lady. Did you think you could intimidate me by shouting loudly? How unfortunate for you, I’m the one in charge here!”

The boy who had suddenly challenged her had wild, red hair and was, well, cute.

However, Miliaria felt as though she had seen his face before, even though this was supposed to be their first meeting.

It was just a fleeting, dizzying feeling, but it was unpleasant, like a small bone stuck in the back of her throat.

Who was he again?

Miliaria tried to shake the feeling, but decided not to dwell on it.

At that moment, Mary, who had been speaking to the captain of the knights, rushed over.

“What’s going on! You can’t just blast high-level spirit art like that!”

“Mary, there’s no need to be so frantic. I didn’t aim at anyone, I just broke the training ground. It’s just a childish fight, if you will.”

“You can’t settle a child’s fight with thunder!”

“Well, don’t you often use thunder on me? Look, you’re using it on me right now.”

“Idiot! No one drops real thunder!!!”

“I wouldn’t say that. Don’t call me an idiot.”

Mary’s sharp retort echoed through the air. Mary is amazing.

But as she watched the knights going right and left, Miliaria sighed and thought that perhaps it would have been better to make the training ground a little wider.

“Maybe it would have been better if we had made the training ground a bit wider. This is just a poorly executed fight. I’ve realized that, Mary.”

“Is that the problem?”

Of course, it’s a big problem, Miliaria nodded.

But Mary had a suspicious expression with a wrinkle between her eyebrows.

“What is it? Your words don’t sound like Miliaria-sama.”

“What does Mary think of me? Nothing. It was too narrow here to enjoy a wonderful boy’s invitation, wasn’t it? I understand that well with Mary’s advice.”


Yes, It was too narrow here. This was unacceptable.

At times like this, it’s best to resolve the conflict in a more spacious location.

“Well, Mary. If that’s the case… I’m going to have a little match!

“Miliaria-sama? …What does that mean?”

“I’ve already accepted the duel, I have to see it through or my reputation will be tarnished.”

“I really wish you wouldn’t do this!”

“Even if you say that… duels are sacred, aren’t they? By the way, who are you to challenge me to a fight?”

“I wish you had clarified that before accepting it!”

Even though she was challenged to a duel, Mary was louder than her opponent.

In contrast, her opponent appeared to be a timid cat.

Thinking that if she stayed any longer, she would become stuck, Miliaria gracefully waved her hand and seized the red-haired young man.

“Well… goodbye!”



And with that, she successfully escaped… or rather, relocated to a more suitable location for a duel.

Teleportation is indeed a useful ability.

Chapter 42: The villainess princess successfully escapes

“Phew… Success! Incredible!”

Miliaria beamed with pride as she successfully teleported multiple individuals.

Her evolution was never-ending, and if she could teleport long distances outside of the castle, escape would be a viable option when the time came.

However, only Miliaria was pleased with this breakthrough.

The red-haired boy, who was bewildered by his first magic experience, looked like a frightened rodent.

“W-Where are we?”

“So, shall we have a duel? The bet is that whoever defeats the monster here first wins. What do you say?”

“Listen to what people are saying!”

“What are you talking about? You come to challenge me without asking any questions. Depending on the situation, I won’t hesitate to behead someone, even if they are a child.”

“No, that’s not what I meant…”

“Yes, that’s right. I am the first princess, after all. What kind of knight would challenge me to a duel when I should be protected? Well, I suppose it’s acceptable based on my own upbringing.”

Miliaria sighed, thinking of her mother who was both clever and formidable.

That made her feel threatened, but she didn’t have the energy to push through with her usual gusto.

Still, Miliaria was grateful for the opportunity.

It was a great excuse to go out and explore.

She had acted impulsively, so she expected a scolding, but if Miliaria could shift the blame, she was sure the issue would blow over.

Moreover, if she brought back a souvenir from a rare monster drop, it would double as an accomplishment, killing two birds with one stone.

Miliaria, confident in her evil plan, quickly surveyed her surroundings.

She appeared to have transferred to a mountain where a giant centipede lurked.

Although it was a new and unfamiliar sight, Miliaria’s enhanced spatial perception abilities indicated that she was in the right place.

“So, what do you plan to do? I don’t mind if we don’t have a duel, but since we’ve come this far, we might as well go.”

“Uh, uh.”

Miliaria felt a twinge of sympathy for the confused red-haired boy.

Well, Miliaria didn’t care much about the duel, but it seemed like the red-haired boy still had some fighting spirit.

“I’ll do it! I want to see your power!”

“Very well. Then, the terms of the match will be as I proposed earlier?”


What a sweet little boy. She’s starting to worry a bit.

“Really? You seem too nonchalant. Don’t you sense any danger?”

“It’s because you brought me here suddenly!”

“Even if you say such a thing, I also didn’t think that I would be challenged to such a sudden and unwilling match. I thought we should hurry..”

“I might not have challenged you, but it’s not right.

“Be grateful, it was what you desired. But I might have acted impulsively, so I’ll give you a weapon. What is your preferred weapon?”

“…A sword. A single-handed sword. But how do I…?”

“A single-handed sword, correct?”

Miliaria retrieved a sword from her backpack.

It was a single-handed, fire-element sword named Ifrit, said to be a dropped item in a secret dungeon.

The red-haired boy, upon seeing the sword, was captivated, regaining his senses only to exclaim in awe when he held it in his hand.

“G-Giving this to me! Can I, can I just keep it?”

“I intended to give it to you. Keeping it is fine.”

“That can’t be right?! This sword… It’s amazing, isn’t it? I feel more power from this than from my father’s magic sword!”

The red-haired boy, who was speaking rapidly with excitement, seemed to understand the hidden power of the sword.

Miliaria nodded, impressed by the boy’s keen eye and promising future, but she was in a hurry and didn’t want to get bogged down in explanations.

“Well, don’t worry about it.”

The contest was just a facade. What was important was the giant centipede that lived in this place.

Miliaria focused her mind on her destination and created a path through the rough mountains.

“Black carpet.”

A black roll carpet appeared, extending and spiraling to create a path, and Miliaria stepped onto it and began to advance.

“What the hell is that?!”

“It’s a mountain road technique!”

The red-haired boy was surprised by the carpet, but there was no time to worry about that during a contest.

Miliaria asked once more, “If you’re going to run, just run away. But, you might die, you know?”

“Die?… No! Who’s running away!”

Miliaria sighed lightly.

Well, it would be a waste to die from a monster attack.

Miliaria decided to proceed slowly, so the red-haired boy could follow.

Chapter 43: The villainess princess encounters a giant centipede

For about an hour, Miliaria gazed upon the rugged terrain of the mountain road.

She soon realized that there were no monsters in sight and stepped out of the shadows to survey the area.

“Wow, this is intense. It’s even more impressive up close,” Miliaria said, placing her fan to her mouth .


The red-haired boy was so shocked he couldn’t even speak.

The sight of the massive centipede wrapping itself around a bear and devouring it from head first was certainly harrowing.

Miliaria gave a whistle to attract the attention of the big centipede.

The red-haired boy, grabbing onto Miliaria’s sleeve in terror, was pale with fear.

“I don’t care! Let’s run away!”

“Are you kidding me? The one who defeats that wins the duel.”

“…I don’t care about that! I don’t mind losing! Let’s just get out of here!”

“Oh my, I guess I won by luck. Let’s just have some fun.”

“Why are you saying that?!”

Even if you say that, it’s too late to run now.

The big centipede had finished its main course but was still not satisfied.

Miliaria’s gaze was fixed on the perfect dessert that had presented itself.


She could hear the red-haired boy’s shrieking voice.

It wouldn’t take more than three seconds for the monster to come running towards her, shakily making its way… Ah, there it is.

Miliaria was ready for battle, fan in hand.

She kicked the red-haired boy, drawing her attacker just in time and dodging.

As they passed by each other, she struck the centipede lightly with her fan, producing a loud “thud” sound.

“…It’s tough!”

The exoskeleton was so hard that it numbed Miliaria’s arms, but even with a single strike, she was still able to make a dent.

However, the giant centipede showed no signs of backing down and its wounds immediately healed, foam covering the wounded area.

“I see, this is super regeneration… It’s amazing how fast it is!”

“Is this really the time to say that?!”

The red-haired boy may have fallen to the ground, but he was still able to scream, so it was clear he was quite resilient.

But now was not the time to be making a fuss.

“Please be quiet for a moment. I’m a bit busy right now. At least try to hide quietly without getting in the way.”


The real fun was just beginning, and Miliaria couldn’t let it be ruined .

Miliaria saw the big centipede as her prey and relished the prospect of the hunt.

“Well… from here on out, I’m really going to give it my all!”

Miliaria stood tall, fan in hand, ready to take on the world.

Chapter 44: Arthur’s thoughts on the villainess princess

“That princess… She’s different. She’s too strong.”

When the captain of the knights, Arthur’s father, praised the young princess Miliaria for her strength, Arthur felt a fierce pang of envy.

Arthur was born into a family of knights and had been trained in their ways since he was old enough to understand.

In all those years, his father had never once praised him.

Of course, the princess was special and not someone to be easily impressed.

But when Arthur saw her by chance, he couldn’t help but see her as a weak girl, the same age as himself.

And with that thought, his head filled with anger, and Arthur spoke without thinking.

“…Fight me!”

It was a rash statement, and Arthur immediately regretted it.

And the regret only grew.

“Ah… aah…”

Even with a mysterious magic sword in hand, Arthur couldn’t move a muscle.

In front of him, a monster that seemed to reach the sky was rampaging, and the one challenging it was the same girl he had just challenged to a fight.

“Th…this is incredible.”

Arthur was left in awe.

Miliaria was dodging the giant centipede’s attacks with ease, using a fan to inflict damage with incredible force.

She was moving in a way that was almost graceful, like a dance, which was completely different from the clunky battles Arthur had seen from the knights.

Even an adult wouldn’t have been able to do what she was doing.

Her spiritual power and ability to fight giant monsters with such a small fan was awe-inspiring, even for a child.

She was truly unique.

Soon enough, Arthur’s petty jealousy faded as he watched the battle unfold.

Regardless of her age, Miliaria was without a doubt the strongest person Arthur had ever seen.

But her repeated offense and defense was taking a toll on her small body, making Arthur fear that she might fall apart at any moment.

Despite this, he couldn’t look away, as it was all because of his careless words.

“If this continues…”

Sweat was pouring from Arthur’s palms.

He wanted to help, but he was powerless.

His throat was dry, and tears threatened to fall as he felt helpless behind Miliaria.

Chapter 45: The villainess princess enjoys herself


Miliaria chuckles heartily, determined to remain true to herself, even if a monstrous foe attacks.

She expertly sickle on her neck, avoiding the enemy’s strikes and counterattacking with powerful shots.

She takes a step back, twirling her weapon gracefully, keeping her distance.

After repeating this pattern several times, Miliaria has a sudden realization.

She has mastered the technique of using her fan simply by repeatedly battling her opponent.

The “Flower Snowstorm” is a technique that confuses the enemy with a barrage of mid-damage attacks, like scattered petals.

“The secret technique of the fan… just kidding… huh.”

She doesn’t want anyone to hear her thoughts, but she makes a mental note to show off her skills later.

And now, she has already learned a new technique.

Miliaria tightly grips her fist, feeling her newfound strength.

“This is… delicious!”

The giant centipede is a boss-level enemy in the Concerto of the Light Princess, renowned for its efficiency in earning skill points.

It has many hit points and a simple attack pattern, and its high defense power and life force, along with automatic recovery, make it an ideal target for training.

Its status as a boss monster only makes it more delicious, allowing for even faster skill acquisition.

It’s often referred to as “Centipede-sensei’s Skill School on the site”.

Miliaria was aware of its reputation, but she had her doubts about its effectiveness.

However, after trying it out, she was pleasantly surprised by how much she was able to learn and how enjoyable the experience was.

Centipede-sensei truly is the best.

Excited by the prospect of how many skills she could learn by the end of the day, Miliaria made a slight adjustment to her strategy, for the better.

“Hmm? What happened?”

Upon closer inspection, smoke was rising from Centipede-sensei’s body, the result of being hit by a fire spirit technique.

And then, a voice echoed in Miliaria’s memory, a child’s voice.

“Hey! Over here!”

It was the red-haired boy, shouting while brandishing his sword.

Miliaria suddenly remembered, this was a game (battle)!

The red-haired boy had taken advantage of the situation, feigning a loss of fighting spirit and snatching the target while Miliaria was distracted.

“You, red-haired boy! I won’t lose!”

Miliaria kicked off the ground and leaped into the air, twisting her body and delivering a powerful blow with a high-speed rotation.

Her special equipment added extra force to her attack, slamming the giant centipede into the ground.

Miliaria stamped on its hard shell with a loud BANG.

But as she tried to inflict more damage, the shell suddenly cracked and popped off with a loud bang.


The shell, which seemed to have a mechanism that bounced back attacks like a tank’s reactive armor, sent Miliaria flying with the shock.

Miliaria, who had been hit, furrowed her brows as she landed.

“Oh no! I didn’t expect this kind of mechanism… as expected from a boss monster, it’s truly a mysterious creature!”

The red-haired boy shouted at Miliaria, who was tilting her head in confusion.

“What are you doing? Run away now!”

But Miliaria was not ready to give up.

“What is the red-haired boy talking about? I can’t stop now that it’s getting interesting. I have to beat this centipede before the day is over, or I’ll be scolded harshly later.”

The target has been regained.

As Miliaria prepared for the next round, the red-haired boy made a comment.

“Your clothes are so tattered… you’ll die!”

“Hmm? My clothes are tattered?”

Miliaria looked down and paled.

Oh no. I had forgotten to cast a spell on my dress today!

The surprise attack earlier had saved her from harm, but it also caused a fatal injury to Miliaria’s dress.

And it was dirty.

Had it become mixed with bodily fluids from the shattered shell? Unfortunately, the dress was no longer fit for the party.

It was a terrible misfortune, as she had worn her favorite dress today because she was going to the knight’s training ground this morning.


Miliaria, who was growing impatient, used her instant teleportation ability to retrieve the red-haired boy and then teleported to a high rock with a good view.

“Wh? What?”

The red-haired boy asked in confusion.

“We’re done for the day… Well, let’s be happy that we learned a new technique with the fan.”

Below them, the rampaging giant centipede was nowhere to vent it anger.

“Fu, fufu… Well, let’s begin.”

Miliaria declared, raising her right hand high and fixing her gaze on her target.

Darkness burst forth from her entire body and power overflowed, converging in her right hand and becoming compressed darkness.

“How dare you… You ruined my favorite dress!”

The red-haired boy trembles as he grips the hem of Miliaria’s dress. The black darkness, which grows in proportion to the amount of power poured in.

“Take this! The darkness that devours the night! Ankokou!”

Miliaria released the finished clump of darkness without hesitation.

Ankokuu, who had landed on the giant centipede, rapidly grew and consumed everything surrounding the giant centipede in that instant.

With teary eyes, Miliaria grabbed onto the red-haired boy’s neck and retreated to a safe distance.

The next view revealed a dome-shaped depression, jagged and as wide as Ankokuu, marking a bittersweet victory.

“Alright! I’ve defeated it… the game is mine!”

Despite the importance of the moment, Miliaria declared her victory, brushing back her black hair that was disheveled by the blast.

Although she returned before sunset, she was scolded severely.

Her torn dress was thrown away, and with a bee sting on her face, she cried.

She was shocked to learn that the red-haired boy she had walked with was Arthur, the knight captain’s son, who was the heroine’s target for conquest. Despite this, Miliaria was still scolded a lot.

“…Ugh. I may have dirtied the dress, but I sent you home properly.”

At their farewell, Miliaria, who was battered and bruised, spoke with the red-haired boy.

He appeared disheartened, but when he looked at Miliaria’s face, he apologized.

“I… I apologize. Speaking such harsh words was unbecoming of a knight and, um… thank you for keeping me safe from the monster.”

Well, everyone has their own circumstances.

Even for Miliaria, there are moments when she can’t help but become frustrated over small matters.

If her previous self was here, she might have immediately called for the death penalty, but now her heart isn’t as narrow.

If they apologize, she can accept it sincerely.

Miliaria nodded and opened her fan.

If it’s the old Milliaria, she might have called for the death penalty, but she’s not so narrow-minded now.

“Good! Protecting the weak is also the duty of the strong!”

However, as soon as he heard those words, the red-haired boy’s expression became tense.

And with teary eyes, the red-haired boy ran away.

“I’m not… I’m not weak or anything!”

He was running as fast as he could.

Oh no, I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I might have done something wrong.

Anyway, the red-haired boy’s teary eyes were quite popular among her maids.

She felt a nagging voice in her head teasing her for that remark.

Chapter 46: The villainess princess realizes her immaturity

Miliaria starts her day with a special drink.

“Er, add some fruit, komatsuna (mustard spinach), and a dash of secret medicine from the dungeon, then mix it all with magic… And voila! It’s done!”

She pours the mixture, now a color that’s hard to describe, into her favorite glass and downs it all in one go.


The sound that escapes from the depths of her stomach, far too innocent for a villainess, was Miliaria’s secret that she couldn’t share with anyone.

“Uff… I can’t drink it all in one gulp….”

And then, the second glass.

As she took a sip, Mary, the maid, entered the room and saw Miliaria with her mouth full, and let out a deep sigh.

“…Miliaria-sama, what are you doing? The kidnapping incident involving Arthur-sama yesterday is still a topic of conversation in the castle, you know?”

Oh no, I don’t want to be caught doing something I don’t want seen and receive a negative reaction.

But who is Arthur?

The mention of his name jogged Miliaria’s memory of the red-haired boy from yesterday, and her mind rang the alarm bells loudly.


“Miliaria-sama?! What on earth! It smells, Miliaria-sama?!”

As Mary ran to grab something to clean it up, Miliaria was struck with a cold shiver as if her brain had frozen over.

There was only one person, Arthur with red hair, who was of the same age.

Remembering the handsome knight, one of the main characters, Miliaria trembled violently.

“Oh my God… that was really Arthur. I was lucky to win, but I almost got Flare Zambered!”

It was a good thing there wasn’t a serious one-on-one battle.

But even then, she didn’t feel half the excitement she had imagined, and there was nothing to be done.

“Oh, but before the main story starts, it’s really dull. We haven’t fought yet…”

But even that was understandable, and Miliaria reevaluated the situation.

The average level in this world was very low.

Killing monsters with the vague goal of leveling up was a foolish endeavor.

Miliaria wiped the sweat from her unexpected encounter, took a deep breath, and wondered what to do next.

“If I could see others’ parameters more clearly, I could determine their abilities right away.”

Although Miliaria should have been able to see them in the game, she still couldn’t fully replicate it with her spirit art.

She could only see her own ability values to a certain extent, like in an RPG, but she couldn’t see others’.

The heroine of the game could see not only their name, but also their likability. Perhaps this was because the heroine belonged to the light attribute, which was a specialty of the light attribute.

However, the light attribute was a rare attribute, and it was rarely seen, let alone verified.

“Should I ask Okaa-sama? Now that I think about it, quantifying the level and skills that would be perfect for a Queen… I know my own level, so I should be able to do more than just light, right?”

Miliaria wasn’t sure.

She studied spirit art every day, but that was what was frustrating, as there was no mention of such a thing.

As Miliaria was lost in thought, Mary, who had returned with something that smelled of secret medicine, asked in a hurry, “Miliaria-sama! Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine, don’t worry… well, it’s weird to look normal, isn’t it?”


“Never mind. I just realized I need to train more.”

“…Eh? More than this?”

“What do you mean? Of course!”

Even Mary, who was taken aback, didn’t understand Miliaria’s thoughts, but she accepted it as a matter of course and would work hard to improve.

Miliaria just laughed and patted Mary on the shoulder.

Chapter 47: The villainess princess fails

The challenges keep piling up, one after another, and it can be overwhelming to try to solve them all at once.

The best solution is to tackle each issue one by one, focusing on what can be resolved without adding stress.

“…I’ll consider the plan after I level up,” Miliaria decided.

She had already reached the 30th basement floor in the dungeon she was exploring, and her level was high after defeating the Metal Pudding.

However, even in a grinding-style dungeon like this, there were still dangers lurking, so caution was necessary.

“And…this middle layer is the devil’s…it’s the devil’s gateway…”

While the floor itself could be conquered by someone with a level around 70, the attribute biases made it difficult, with high physical resistance and near-invulnerability to magic except for specific weaknesses.

“Ugh…no matter how I look at it, this specification seems to be saying ‘use a member you’re not using in the party’…it’s tough to solo conquer.”

Miliaria needed to quickly escape this problematic layer.

She had been avoiding battles as much as possible, but the monster she finally encountered was tough.

“Area boss… a type that sits in front of the stairs… Titan Golem is earth-attribute and weak against water.”

Miliaria searched her memory for a strategy.

There was hope because darkness and light had some effect, but the concern was that there was no obvious weakness.

It was a type of monster similar to the giant centipede she had fought earlier.

High HP and incredibly tough durability.

Physical attacks were not very effective, and it had auto-healing.

The best approach was to identify its weakness through spirit art and take it down all at once.

However, the Titan Golem was much stronger than the giant centipede, with a higher overall ability value.

“Fortunately, it’s not no damage, it depends on how quickly and effectively you can cut it down while overcoming its size…”

Miliaria took a deep breath, ready for a fierce battle. The Titan Golem began to move as soon as it entered her attack range.

With determination, Miliaria floated countless spells in the air and shot them.

“Strike! Utsubeshi! Utsubeshii!”

Her strategy was simple – to keep firing spirit art until her spirit power was exhausted.

Despite firing her most powerful spiritual arts without hesitation, the Titan Golem proved to be a formidable foe.

The sound of destruction echoed through the floor as Miliaria unleashes her attacks, gradually chipping away at the Golem’s massive form.

Thanks to the Golem’s slow movements, it was relatively easy for Miliaria to hit with her arts.

However, despite her best efforts, she was unable to completely defeat the Golem.

Chapter 48: The villainess princess feels a synergy

“…Hmm… Just a little more. I think I just need a little more… I was already at the point where only the foundation (skeleton) was left.”

Of course, Golem returned to his muscular form when Miliaria stopped, but it seemed like pushing too hard wouldn’t work.

“I think it will work out eventually…”

She didn’t think she could achieve her goal with just a little more effort.

She had hoped her technique would be enough, but she was frustrated that she couldn’t even get a spark after trying the initial technique.

For now, the power-up she thought of was to pile on gems…

Miliaria, who placed gems on her fingers, put on as many bracelets and necklaces as she could and looked at herself in the mirror, was horrified by how unappealing she looked.

She held her head in her shaking hands and looked away from the reflection.

“This is… it’s ugly. Losing all the time is also ugly… Well, I’ll try to practice moving gracefully with these on for a while. Anyway…”

Maybe this clumsiness will be surpassed by the elegance that will come with it.

But, since it seems a bit hopeless, she should also consider alternatives.

Even if she has strange memories in her head, there may be times when she actually needs to combine techniques.

In such cases, the royal castle library is the best resource.

The books there are both abundant and of the highest quality, making it the ideal place for research.

Miliaria uses it to some extent, but when she went to the library with great excitement, she found a visitor there today.

A cute boy with glasses was deeply engrossed in a large book.

She thought about leaving him alone, but when she realized that the book Glasses-kun was reading was about spirit art, she approached him.

“Is that a book about spirit art?”

“…Yes, it is. What about it?”

“I’m also researching spirit art.”

“You’re researching spirit art?”

Glasses-kun gave her an impolite look and snorted.

“I can’t see you taking it seriously, with all those accessories and your bad taste.”

What an presumptuous little creature.

Glasses-kun, who had upset her mood, was impudent and cute at the same time.

But it was awkward to bring up the unpleasant parts directly.

As Miliaria, the thought of wearing these gems for no reason was heart-wrenching.

So she hid her mouth with her fan and feigned a laugh.

“What? You’re a user of spiritual arts, aren’t you? Don’t you know the significance of these gems? Are you serious?You’re not joking, are you?”

Miliaria was amazed at her own villainous potential to make such a foolish statement.

And it seemed to have worked, as Glasses-kun, who was deeply irritated, looked up.

“That’s…What do you mean…?”

“What? Why should I tell you?”

“…Why not?”

“Because it’s valuable information. If I’m going to teach you, you’re going to have to trade for something of equal value. For example, gold coins.”

“…Fine. It’s not a big deal anyway.”

Glasses-kun returned his gaze to the book with a sigh, but Milliaria snatches up the book he’s reading and offers him an alternative: a fan.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be gold coins, something else will do. For example, information. If you have information I want to know, I’d be happy if you shared it with me.”

The effect of the gems’ buff could not be underestimated.

It seemed that people in the world didn’t know much about it, so she could reveal this much.

Glasses-kun was puzzled by Miliaria’s confidence, but he sighed lightly, defeated by his curiosity.

“… If it’s something I know…”

“It wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t know! Actually, I’m looking for a way to increase the power of spiritual arts! If you have any tricks, could you teach me?”

“Unfortunately, there’s no such convenient solution… Spiritual arts can only be strengthened through hard work.”

“Yes, that’s right! But if you keep casting the same spell, won’t the power stay the same? I’ve tried various research, but I feel like there are many spiritual theories and they are unclear.”

Miliaria sighed as she looked at the stacks of books, feeling overwhelmed.

It seemed that the mainstream approach was to find ways to make spiritual arts easier and more stable to use, rather than delving into the essence of spiritual arts.

There was no doubt that defeating enemies would increase your level and power.

But somehow, Miliaria felt that power was being substituted for training.

If there is training, there will be improvement.

If you have trained and defeated monsters, it may be human nature to find purpose in difficulty.

As Miliaria answered, being careful not to reveal too much information, Glasses-kun had already taken his eyes off the book and was looking at her.

“So, I have a little puzzle for you. Can you tell me a way to defeat a monster that is only vulnerable to attribute attacks in a short amount of time?”

“A puzzle, huh?”

“Something like that. Do you know anything?”

Miliaria didn’t have high expectations for an answer, but Glasses-kun, who was muttering to himself, surprisingly responded with a proper answer.

“Attribute attacks… I see… I might know something.”


Miliaria was pleasantly surprised by Glasses-kun’s willingness to share, and she grabbed his shoulder in excitement. Glasses-kun blinked his eyes and nodded several times.

“Yes, it’s true!… You’re a bit rough.”

“I don’t care about that! So! What is it?”

Miliaria leaned in, eager to listen, and Glasses-kun straightened his wrinkled clothes before speaking.

“…Don’t knights have certain techniques? I heard that by enhancing those techniques with spiritual arts, they can evolve into advanced techniques. These advanced techniques are said to be less draining and more powerful than regular spiritual arts.”


“There are techniques… that have special effects. For example, imbued with fire or water when swinging a sword. Isn’t that impossible without spiritual arts? I guess you could say they put attributes on their attacks.”


Miliaria realized that Glasses-kun was right. High-level techniques did have flashy effects attached to them!

Of course, Miliaria was familiar with these techniques, but she felt like a veil had been lifted from her eyes.

She had thought of them as separate things, but it was true that in the game “Concerto of the Light Princess,” the techniques used by the characters were linked to the spiritual arts they could use and the effects they had.

Characters with a high aptitude for the spiritual art of fire were likely to learn a technique that created fire when swinging a sword.

In other words, that effect might be considered a manifestation of spiritual arts.

“Maybe if I focus on learning… I might have a breakthrough?”

“I believe a certain level of proficiency is necessary, but it seems that many individuals have learned the skills of spiritual arts through dedicated effort… though it may differ from the requirements.”

“No! I can do it!”

Miliaria declared, clapping Glasses-kun’s shoulder with determination.

It was strange that despite having learned the initial skills, she was unable to learn the next ones, no matter how hard she tried.

She thought it was because she was the final boss, or maybe it was a unique characteristic, but if her own knowledge was hindering her progress, it would be a great disappointment.

As long as the overall damage didn’t exceed the Golem’s HP and recovery speed, it didn’t matter how many moves were used.

“This will… be my downfall!”

“I don’t understand what you mean by ‘downfall.’ Can you explain it to me?”

Glasses-kun asked, sounding both excited and nervous.

His curiosity was what made him a dedicated fan.

Feeling guilty for her previous actions, Miliaria decided to share her secret information.

“By the way, what is your specialty attribute in spiritual arts?”


“Water? That’s just right…”

Miliaria nodded and handed Glasses-kun a sapphire ring from among her jewelry.

The ring amplified the water attribute and also slightly recovered HP, making it ideal for someone with a water specialty.

“Consider this a reward. My little secret is that if you wear the proper accessories, there are special effects. Gems, in particular, increase the power of spiritual arts. It usually ranges from 15% to 30%, depending on the quality. The better the quality, the more noticeable the change should be!”

This was probably the easiest way to quickly and greatly increase one’s spiritual arts.

Hearing this, Glasses-kun’s eyes widened in surprise as he gazed at the sapphire ring in his hand.

“I’ve never…I’ve never heard of that…”

“Yeah. People don’t seem to know about it.”

Indeed, she had never heard anyone mention this before.

Miliaria poured her spiritual power into her Black Diamond, causing it to shine brightly.

The trick is to imagine it circulating through the gem. You should be able to feel the boost in your power.”


Glasses-kun asked skeptically.

“You should try it with that gemstone as well!”

Miliaria encouraged him.

“No! That’s too much…”


Miliaria, not hearing Glasses-kun’s words, approached him with a gulp.

Glasses-kun, frightened and red-faced, looked away and muttered,

“Well, that…Th-thank you.”

The once meek young man had suddenly become a cute boy!

Miliaria was taken aback by Glasses-kun’s sudden transformation.

However, she had devised a plan to avoid such surprises in the future.

“Take care of yourself!” she said before slowly disappearing, teleporting away like a ghost.


Glasses-kun was saying something, but Miliaria was too focused on the new technique she had discovered.

The thought of it taking her to another level filled her with excitement and she couldn’t remain still.

Chapter 49: The villainess princess grinds down

“It’s time… for Revenge.”

Miliaria adorned herself with her optimal gems and donned a dress that complemented her dark spirit magic.

Her appearance was flawless and her makeup was impeccable.

Her skills were sharper than ever, and she quickly arrived at her destination.

In other words, she was at her peak.

The massive Golem that stood in her way was both an obstacle and a master, becoming stronger the more she strikes.

“… Then I’ll let you teach me. I think I can finally grasp it today.”

As she stepped into the Golem’s territory, it marked the beginning of a life-or-death lesson.

Miliaria opened her fan and regulated her breathing.

She set out to grind down the Golem’s hard exterior and turn her breakthrough into a certainty.

Miliaria dodged as the Golem swung its palm down and ran up its arm, aiming for its face.

“By wrapping the spirit art around my fan…”

She spoke, consciously using an unfamiliar technique.

The spirit steel fan absorbed and amplified Miliaria’s power, creating a black flash.

“!Here it comes! Now! It’s time for revenge!”

Miliaria swung the fan, imagining the motion.

The black blade that emerged flowed around the Golem with fluid movements.

The sharp, dark-attribute blade carved deep wounds into the Golem’s body.

“The fan technique, Shadow Bird (Kagedori)… it’s amazing! It’s fast and has low energy consumption!”

In the game, techniques were limited by the number of uses.

Now that the number of effective attacks has increased, the task remains the same.

“Let’s go! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi ! Utsubeshi !”

The storm of shadow birds was unleashed mercilessly.

The Titan Golem’s armor was shredded and scattered all around.

Miliaria saw the Golem staggering, unable to keep up with the wave attack that exceeded its recovery speed.

But she couldn’t let her guard down.

She had learned from her past defeat that the real challenge came after removing the armor, when the backbone was exposed.

“Go… gogogo.”

Armor and rocks were nothing more than a patchwork of dirt.

It’s the skeleton and core inside that are the hardest and the last to recover.

“I already know that!”

Miliaria burned with determination.

She poured all her remaining energy into completely shattering the Golem’s core.

“Take this— Ankh Barrage!”

She threw the fan into the sky and focused the darkness through all ten of her fingers.

The dark attribute bullets that were released from each finger crushed the Titan Golem, preventing any recovery.

It wasn’t as fast as the Shadow Bird, but the Ankh barrage dealt significant damage.

If she reached the core before it recovered, she would have succeeded.


Miliaria thought only of performing the spirit art quickly and accurately.

Fall, fall, fall, ooooh!

She didn’t actually scream, but the spirit art she concentrated on with blood-filled eyes definitely broke the speed record.

Finally, the Golem crumbled to its knees.

As she watched it turn to sand and fall to the ground, Miliaria sweated profusely and her knees nearly gave out, but she held on with her willpower.

The moment of victory was a testament to her willpower as a beautiful maiden!

She grabbed the fallen fan, spun it, and snapped it shut.

“Yes! Victory! Seriously.”

Half crying, she was so overjoyed by her narrow victory. Miliaria elegantly hid her mouth behind the fan, then opened it wide and laughed heartily.


Chapter 50: The villainess princess fulfills one of her dreams

Despite the belief that spirits are the source of all things, Miliaria couldn’t help but feel that it was disrespectful to use them solely for attacking purposes. Driven by her curiosity, she began experimenting with unconventional uses of spirits.

She found that the dark attribute, in particular, had a wide range of applications. It was so versatile that it could be used for almost anything if one put their mind to it.

Today, she had created another wonderful technique and was eager to show it off.

In front of her stood five round tanks with faucets, which looked like water dispensers. Mary was looking at them with interest.

“Miliaria-sama? What is this?” she asked.

“Hmph. This was created by a craftsman. It’s a combination of the design of the faucet and the charm of a beautiful girl!”

Miliaria explained with pride.

She believed that the creation of this unknown technology was only possible because the craftsman was a beautiful girl like herself.

“So, that’s what I wanted to show you today. Mary, I’ve created a powerful spirit art. Do you want to see it?”

“Congratulations. So, what is it?”

“Just watch.”

Miliaria had a mischievous expression on her face as she recited, “Dark liquid.”

She placed her hand on the water dispenser and recited a new spell, and the five dispensers were filled with pure black liquid.

When she placed a cup under one of them and turned the tap, a fragrant aroma filled the room.

“What do you think?”

“…It’s annoying that it has a good smell despite its terrible appearance.”

Mary responded.


Miliaria was taken aback by her unexpected evaluation. Despite her pride in her creation, which had been supporting her recent nighttime adventures, Mary’s words were a blow to her confidence.

She took a sip of the black liquid, which was actually a well-made cup of black coffee.

“Yeah. It’s well done! How about you, Mary, would you like some… what’s wrong?”

“Well, that… is that liquid safe to drink?”

Mary asked hesitantly.

But Miliaria was confident in her creation and assured her, “It’s fine! It’s a great thing that not only won’t harm your body, but it will also help you in various ways! The water made with the spell is drinkable. It’s safe even for those with dark attributes.”

“Well… doesn’t that reasoning seem a bit flawed? What if magma were to come out with a fire attribute?” Mary asked, concerned.

“You worry too much, Mary. I even tested it with a suitable monster. I drank it myself and it was the go-ahead, wasn’t it?”

“Does that prove anything?”

“Don’t I tell you I’ve tried it too? If you drink it, you’ll shake off your drowsiness and get an energy boost! And a mild stimulant effect? The downside is that you have to go to the toilet a lot.”

“Uh… that explanation sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?”

“Does it? If you’re worried, come over here.”

Miliaria took a sip of her dark coffee and urged Mary to drink the other black liquid.

This other black liquid was filled with bubbles that rose from the bottom to the top.

“…Is it safe?”

“It’s sweet and delicious. Drink it.”

“Miliaria-sama… okay.”

Mary reluctantly picked up the cup and drank the bubbly liquid in one gulp.

Of course, it was replicated cola. Miliaria had prepared three or so different types to cater to personal preferences.

The last one was oolong tea, which Mary could use as a palate cleanser.

Miliaria watched with a sly smile as Mary stared fearfully at the bubbly liquid.

She was eager to see Mary’s reaction.

Mary drank the liquid, but it exploded in her mouth.

“Ngghhh… gobble, cough!”

“What happened, Mary!”

As Mary rolled around, spilling black liquid from her mouth and nose, she finally managed to speak.

“It exploded in my mouth! Is it poison?! My nose hurts so much… Ah, but it’s sweet.”

“Fufufu… it’s carbonated, so it’s obvious. There’s no harm. Because it’s sweet and delicious, try drinking it slowly this time.”


When Mary drank it more slowly, taking into account the carbonation stimulation, she was able to enjoy it even though she made a strange face.

Carbonation needs to be taken into account, but it seems that other than Miliaria anyone can also drink it safely.

“Well, the taste test was a success. They’re all excellent. Should we install a tap in the castle so we can drink it anytime?”

“That’s… No, please, not with the fountain going up all over the castle.

“Oh really? It’s a dream for some children in certain places. Well, I’ll keep it in front of my room for a while. Try recommending it to your friends. It’s a Miliaria-exclusive drink.”

“…Miliaria juice. No, never mind. By the way, I have one question for you.”

“What is it?”

“Why is everything black?”

“Well… because it’s of the dark attribute, of course.”

If the aura is black, the resulting substance will also be black.

Miliaria didn’t understand why this was the case, but that was just how it was.

“But isn’t that strange? The dark attribute. Of course, liquids, solids, and even gaseous substances like mist can also become like unknown energies. According to my research, it seems that it can even brainwash people.”

“Brainwash?! Is this liquid capable of that too?”

“Oh, come on. I’m not doing that. Just enjoy its fatigue-relieving effects. Constantly complaining that the dark attribute is ominous and sulking won’t get you anywhere, right? If you can’t change it, use it to your advantage.”

“…Miliaria-sama, you’ve become so impressive.”

Miliaria nodded confidently at Mary, who was overcome with emotion.

“Of course. And I found that it’s incredibly useful and convenient when I use it. I’m still looking for more interesting applications.”

Even with drinks, the taste wasn’t great at first, but now it’s fragrant, and if desired, you can even add the flavor of milk.

Later, Miliaria decided to put it in a barrel and give it to Mary as a gift.

The dark attribute has a wide range of applications, but there are few people who possess it, so most of the discovery process is through trial and error.

And because of the deeply ingrained belief that the dark attribute is taboo, there are very few books on the subject, which is frustrating for Miliaria.

“…It would be nice if there were a role model. It’s hard to find someone who is honest… no, there’s no one.”


Miliaria suddenly had a thought.

It was something that should have been obvious, but perhaps she had been avoiding it deliberately.

Miliaria remembered the person who was most skilled in dark spiritual arts in the Concerto of the Light Princess.

However, the memory was not a positive one.

Miliaria, who had been feeling good just moments before, reconsidered and shifted her thoughts, realizing that verifying the memory might be her best bet as she had few leads to go off of.

With a renewed energy after drinking dark coffee, she decided to take action.

She gestured with her fan towards Mary, who was looking confused.

“Mary! Call the merchant right away! I want something!”

“Yes, I’ll get in touch with them immediately.”

“Oh, you’re not objecting this time, Mary?”

Miliaria asked, surprised by the quick response.

Mary simply nodded, saying it was natural.

“Because of the white powder incident. The carry bag that Ojo-sama proposed last time is selling well, so Her Majesty has ordered us to let you do as you please to some extent.”

“What? They’re selling it? I haven’t heard about this before?”

“Is that so?”

“That Maximilian… He’s taking advantage of me. I haven’t complained about the defective product yet! …Shall I be more selfish this time?”

Miliaria, feeling both relieved and unsatisfied, tapped her palm with her fan in frustration.

Chapter 51: The villainess princess protests

A thunderclap resounds with a “dong.”

In the room, with its windows shaking and the lightning illuminating the space, Miliaria sits on a chair, her fan resting on the desk, as she addresses the merchant, Maximilian, who is frightened by the thunder.

“Well, Maximilian. I have several things to discuss with you, but first and foremost, I want you to make me a private carriage.”

Maximilian is taken aback by Miliaria’s request.

“W-What do you mean?”

“Oh? That’s a rude tone to take with me. You heard me, didn’t you? …Didn’t you commercialize my idea without my permission?”

“Uh… well, I had… permission from the queen, who is your guardian.”

“Is that what you’re claiming!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

Certainly, there was nothing more certain than the approval of the queen, Miliaria’s guardian, to give the green light to her impulsive ideas.

Miliaria leaned forward, pressing her forehead with her hand.

“I was foolish to not realize that… Well, it’s a good thing for you. Anyway, I want a carriage. Understood? I want it to have a bathroom, kitchen, and toilet, and the suspension must be top-notch, minimizing any shake while in motion! I won’t compromise on this! You must not overlook this from the start!”

The idea of the suspension was something that Miliaria remembered from another world, and she was driven by a powerful urge to have it included.

Her passion was building, but whether Maximilian would understand her feelings was uncertain.

“…I’m sorry. Can you calm down a bit? I can’t understand anything you’re saying.”

“Of course you do! …That’s why I’ve drawn up plans this time. Don’t worry! We can do anything if you use your connections!”

The plans Miliaria handed over were for a special carriage with a platform modeled after a campervan.

Maximilian received the sketchbook and looked it over, his expression turning blank before he quietly closed it.

Then, he hesitantly asked Miliaria, “Uh… I don’t understand the details, but this is quite large, isn’t it?”

“I’ve put a lot of effort into it, so I think it’s compact considering all the features it has. Don’t you agree?”

“But… I don’t think there’s a horse strong enough to pull this carriage?”

“Fufun… Of course, I’ve taken that into account.”

“…Are you sure?”

“Of course I am. Instead of worrying about trivialities, shouldn’t you be focused on how to fulfill my request perfectly?”


Maximilian was confused by Miliaria’s sharpness, and she raised three fingers in response.

“I’ll let you off the hook of using my idea without my permission. But… the matter of giving me a defective EX potion, that was careless of you.”

She snapped one finger.

Maximilian’s throat made a gulp sound.

“D-Did you use that?”

“Of course I did. I checked it myself and I plan to file a complaint with solid evidence.”

“B-But even if the recovery power of the EX potion is slightly reduced, most humans…”

“Shut up. The problem is that the expiration date had passed and only the minimal effects were available.”

Even a small decrease in effectiveness could be deadly, so Maximilian must take this matter seriously.

“And the matter of the white powder the other day. I forgave you, but… I consider that to be your misbehavior.”

Miliaria snapped her second finger.

Maximilian’s face turned pale.

“Both of these incidents were serious misbehaviors that put lives at risk. On another note, there’s a saying in some countries that even a Buddha’s face can only forgive three times. Even the most forgiving person can only forgive three times. Am I about to snap my last finger?”

“… ”

“Well, I don’t think that will happen. What do you say, Maximilian?”

Miliaria playfully tickled Maximilian’s nose with her last remaining finger, causing him to shudder.

Miliaria felt like she may have intimidated him a bit too much, but she was merely getting even for nearly losing her life.

“…Yes! I will do my best!”

That’s a good response.

If Maximilian, who has been complying with all of Miliaria’s selfish demands, nods, she can feel relieved that he will deliver something of quality.

“Good. Then I’ll arrange for the horses. I look forward to it, okay?”

“I have a bit of an uneasy feeling… but since it’s for you, Miliaria Ojo-sama, I will look forward to it.”

For some reason, Maximilian’s face was tense despite his high praise, despite being intimidated, but Miliaria was confident that he would meet her expectations.

After that, the preparations were completed after Miliaria handed over the plans.

Preparing for new challenges can be difficult, but by attempting to create advanced things, Miliaria realized something.

The memories in her head were not just her own.

She had a vague feeling of this before, but now she was certain that the memories of multiple people exist within her.

It made her uneasy, but at the same time, she didn’t want to let go, and Miliaria nodded to herself.

Chapter 52: The villainess princess challenges the taming

The 35th floor of the underground dungeon was known as the Golden Temple. It housed a magnificent golden building, unlike any other in the dungeon.

The monster Buell was inside the building, but that was not Miliaria’s target this time.

She was searching for a golden lion statue that served as the guardian of the building.

“Fufu. I know… that you’re tameable.”

Miliaria spoke to the shining golden lion statue.

The golden lion, known as Gold Leo, was a mysterious monster that moved like a stone statue, such as a Gargoyle.

Normally, the outcome of whether a monster would become a companion after a battle was random, but this time, Miliaria had a plan.

There were always hints about her powers hidden in the description of the game.

This had been confirmed through her previous experiences.

“The Miliaria in the game, or the demon king, clearly had monsters under his command. If you say it’s an enemy’s gimmick, that’s all there is to it, but… if I think about what special characteristic I have, there’s nothing strange about there being a secret.”

In other words, Miliaria had a high proficiency in the attribute of darkness, and it was believed that there was a close connection between this attribute and the taming technique.

Her intuition in spiritual arts was not to be underestimated, especially in her exploration.

When Miliaria stepped into the guard range of the golden lion, Gold Leo moved to defend itself.

“Well then… shall we try feeding him the taming dumplings right away? It should be 100% possible to tame him!”

Taming dumplings were items that increased the chances of taming a monster and could be partially purchased at the adventurer’s shop in the capital or the spiritual art academy’s purchasing department.

Using a weapon was not an option, as it would damage the appearance of the golden lion.


Facing the imposing lion, Miliaria prepared the dumplings.

But an hour later…

“Zeh-haa, zeh-haa… it’s no good!”

Even with her special taming talent in the dark attribute, Miliaria was unable to tame Gold Leo.

The dumplings had reached their limit, but there was no sign of the lion submitting.

Although her beauty had improved for no apparent reason, it was even more frustrating that the lion was still baring its fangs.

“Ku! You just licked your lips! I’ll make you pay for that!”

Miliaria stepped her foot in anger.

With the dumplings gone, she was at a dead end in the game.

“This is… do I have to retreat again? I can’t buy dumplings without…”

A large paw was swung towards Miliaria, who was muttering to herself.

She reacted quickly and struck back.

“Be quiet!”

A blow to the top of the head.

Gold Leo was slammed into the ground.

But the opponent was a strong monster, and it wouldn’t end with just that.

A follow-up stomping attack, and then another.

“It’s a badly behaved cat… do I need to discipline it?”

Miliaria was feeling exhilarated from the fierce stomping attack that scattered sparks… but suddenly regained her composure.

“W-What is this feeling of exhilaration…! No! I was about to open a door I shouldn’t have opened!”

Fearful, original Miliaria.

The S-ness flowing at the bottom of her consciousness seemed to be genuine.

Regardless of her sexual preference, she didn’t intend to openly show it all.

However, the severe attack seemed to have almost drained Gold Leo’s vitality, causing him to open his mouth in surprise.

“Ah, it’s seriously crazy… It makes me feel frustrated. It seems like it hasn’t been settled yet…”

Miliaria peered at the twitching Gold Leo and had an idea.

“Ah, but… come to think of it, there’s something I’d like to try.”

Miliaria remembered when Mary talked about brainwashing and the fear she felt towards the drink she created.

Miliaria placed her hand on Gold Leo’s mouth and muttered a spell.

“Dark liquid…”

I never thought I would feel so relaxed…

The unusual black liquid invaded Gold Leo’s body.

And black effects burst from all over his body, causing Gold Leo to collapse.



Miliaria was also surprised.

Gold Leo shook his body for a while, but then he got up and looked at Miliaria.

“I can’t believe it…”

And then he lowered his head and prostrated himself in front of Miliaria. The taming was a success.

“…This has nothing to do with dumplings.”

This guy is seriously crazy. It’s only the final boss that does it perfectly.

While Miliaria was shocked, she decided to consider the experiment a success and to completely seal the use of this technique in front of people in the future.

“…The result is alright!”

Gold Leo, who made a throaty sound and rubbed his head against Miliaria, was like a completely different cat from before. Miliaria narrowed her eyes, trying to take care of him at least.

Chapter 53: The villainess princess takes the reins

“I have taken the place of the horse!”



Maximilian, who had momentarily lost consciousness and was breathing bubbles, finally came to.

When Miliaria looked at the Golden Lion carriage, or rather, her private carriage, she was impressed by its sturdy design and gorgeous appearance.

“This is a treat… rewarding oneself is a must.”

However, when faced with the real thing, Miliaria couldn’t resist the urge to try it out.

“Mary… let’s go for a ride.”


“I made it…”

“Absolutely not.”

It was a total failure when even begging didn’t work.

But Miliaria was determined to plan her outing and execute it secretly.

While Miliaria was secretly scheming, Mary looked at her with suspicion.

“Are you thinking of something strange?… you have a guest today, so don’t forget.”

“What? I didn’t hear about it?”

When Mary made a face as if to say “a guest coming out of nowhere,” she was shrugged off by Miliaria.

“Maybe because were you looking for this lion somewhere? Ojo-sama has been using teleport too much lately.”

“It’s a wasteful spell to let it go to waste. Of course, I’ll use it to the fullest!”

Miliaria declared confidently, but her statement was met with a rolled eye.

Still, who could be visiting me?

Miliaria, who had no idea, shrugged her head, but when she met the visitor, she was taken aback because she didn’t recognize him.

With fluffy golden hair and blue eyes, the visitor was cute, like an angel, and appeared to be a boy.

“This is a pretty strong cute aura… who could it be?”

Miliaria was seriously wondering when Mary, flustered, whispered in her ear, “It’s Edward-sama! The heir of the duke’s family!”


That’s right, she remembered.

In an instant, Miliaria felt like all the blood had drained from her face.

Ah, isn’t that the Chick-kun from the grilled chicken incident!

Oh… why is the target of the main route’s conquest here?

In Miliaria’s life, the second deadliest flag after the heroine was disgustingly cute.

Miliaria was entranced by the boy’s happy, smiling face and was in danger of ruining herself.

It was a devilish smile that would lure you in if you let your guard down.

“…This is Edward-sama. You seem to be in a good mood. How was your day today?”

But Miliaria also greeted him with a perfect smile, like a final boss.

As Miliaria prepared herself for what was to come, Chick-kun shyly turned his body and asked modestly,

“Uh… Miliaria-sama, can you not make “that” anymore?”

“That? What is that?”

“Yes… that is, yakitori.”

“Ah! Grilled chicken!”

That was certainly delicious.

And Chick-kun seemed filled with expectation.

“…Did you like it?”


When Miliaria asked, Chick-kun nodded sincerely.

Ugh! He’s so honest! My dirty heart is being washed away!

However, Miliaria had a secret plan in preparation for the arrival of the characters.

As she was about to be defeated by his dignified aura, she activated a new trump card.

In an instant, Miliaria was 600,000 meters above the sky.

“…Dignified! Damn you!”

She used the secret ritual, launch-style emergency evasion! It was so cold!

This technique involved rapidly freezing her raised head, then releasing a roar to vent.

Screaming in a place where no one could hear her.

And when the extremely cold wind of high altitude had completely cooled her frostbitten head, the two-stage approach that made her back cold as she descended was the selling point.

By the way, it was not a romantic feeling, just a deep taste.

She repeated short teleports, slowed down, and finally killed her momentum by changing her vector sideways.

Everyone’s eyes were dots as they watched Miliaria land while sliding sideways. Unfortunately.


If she said it playfully, would the dots turn back to normal?

Miliaria had expected a big boil, but it seems that’s not going to happen.

Hiding her face behind her fan and coughing in the still cold air, Miliaria cleared her throat.

“Oh, excuse me. It’s just a light warm-up! … Speaking of getting my head cool, was it grilled chicken? I’m sorry, but we don’t have fresh ingredients today.”

But upon hearing that there was no grilled chicken, Chick-kun’s shoulders drooped in disappointment.

“Is that so…”

“So I’ll catch it now!”

Miliaria quickly added.

No matter how much she vented, her basic impression was always high.

When she saw such a sad face, she felt like an older sister who wanted to do her best.

“What? Is that okay?”


“Don’t stop Mary! It’s a customer’s request! That’s right! There’s no choice!”

“You’re using customers as decoys too often lately! It only causes trouble in many ways, so please stop!”

“That’s not what I mean!”

Oops, she was caught. Mary was sharp despite her habits.

But Miliaria wasn’t going to stop because of that.

The taste of the other world standard was said to captivate the little duke’s heart and was greatly appreciated.

If a cute boy was moved by her cooking with sparkling eyes, there was no reason to hesitate to show off her skills.

And it was also very convenient for a bit of a forceful outing.

Miliaria grabbed Chick-kun’s hand and teleported him to the new carriage.


Mary’s voice could be heard mixed with a scream.

“Eh? Where are we?!”

Chick-kun, who was surprised beside her, was pushed into the carriage and made to be quiet.

“I said the warm-up is over! Next is the real performance in practice! I’m going out for a bit! I’ll be back soon!”

She deliberately got on the golden lion carriage and held the reins.

The destination was the monster’s spawn point that she had found through the adventurer’s announcement.

“Let’s go!”


The speed was so powerful that even the horses in the area gave way in fear.

The people in the capital cleared the way from a distance and looked at it, wondering what was going on, even from afar.

The Golden Lion Rampage incident.

People who watched tried to explain it somehow, but no one could give a realistic explanation, and it became a legend.

Chapter 54: The villainess princess gets excited


The rush of wielding power that exceeded expectations opened Miliaria’s eyes to a new world.

Even in the carriage, with its reduced vibrations due to advanced countermeasures, the sensation of speed was enough to stir her soul.

As she pulled up at her destination, Miliaria felt invigorated, wiping the sweat from her brow after executing a stylish jump.

“Phew… I feel like I’ve shrunk the world… this might become a new addiction.”

Edward, or Chick-kun, was also thrilled, revealing a hidden potential.

“Awesome! Miliaria-sama!”

“Yes, I’m glad that Edward-sama enjoyed it too!”

Although she might face some reprimands later, there was no point in worrying about future troubles when something so enjoyable was happening.

“Miliaria-sama, where are we?”

Miliaria proudly shared her limited knowledge with the timid Edward.

“This is the Nantoka Plains outside the capital! I can’t recall the official name right now.”

“I see!”

Edward had a wide grin on his face, unaffected by the small details.

As Edward grew more excited, Miliaria suddenly became aware of the presence of numerous monsters gathering in the plain. She braced herself.

“Did you sense this too… It seems that reports of a massive outbreak were accurate.”


“Yes, there are some with delicious meat. But there don’t seem to be any birds.”

“No birds?”

As Miliaria scanned the monsters that had converged, she saw pink, pig-like creatures known as “piggies” and cow-like creatures referred to as “beefies”.

In the game, they were depicted as plump, glossy mascots, but the plump bodies of the two-legged pigs and cows in front of her were vastly different from their virtual counterparts.

“…Why are they so plump?”

She shouldn’t say it, but the reality was somewhat unsettling.

The plumpness was still cute, but the sleek plumpness of the two-legged pigs and cows felt… excessive to Miliaria.

But Miliaria remembered what the monsters dropped in the game.

“Delicious meat pork. Delicious meat beef…. I wonder how delicious they’ll taste.”

“Uh, the monsters are getting closer…”

Edward was clearly frightened as the creatures closed in on the carriage, tightening their encirclement.

Miliaria couldn’t help but feel irked.

“Yes… It seems so…”

These monsters were openly licking their chops, taunting them.

Miliaria wondered what made these creatures think they could win, sticking out their tongues and brazenly challenging her.

The cute gaze of these mascots was no different from the look of a thug eyeing weak prey.

Did they think they could win with sheer numbers? Miliaria worried that even the powerful Gold Leo pulling the carriage could be quickly defeated.

It was incredibly annoying that every time they lifted their weapons and moved forward, their large buttocks jiggled loudly.

A breath escaped their noses with a hum, carrying a slightly herbal scent that made Miliaria feel both annoyed and hungry.

Gently stroking Edward’s head, Miliaria whispered, “Is that okay? Can you hide in the carriage until I say it’s safe?”

“Huh? Uh, yes!”

“You’re a good boy. In return, you’ll get lunch, okay?”

“Really? But you said you can’t make grilled chicken, Miliaria-sama.”

Even at this moment, Edward couldn’t resist the temptation of grilled chicken. He truly was a top conquest character.

Miliaria, realizing this strange fact, aimed the iron balls she always kept in her mind at the monsters.

With preparations complete, Miliaria licked her lips lightly.

“You can relax… tonight’s side dish is hamburgers!”

Edward retreated into the carriage.

It was time to K.I.L.L.

The barrage of gunfire became a tempest, chasing away the taunting monsters.

Chapter 55: The villainess princess agrees

The storm subsided quickly, and the battle was over.

The outcome was favorable, and it was time for a celebratory feast. Miliaria petted her iron ball, which had made a great impact.

But she couldn’t linger. Miliaria quickly got to work cleaning up the gory scene, which was rated R15.

“Phew… this should do it.”

As she dried off the sweat from her hard work with a fan, Chick-kun appeared from inside the carriage.

“…. Are you all right?”

“Of course. After all, I invited you to join the hunt. I wouldn’t keep you waiting.”

Although things got a little out of hand, and the land was left barren, the catch was substantial.

“Eh?! The scenery has changed!”

“It’s been like this from the start!”


Chick-kun nodded at Miliaria’s firm assertion.

Sometimes, it’s convenient to tell a little white lie.

Chick-kun, who was bouncing with excitement, didn’t seem to be upset, so Miliaria deemed the outcome to be satisfactory.

“With this… we can make something delicious!”

“Yes! I can’t wait!”

Oh, how cute.

While it would be nice to enjoy camping food and test the performance of the custom-made carriage, there were not enough ingredients to prepare a proper meal.

There was no doubt that they couldn’t aim for anything more than grilled chicken with just monster meat.

However, if Chick-kun specifically requested it, then it meant that Miliaria couldn’t achieve that flavor normally.

Therefore, Miliaria decided to aim for the best dish to fulfill Chick-kun’s request.

When she returned to the castle, she was scolded harshly.

But without losing her composure, Miliaria discreetly shed a tear and stormed into the kitchen.

“Well, I’ll fulfill Edward-sama’s request! I’ll start my culinary creations!”

Everyone could only watch from a distance, but only Chick-kun was clapping his hands in excitement.

Emphasizing that it was a collaborative effort, Miliaria decided to start cooking right away.

“First, I’ll wrap the ingredients in spiritual art.”

She attempted to swallow two monsters whole into the pitch-black space.

She didn’t want to show children the process of dismembering livestock.

The darkness that Miliaria created engulfed the meats and precisely cut out the parts that wouldn’t be consumed.

A few seconds later, neatly trimmed pork and beef that could be sold in a supermarket emerged.

“Wow! Is this the monster meat you caught earlier?”

“Yes, that’s right. And now, I’ll… mince it!”

Once again, a small patch of darkness appeared and began to pound the meat into minced form.

Miliaria suppressed an inappropriate thought, such as “this could be useful for attacking,” before dinner.

“The meat is shredded! Is that black thing you’ve been using for a while now a spiritual art?”

“Yes, that’s correct! Spiritual art can do many things if you try!”

“I see!”

Chick-kun smiled happily, but the surrounding gazes were filled with suspicion.

However, Miliaria felt a twinge of doubt.


“What’s wrong?”

Chick-kun’s pure gaze was fixed on Miliaria.

This scene would surely be imprinted in her mind.

But… what was the problem?

Was it uncool to simply use spiritual art to complete the cooking?

Miliaria suddenly had her doubts.

For Miliaria, who loved fashionable and wild things, coolness was a significant factor.

It was disappointing that the image of completing the cooking without using blades was seen as lacking skill, but to Miliaria, using spiritual art just seemed uncool.

So Miliaria started to chop vegetables in the traditional way.

She had learned how to handle blades in the dungeon.

With an onion in front of her, Miliaria took a deep breath and swiftly sliced it into thin pieces.

“Awesome! The onion is sliced in an instant!”

As planned, Miliaria was satisfied.

“Of course! Now, Mary! Please bring the minced meat from earlier!”


The person who brought the minced meat was Mary, dressed in an apron.

Mary was a user of water spiritual art and was skilled in cooling things.

Quickly mixing the cooled minced meat with sliced onions, breadcrumbs, milk, and various seasonings and shaping it into a round form.

Including Chick-kun, they both started pounding the meat into chunks with great enthusiasm and made a playful promise, then moved on to the final stage.

“Well, this means the hamburger patty is almost ready!”

“Yes! This is so much fun, Miliaria-sama!”

While storing the image of the cute boy with mince on his nose and rosy cheeks in her mind, Miliaria prepared for the finishing touches.

The hamburger patty had a beautiful color.

If she continues to cook them and doesn’t make any mistakes, she’ll have a tasty hamburger.

However, to impress Chick-kun, it wouldn’t be truly complete without a thick, sweet, and savory sauce that kids love.

“…Well, the time has finally come to showcase this technique.”

Miliaria declared as she raised her hand over the dish.

“Dark liquid.”

The black liquid flowed from her hand.

Soy sauce is black, so it should work.

Miliaria believed that with this range of applications, she could conquer the world.

Furthermore, they boiled a special version with added flavors of sake and mirin and a touch of sugar.

“It should smell good now, so all of you surrounding me, stop making faces and covering your eyes.”

As she intimidated those around her, Miliaria combined the rich sauce with the meat juices of the hamburger and the hamburger was complete after she poured it over.

“Well, enjoy while it’s hot!”

When she presented the finished teriyaki hamburger, Chick-kun, who was hit by the strong aroma with his sense of smell, drooled.

The smell was so overpowering, even Miliaria couldn’t help but be impressed.

As Miliaria stuffed her cheeks with the one she had made for herself, Chick-kun quickly followed suit.

“”Uh… Delicious!””

They both exclaimed in unison, it was a big success.

“There’s something creamy inside!”

By the way, Chick-kun’s hamburger was filled with cheese, so it’s hard to say it was bad.

Miliaria hoped that if it tasted this good, Chick-kun would become stronger and not face execution.

“How is it? Which one is tastier, the grilled chicken or the hamburger?”

However, despite the excellent outcome of the hamburger, Miliaria couldn’t help but ask Chick-kun for his opinion.

Chick-kun, who was taken aback, averted his gaze and replied with a determined expression.

“Well, this hamburger is really delicious…but…I prefer grilled chicken.”

“…I see. I’ll make sure to prepare a delicious chicken next time.”

Miliaria smiled and patted Chick-kun’s shoulder, who seemed content, and Chick-kun’s face lit up.

“Thank you! Uh! …And this sauce! I think it would also taste great on grilled chicken!”

“…I understand. You have unique tastes, don’t you?”

The chefs who were observing the cooking process had a look of “Is it really that good?” but after trying it, they all agreed that it was delicious.

And the two-step evolution of easily turning a teriyaki sauce into a teriyaki burger was a testament to its strength.

After dinner, when Miliaria proudly showed off her signature teriyaki sauce (dark liquid fills up the barrel), the chefs had mixed expressions.

Chapter 56: The villainess princess continues to savor the mysterious bitter liquid today


Miliaria, with a tone unbecoming of a lady, took a sip of the yellowish liquid.

“Ojo-sama… that tone is not fitting for a lady.”

The maid, Mary, scolded Miliaria, who gave her a sideways glance.

“No, it’s just… It’s just that I can’t help it.”

“What exactly are you drinking? It doesn’t look like a drink at all… you drink it every morning.”

That was correct. Miliaria drank something similar every morning, accompanied by the same groaning sound.

“Mary, you’re observant. This is my way of maintaining good health. I call it bitter juice.”

“Bitter juice… really? Isn’t that a bit straightforward?”

“I agree, but it’s so unpleasant that I can’t think of a better name. The moment I drink it, my tongue goes numb, my body convulses, and it feels like my body is rejecting it with all its might.”

Miliaria tried her best to convey her disgust, but felt like she wasn’t doing a good job.

However, after explaining, Mary appeared to understand Miliaria’s disdain to some extent.

“Why would you drink something like that?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s good for my health. Would you like to try some? I have plenty, I can give you some.”

At Miliaria’s offer, Mary made a face that clearly showed her deep dislike.

However, as a maid, she couldn’t refuse.

“…Yes, as a maid, I think it’s problematic that I haven’t tried poison yet…so.”

With shaking hands, Mary took a sip.

And after drinking Miliaria’s unpleasant but proud concoction, she convulsed and collapsed.

“Mary! What’s happened!”

“Ugh, ugh… yuck.”

Despite making noises unbecoming of a maid, Mary somehow regained her composure and jumped up, shouting, “What have you made me drink! This is insane! I saw the face of my deceased grandpa!”

“Oh… didn’t you like it? It’s a valuable drink, you know.”

“I don’t think there’s a human who can handle it! Just putting it on my tongue made my whole body go numb and my consciousness was blown away!”

“I didn’t say it was good… but if you get used to it, you can drink anything, right? The convulsions will go away if you drink it about five times. There’s also red bitter juice and blue bitter juice.”

“What kind of health regimen is this? You’re going to die!”

Unfortunately, it seemed that Mary was not a fan of the bitter juice.

Was it because of the unpleasant taste? It was certainly nasty.

In a world where the concept of nutritional drinks did not exist, it was not surprising that it would be rejected.

“…Well, there’s nothing that can be done. Not everyone can appreciate the benefits of this best drink. I am proud to say that it is a rare item, even if many people want it, no matter how much I give out.”

“…Doing what’s not appropriate can really harm your health, you know?”

Miliaria smiled wryly at Mary, who couldn’t hide her skeptical gaze.

“Honestly… I’m already on edge because I sense an impending event, so please don’t hinder my efforts. It’s hard enough to drink this every morning, you know?”

The flavor, like concentrated muddy water with only oil paint to add color, makes Miliaria scream like a maiden every time because it is so strong.

Seeing Miliaria ‘s distressed gaze, Mary felt somewhat ashamed.

“Let’s talk about the juice later. But… is there an event? Has something happened?”

“Well, it might happen, or it might not. But I have a feeling like something is going to happen soon.”

The words about the hint of an event were vague, but they were not completely unfounded.

“… Hmm. I guess so. I guess there comes a time when you have to face it.”

As Miliaria pondered, Mary looked at her worriedly.

“Are you feeling okay today…? Your behavior is a bit odd for a girl before adulthood?”

“Mary… should I confront you now?”

“I respectfully decline.”

The encounter with the conquering character from the original work, “Concerto of the Light Princess,” is fueling Miliaria’s sense of unease.

For now, she should be able to get through it safely… by treating him to a meal, giving him a gift, or offering him advice, but it’s unclear what will happen.

“Ah, but… I haven’t met the most important person yet.”

Miliaria whispered as if to herself.

The heroine, the second princess Lyra.

The girl in the heroine’s role in this work is still just a child.

She hasn’t even started school yet, so there shouldn’t be any chance of meeting her, but considering the order of encounters so far, it’s not a bad idea to prepare.

Given the current situation, with successive encounters with characters from the work, it’s already fortunate that she can continue with her morning routine.

Miliaria has been increasingly thinking that this life may end at any time.

“Well, fate is fate, I suppose. But I have so many worries. I haven’t heard from Okaa-sama or anything. I’m too free, aren’t I?”

“That is… because having Miliaria-sama be free generates benefits, doesn’t it?”

“What’s that? I’ve never heard of that, Mary.”

“Really? I heard that the sales of the new type of carriage are also doing well. It seems that the various dishes created by Your Highness are also being served at restaurants?”

“That’s not what I heard?! What’s going on?

“Ojo-sama… it would be better if she became aware of her own influence.”

“Really? Well, it’s a good thing that there are more delicious things.”

Although there seems to be an impact in somewhat unrelated areas, Miliaria is just trying to get what she wants, so she has no regrets.

It can’t be helped even if you think about it deeply.

“Well, I’m a princess, so I guess that’s one way to look at it. So, what should we do today? Shall we try developing a new magic spell? Mary? Shall we try a new flavor of magic black coffee?”

“…I humbly decline.”

Miliaria laughed, saying that Mary didn’t have to be so reserved.

“Well then, let’s take a break. The roses in the garden should be in full bloom, right?”

Enjoying Mary’s reaction and feeling satisfied, Miliaria gazed out the window at the beautiful garden.


Chapter 57: The villainess princess will put on a facade

The sky is clear and sunny.

Miliaria, who had wandered into the garden without any particular purpose, marveled at the garden’s beauty.

The gardener must be doing an exceptional job. As the rumors suggest, the roses are more gorgeous than ever, and Miliaria can’t help but reach out to touch one.

“Um… Miliaria Onee-sama!”

Miliaria turns her head towards the voice calling her name.

In that moment, it felt like a ray of light illuminated the courtyard, transforming its ambiance.


The name of the younger sister that Miliaria was meeting for the first time slipped out of her mouth unconsciously.

The stunning girl with hair as golden as the sun and eyes like gems was gazing at Miliaria.

Her skin was so fair that it was nearly translucent, and it was evident how much effort the smile took.

There was no trace of fear in her expression.

Miliaria, who sensed that she was facing pure innocence and curiosity, inwardly nodded.

Hmm, it doesn’t feel right.

As she pondered what it could be, a woman resembling a maid who was following the girl looked at Miliaria and turned pale, and Miliaria felt a sense of relief.

Yes, this is the right reaction.

The princesses of the castle are rivals.

And the princess named Miliaria is a bundle of haughty self-importance.

In the past, Miliaria was overwhelmingly arrogant for a much longer period of time than the new.

Miliaria considers herself the best at everything and regards others as mere pebbles on the road.

If the former Miliaria were to encounter Lyra, she would have kicked her at least once.

In fact, that might have been the case in the original story.

But the emotions that are currently emanating from Miliaria are a little different.

This is something new and I like it a lot.

Miliaria has a natural smile on her face as she gazes at Lyra.

It is a pure, fan-like admiration.

As expected of the heroine, she is incredibly cute.

Miliaria senses an aura even from the girl who is as friendly as a wildflower and shines as bright as the sun.

It’s like a shining person exists.

“Ah, that Onee-sama… right?”

Miliaria nods serenely to the repeated question.

“Yes… that’s right, Lyra. It’s nice to meet you, I think. I am Miliaria, your older sister.”

Miliaria extends her hand unconsciously.

She caressed Lyra’s head, as if captivated by the flowers she had just seen.


“Fufufu. I’m glad I met you. I’m starting to like you,” she said with a chuckle.


Lyra’s eyes widened in surprise at the sudden words.

She’s so adorable.

Despite successfully pulling her prank and seeing Lyra’s rare expression, Miliaria felt a sisterly urge to care for her now that she had finally met her.

“But you know what?”

Miliaria said as she flicked open her fan.

A gust of black wind swept through the garden, causing the petals to dance and scatter as dark butterflies flew chaotically and surrounded her.


Lyra said, still in a daze as she gazed at the butterflies.

The maid next to her looked as if she was about to faint, sitting on the ground.

Miliaria smiled.

“Get stronger, Lyra. Or you’ll lose even to me,” she said, before suddenly disappearing from the garden.

Chapter 58: The villainess princess arrives

Miliaria reappeared in her room through teleportation and took a seat in her favorite chair, feeling content.

“Wasn’t I just amazing?” she thought to herself, patting herself on the back.

As she was still basking in her own glory, Mary rushed into the room.

“Miliaria-sama, please don’t teleport so suddenly!”

“Oh, Mary? It’s okay, I just wanted to showcase my sisterly dignity.”

“Why do you need teleportation for that… Oh, did you run into someone? Did something happen?”

Mary appeared taken aback, but whether Miliaria’s encounter with Lyra was intentional or not, she chose to remain tight-lipped.

“I didn’t do anything big. I just happened to bump into someone and wanted to make a grand impression. I just want to be called ‘Onee-chan is amazing!’,” Miliaria chuckled.

For some reason, this made Mary pale and tear up.

“You have become so carefree… Princess… Mary was moved without realizing it.”

“What was touching in the conversation?”

Mary’s behavior seems odd, but Miliaria is pleased to see Lyra at this moment.

As she looks at Lyra, Miliaria realizes that she liked her.

However, that’s all there is to it.

That night, Miliaria sets off through the dungeon with more determination than usual.

Taking her time, she has finally reached this point.

At the door she has arrived at, Miliaria takes a deep breath.

Fifty floors below the surface.

This is one of the final destinations in the dungeon that Miliaria has been working towards.

“The sealing ground of the dark spirit god, Dark… I feel like I have taken too much time preparing, but I am ready now.”

Today, as she sees Lyra, Miliaria feels that she likes her character, but also feels a sense of disappointment.

The intense longing or attachment that she expected to feel was not there.

Miliaria is honestly puzzled by this sense of imbalance.

But upon reflection, she realizes that she has felt a similar sense of something missing with the conquest characters she had met so far.

Thinking about it, it’s a simple matter.

Certainly, Miliaria relishes the love game “Concerto of the Light Princess.”

However, if there was one place that Miliaria yearned for more than anything else, it was not the moments of enjoyment in love.

Miliaria recalls.

“Yes… what I longed for was the finale. Their overpowering appearance after making it through was truly exhilarating.”

The time and effort that went into completing them was a work of excellence.

If they were companions who had journeyed together through the muddy conflict and irresistible fate, they should be able to easily overcome it with such an overpowering performance.

Miliaria could not help but seek that strength, even though the strongest adversary in the game was nothing.

However, the current characters are, of course, not the strongest characters Miliaria knows.

“I don’t know what will happen from now on, and I’ve been neglecting it and just leisurely playing… I may have unconsciously been afraid.”

Even now, Miliaria was surprised at herself.

So, in order to shake off this unsightly self, Miliaria opens the door without hesitation.

The sealed door opens easily, and a thick aura of darkness spills out.

“Hello. Dark spirit god. Are you there?”

The darkness answered Miliaria’s question.

“…Who are you? Who is disturbing my slumber?”

The presence that should be there was there, and Miliaria wore the widest smile since her birth.

Chapter 59: The villainess princess draws the worst

In the chamber sealed with a sacred light barrier, the dark spirit god lay in eternal slumber.

The moment one entered the room, the sleep would be broken, a classic RPG-style design.

“Are you the dark spirit god?”

Miliaria felt an immense pressure from the darkness in front of her, unlike anything she had ever faced before.

The black human-like shadow was seated on a stone chair, staring at Miliaria without moving.

“Yes. My name is Dark. I am the master of the dark spirits.”

Oh, it’s really here. That’s amazing, thought Miliaria, somewhat relieved. If she had been told it wasn’t here, she would have considered it a disappointing outcome.

“That’s good. You’re here. It was worth coming all the way down here.”

“You speak… nonchalantly in front of me.”

Dark was taken aback by Miliaria’s cheerful demeanor, but there was no sign of an attack.

This gave Miliaria a reason to talk, and her eyes lit up.

“Well, I took my time to get here, so it would be a waste to hurry. I… yes, I always wanted to speak with you.”

This was Miliaria’s personal desire, separate from the game.

However, the person she was speaking with was, of course, confused.

“Speak? Hah… you’re not going to start asking me to grant your wish or something, are you?”

“Goodness, no. I don’t plan to say anything that dull. If I had a wish, I would prefer to fulfill it myself.”

“Hm. That’s a remarkable attitude. So, what do you want to talk about with me?”

“Yes. Actually, I have something I want to suggest, that’s why I came this far.”

“A suggestion?” Dark repeated Miliaria’s words.

Yes, that was something Miliaria had been considering all along. Without hesitation, she posed her question to Dark.

“Yes. Dark, the spirit god of darkness. Won’t you come with me? I think we would get along.”

“…huh?” Dark’s confusion was palpable.

Miliaria was aware that she was making a strange request.

“Even if you say we get along well at first meeting, to be honest, I don’t think I get along with you.”

“Well, I do feel like there’s something destined about the fact that I’m here.”

These were Miliaria’s true feelings.

So, here I am, the villainess, facing the mastermind behind the scenes in a place I was never meant to visit in my lifetime.

Meeting someone I was supposed to never meet and this current situation can only be fate.

But because Miliaria was serious, Dark’s confusion was understandable.

“I don’t understand. What do you specifically want?”

“Well, let’s see. For example, can you, I mean, make a contract with me?”

When Miliaria asked, Dark responded with disinterest.

“Hmph. What is a bloodline that sealed me saying? Destroying is one thing, but lending power is too much to ask.”

A contract is a ritual to draw out the power of spirits. It is known that both humans and spirits benefit in various ways when they make a contract. However, if the other party is a spirit god, those benefits will mostly be one-sided.

Since humans are so insignificant to spirit gods, Dark’s reaction was natural.

However, Miliaria raised her eyebrows and twisted her waist.

“…Dark Spirit God. You’re more short-tempered than I thought.”

“I can hear you, girl.”

“Excuse me. But I just asked if making a contract was possible. If it’s not possible to begin with, then it’s not worth talking about.”

“Hmm…Well then, I’ll tell you. A contract is possible. If I acknowledge it and you accept it, the contract will be established. But what does that matter?”

Miliaria nodded seriously as Dark explained.

“Well, I’m going to have you acknowledge me now…and I really thought about making a contract. Don’t you think you’ll be more motivated if there’s a reward?”

She then pulled out her fan and took an additional iron ball from her carry bag.

Miliaria didn’t think everything could be resolved just by talking. In Miliaria’s memory, she had fought with Dark many times, but Dark didn’t know Miliaria. And Miliaria also didn’t remember showing her full self to Dark.

Dark senses Miliaria’s fighting spirit and rises from his seat.

“Hmph, you want me to acknowledge you… but that’s impossible. You smell the same as the human who sealed me. There’s also a strange scent mixed in… but either way, it doesn’t interest me.”

“… Do you understand?”

“Anyway, give up on things like contracts.”

As soon as he spoke, the pressure from Dark increased.

The intention to reject Miliaria came at her like a gust of wind, but she deflected it with a wave of her fan.

With her hair gently swaying, Miliaria gracefully covered her mouth and narrowed her eyes.

“It would be a problem if I was disliked for something I don’t even know about. I don’t know the circumstances of my unknown ancestors. I am talking to you, whom I just met for the first time. Can’t you talk to me while looking at me in front of you? Or are you not good at making eye contact?”

Miliaria was not afraid.

And for the first time, the dark spirit god, Dark showed interest in Miliaria.

“Hmph… you talk too much. If you really want me to acknowledge you, then you must be prepared.”

“Of course. Would you like to be my opponent?”

“I’ll buy your spirit. It’s been a while since I’ve had a visitor.”

The powerful darkness that burst from Dark swirls around his body.

When the swirling darkness forms a large human-like shape and grows wings from its back and horns from its forehead, it transforms into a devilish figure.

Now, Miliaria unfolds the iron ball and holds the fan, looking up at Dark.

“It has to come. The pinnacle of humanity. The power of level 99 Miliaria-chan. Please enjoy it to the fullest.


The battle is just beginning, and Miliaria was filled with fighting spirit.

However, Miliaria, who was watching Dark’s first move, was shocked at that moment by the worst possible scenario.

The black power converges in Dark’s right arm.

Miliaria knew that the attack was going to be executed too quickly and was momentarily flustered.

That’s not good.

There are patterns to attacks.

Among the many patterns, there was definitely a pattern that should not be drawn, even if the opponent was the mastermind behind the scenes.

Miliaria, who was usually unshakable, was also shaken by the bad luck of drawing that pattern and screamed.

“…! That’s a foul play for the first move!”

With a resounding boom, the spiritual art activated and sealed Dark with a piercing screech, still sending Miliaria flying.

The magical dress, strengthened by magic, offered no protection against this attack.

Many players in the game had fallen victim to Dark’s exclusive technique, “Darkness Wave.”

The wave spread in all directions, could not be dodged, and dealt a devastating blow that reduced the opponent’s HP to just 1.

The first shot, fired without warning, was tantamount to teasing the boss behind the scenes. The stun effect that followed the hit only added insult to injury.

“I can sense a power within you that’s not human… but…”

Dark said, looking down at Miliaria, who lay sprawled against the door, coughing up blood.

“It’s foolish to challenge me alone…”

Miliaria knew that all too well.

Dark was randomly strong, and its strength was usually only recommended for players at level 99.

This was a hidden dungeon, meant to be challenged only after gathering all of one’s strength.

Shaken by the damage, Miliaria took a deep breath and tried to steady herself.

“Well, that’s it…”

Dark unleashed five more spiritual arts at once. The worst possible outcome was unfolding before Miliaria’s eyes.

The simultaneous deployment of the highest-ranked dark-type spiritual art, Ancrasia’s wave attack, created an inescapable darkness that crushed everything in its path, including Miliaria.


Miliaria fell into the darkness with intense pain. Dark, confident in victory, turned his back on Miliaria with boredom.

“This is the end, you immature small thing who doesn’t know your place… I’m going to sleep. That’s good——.”

But Dark was quick to judge.

Miliaria fought through the fading consciousness and emerged from the darkness.


Chapter 60: The villainess princess Confronts

[I usually hate Miliaria. But she’s so pitiful against the protagonists.]

[No, no, it’s good to have a strong villainess so the protagonists can truly shine. It’s essential.]

[It’s fine as long as she beats them up. More than that, the issue is whether the target of the conquest can be accomplished or not.]

[The game is enjoyable. To be honest, the narrative doesn’t matter.]

Who are these people?

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the shadows.

They are watching Miliaria and this world.

Miliaria is linked to them, and until now, they certainly have been watching Miliaria.

And now, the girl named Miliaria knows.

From behind the thin board partition, she feels intense, scorching, and numbing passion aimed at her.

Most of the emotions directed at her are close to hatred, but it’s not one-sided. At the root of it all is just a tumultuous surge of feelings.

And then——


Miliaria opened her eyes.

Apparently, she lost consciousness for a moment from a powerful strike.

Her entire body aches, but her head hurts especially badly.

But more than that, when she comprehended her long-lost “friends”, she was filled with a mixture of anger and joy that threatened to drive her mad.


But now, she is in the midst of a fierce battle. Miliaria exhaled a hot breath.

And Miliaria, who had come back to her senses, drank the ultimate potion as if she were on the brink of death and threw the empty bottle to the ground, smashing it, and covered her mouth with a fan.

This is when Miliaria’s elegance was established.

Her tattered clothing was neatly mended with dark magic.

Since it was a rare opportunity, she decided to take advantage of it and create a chic, mature dress.

Ignoring the pain that was coursing through her body, Miliaria stood in front of Dark once again.

“Why are you still standing…!”

“Why? What are you talking about? This is just the beginning. I would have died if not for you.”

Dark, the dark spirit god, began the battle with a special attack that reduced Miliaria’s HP to 1, followed by an unavoidable spiritual art for the finishing blow.

But Miliaria was well aware of this pattern.

It’s like a one-hit KO in player terms and there’s no way to escape.

Normally, there’s nothing to do but hope that the attack doesn’t come, but Miliaria couldn’t rely on that a second time.

However, there was no guarantee that the first attack pattern wouldn’t occur.

So, Miliaria devised a strategy.

“It hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. But let’s not complain because it worked out well.”

Miliaria thrust the fan at Dark with a satisfied smile on her face, showing off the success of her plan.

“Your technique is certainly impressive… but I have this.”

And she proudly pointed to the shining Black Diamond on her chest.

“…A gem?”

“Yes! When equipped with the Black Diamond, my life force will recover slightly when I receive an attack of the dark attribute, which is my specialty, in spiritual arts!”

In this case, it was about 10% of the total HP from the moment HP became 1.

The recovery was minimal, but before Miliaria received the wave attack, her HP had already recovered from 1.

However, it was precisely because of this explanation that Dark was not satisfied.

“That’s absurd!! There’s no way you can survive my spiritual art with just that! What did you do?!”

“No matter what you say, I was only able to endure your attack thanks to a slight recovery of my life force. If I wasn’t killed instantly, I would have had time to recover.”

There’s no denying that it was a risk whether it would work or not.

But Miliaria persevered.

However, Dark did not believe it at all, despite the fact that it was a good opportunity to showcase her abilities.

“How could a human mimic a monster like that!”

“How pitiful.”

In response to Dark’s seriously annoyed words, Miliaria nodded as if in agreement, showing a hint of sarcasm.

“Well, that’s true. Even if a human trains to the limit, it’s impossible if they’re just human. But… I did my best. I underwent body modification to withstand your attack.”

“B-Body modification? What’s that?”

In front of the frightened Dark, Miliaria spun around, showing off.

“Hmph… are you curious? You’re curious, aren’t you? Good! I’ll tell you especially! The secret is this!”

Miliaria took out a glass bottle filled with a brown liquid from her bag, and Dark’s expression twisted.

“That’s…bad juice!”

“Oh! Did you know? That’s right! I drank all the colors: black, white, red, blue, brown, green!”

“You drank that…ugh.”

Please stop making a face that looks genuinely shocking.

Every morning, Miliaria’s routine flashed through her mind, and she lightly stamped her foot.

“You’re being rude! This is what defeated your attack!”

“…With bad juice?”

Dark, who was genuinely puzzled because he didn’t understand, seemed to be unaware of the effects of this juice.

“What? You don’t know? If you don’t know, let me tell you… about this bad juice.”

Miliaria showed off the greatest effect that she had wanted to mention but couldn’t until now.

“It increases the basic points of parameters by one!”

That’s right.

This bad juice is the ultimate item when it comes to grinding elements in the last dungeon and can be considered the ultimate item in combat.

Each color of bad juice corresponds to various parameters and increases the basic points.

In the end, it can be said that it is the final gimmick to push their favorite character to become the strongest existence in that world.

Collecting those low-chance falling materials was incredibly difficult.

Miliaria relied on black coffee every day, cutting down on sleep time, hunting monsters, and continuously drinking the nasty juice.

She endured the fact that she was about to reverse every morning only with the courage of a maiden, and she became used to drinking it to the point of “Can I drink it?” This shows what a great thing a human is.

If she didn’t have to do this, she should have arrived here earlier.

But she finished everything perfectly because Miliaria knew.

She can’t escape from the final boss. If she challenges the dark spirit god, she might die, as expected.

Honestly, she only believed in the existence of parameters until now, so she believed it, but she couldn’t believe it enough to challenge it under the premise of being chased to the brink of death.

“Yes… It’s all because of the knowledge of memories. Even if I say it, you won’t understand, but I’m not alone.”

Finally, the one who gave Miliaria a push from behind was the game’s heroine, Lyra.

Can Miliaria reach her ideal form? To find the answer, she knew there was no other option but to come here.

At least, her appearance, uncertain and hesitant, was far from Miliaria’s ideal.

“Well… I have overcome the worst. The real fight begins now!”

Her ammunition was sufficient, and both her mental and physical power were overflowing.

The fact that she was able to overcome Dark’s attack proved that she had a sufficient understanding of parameters to believe in them.

There was no better situation than this. With a final push, Miliaria took out some medicine from her carry-bag and consumed two, then slammed the bottle on the floor.

The defense and attack enhancement buffs were also activated.

Now, she held nothing back. With surging power, Miliaria surged with adrenaline.

“Come on! Let’s give this Milialia the acknowledgement she deserves! Then we’ll talk!”

“I see… indeed, you’re not just a normal human.”

Dark chuckled and once again adopted a fighting stance, appearing slightly entertained.

“Very well! I’ll indulge you! Demonstrate your might, Miliaria!”

The intense pressure of Dark’s solemn dark spirit power overflowed and was truly awe-inspiring.

Chapter 61: The villainess princess arrives there

Miliaria was thrilled, but her mind was surprisingly calm.

Dark was a threat, but it was also exhilarating to disrupt his attack pattern.

She surrounded Dark with iron balls and fired them all at once.

Bullet-shattered cobblestones bounced around, but they didn’t cause much damage to Dark.

However, it was enough to scatter the bullets at the start of the attack and break his rhythm.

Dark was squinting in annoyance, but also strangely intrigued.

“What is this attack… I’ve never seen anything like it…”

“It’s a demonstration of my transfer technique! I’m just throwing small stones!”

“But this power… If it were used on a monster around here, it would die instantly, wouldn’t it?”

“The drawback is that I can’t control the strength. It’s like a peashooter against someone like you.”

The bullets were powerful, but they couldn’t inflict fatal wounds on opponents with a certain defense power.

This fact hasn’t changed, but Miliaria didn’t want to close the door on this amazing armament.

“However, I’m still working on a solution for its power. Shall I show you?


Miliaria used spiritual art to draw one iron ball to her and wrap it in energy.

In the advanced course of the black carpet, Miliaria aimed the iron ball arranged in a cylinder shape at Dark and transferred it, overlapping it with another iron ball enveloped in energy.

“Dark spiritual art Dark Barrel… I guess you could call it making the stones bigger?”

Along with the intense light, it shot out.


Dark quickly dodged, but the aura scattered by the shockwave, and the iron ball that slipped past him crushed the chair that Dark was sitting on.

The momentum didn’t stop, and the iron ball embedded itself invisibly deep in the wall.

Even Miliaria was stunned by the foolish power that exceeded her expectations.

“…Well, the strategy of trying to shoot something big… seems to have worked.”

“Don’t do anything terrible! What was that power just now! The speed hasn’t changed since the little pebble!

“I’m not sure about that part!”

However, Miliaria nodded deeply, saying that this seems to be usable after all.

She would incorporate this experimental result into her new reinforcement plan.

However, the unfortunate reality was that the fired iron ball was now beyond repair.

The beautifully crafted iron ball was now nothing but pieces and scraps of iron.

“It’s a shame to lose one of the cannon ports… Ugh, my beloved iron ball.”

The damage to Miliaria’s heart was great as it was a treasured item, but she had to focus on the Dark in front of her.

Any moment of distraction could result in death.

Dark no longer seemed to be underestimating her.

For some reason, Miliaria could sense it. Perhaps it was because it was a spirit.

“Ha ha… fascinating!”

“Yes! This is the best!”

“Well, what are you going to do about this!”

Dark hovered in the sky and shrank.

Miliaria maintained a safe distance, prepared for Dark’s next move, knowing that this waiting stance signaled a wide-ranging attack.

She calculated the timing and dodged the shock wave that radiated from the ground, and then the three-strike attack from the black scythe followed.

“…This is so f**king haywire!”

The scythe’s movement was almost seamless, as if it was skipping frames.

However, Miliaria stepped into the scythe’s range during its attack, a seemingly dangerous move that was actually the only safe area.

She skillfully navigated through the blades aimed at her head, and struck with her fan.


It was a hit.

Dark, slightly staggered, immediately began to spin and create a black power field that started to suck in everything around it.

Being drawn into this suction would result in minor damage and paralysis for a certain amount of time.

So, Miliaria focused her spirit and pushed forward at the moment she felt the suction, releasing it.


This state could be broken by striking with spiritual art.

Since damage wouldn’t penetrate an invincible state, even the weakest attack would suffice.

“Gu! Oooh!”

Then, Miliaria faced the black slicing attack that came after the release head-on.

“Fan technique・Dark Night Moon…”

Dark Night Moon combined dark spiritual power and opened a hole in the void with one blow.

Miliaria released the technique, which had a short range due to its nature, aimed at the Dark that was jumping out.

The Dark that was rushing forward could no longer stop.

In other words, this was a decisive chance to deal damage.


“…I received it!”

Dark, flustered, was pushed to the brink of death by the Darkness Wave from Miliaria’s attack.

Miliaria didn’t miss the opportunity and used her fan to unleash her strongest secret technique.

“This is the end!”

This technique was the result of all of Miliaria’s hard work, the culmination of mastering both techniques and spiritual arts.

It represented her greatest power and ultimate beauty, a tribute to her ideals.

Like a flower, like a bird, like the wind, and like the moon.

Miliaria focused her spiritual power into her fan and released the technique.

“Final Secret Technique: Flower-Bird-Wind-Moon!”


In the moment of impact, Dark was swallowed up by the black flash and Miliaria was left standing.

“Fufufu…Alright!…Victory! That’s it!”

Miliaria covered her mouth with a fan, hiding a satisfied smile.

“Well done.”

However, Miliaria’s victory was short-lived as Dark, who should have fallen, gently floated back up.

“That didn’t knock you over? You’re joking, right?”

Miliaria’s Flower-Bird-Wind-Moon was a devastating blow and a fatal amount of damage according to the game.

But Dark’s expression was one of amusement, as if laughing at Miliaria.

“…Wonderful. But you can’t beat me.”

“Really… why is that?”

“It’s simple. Because the source of your power is darkness.”

“What is that, nonsense.”

Miliaria thought it was a lie, but as Dark stated, its body, which should have been broken, rapidly returned to its original form.

Miliaria was completely taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

She stood silently, watching as Dark didn’t attack either.

Dark’s voice, directed towards Miliaria, gradually became forgiving.

“I’m surprised that there’s someone who’s so beloved by the darkness. But I, who am a spirit god of darkness, can’t win.”

“… ”

Miliaria was left speechless.

“I will acknowledge your strength, but… give up on defeating me.”

The darkness released by Dark was indeed massive, and Miliaria felt it intensely because of her dark nature.

But even in the face of that power, Miliaria couldn’t help but smile.

“Well… I know you’re powerful.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Such exchanges were unknown. From now on, it was a matter of Miliaria’s own instincts.

Miliaria spoke to Dark about what she felt as they stood face to face.

“But you know what? I’m going to return the sentiment to you. You can no longer defeat me, can you?”


“Because I am——[not alone].”

As soon as Miliaria said that, a massive darkness opened its jaws.

The people who were connected to Miliaria.

Those who were watching Miliaria from somewhere else, not here.

Their strong thoughts coincidentally converged at the point known as Miliaria.

The memories of those who were connected flowed into Miliaria, but that was just a side effect.

Miliaria now realized that what was flowing into her was not just memories, but something more.

“Do you know? The source of spiritual power is thought… the power of people’s emotions. It’s well known that the power of one person is limited… but when they are connected and combined, that’s why it increases.”

“What are you trying to say…?”

As she became aware of it, her control was lost and the murky thoughts flowed into Miliaria like a turbulent stream.

The villainess may be hated, but at the same time, she is considered indispensable.

These are not indifferent emotions, but complex and intense emotions——this is, if I may say so, love.

It’s a bit distorted for a world that has love as its theme, but that’s why it’s suitable for Miliaria.

For the first time, Miliaria converted these intense emotions into her own power.

“Amazing! Ah… such a massive outpouring of black love—I feel like I could swallow it even in the depths of darkness now.”


For the first time since its creation, Dark was afraid.

Even though it was known as a spirit god, its true identity was simply the strongest spirit among the spirits of darkness.

But Dark, as the spirit god of darkness, could feel the immense power that flowed from Miliaria all the way to the core of his being.

When two powers of the same nature collide, there is no other outcome but for the weaker power to be consumed by the stronger one and disappear.

Ah, the girl was indeed not alone.

The only one who was truly alone was——.

“Well, this time it’s finally over! Let’s summon the people who are connected to me like this. The Miliaria-chan fan club [Deep Lovers.]!”

“…Isn’t the name kinda heavy?!”

Miliaria swung her fan in response to Dark’s teasing.

The darkness that consumes everything, including Dark, was a deeper and darker abyss that extended infinitely, even darker than the darkness of the gods.

Chapter 62: The villainess princess expresses her wishes

“Well, I won’t actually kill you. It’s just a Miliaria joke.”


However, Dark’s released darkness that surrounded his body suddenly dissipates and his wings and horns disappear.

Dark, who had fallen to the ground, was no longer a demonic figure, but a completely dark boy.

Oh, Dark has a cute gap. But in an Otome Game, it can’t be helped.

Miliaria silently kept these thoughts to herself.

“…W-What kind of power is that… are you truly human?”

“You’re being rude to say that to a beautiful girl.”

“But I don’t think you have a good naming sense.”

“It’s irksome.”

Miliaria puffed out her chest, no matter how impressive it was.

However, the members of the fan club had mixed opinions for some reason.

Dark was shocked, but he must have found it amusing because he started laughing happily.

“It can’t be helped… Tell me. Why do you want to make a contract with me?”

When Dark asked this, Miliaria felt a sense of happiness.

If he was open to the idea of a contract, it was a step forward.

However, Miliaria wasn’t necessarily looking to make a contract.

“Yes, that’s right… A contract is like insurance, in case I might be possessed by a strange evil spirit in a few years.”

It was a spontaneous thought, something she hadn’t considered before.

She spoke honestly, thinking that lying to a spirit god of darkness would be pointless, but she was taken aback by Dark’s response.

“I don’t understand, isn’t that a serious matter? Or, before that… it’s surprising that you have an enemy who can defeat you.”

“Of course, I don’t intend to be easily defeated.”

Miliaria had no intention of losing now.

She always thought she would defeat them immediately if she ever encountered them, and it seemed that her determination had been conveyed to Dark.

“But I see… I still don’t know what you really want.”

“Really? I thought I had already told you my main goal?”

“Did you?”

Yes. The contract is not important. Misunderstandings are irksome.

When Miliaria nodded, Dark asked.

“So, what is the reason?”

Miliaria, a little nervous, repeated her true desire to Dark.

“The main reason is that I want you to come with me. I am searching for a partner, and you are one of the candidates.”


Dark repeated with a deadpan voice, and Miliaria nodded several times and approached Dark.

“Yes! To be more specific, a playmate! I want a playmate who can play with me and get along with me!”

It was an embarrassing confession for Miliaria, but Dark, still confused, shook his head again.

“I don’t understand… Why would you think that we would get along, you being a villainess and me being a dark spirit god?”

“Well, I’m the final boss, and you’re the hidden boss, right?”

“I’m even more confused now.”

It’s difficult to explain in words.

But it’s because of the possibility of having this kind of conversation that Dark could be a partner.

Miliaria felt a twinge of frustration in her heart as Dark was confused, but of course she was not in a hurry.

“The meaning…it’s true that it’s important, isn’t it? I can’t understand the reason why I became the final boss, or why I reached you, the hidden boss, no matter how much I think about it.”


“…In other words, both you and I have not been given favorable treatment by fate.”

Miliaria is a villainess who is doomed to die.

And Dark is the final boss of the hidden dungeon, with an uncertain future.

If they both follow their predetermined paths, there is no happy ending waiting for them.

Dark seemed to understand this.

“…I guess our fate isn’t that kind.”

“Isn’t it? But I love everything about this world. There are also many handsome people, aren’t there? Since it’s a rare opportunity, I’ve decided to enjoy life until I die. That’s why this is an invitation. Won’t you join me in enjoying this world from the best seat until the end?”

Miliaria passionately invites.

Her newfound strength had been proven.

She believed that the power she first obtained, her long-cherished dream, would lead her to her destiny.

Finding a companion along the way was also a fun adventure.

Dark, reaching out with a serious expression, was sincerely perplexed by Miliaria and asked.

“… Are you insane?”

“Of course. What do you think? If you don’t like it, look for someone else. Refusing is fine.”

First of all, Miliaria must fully understand the purpose because it’s not fun otherwise.

Dark, who had been waiting for Miliaria and observing her for a while, finally took Miliaria’s hand.

“Fu,fufufu… You really think that way…”

“Of course I do. Let’s enjoy being the strongest and free, without making any compromises and leaving nothing behind!”

Miliaria was convinced that it was a fantastic proposal.

However, Dark relaxed his grip on Miliaria’s hand for a moment, but in the end, he didn’t let go and shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright—let’s make that contract.”

Chapter 63: The villainess princess schemes

“…I’m astonished. Why am I still a princess, I wonder, Mary?”

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it obvious?”

Time had flown by and Miliaria had reached her fifteenth birthday.

As she gazed intently at her reflection in the mirror in her room, she couldn’t help but feel that it was strange that she was still a princess.

“Is that so? Despite leading such a wild princess life?”

“If you are aware of it, then you should reflect on it.”

The merciless Mary replied.

Of course, Miliaria eagerly participated in monster hunting and sold dungeon materials to accumulate wealth.

She tried to make things from Earth, relying on her memories and knowledge, but she was simply following the rules while having fun.

Thanks to that, she did not accumulate frustration and grew both physically and mentally in good health. Now, Miliaria was transitioning into adulthood as a woman.

“I don’t like it. I realized that I rushed to do various things as soon as I met Okaa-sama, but now I’ve slowed down my training. I’m really proud of myself.”

From a game perspective, her level should have already been maxed out and her parameters should be the best at an early stage, but there were always other skills to be learned.

Of course, combat skills, but even life skills such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking had improved.

Miliaria was amazed at the skills she had trained for herself.

“By the way, having such a good memory… I’m a genius, aren’t I?”

Miliaria stuck out her tongue, feeling troubled.

She intended it to be a lighthearted joke, but for some reason, Mary replied with a surprisingly serious tone.

“Miliaria-sama is a genius. There is no one in this country who does not acknowledge that.”

“…You’re complimenting me a lot today, aren’t you? It won’t come to anything.”

Miliaria was taken aback.

However, Mary remained calm.

“No, I mean it. I am convinced that there is no one better suited to lead this country than Miliaria-sama.”

“Again. Mary is so kind on my birthday.”

Mary was showering Miliaria with compliments as it was her birthday today.

Oh dear? When did she become so well-liked?

Miliaria was a little worried about what she would do if Mary were serious.

“…That’s too bad. No one is more unfit to be queen than I am. Honest and selfish. It’s a fatal flaw to become overly confident and not see the bigger picture.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I should know, as I am the one saying it.”

To be honest, the original Miliaria was too optimistic, believing she could do well as a queen with her personality.

However, even with information, one should be able to make some adjustments, even if the soul of three is valid up to a hundred.

“I’m glad to hear Mary’s words, but if you’re serious, you should give up appropriately. I think today’s party will be a disappointment.”

“W-What do you mean by that?”

Mary also realizes that Miliaria is speaking seriously and begins to panic.

Miliaria had also enjoyed tormenting Mary like this, but it would be a lie to say that she has no regrets when she thinks that this is the last time she will see this expression on her face.

That’s why she had reached this day, but it was time to make a decision.

“Forget about what I mean, I can never become the queen. And, because something very dangerous is going to happen now, tell all the staff members who are in the palace to evacuate as a precaution?”


“Well, it’s a party. Let’s have a good time!”

“Miliaria-sama!? It’s unsettling!”

Miliaria, who had finally regained her usual composure, playfully laughed at Mary.

Yes. In the end, she wanted to part with her in the usual cheerful way.

So, she chased Mary out and started to move.

After preparing, she headed for the balcony in the courtyard.

What she had in her hand was her favorite carry-bag.

The pure black open-backed dress, which once did not suit her as a child, was now worn with elegance.

The familiar high heels made a light sound as Miliaria walked, and the people she met in the hallway seemed to be intimidated by her determination, giving way to her.

“Come on, you guys too, run outside! Hurry! You can’t leave a cat behind!”

With her luxurious black hair, which is even considered a curse in this country, Miliaria stood on the stage she had prepared.

Today’s tea party was meant to celebrate her admission to Humming Spirit Academy, and invitations were sent to every household.

Miliaria wondered how many people would gather in response to the invitation of the first princess with black hair who was selfish, but it seemed that the courtyard prepared for the buffet party was filled to capacity.

When Miliaria stood on the balcony, all the guests’ gazes converged upon her.

However, among them, Miliaria was genuinely surprised to see the queen of this country, Crystania Humming.

Her body tensed on its own, but when she thought about it, it was very convenient to deal with all the unpleasant things at once.

And when she realized this, Miliaria, who was actually becoming more excited, summoned nearly 100 iron balls around her.

She placed her beloved carry-bag in her left hand, opened her fan with her right hand, and faced the scene fully armed.

It was a speech of a lifetime. Miliaria released her words with all her emotions.

“Everyone——I am grateful that you have gathered here today for me! However, I apologize for the early announcement, but there is something I need to tell you right away.”

When they heard Miliaria’s voice, murmur voices rose from the garden.

After taking a brief break to catch her breath, and confirming that the quiet murmur had subsided, Miliaria declared.

“I, Miliaria Humming, hereby declare that I am renouncing my place as first in line for the throne! That is what I am saying!”

After the declaration, the venue became silent as if a sword had been drawn.

Everyone, including Queen Crystania, had their eyes fixed on her, and the scene was exhilarating.


The pent-up scream echoed like a shot and was more surprising than expected, shocking Miliaria.

Chapter 64: The villainess princess acts extravagantly

Miliaria thought that they would be happy because the hated first princess said she would give up the throne on her own initiative, but Miliaria tilted her head.

The situation was causing quite a bit of turmoil and chaos.


Here, everything was being handled by Queen Crystania Humming.

As expected, Okaa-sama’s charisma is truly awe-inspiring.

Crystania spoke to Miliaria with the regal demeanor of a queen.

“Miliaria… is this some sort of ill-conceived joke?”

To Miliaria’s surprise, she was met with immense pressure, but this was no joke.

Miliaria smiled confidently and lowered her head gracefully.

“Your Majesty, I am not a jester, and I would never make a joke of such magnitude.”

“So, you’re serious?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I intend to sever all ties with the royal family and leave the capital.”


Tension is building.

Not only was the tension high, but there was also a sense of abnormally high spiritual power in the air, and some people had already fled the scene.

When Crystania glared at Miliaria, the air around her vibrated, and particles of light attacked her viciously.

“Do you think I’ll allow that?”

“Oh? Did I mention seeking your permission?”

Crystania raised her right hand lightly.

Then, a group of fully equipped soldiers appeared and received orders from Crystania.

“Capture Miliaria. Use force if necessary.”

The queen’s orders were absolute.

The soldiers armed themselves and rushed towards Miliaria.

However, before they could enter the palace, Miliaria jumped from the balcony to the courtyard and stood in their way.

First, let’s test their abilities with a simple levitation spell.

“You stand in my way.”

Miliaria pointed her palm at the soldiers.


They all flew away, suspended in the air.

“…! What have you done, Miliaria?”

“It was just a simple display of magic.”

Indeed. I’ve always thought that the knights in this country lack backbone.

She was suddenly pulled by her hair from behind, but she chose to overlook it for now.

However, a young man with bright red hair and a red sword emerged.

“What do you mean, Miliaria!”


Who is this handsome stranger?

He had features that were familiar to her, but he was also quite muscular.

That’s right, he was a muscular knight.

Miliaria turned her fan towards the man with the red hair.

“Step aside. I won’t show mercy today.”

“…I’ve been admiring you since that day and have been training hard… I won’t disgrace myself in front of you again! Flare Zan!”

“I don’t have time for this.”

She struck his neck with her fan.

It was difficult to hold back.

The man’s muscles were knocked out, and he fell.

“Muscles alone aren’t enough.”

His reaction time when attacked was too slow. One must always strive for the ideal balance between physical and spiritual arts.

“But… I might have fallen into that trap as well.”

Miliaria was able to dodge the rough, macho man, but she realized that she was becoming a battle junkie herself.

If she made even the slightest mistake in her approach, she would have become enamored with muscles as well.

Being a pretty girl is not easy either.

After defeating the muscle knight with his eyes completely blanked out, a young man with glasses who was excessively handsome appeared in front of Miliaria.

“Miliaria! Stop! This isn’t your true intention!”


He was indeed handsome. However, the excessive amount of jewelry he wore was so dazzling that it was painful to look at.

His glasses were buried in the gems, and he was walking around wearing the gems on his glasses.

“I’ll show you that I can stop you——Water! Bind!”

“Too slow.”

Miliaria’s incantationless spell, which was cast without motion, crushed the gems and glasses.

It looks hard, so there’s no choice but to aim for the main body.

It would take time for him to revive with his broken glasses.

“Focus more on fashion than spiritual arts first.”

But that appearance was also a path that Miliaria had once traveled.

The research into fashion was a string of failures. Now that she has ample funds, a mistake could have turned her into a flamboyant beauty.

But as a villainess, that thought made Miliaria shiver.

“Ugh. Let’s be more careful with our appearance from now on.”

As Miliaria reminded herself, someone with golden hair appeared in front of her.

Miliaria looked at the person’s face and thought,

Well, the features are well-proportioned, but they are quite plump overall.

“Miliaria-sama! Wait! My dream is to explore the ultimate cuisine with you! With you, the charismatic figure of food culture——!”


Anyway, Miliaria managed to defeat the overwhelmingly overweight person.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve got the wrong guy. I’m going to eat something delicious from now on.”

“…Is that true!?”

“You’re persistent.”

A weak lightning strike.


“If you lose weight, I’ll treat you to something.”

At any rate, the person was now incapacitated.

This person was a problem. Miliaria’s feminine aesthetics negated that plumpness.

She shouldn’t let that become a part of herself. It was a beauty’s enemy that required strict and thorough management.

Well, she didn’t know what to make of the men who seemed to embody various enemies within themselves, but she had defeated them all, so it was no problem.

There were still soldiers left, but they were all incapacitated and there was no sign of an attack for now.

She could control everyone with magic, but what she was most afraid of now wasn’t the soldiers. Miliaria understood that the real threat was right next to her.

In front of Crystania, who exuded a divine sense of oppression like an embodiment of light, Miliaria could barely maintain her consciousness. Crystania was expressionless, but her gaze was filled with killing intent.

“Interesting… but do you know that you can’t win with just a little bit of effort?”

Maintaining consciousness in front of Crystania, whose sense of oppression only increased as she grew older, was difficult.

But if she couldn’t even maintain consciousness in front of her, she shouldn’t be able to resist fate.

“Yes, of course, Your Majesty. That’s why I have polished myself up.”

“That’s what it seems like… you have grown up quite beautifully.”

“I’ve tried my best to live up to the gems you’ve given me.”

Crystania and Miliaria faced each other and conversed.

At their first face-to-face encounter, they couldn’t quite look each other in the eye, but now, Miliaria was standing before the queen.

“And so, has your wish not been fulfilled?”

“Is that so? Can you make that claim by looking at this? Your Majesty?”

Miliaria raised her fan and addressed her by name.

“It’s your turn, Dark!”

“I’ve been eagerly awaiting this, Miliaria!”

Something fell from the sky like a meteor and destroyed the palace, leaving a massive hole.

“What the…!”

Even Crystania was taken aback by what emerged from the smoke and sand.

It was a suit of armor that was approximately three meters in length.

The armor, which had clearly been intricately adorned, had a mysterious glow and black waves emanating from all over its body.

“How is it, Dark? Does the new body suit you?”

“Wonderful… simply wonderful, Miliaria! I have no recollection as grand as this!”

“That’s good. I went all out for this day, you know!”

It appeared that Dark was fond of the armor made from a large amount of spirit steel.

Having spare time can be dangerous, as is the urge to engage in creative pursuits that aren’t necessary.

But even if it was an unusual appearance, Crystania should have realized that Dark’s true identity was.

And if Crystania could understand that, then there would be no issue.

“Well, that’s what I meant, I apologize.”

Miliaria smiled with a grin, but Crystania, with round eyes, was laughing in a manner that Miliaria had never seen before, causing Miliaria to be taken aback.

“Ha, hahaha… I see. I see… my daughter has gone mad.”

“O-Okaa-sama? What happened?”

Miliaria, who was concerned, was answered by Crystania snickering.

Then she pulled back her laughter and asked.

“It’s you. Are you still of sound mind?”

“Of course. Dark is my partner.”

“A partner… but I can’t send you off with a smile.”

“Yes, I understand. Well then, farewell, Okaa-sama.”

After bowing gracefully, Miliaria picked up her carry-bag and settled into Dark’s embrace as they floated upward.

“Nice try… but I must take you.”

A huge wave of light erupted from Crystania’s body and aimed a massive killing intent towards Miliaria.

Oh, how fearful.

If Miliaria doesn’t become the Demon King, this brilliance will likely never fade.

The brilliance of Queen Crystania still showed no signs of dissipating.

“In the name of the spirit gods, reveal the true darkness—.”

“In the name of the spirit gods, show the true light of glory—.”

The two of them recited the words of the contract as if to demonstrate to each other.

The combination technique, which uses the spirit gods and their spiritual power to unleash the power of destruction, was a secret technique that could not be performed without the protection of the spirit gods.

The spiritual power that seemed to vanish just by being touched by a normal human being shook the ground.

The pure black and white brilliance reached their limits and then collided.

“Explode! Darkness!”

“Become light! Shine!”

Black and white blended together.

The intense collision of destructive powers, whose natures repelled each other, swallowed up the view in a dazzling pillar.

Chapter 65: After the villainess left

The party was in an uproar.

“What happened!”

“What’s going on!”

Angry voices filled the air, until the queen’s voice silenced them.

“Quiet! Everyone!”

The crowd settled down, and all eyes were on the queen.

Queen Crystania made her announcement.

“First, I would like to apologize for my daughter’s behavior. It seems that Miliaria has a strong inclination towards darkness and may have attracted the spirit god of darkness, causing this disturbance.”

“The spirit god of darkness…!”

“Is that so…”

The spirit god of darkness was both a part of the country’s history and a symbol of disaster.

Everyone in the room held their breath as they saw the appearance of the monster from the fairy tale that was said to be sealed deep underground, and Crystania continued.

“However, the blessing of light still exists in our country. The spirit god of darkness was driven away.”

Let’s say for now that it was driven away and there will be no more problems.

As long as the blessing of the spirit god of light is still alive and they are protected from threats, it brings peace of mind.

Crystania believed that Miliaria, in her current state, could handle any trouble that may come her way.

The spirit of darkness had lent its power to Miliaria.

Crystania had no idea how it happened.

But it was important that the bond between the spirit of darkness and Miliaria, as seen in that moment of offense and defense, was not hatred or hostility.

Crystania, with regret, had to make a decision.

“Regarding this matter, I will impose a gag order, but if the opponent is the spirit of darkness, Miliaria cannot escape. Miliaria will be considered dead and the right to the throne will be forfeited. And from now on, the first in line for the right to the throne shall be Lyra.”

So declares the queen.

But when she thought the situation was settled, a voice rose.

“I cannot accept that!”

“Yes, Miliaria-sama cannot lose control!”

“That’s right! She’s not that weak!”

“Even if she’s facing a spirit god, I think she won’t fall behind.”


Crystania scowled at the voice, which was a little too young to have an opinion.

But the speaker, noticing Crystania’s expression change, did not back down.

“I can’t believe Miliaria-sama would lose so easily!”

The petite blonde girl who spoke first pleaded desperately.

Crystania, recognizing the girl as her daughter Lyra, was momentarily speechless and asked,

“Lyra… then what do you propose?”

Crystania was slightly taken aback by her daughter’s insistence.

She had heard that Lyra was introverted and reserved, but apparently, that was not the case.

She had not received any reports of Miliaria and Lyra being particularly close.

Crystania was curious about what Lyra would say, but her proposal was still unexpected.

“I will find my sister! Please let me go!”

If anyone stood to benefit the most from this situation, it was Lyra.

There were some aspects that Crystania didn’t fully understand, but she smiled in satisfaction nonetheless.

Crystania rarely smiled in front of others, and everyone was taken aback by the sight. But they simply noted her expression and decided to let it go for now.

This is quite interesting.

Crystania was deeply saddened that Miliaria would disappear like this, not only for the growth of her daughters but also because Miliaria was a person of exceptional talent.

The dark attribute carried a heavy significance in this country, and even if Miliaria became an excellent queen, many would show a negative attitude towards her because of it.

However, it was natural for Miliaria, as the first princess, to become the queen, and Miliaria must have concluded that she could not divide the country if she made a mistake.

That was why Crystania went along with this facade.

But if Lyra, who was not anyone else, found and rescued Miliaria, that would be a fascinating outcome as well.

It would be least complicated if Lyra, with her strong light attribute, became the queen.

And the beautiful story of rescuing her sister from the dark spirit god would be a good opportunity to bring Miliaria back to the country naturally.

Furthermore, if Miliaria took on a supporting role for Lyra, stability would ensue.

“Hmm… do as you wish. But I forbid you from searching immediately. You do not have enough power yet.”


But everything was just an ideal scenario.

In comparison, it’s clear that Lyra is no match for Miliaria.

At the same time, the young nobles who spoke up for Miliaria appear to have some skill, but they also seem a bit inexperienced.

Let’s not state it too strongly and just keep it as a preface.

Crystania has temporarily halted Lyra’s light movements.

“The discussion is over. Now, clean up.”

Following Crystania’s commands, the chaotic scene starts to clear.

“However—it turned out to be more interesting than I anticipated. My daughters do not disappoint.”

Whispering so that no one could hear, Crystania looked back at the place where Miliaria’s palace once stood.

There was a bottomless pit that spread out there.

Chapter 66: The villainess princess Miliaria is going

“Whew! I’ve completed one task! Yes, I did it, Okaa-sama! With this, our country will be secure and protected!”

Miliaria exclaimed as she landed from the sky and joined the waiting carriage. She wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Uh-huh! Thanks for waiting, Leon!


The golden lion pulling the carriage was adorned with armor and the shining-eyed child was eagerly speaking.

When the spirit steel armor worn by Dark was not in use, it was designed to be wrapped around the golden lion like this.

“Uh-huh! No matter how many times I see it, the appearance is so cool! The name I gave you, the Dark Lion War Cloak, is not a bad one!”

“It seems like you’re having a good time, and that’s the most important thing, Dark.”

When Miliaria spoke, Dark, the dark child, nodded eagerly with an innocent face resembling that of a real child.

“Uh-huh! It was a great idea to make sure Leon could wear it too!”

“Even before, it was impressive, but now it’s even more powerful.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No. I like it too, so let’s keep doing it. It looks impressive.”


The armor crafted with care by the artisan was at its best when paired with the golden lion, creating a massive impact.

The most important thing was that Dark seemed to be enjoying it.

“Well done. You did an amazing job and helped me a lot!”

When Miliaria thanked him for accompanying her at today’s tea ceremony, Dark’s face became complicated for some reason.

“But did you have to go to such lengths?”

Dark asked, to which Miliaria nodded deeply, “It was necessary. By putting on such a grand display, I should have improved my relationships with others in a tangible way.”

The title of First Princess is not easily taken away, but by putting on such a grand display, she should have solidified her position.

The fact that the eldest daughter has the attribute of darkness and the second daughter has the attribute of light has always been a problem.

There are many who dislike it, and because their title is so powerful, it is bound to attract the ambitions of those around them and become a catalyst.

However, by dramatically breaking the balance, the elements causing trouble should have been neatly sorted out.

Miliaria nodded contentedly, saying she wanted Lyra to study and pursue love in a clean school without the villainess.

“But, you know. Would you truly enjoy this world as it is? Would it not be better to stay as a princess with all its privileges? In the future, you will likely face pursuers from your homeland…”

However, it seemed that Dark was still not convinced.

In response, Miliaria spoke with a relaxed tone, “Is there something frightening about being pursued? If you have any concerns, I will listen and stand up for you. It will be a good workout.”

“No, but… you said that the queen is going to die soon. Is that really okay?”


Dark could see that Miliaria was being thoughtful.

So, Miliaria took a deep breath and explained the future to Dark.

“It’s probably going to be okay. Okaa-sama… I was the one who was supposed to kill Queen Crystania…”


Dark’s eyes widened in shock.

This is a part of the story that is not told in much detail because the main character is from Lila’s point of view, as she discovered while sorting through her information.

“This is based on the official setting information. Half a year after enrolling in the academy, I was guided by the forbidden books left behind by the demon king. There, I was possessed by the ghost of the demon king and assassinated the current Queen Crystania.”

Although it was a shocking revelation, Miliaria was slightly relieved to hear that her mother was not actually sick and dying.

“W-Well, but … is it possible for something like that to happen? The queen is quite powerful. Could Miliaria, who hasn’t even been trained, lose to a mere human ghost?”

“Well, I don’t know if I’ll lose or not … it’s all just a hypothetical scenario.”

“I see…”

Yes, because it is a story that has not yet happened.

But Miliaria, who had a mock battle, could confirm one thing.

Queen Crystania was overwhelmingly stronger than the final boss, Miliaria.

So why did Queen Crystania lose?

After much thought, Miliaria came to a possible conclusion.

Maybe Okaa-sama couldn’t kill because it was Miliaria who was possessed.

The truth remains unknown, and the same incident will never occur again.

But the mother who had trained with her was strong, and the feeling of love and care Miliaria felt was not just her imagination.

Miliaria’s conclusion couldn’t be shared with others, but having something warm and comforting in her heart wasn’t a bad thing.

“Miliaria herself is completely controlled without her knowledge. It seems to happen because I have a high aptitude for darkness, so I resist for a while… I have occasional flashbacks and memories. And then the heroine enters the school as a queen candidate, and her fiancé falls for the heroine, causing Miliaria’s dark emotions to explode and she falls completely into darkness. The First Princess of the Humming Kingdom is taken over by the demon king and successfully takes over the country through brainwashing. That’s the storyline.”


“Well, it’s a what if, what if…”

Miliaria groaned that it was the worst and fully agreed with Dark.

“…Well, yeah. But… So, you don’t like romance? Isn’t playing with handsome men the most important thing in this world?”

Miliaria thought that he would be satisfied with this, but Dark now had a more meta-like perspective.

It was true that romance was an integral part of the game as far as Milliaria was concerned, but…

“You have quite an appetite, don’t you.”

“That’s right. Now, I can probably handle most things. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty directly, I’ll do it for you…”

Dark started to say this, but Miliaria stopped him by furrowing her brow.

“Well…There are various reasons for that.”

However, Miliaria had come to consider various things and was sure of one thing.

“… I’ve been struggling a lot and I think…”


“It seems that I enjoy watching my characters fall in love more than I do myself.”


It was clear that the look of sympathy had completely disappeared from Dark’s face.

Miliaria protested against Dark’s confused gaze.

“I feel a wonderfully disappointing aura! No… Even if not, isn’t love fundamentally not my cup of tea, a minefield for me?”


Dark groaned in distress at Miliaria’s straightforward words.

If Miliaria had something called destiny, and if there was a trigger for its destruction, then that was exactly what was suspicious.

“Even if fate doesn’t exist, it’s understandable for someone to have a strong belief and narrow perspective based on their personality.”

“By the way, I must also mention something meta. Do you know the happy ending of the Concerto of the Light Princess?”


“You see, the story is about a Okaa-sama whose light is consumed by darkness, and a new light guides the people towards a better future.”

Due to the focus on the main characters, it can be challenging to grasp, but Miliaria believes that the essence of the story is a grand replacement narrative.

“The heroine is a girl with a powerful light attribute. She possesses the necessary qualifications to be a queen. Even if she stumbles on her path and becomes insufficient as a ruler, she will eventually find a wonderful husband who is excellent and exceptional. The rain will fall, and the earth will solidify. The Humming Kingdom is destined for greater prosperity.”

Therefore, as the villainess, it is a clear role for Miliaria to lead them as the Demon King.

Even if Miliaria doesn’t go rogue, the outcome is unlikely to change.

“Even if it doesn’t turn out that way, as long as I’m here, similar problems will arise eventually. The part that can’t be solved with combat strength might be even more dire.”


Oh no, Dark is feeling disheartened.

But Miliaria wasn’t exactly pessimistic.

“Well, that’s what I mean when I say that I have to play the role of the enemy even though I know that.”


“Besides, I’ve already messed up. It’s too late to regret it now.”

“…That’s true too.”

“Don’t worry, if we’ve come this far, we’ll be okay. We’ve already cut the flag from the root. Let’s enjoy something other than romance for a while. It’s fulfilling just to admire and love handsome boys.”

Miliaria was proud of this being the best way to fulfill her desires.

“I-is that okay?”

“Well, love isn’t everything in the world. Let’s switch gears.”

Let’s go on a food tour first, shall we?

It might be intriguing to search for spirits and gods other than darkness and light that might exist somewhere.

Why not embark on a thrilling journey searching for formidable beasts?

“Come on! The adventure has just begun! There’s no time to be discouraged from the start!”

When Miliaria pointed in the right direction, Dark finally nodded in agreement.

That’s good. A somber atmosphere isn’t fitting for a lively departure.

“Alright! Then let’s set off!”

“Wait, Miliaria.”

“…What’s wrong?”

Just as they were about to start their journey, they were stopped by Dark.

As Miliaria halted her movements and looked around to see what was happening, she heard a familiar voice from a distance.

“Miliaria-sama! I know you’re here! Please wait for me!”

It was definitely Mary’s voice, and Miliaria sighed wryly.

It may be troublesome to have another companion, but having more travel companions is not a bad thing, especially as they will be traveling around the world.

“By the way, Dark, do you have any specific destinations in mind?”

When Miliaria asked her first travel companion, Dark, for any preferences, he pondered for a moment and spoke.

“Yeah… come to think of it, I heard about a dungeon called the Spirit Palace somewhere in this world. It’s said to be the homeland of all spirits. I wanted to visit it once.”

“What’s that… that’s amazing!”

This was another intriguing dungeon information that had come to light.

Miliaria’s eyes lit up with excitement at the prospect of challenging this dungeon.

No matter how she looked at it, it was clear that things were about to get more interesting, and Miliaria eagerly anticipated their future journey.

~The End~

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