Completed ― The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life



My hands and feet are cold.

I can feel my body losing heat.

That’s right. I was involved in a car accident.

Today was my monthly “love your fluffy fluffy day (pet cafe), but I’ve been extremely unlucky.

My consciousness is fading.

Am I gonna die soon? I don’t want to die…

It’s so aggravating… My dream was about to be fulfilled next month.

Aah! Damn it!

If I’m reincarnated, I want to have a dog, a cat, and an owl!

And a dragon would be fantastic!

Eh? A dragon?

Why does a dragon appear in a dying wish?

That’s where I lost consciousness.

Something wet is dripping down my cheek.

“Mari… Marie… Mariel!”

A gentle tap on the cheek.

It’s too loud.

“Open your eyes! Please!”

I just died. Just let me rest in peace.

“…My lovely daughter, wake up.”

My lovely daughter? Me? Is that my parents screaming at me?

No way. My Japanese parents are toxic. They’d never say something like that.

I haven’t seen my parents for years.

But did they come running when they heard their daughter had died?


“What?! Did you hear that?!”



Mariel? Who’s that?

My name is Marie.

But I remember hearing it somewhere.

Where did I hear it?

Oh, I remember!

Mariel Rozenstone!

But that was my previous name before I was reborn as Marie Setouchi of Japan.

My life as Mariel is over…

With trepidation, I lift my heavy eyelids.

The first thing I see is a familiar face.

“Go get Rezerotta; Mariel’s regained consciousness!”

Mariel… In other words, this is Archduke Rudolf Rozenstone, my father.

He’s much younger than I recall.

The last time I saw him, he was only thirty-eight years old, but his blond hair had turned gray and his face had aged, giving him the appearance of an old man.

His blue eyes were wet with tears as he looked at me anxiously.

“Where is Mariel?!”

“Oh, Rezerotta! Mariel is awake.”

“Mariel. My lovely daughter. Thank god.”

A beautiful lady with straight golden hair and green eyes embraces me. This is my mother, Rezerotta.


Wait? When I was six years old, as Mariel, my mother died.

That means…

No way?!

“How old am I now?”

I hear a small voice. That’s coming from my mouth.

“Mariel just turned five—today is your birthday.”

I knew it!

“Huh! You don’t think Mariel has amnesia?!”

“Calm down, honey; she’s simply confused; she fell from a great height.”

It’s my father who is confused.

Is it true that I fell from a great height?

In that regard, I can see the Grand Duchy of Rozenstone’s castle from down the cliff.

How did I survive? Oh that’s right, thanks to my mother.

“Because Mariel didn’t wake up even after you used your healing magic.”

“Even if I use healing magic, it doesn’t mean she’ll wake up right away.”

That’s the final confirmation.

I died as Marie Setouchi and reincarnated as Mariel Rozenstone “again”.

And time travels back to a five-year-old girl…

Chapter 1: I Have the Dragon

I’m still not sure why I was reborn as Mariel again.

Is God playing a prank on me?

To be honest, the first Mariel Rozenstone was the worst “villainess” there ever was.”

She was blonde, blue-eyed, and stunning, but she was also an abuser, an attempted murderer, and a total jerk.

She was not deserving of God’s mercy.

True, it was planned that way…

by the vicious Saint Eliana.

The Grand Dukes of Rozenstein are an aristocratic family from the Kingdom of Kalkstein, one of the continent’s two largest kingdoms.

I was born as the Grand Dukes’ only daughter, and at the age of six, I, Mariel, was betrothed to Edward, the kingdom’s first prince.

The reason for this is because I am Okaa-sama’s daughter.

Okaa-sama is a great magician and the Kingdom of Kalkstein’s chief court magician.

When I was six years old in my first life, war broke out with another great power, the Crotalion Empire. Many wars have been fought between the Crotalion Empire and the Kingdom of Kalkstein over the years.

Okaa-sama offered to join the army as the leader of the logistical support magician corps.

During the war, however, Okaa-sama was killed while protecting a boy who was being attacked by demons in the forest.

Fortunately, this incident resulted in the end of the Third Battle of Cryna.

Because the boy Okaa-sama saved was Bernhardt, the Crotalion Empire’s Crown Prince.

Peace was initiated by none other than the Emperor of the Crotalion Empire.

The Third Battle of Cryna ended with the two countries signing a peace treaty at Cryna, the war’s final battlefield.

The female heroine who brought peace between the two countries. The great magician who saved the enemy country’s crown prince.

“Cryna’s miracle” became a word of praise for Okaa-sama.

The daughter (I) of Okaa-sama was the perfect match for Prince Edward, who would eventually become the Crown Prince of Kalkstein. The engagement was set up by royal decree.

But, despite being Okaa-sama’s daughter, I didn’t have much magical power.

That’s how I got the moniker, [Princess Clunker].”

“Aren’t villainies supposed to have high-spec abilities?”

“What did you say, Princess?”

Sofia, the maid, looks puzzled as she places a pitcher of water on the bedside table.

“Nothing—by the way, Sofia, why am I holding?”

I just woke up, and I have an egg-shaped object in my hands. Something the size of a grown-up’s fist.

“Well, the princess refused to let go, so Her Highness (Madame) asked to leave it where it is because it must be very important to the princess.”


It’s a lovely blue-colored stone, but for some reason it’s warm.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been holding it, but it’s getting warmer and warmer.

As I watched it closely, a crack appeared.

The crack grew larger and larger until it finally broke.


Something comes out of the stone. No. Something hatched?!

Sofia goes to call Okaa-sama after being startled by the sudden birth of something.

I was stunned until Okaa-sama appeared.

Upon observing the creature, Okaa-sama has her hand on her cheek, pondering something.

“Dragon… I wonder?”

Okaa-sama concludes by looking at what I’m holding.

What I was holding was apparently a dragon egg?!


The tiny dragon tilted its head.


The blue body of the kitten-sized dragon is complemented by ears shaped like angel wings. His wings are still small. He also has lovely, dull eyes.

The tiny dragon rubs against me and pampers me.

“Arara—does he think Mariel is his mother?”

It’s known as imprinting. It’s the moment when you recognize the first thing you see as your parents.”


In any case, he’s adorable. I’m still a little girl, but I’m beginning to feel maternal love.

Well, I have the memory of having lived here for 18 years and on Earth for 25 years, so I’m mentally an adult…

“I want to raise this child, Okaa-sama!”

I’ve become a little possessive.

“It’s insane to raise dragons!” I expected her to say that, but―

“Well… He’s still a baby. It appears to be a rare type of dragon, and if we release him, he will just be hunted down. Alright. Let’s do it.”

Under certain conditions, I may raise this tiny dragon.

“I have to name him… Uh-um—how about Ruria?”


I’m not sure if it’s a boy or a girl. It sounds like a girl’s name, but Ruria sounded happy despite the fact that his name sounds like a girl’s name.

Thus, I got the dragon I wished for.

Chapter 2: Mariel’s Birthday Party

I’m here now to see where I fell.

When I look down the cliff, I become dizzy and lightheaded.

“Uwa! I fell from up here—seriously, how did I survive?”

Although Okaa-sama healed me with her healing magic, I was in a near-death state when they found me.

I don’t remember what happened, but it seems to have happened while I was walking with my parents.

Maybe I looked over the cliff when my parents weren’t looking, slipped, and fell off, or something along those lines.

It was common in Japanese reincarnation stories for people to suddenly remember their past lives when they were dying from an illness or accident, but I never expected to experience that myself.”


Ruria and I both shiver as we look down the cliff.

“Fufufu. Is Ruria afraid as well? Ruria, on the other hand, is a dragon, so he can fly.”


Ruria shakes his head.

Ruria thinks she’s a human child and not a dragon, doesn’t she?

“Princess! You’re in such a place?!” ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·

Sofia panics and runs toward me, her face looking pale. She catches her breath and stands up.

“I finally found you! What will you do if you fall again?!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to reflect… I’m sorry, Sofia.”

When I apologize with an upward glance, Sophia is at a loss for words. (´ω`*)

Even as a child, Mariel had a beautiful face.

I used it to be selfish the first time, but I’ll be a good girl the second time.

But it’s difficult to act like a child.

“…P-Please don’t act alone too much—Princess’s birthday is tonight. You must get ready! Let us go to your room now.”

“All right, Ruria, let’s go.”


Tonight is my birthday celebration. But it’s a small family gathering.

Actually, it was supposed to take place on the day I fell off a cliff, but it had to be rescheduled because of that.

The table is filled with a sumptuous array of food.

“Happy birthday, Mariel! Today we prepared a lot of Mariel’s favorite food.”

Okaa-sama, who works at the court, usually comes home late, but she arrived early today.

“Thank you very much, Okaa-sama. Wow! It’s a large cake.”

The cake, which must have been custom-made, is a two-tiered confection with an abundance of cream and fruits.

“Happy birthday, Mariel—It’s a birthday cake for Mariel—you can eat everything.”

“Thank you very much, Otoo-sama. But I’m not sure I can eat that much.”

My parents never celebrated my birthday like this when I was Marie of Earth.

My father gambled away all his wages, lost money, and borrowed money when he went into debt.

He was also a womanizer who cheated on his wife on several occasions.

My family’s finances were obviously dire, and my mother has to work part-time. But my father’s debts and affairs had emotionally depleted her. I was used as an outlet for that.

Since I was in elementary school, I had to do chores I wasn’t used to, and I wasn’t allowed to play as a child. I was punched and kicked and had bruises all over my body if I tried to cut corners even slightly.

I finally had enough and ran away from home to my maternal grandparents.

When my grandparents found out what had happened, they took me in and raised me.

I worked hard after I got a job to save money to renovate our house as a surprise for my grandparents.

I had final confirmation of the renovation with the architect on the day of the car accident, and construction was set to begin next month.

By the way, after consulting with the architect, I was planning to go to a cat cafe…

I was hoping to get a dog and a cat when they remodeled. And, if possible, an owl…

“Mariel, what’s wrong? Was the food not to your liking?”

My mother called out worriedly as I was making a sad expression.

I suddenly came to my senses after reflecting on my life as Marie.

I give a friendly smile.

“No. It’s delicious.”

“Yes—I was wondering what was wrong with you because you seemed depressed.”

“Well… I just wanted to say that I’m happy…”

My parents look at each other in amazement.

“What are you talking about? Mariel will be happier from now on.”

That’s right!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be as filial to my grandparents as Marie, but I need to think about my life from now on.

First and foremost, I must consider what I can do to prevent Okaa-sama from dying in the Third Battle of Cryna!

If Okaa-sama doesn’t die, I will not be forced to marry the crown prince in the first place.

I’m considering “this and that.” Then, all of a sudden, there is a roar outside.

Chapter 3: The Ancient Elemental Dragon has Arrived

The windows in the dining room are vibrating and shaking.

Outside, you could hear trees being toppled.

“What in the world is going on?!”

Otoo-sama gets up from his seat in a hurry and tries to go to the window, but the guards stop him.

“Danger! His Highness the Grand Duke must stay where he is—we’ll check outside with the guards!”

At that moment, the window broke with a loud bang, and shards of glass flew out.

But the shards do us no harm.

It’s thanks to Okaa-sama’s quick action that she put up a barrier.

“I demand the return of my child!”

I thought I heard a voice in my head, but then nothing but a large, strange creature’s head appeared through the window.

The large head covered in lapis lazuli (blue) scales resembles that of my little dragon.

“No way?! No. It’s said to be a legendary creature…”

“Okaa-sama seems to have an inkling of the strange creature.”

“Rezerotta. You know this dragon?”

“Yes. I’ve only seen it in ancient texts, so I’m not sure… I believe it’s an elemental dragon, an ancient species of dragon.”

I was cuddled between Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama. Ruria was in my bosom, looking worried.


“It’s all right, Ruria.”

I stroked Ruria to calm him down.

“That’s correct! Laseid, I am the head of the Ancient Elemental Dragons—I have come to ask for the return of my child, who is in the bosom of a little girl there.”

Okaa-sama’s words are confirmed by the dragon.

This dragon is a parent of Ruria? Is Ruria the child of a legendary dragon?

“Ruria is the child of an ancient spirit dragon? I thought he was a strange dragon.

Okaa-sama examines Ruria in my bosom.

“Now, give me back my child.”

I had no choice but to give Ruria back. We were only together for a few days, but we already formed a bond together.

Suddenly, something hot trickles down my cheek.

“Mariel… I know it’s difficult, but returning Ruria to his true parents is in his best interests.”


Okaa-sama hugs me.

“Ruria, this is goodbye.”

I wipe away my tears and place Ruria under the protection of Laseid, the ancient elemental dragon.

And as I pick him up to bring him back to Laseid…


Ruria slips out of my hands and nestles against my bosom.

“Ruria, please return to your Otoo-sama.”

“Kii~yui! Kii~yui!”

Ruria shook his head. Is he implying that he does not wish to say goodbye?

“What?! You said you didn’t want to?!”

“Kii~yui! Pigi ~yupigyugyu!”

Laseid glared at me. I shudder.

“What the f*ck! Would a proud ancient elemental dragon want to be with a human?!”

Laseid is holding his head and mourning. If you look closely, you can see what looks like golden hair on top of his head. It looks like a mane.

I think I know what Ruria is talking about.


“Hmph. It can’t be helped, then—Human girl, you have my child. Take good care of him!”


Laseid scratches his head with his sharp claws and looks at me again.

“Did you name my child Ruria?”


“His name sounds feminine—he is a male!”


So Ruria was a boy.

“If anything happens to Ruria, I will destroy this country!”

Laseid took off, leaving behind a line that was far too dangerous to be discarded.

“That’s great, Mariel. You can be with Ruria.”

“Yes! Okaa-sama.”

I hugged Ruria, and he squealed with delight.


Afterwards, Luria was treated with great respect in the Grand Duchy. probably because the country would be destroyed if anything happened to him.

Chapter 4: The legendary dragon is back

I arrived in the forest behind the castle carrying a magic book called [Compendium of Elementary Magic], which Okaa-sama had given me for my birthday.

“I can practice my magic here without being discovered.”


Ruria squeals in agreement.

Children from noble families typically begin studying magic when they are six years old.

I was betrothed to Prince Edward at the age of six in my previous life, so I was inevitably involved in the Queen’s education.

However, in my previous life, I despised studying and was proud of it. I was only good at two things: socializing and dancing. But I could only socialize because I was the daughter of a grand duke and the prince’s fiancée.

For the second time, I aim to become a hardworking grand duchess.

You might learn something that will help you later. even if your magic is a piece of crap.

Marie Setouchi was a well-educated and hardworking woman. She got the job she wanted in a large corporation and was an excellent employee, if I may say so.

So maybe life on Earth isn’t so bad after all.

That’s why I’m here today to find out. During nap time, I snuck out from under Sofaa’s watchful eye…

Chanting while reading a spell book

“Uh… um. Wind. Be my blade and cut through the enemy. Windcutter!”

A light breeze blew around me before it vanished with a light thud against the target tree.

“As expected, magic was clunky.”

This is the level of basic magic that even a child can perform.

I fall to my knees and hang my head.

“Isn’t the chanting a little too long? It’s like you’re suffering from second-grade-syndrome (Chūnibyō). Why not just call it “Wind Blade”? Or something along those lines.”

As I complained in Japanese, a whirlwind suddenly blew, and the spiraling wind cut through the tree.


I couldn’t figure out what had happened, and an unintentionally stupid voice came out of my mouth.

“It’s an unbalanced magic power.”

A voice can be heard coming from up in the trees. When I look up, there’s a young man with long, golden hair standing in a tree.

He jumps down and lands next to me.

“I haven’t seen you since yesterday—human girl.”

He raises his hand and smiles brightly; he is handsome, to say the least. But I’ve never met this dashing gentleman before. I’m curious who he is.

“Pigi ~yuruuu…”

Ruria, who had been quiet up to this point, begins growling as soon as he sees the young man.

“What’s wrong, Ruria?”

“Don’t be angry, little boy—I’m not here to bring you back.”

Bring back Ruria? Something clicked, and everything fell into place.

“Oh! That ancient elemental Dragon-san from yesterday…?!”

It’s Ruria’s father! His name is Laseid—and he can take human form?!”

“Piii! Kii~yui!”

“What? Do you want me to go home right now? Are you already going through a rebellious phase?”

The father and son are locked on each other.

I wish I could understand Ruria.

“Well… If you’re not here to bring Ruria back, is there something else?”

“I just happened to pass by.”

I’m guessing he was concerned and came to check on Ruria.

“Don’t worry, Ruria is a very popular boy in our house who is adored by everyone.”

Ruria, despite being a dragon, is charming and friendly. Ruria is adored by my parents and all of the servants.

“I see. That’s good; by the way, have you been practicing your magic?”

“…Yes, but I’m having trouble getting it right…”

Laseid crosses his arms and thinks for a moment before placing his hand on my head.


I startled, shook Laseid’s hand off my head, and backed away.

“Hmph. I knew it—the cycle of magic is reversed.”

“The cycle of magic is reversed…? What do you mean? What does that mean?

“Are you familiar with the magical cycle?”


Magic is always present in the body of a person who possesses it. It is analogous to blood flowing through the body.

“Your magic circulates in an unusual way. That’s why your magic is off-kilter.”

“You mean it’s flowing backwards?”

“That’s exactly what it means.”

Normally, a great deal of magic would build up in your body, but I’m allowing it to flow away.

That’s a clunker.

“Is there any way to fix this?”

“You were born this way. I don’t think so.”

I dropped my head again.

I thought that since he’s an ancient elemental dragon, he would know how to heal with his ancient magic spell or something…

“Don’t be negative—you could have used your magic better if you’d spoken those strange languages earlier, right?”

“…Strange language? Do you mean in Japanese?

“It’s called Japanese? It’s an odd and complicated language—but it appears to be compatible with your magical constitution.”

Come to think of it, as soon as I said “Wind Blade!” In Japanese, a tree was cut down.

That means you can chant “fireball” or “stone bullet” when you use magic.

Laseid swallows and clears his throat.

“If you don’t mind, as an apology for yesterday, I can teach you magic.”

You could have just been honest and said you wanted to see Ruria…

“… If you want an apology, how about paying for the broken windows and the ruined garden?”

“Pigi ~yu!”

Chapter 5: Have you seen my owl?

Every day, Laseid taught me something new. My magic talent has evolved as a result of him, and I’ve gotten out of the clunker zone… I think.

“Languages like Japanese complement your magic very well; now you don’t have to be called a clunker anymore.”

Clunkers are superfluous. Although it is a slap on the wrist…

It’s surprising that magic couldn’t be used properly due to magic’s reverse circulation.

Instead of [Fire Blast!] it’s [Honō no bakufū(Fire Blast)!]

TL: Basically the FL’s magic will not work properly if she chants in English (katakana), but it will work properly if she chants in Japanese (kanji).

“I believe it is time for a snack.”

I’ve recently received permission from my parents to go out solely because I play with Laseid and Ruria.

As long as I was with the ancient elemental dragon, I was easily granted permission.

Sofia makes me a basket of sandwiches and snacks for a light meal every day. Because the basket is too heavy for a five-year-old to carry, Laseid, who comes to pick me up, does…

Because the Ancient Elemental Dragon appears to be able to eat anything, Laseid and Ruria usually eat the same food as me.

When I say “anything,” I really mean “anything.”

“Here you go, Ruria.”

I pop a bite-sized sandwich into Ruria’s mouth. He puckers his mouth, which still has tiny fangs. “Kii~yui~,” Ruria squeals with delight.

“Fufufu. It’s delicious.”

“Human food tastes delicious.”

Laseid is munching on his sandwich.

“Yes, indeed.”

A white hand is extended from behind Rashid, and a woman’s voice can be heard.

Laseid looks around and sees a woman with blue-silver hair smiling and chewing on a macaroon. She’s a very beautiful woman.

“Ge! What are you doing here, Layleigh?!”

“Do you know each other?”

Laseid appears to recognize the woman.

” …It’s my better half.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you—thank you for looking after this moro(n)… No, I mean. my husband—I’m his wife, Layleigh.”

Laseid’s wife? That means she’s Ruria’s mother!

She’s in human form, but her transformation makes her an ancient elemental dragon, right?

Wait, did she almost call Laseid a moron?!

Layleigh-san greets me and sits down next to Laseid.

“Nice to meet you—my name is Mariel Rozenstone.”

As a former office worker, I almost pulled my business card from my pocket in a panic. I quickly retracted my hand.

“Mariel, it’s a pleasure to meet you—Ara? Is that my child sitting on Mariel’s lap?”

Layleigh-san notices Ruria on my lap as she picks up the second macaroon.

“Yes, I named him Ruria.”


Ruria makes cute little noises for Layleigh-san. I wonder if he misses his mother after all?

“Hey! Little boy, you’re acting differently towards me.”


With a pout, Luria turns away.

“Yes. Ruria, I’m glad you have a good name.”


Ruria refuses to leave my lap. He had only recently met his mother.

“Ruria, are you not going to your mother’s?”


Ruria sighs and shakes his head.

“Good boy. I’m glad you aren’t like your father.

While enjoying the sandwich, Layleigh-san smiles at Ruria.

“But you just met your Okaa-sama…”

“It is the rule that a child who has been released from its parents should return to the Dragon Village on his/her own—It is illegal for parents to approach their children in this manner. And yet…”

Layleigh-san fixed her gaze on Laseid.

“I-I can’t help myself! I’m the one who lost the egg.”

So Laseid lost the egg to me, and I picked it up.

But the laws of nature are so strict. I can’t believe Ruria can’t depend on his parents, even though he was only recently born.

“Ancient elemental dragons have a strong sense of direction; they would have returned naturally after hatching, and forcing Ruria to return would be cruel if she wanted to stay with Mariel.”


Ruria nods in response to Layleigh-san’s words.

“Mariel, please take care of Ruria.”


“That’s right, I must express my gratitude for the meal—by the way, Mariel, do you like fluff?”

“Yes! I love it! I love it!”

I said it twice to emphasize its significance.

Layleigh-san gave a nod and blew a whistle.

A white bird flies in after a while and perches on Layleigh’s shoulder. The sight excites me.

“It is a white owl!”

In response, the barn owl hoots. “hoo-hoo!” If you look closely, you can see it has horns. I don’t think barn owls have horns. Is it a mutation?

“They look like this, but they are spirits; they are known as “Carrier Owls.” I’m giving them to you as a gift. So…”

After a pause, Layleigh-san winks and continues,

“Please write to me on occasion—yes, for example, how Ruria spends his time…”

In a nutshell, let me know how Ruria is doing. It’s not the same approach as Laseid’s, but Layleigh-san is concerned about her child as well.

“I understand—by the way, what exactly does he eat?”

“Give one of these once a day.”

Layleigh-san takes a leather pouch from her bag and takes something out of the pouch. — It’s a jewel, similar to jade.

“It’s beautiful—is it a gemstone?”

“It’s a spirit stone.”

Spirit stone?! It’ll fetch a fortune when it’s sold. What a luxury bird… No, well, it’s a spirit bird.

“If you run out of spirit stones, write to me or tell Laseid.”

Although the Grand Duke is not poor, it appears that we do not need to purchase spirit stones here.

“May I give him a name?”

“Yes, of course—what are you going to call it?”

“From now on, your name is Blanc.”

Blanc is French for [white].

Thus, this is how I got my owl? in an unexpected way.

Chapter 6: Fluffing Punishment

How can I help Okaa-sama?

I don’t want to marry Prince Edward, but more importantly, I don’t want to lose Okaa-sama.

Knowing what lies ahead, doing nothing is not an option.

It would be impossible for me to put an end to the war. It is not for me, a child, to make decisions about the affairs of nations.

Holding Okaa-sama back… It’s difficult to keep her around. Okaa-sama is a responsible woman. I’m sure she’ll also volunteer this time.

The Third Battle of Cryna will happen soon.

Is there any way? I have to think about it!

“What’s bothering you so much?”

“Your brows are creased. Mariel, you’re ruining your cute face.”


Aside from Laseid, Layleigh-san has become a regular visitor.

They are eating sweets and relaxing in my room.

“…What happened to the Dragon Village rules you mentioned?”

Isn’t it against the law for parents to visit their children after they’ve been released?

I think it’s good that Ruria interacts with his parents, but…

“I’m only here for the treats. Human-made sweets are delicious.”

Layleigh-san gives five spirit stones every time. Perhaps that was an excuse to come here every five days to replenish Blanc the spirit owl’s food?

“I am Mariel’s magic teacher.”

Laseid triumphantly snorts.

Having an ancient elemental dragon teach you magic is a first-class luxury.

“What is Mariel concerned about? When you have a lot of childhood worries, you grow old quickly.”

Layleigh-san appears friendly, but she has a sharp tongue.

“…I’m looking for a way to end the war.”

“War? Is there a conflict somewhere?”

“No—for example, our country and the Crotalion Empire have been at odds for years, and I wonder if a war could break out at any time…”

Layleigh-san frowns as I stumble through my words.

“Are you hiding something? You’ll be punished for being such a bad girl!”

Punishment? Eh?! What is she planning on doing to me?!

Layleigh-san stands up.


Ruria immediately gets out of my lap. Eh? Ruria?! Are you not going to help me?!”

“Layleigh-san! W-What do you mean by punishment?!”

I shut my eyes because Layleigh-san suddenly jumped at me, but it was strangely light, so I slowly opened my eyes.

A cat with blue-gray fur sat on my lap.

” Ru! Russian Blue!”

“Bad girls get fluffed—Fufufu. Can you put up with this adorable fluff?”

I hear Layleigh-san’s voice coming from the cat, which means…

“Layleigh-san?! Eh? Were you a cat all along?!”

“No—ancient elemental dragons are easy to transform into any form.”

“That’s right!”

“I see! Mariel likes fluffy things. Me too!”

Laseid then transforms into a dog and leaps onto my lap.

“Wha-! Why did you choose my favorite breed, Laseid-sama?!”

Laseid’s shiba-inu form is adorable as he grins.

“Don’t you often draw pictures of dogs, cats, and other animals?”

I do make fluffy drawings, but I had no idea they were watching me?!

“Now tell me everything you’ve been keeping hidden.”

Fluffy tortures me to death.

“That’s not fair!”

Endless fluff! Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy…

Chapter 7: The Crown Prince of an Enemy Country has Arrived

I couldn’t resist the allure of fluff.

I had fluffed Blanc the owl, but bird fluff is not the same as cat or dog fluff.

For the first time in a long time, I was delighted to fluff fluffy creatures.

Finally, I told the entire story of my life as Mariel the first time, how I became Marie the Japanese, and how I restarted as Mariel the second time.

“For a five-year-old, I thought you were pretty mature.”

“I thought it was odd because she said things about avoiding war.”

I regret having inadvertently spoken in front of these two.

“You said your mother died protecting Crotalion’s Crown Prince from the demons?”


“Was that really the case?”

Laseid places a thoughtful hand on his chin. He’s still in his Shiba-inu form. He’s cute that way too. I’m tempted to touch his curly tail.

“What do you mean?”

“Because Crotalion’s crown prince is a demon.”


Shocking! I had no contact with Prince Bernhardt the first time, so I have no idea how he is…

“I’ve never heard of such a thing! He’s a demon?”

“It’s understandable that you wouldn’t know—after all, I’m the only one who knows he’s a demon.”

The Empress of the Crotalion Empire’s founding Emperor was a half-human, half-demon, and her blood is sometimes passed down to her descendants.

“The demon prince is stronger than the average demon—he can’t be hurt easily.”

“But Prince Bernhardt was seven years old at the time.”

“Age doesn’t matter—he recently came all the way to the dragon village just to challenge me to a fight.”

I see why Laseid is acquainted with the Prince of Crotalion.

I gulp down my saliva.

“Who won?”

“Of course, it’s me—I thrashed him to a pulp.”

Laseid, in his shiba-inu form, stands proud and tall. He then places his paw on my knee, wagging his tail.

“Do you want to save your mother?”

“Yes—the only thing I can think of right now is to avoid war or stop Okaa-sama.”

“I have a good idea—leave it to me!”

With that, Laseid ran out onto the balcony, transformed into a dragon, and flew away.

“Where is he going?”

“Well, I’m not sure—I’d rather have another helping of macarons, Mariel.”

Layleigh-san, who takes the form of a cat, asks me in a haughty and endearing tone.


“Is this Laseid’s good idea?!”

Laseid returned the next day with a guest.

What a guest!

That is, Crown Prince Bernhardt of Crotalion!

“Is this her? The daring one who wants to fight me? But isn’t she still a child as Laseid’s student?”

The boy has black hair and clear gray eyes. He’d be a girl with a lovely face if his hair was longer.

No. You’re the child here, aren’t you?

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to talk to each other with your fists? I thought it would be better if you fought and listened to the victor—fight to your heart’s content!”

Do you mean winning the match against Bernhardt and putting an end to the war?!

Laseid crossed his arms and laughed while Ruria nibbled on his head.

Chew him some more, Ruria!

“He’s kidding, right?”

I ask Layleigh-san, smiling next to me.

“I think he’s serious.”

Darn it! muscle-brain dragon!

As I glare at Laseid, Prince Bernhardt points his index finger at me.

“Hey! you, little girl—what’s your name?”

Prince Bernhardt’s pompous demeanor irritates me, but I bow like a lady.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, little bo(y)—Crown Prince Bernhard—my name is Mariel, the daughter of the Grand Duke of Rosenstone.”

“Who are you calling a little boy? Wait? Did you say the Grand Duke of Rosenstone?! So you’re the daughter of Kalkstein’s chief court magician, Rezerotta Rozenstone?”

“Yes, sir.”

Prince Bernhardt looks at me with his hand on his chin.

When our eyes meet, he smiles at me. A shiver runs down my spine.

“Hmph… a direct disciple of Laseid and Rezerotta’s daughter. Interesting. Okay, fine—I’ll give you what you want if you beat me.”

This Crown Prince is a self-centered type.

Chapter 8: Mariel VS Bernhardt

My contest with Prince Bernhardt will take place in the same valley where I fell. This is where Mariel’s life began for the second time.

Below this valley is a forest full of demons that no one dares to approach.

Laseid chose this location to avoid causing trouble to the Grand Dukes of Rozenstone.

“This is a one-on-one match with no second chances—the first person to surrender loses.”

Laseid is the referee. Does “one-on-one” include physical assault?

What will I do if Crown Prince Bernhard launches a physical assault?

Prince Bernhardt snorts, as if he has read my mind.

“Don’t worry. I never assault children physically—we’ll fight using magic—although I will not be gentle with you, and if you die, I will resurrect you from the dead.”

You’re the child!

We’re up against a last-boss-class opponent.

I honestly don’t think I’ll win, but I’ll give it my all.

I put on a long, drawn-out smile.

“…That’s very kind of you… Thank you very much.”

A question arises within me. The phrase “resurrect” has stuck with me. Only saints are said to be capable of performing the resurrection. Why would Prince Bernhardt be able to use it? He’s a demon, isn’t he?

Shall I ask him later? I doubt he’ll tell me, but I can always ask Laseid. I’m confident he’ll know something.

The match begins with Laseid’s signal.


When the signal is given, countless masses of waterballs form around Prince Bernhardt.

I don’t panic because it’s within my expectations that he can use chatless magic.

“First and foremost, let’s run a quick test—It’s no fun for me if you break down easily.”

With a grin, Prince Bernhardt’s mouth hangs open, and the countless water balls come at me.

“Defensive Wall”

When I raise my hand, a wall appears in front of me. The countless water balls bounce off a transparent wall.

“Hmph. It’s a language I’ve never heard of before—fascinating magic—and you’re not taken aback by my chantless magic spell?”

Prince Bernhardt looks on admiringly.

“Yes. Because that is exactly what my teacher does.”

When it comes to magic, Laseid also doesn’t need chants.

Engaging Laseid in a magical battle is dangerous, even in simulation. You have no way of knowing what kind of magic will be thrown at you.

You can put up a [Defensive Wall] if you complain that there is no way to deal with it. However, it must be strong and unbreakable.

That’s why I invented it. A defensive wall capable of withstanding the breath of an ancient elemental dragon.

Laseid stated that when the prince challenged him to a fight, he beat him up, so I guess Laseid is the better fighter.

“It’s now my turn! Activate [Infinite Magic Formula]!”

Layers upon layers of magical circles appear above and around me.

This is my original magic spell, and as the name implies, it is a magic formula that allows me to cast magic indefinitely.

My magic is circulating in reverse, almost dripping out of me, but it is always in motion. In addition, I never run out of magical power.

Normally, the body contains a limited amount of magical power, and when magic is cast, the magic power decreases. The amount of magic varies from person to person, but the body runs out of magic when the magic circulating in the body is exhausted.

But I seem to have a constitution that won’t run out of magic.

But in my first life, I struggled because I lacked the Japanese concept, so I have no idea how my magic works…

Because of my affinity for the Japanese language, I was able to conjure up this kind of magic. My second life was not a happy one, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to reincarnate as a Japanese after my first.

I formed a magical circle around Prince Bernhardt. The magical circle transforms into a flower, and the petals open.

“Ice Flower Breath!”

The ice petals transform into razor-sharp blades that strike Prince Bernhardt. But it is repelled by the defensive wall.

“This kind of magic is a cheat, isn’t it?”

Prince Bernhardt chuckles as he says this.

“You’re the one to talk!”

You can use chatless magic! And you’re a demon!”

“You’re becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.”

Prince Bernhardt raises his palm. Flames lit his palms. The flames grew stronger and stronger, eventually transforming him into a giant.

He summoned a fire spirit. He can also use spirit magic?

I also raise my hand above my head.

“Summon, Water Spirit!”

From the magical circle above my head, a mermaid-like water spirit appears.

Prince Bernhardt’s fire spirit heads to my water spirit I summoned.

The contending spirits didn’t give each other an inch.

And then――.

The opposing elements of the spirits collided, resulting in a steam explosion. A powerful blast erupted.


I quickly tried to put up a “defensive wall,” but was unable to do so in time and was blown away by the explosion.

Chapter 9: Courted by the Crown Prince

I was blown away by the explosion and found myself stuck in a tree branch, unsure how I was going to get down.

“What should I do? It’s too high to cut the branches here.”

This tree is hundreds of years old, and I’m stuck on a very high branch. It appears that cutting the branch and jumping down is impossible.

” Kyuu~yi!”

A small shadow comes below me. It’s Ruria.



Ruria attempted to help me up.

“You can’t, Ruria. You’re still small—find Laseid-sama or Layleigh-san.”


Ruria shakes his head.

I appreciate Ruria’s willingness to help me, but he is smaller than me and cannot lift me.

Suddenly there was a rumbling of the earth. The rumbling gradually drew nearer.

“Is it a monster? Ruria, run away!”


Ruria continues to shake his head, refusing to leave my side.

“Go! I’ll be just fine.”

Looking down, I notice a four-meter-tall troll smirking at me. People who are stuck are easy prey.

The troll was hideous with his big nose and pointed ears.

Trolls are not intelligent, and they move slowly. They are, however, extremely powerful. If it catches me, I won’t be able to get away as a five-year-old.

“So, what should I do now? Even if I cut the monster with a “wind blade,” trolls regenerate quickly.”

While I’m worrying, the troll is trying to climb the tree .

There isn’t any time to waste. I’ll cut his head off.

I was about to cast my spell when――.

The troll’s head has been cleanly severed. Someone has unleashed a magic spell before me.

“What are you doing? Do you want the troll to eat you?”

The voice that came from another tree belonged to Prince Bernhardt.

With the help of Prince Bernhardt, I was finally able to climb down from the tree.

“Your Royal Highness—thank you for your help.

We decided to hide in a tree hollow while persuading Ruria, who was hesitant, to call Laseids. — We sit in silence, facing each other.

As expected, we will not do anything reckless to settle the matter here.

“…You can address me as Bern—that’s what my closest friends and family refer to me as.”

“We only met today—we’re not very close, are we?”

“You’re not cute—did you say you’re Mariel? How old are you?”

“I’m five years old.”

Prince Bernhardt drops the branch he is holding.

“Five years old? My younger brother is also five years old, but he is even dumber—he isn’t as mature as you are.”

That’s an awful thing to say. I feel bad for his younger brother.

“That means there are all kinds of five-year-olds in the world.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“You’re a peculiar five-year-old. But I doubt I’ll grow tired of being with you—do you want to be my queen?”

“I don’t want to!”

“Answer immediately? You do realize you’re going to be the crown princess?”

“I’d hate to be in that kind of position of responsibility. My ambition is to live a slow life with my fluffy friends.”

I’ve decided to live a slow life if I can save Okaa-sama or prevent the Third Battle of Cryna.

“Let the Crown Princess’s subordinates do her work—you can live the slow life as the Crown Princess in the Palace.”

“That is simply impossible! To keep her position, the Crown Princess must perform her duties well; it’s a role I’m not qualified for.”

“… No, I don’t think so—and the more you say no, the more I want you.”

“Just give up.”

Outside, I can hear wingbeats. Laseids appear to have arrived.

Chapter 10: The Crown Prince visits me every day

The fight with Prince Bernhardt was a draw.

It’s a game I couldn’t possibly win. A draw is a great accomplishment, in my opinion.

Even if I win by accident, I doubt my wish to end the war will come true.

The person I’m competing against is the one who caused Okaa-sama to lose her life, but he’s only the crown prince, not the emperor.

It is the emperor, not the crown prince, who holds the real power in Crotalion.

If that’s the case, if the Third Battle of Cryna erupts and Okaa-sama is forced to stand on the battlefield, I might as well sneak along, right?


Prince Bernhardt has been visiting me almost every day since then.

The Crotalion Empire must be quite far away.

When I asked him about it, he said he used [Transfer Magic] to connect his room to the Grand Duchy of Rozenstone.

I don’t recall granting him permission…

“Aren’t you, the crown prince, a little too free?”

I ask the person who is relaxing and drinking tea in front of me.

“I’ve learned everything I need to know about being an emperor—I’ve only gotten one hit in my early morning sword practice, if I may say so.”

“Your Highness is excellent, though he is seven years old.”

I’ll also take a sip of fruit juice.

“Will Mariel not be educated as a lady? She will be the Crown Princess. The sooner she starts her education, the better—Oh, she’s only five years old, isn’t she?”

“I’ve said many times that I don’t want to be the Crown Princess.”

No matter who it is, I don’t want to be engaged to royalty again. I don’t want a second engagement; I want to live life slowly.

“Then I will propose to you repeatedly until you are my queen.”


“You’re being stubborn—my point is that you can do whatever you want, whether you want your slow life or not.”

“I want to be clear: You’re not my type.”

He has a pretty face, in my opinion. I’m confident he’ll grow into a handsome man.

But I’m not very good at “egoist” boys.

“Huh? What type of man do you like?”

“I like gentlemen who help kittens who can’t get down from trees; I’d prefer a muscular, older man.”

Prince Bernhardt appears to be the type to dismiss kittens: —It’s bad enough climbing up where you can’t go down.

“Muscles… Okay! I’m going to bulk up, and I’m two years older than you.”

“I’d prefer someone seven years my senior!”

Prince Bernhardt is examining the bulge in his arm, and Ruria is doing the same pose. Is he imitating him? Fufufu… how adorable.

“This is not a conversation between a seven and five-year-old—you guys need to start talking like kids.”

Laseid lies deftly on the balcony railing.

“Also, what are you doing here every day? Laseid.”

“I am Mariel’s teacher, and the little dragon is my son—I’m here to check on him.”

“Kii~yui! Kii~yui!”

Ruria flutters toward me. Yes, Ruria can fly now!

When I was blown away by the explosion in my match with Prince Bernhardt. I didn’t realize it at the time, but…

“Good boy, Ruria. Ruria says, [Go home, both of you].”

I stroke Ruria’s golden mane, which is slowly growing.

“You’re becoming less and less adorable as you grow more rebellious—and Mariel, are you beginning to understand what Ruria is saying?”

“I can sort of understand.”

Especially when Laseid says something negative.

“Please go home soon—I’m going out tonight.”

“Where are you going?”

Prince Bernhardt’s tone seems grumpy.

“We’re having dinner with the royal family.”

Otoo-sama is the younger brother of His Majesty the King. Once a month, he is invited to the royal palace for dinner.

I’m extremely nervous.

Chapter 11: The Melancholy Crown Prince (Bernhardt’s Point of View)

Are women such talkative creatures?

Mireia, the Marquise von Aschenbach, sits across from me in the garden pavilion and keeps talking about things I don’t want to hear.

Miss Mireia looks like a golden-throated canary in her fluttering yellow gown. The phrase “like a golden-throated canary” refers to her peeping and perching sound, similar to a canary.

Mariel always dresses modestly and is quiet…

I drink a cup of tea with honeyed lemon while listening to Miss Mireia’s story.

“Does his Highness like honey?”

“Not in particular, but I heard it’s good to eat when you’re tired.”

That’s what Mariel said. She stated that it has antioxidant properties that help with fatigue.

“Is that so? If so, you are welcome to visit our Marquess Aschenbach estate, where we produce high-quality honey.”

“I’ll give it some thought.”

This is absurd; why would I go to Marquess Aschenbach for honey?

I’ve recently been compelled to attend tea parties with the noble ladies to select a candidate for Crown Princess.

This is a waste of time because Mariel will be the Crown Princess.

I’m completely bored; shouldn’t the tea party be over by now?

I’d like to see Mariel.

Laseid, an ancient elemental dragon, kidnapped me one day while walking in the garden.

That was the first time I met Mariel.

I was initially drawn to her because she was Laseid’s student.

I went to Laseid to test myself, but the legendary dragon was still formidable.

I have the demons in me, and yet I failed.

The Empress, the wife of the Crotalion Empire’s founding Emperor, was half-human, half-demon, but she was far from evil.

She was hailed as a saint after guiding the empire’s corrupt people alongside the emperor.

The founding Emperor himself was a Demon God disciple and a great magician.

The Crotalion Empire flourished and grew to become one of the greatest powers on the continent, thanks to the efforts of the founding Emperor and Empress.

There are those in the Crotalion bloodline who are born with a strong Founder’s blood in their veins, and I’m exactly like them.

The second emperor named himself [demon] because he descended from a demon and a human. So he was the first demon.

However, only the person who knows he was born as a demon. You don’t have to go out of your way to say you were a demon, just like all the demons in the past.

All that matters is that you are a human with strong magical abilities.

I’m skilled in most magic, but I can also perform holy magic only saints can perform because I have the Saint’s blood.

Mariel is only five years old but strong; she refers to herself as a [clunker], but I think she is just humble.

She employs magic in an unusual language that appears to mesh well with her magic constitution.

I’d like to fight Mariel again, but most importantly, I’ll never get tired of being with her.

I will make her my queen!

“…Your Highness. Your Highness, Are you paying attention? ”

I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn’t hear what Miss Mireia had to say.

“I’m sorry. I was just thinking.”

“Will you invite me to your next tea party?”

“If the opportunity presents itself.”

Honestly, I’ve had enough tea parties with my country’s noble ladies.

I rush to my room after the dull tea party with miss Mireia to see Mariel.

In my room, I set up a magic transfer spell leading to the doorstep of the Grand Duchess of Rozenstone.

Walking through the courtyard, I heard a “meowing” somewhere.

When I look in the direction of the sound, I see a white kitten in the tree shivering and meowing.

He climbed the tree but was unable to get down?

“How come cats climb trees when they can’t even get down?”

I think about leaving it just as it is, but then I remember Mariel’s comment about she likes “a man helping a kitten stuck in a tree.”

I use wind magic to bring the kitten down from the tree and hold it in my arms.

Is the kitten relieved because he suddenly fell asleep in my arms?”

“What should I do?”

Mariel mentioned she liked fluffy animals, so I’ll give it to her as a present.

You were supposed to listen to the winner, but it turned out to be a tie.

What was Mariel’s wish?

I’ll ask her the next time.

Chapter 12: Prince Edward’s Reunion

“Rozenstone, Mariel! I’m canceling my engagement with you! ”

It happened a month before the wedding at an evening party.

Suddenly, Prince Edward announced the end of our engagement.

“What are you saying? Ed.”

I couldn’t believe he’d ended our engagement so abruptly, so I asked him a question in confusion.

“Your treatment of Eliana is abhorrent! You have no right to mistreat Eliana, a saint! ”

“…What exactly do you mean by ‘mistreat’?”

“Are you going to play dumb with me?! I have evidence that you referred to Eliana as a prostitute’s daughter.”

But it’s true, Eliana is Viscount Rattleyer and a former high-class prostitute’s daughter.

“There’s more. At the evening party, I heard you poured wine on Eliana’s dress.”

I did it as well, hoping to teach her a lesson about messing with other people’s fiancés.

“And did you taint Eliana’s tea cup at the tea party?”

“I’m not sure; was it one of my cronies?

“You also hired assassins, didn’t you?”

I hired some hoodlums to frighten her, but I don’t think they were assassins.

“I admit I harassed Miss Eliana a little, but I never attempted to kill her.”

“Shut up! It’s all your evil actions! Guards! Put this woman in jail! ”

Eliana smiles behind Prince Edward’s back. It is a sardonic, mocking smile.

What part of that is a saint? A vicious woman who seduces people’s fiancées; she’s probably the one making accusations I don’t remember.

The palace guards are attempting to apprehend me.

“Rude! Back off! I am the Grand Duchess of Rozenstone!

I yelled at them, and they trembled and froze.

“What are you doing? Take Mariel right now!”

I was apprehended by the guards, who moved cautiously on Prince Edouard’s orders.


I remembered my first life as I gazed out the window of the carriage on its way to the royal palace.

I was quickly exiled after being apprehended.

What became of Otoo-sama after that?

After Okaa-sama died, he refused to remarry.

If I’m exiled, he’ll be alone.

But the first time I was really the villainess from the story. The villainesses in novels and manga always harass the heroine. They are usually condemned in the end, and the heroine marries the prince.

“What are you thinking, Mariel?”

Otoo-sama, who sits across from me, asks me a question.

“No, I’m simply hungry…”

Then, Otoo-sama takes a chocolate bonbon from his pocket and hands it to me.

“We have a long way to go before dinner; would you like to eat this?”

“Wow! Thank you so much, Otoo-sama.”

I don’t have to act childish in front of the Laseids, but I do have to act childish in front of my parents.

When I try to take the chocolate bonbon away from Otoo-sama, Okaa-sama intercepts him.

“No, you’ll be full for dinner.”

“Mariel is hungry. Don’t you feel sorry for Mariel? One little piece is all she needs.”

Okaa-sama is strict with her children when it comes to discipline. We should not question her.

“That’s okay Otoo-sama, I’ll wait until dinner. I am sure they will have a delicious dessert. I’m looking forward to it.”

Otoo-sama sighs and Okaa-sama snorts triumphantly.

My mother married into the Rosenstone family, but Okaa-sama is the more powerful of the two.


As I savor a sumptuous meal, I become aware of Prince Edward’s suspicious gaze on me.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Prince Edward in this second life, but it’s not like this is the first time we have seen each other.

We’re cousins who have known each other since we were children.

When I was a toddler, I was fairly close to this older cousin.

I have not done anything yet. And I’m not going to do anything else in the future, and I’m going to try to stay away from him as long as possible.

The adults went to the salon after dinner. This is known as “adult socializing.”

They played card games and made small talk. Small talk, that is, about the state of affairs in the country and the movements of other countries.

Meanwhile, I ended up spending time with Prince Edward until my parents returned.

When Prince Edward approached me, I was sitting on the sofa with a glass of fruit juice.

“Hey, you’ve changed.”

That scared me; you’re not going to tell me he’s also in his second life like me, are you?!

“What? What part?”

Maybe it’s not, so let’s pretend we don’t know.

“No. Didn’t you use to have Croissant-like hair? ”

Oh, you mean curly hair, not croissant.

Good. Just keep an eye on him.

The first time I did it, I was proud of my blonde hair and curled it every day. It’s called drill hair.

What a waste; I have a lovely straight blonde, so I should make the most of it.

I decided not to have drill hair for the second time.

“Doesn’t this hairstyle suit me?”

With a slightly superior look, I ask the counter-question.

“Yes, this one is better.”

Prince Edward replied, rather bewildered.

“Would you like to play chess, Your Highness?”

“Can you play chess?”

The first time I played, I wasn’t very good at head games and I’d never played chess.

“A little bit; if I get lost, his highness will teach me, right?”

“All right.”

It is comparable to Japanese chess. The difference is that the pieces you take can be used.

Chapter 13: Crown Prince’s Gift

The chess match ended up being quite heated.

The adults had finished their meeting when Prince Edward challenged me to a sixth game, and my parents arrived to pick me up.

I was on my way to the carriage after saying goodbyes to the king and his family when I was stopped by Prince Edward.

“Hey! Mariel.”

I could see that his blue eyes were filled with vexation.

I believe he was upset because he had lost to me at chess. But I only defeated him once in three games. But I suppose he wants to win all of them.

“What is it, your Highness?”

Prince Edward tightens his fists and thrusts them forward.

“Remember the chess rules I taught you. I won’t let you win a single match the next time! ”

You want to play next time? Fine, I’ll take you at your word!

“Of course, your Highness. Next time, let’s play chess together.”

I smile.

Don’t think I’m the same person I was the first time.

My grandfather taught me how to play shogi when I was Japanese and living as Marie; we went to the neighborhood shogi club, and he was very strong; I never won a game.

Prince Edward is a chess player, not a shogi player though.

“You have my word.”

Prince Edward chuckles.

I’d never had this conversation with him before.

I didn’t have romantic feelings for him, but my life might have turned out differently the first time if I had been a little closer to him.

The next day, Prince Bernhardt comes to me as a matter of course.

What’s unusual is that he has a white kitten with him.

“What’s wrong? That kitty.”

“This is a gift for you. Take it.”

He grabbed the kitten’s neck with his hand and held it out to me, which I quickly accepted.

“Please don’t be rough. Don’t feel sorry for the kitten?!”

“I rescued him after he got stuck up a tree and couldn’t get down.”

Prince Bernhardt folded his arms and said it with zeal. He’s clearly not paying attention to me.

The kitten meows and reaches for my hair with its tiny paws. She probably thinks it’s a toy.

But still…

Kyaa! So adorable! How? What a cute creature!

When I’m engrossed in the kitten, a grumpy voice comes flying out.

“Hey! Don’t you have anything to say to me?!”

“What? Oh. Thank you very much. What shall we call her? ”

“What is the kitten’s gender? Oh, it’s actually a girl.”

“How about Luna, because she has golden eyes like the moon?”

Luna meows in response, so let’s go with Luna.

“Ruria, Blanc, this is Luna, our new family member.”

I Introduce Luna to Ruria and Blanc.


“Hoo hoo!”


Luna meows, as if greeting Luria and Bran.

“…Bringing the kitten here was a mistake.”

Prince Bernhardt blurts out.

“Did you say something?”


[I rescued a kitten who had climbed a tree and couldn’t get down.] Does he remember what was said to him?

But that doesn’t mean I prefer boys who are “egocentric.”

I’m just going over a few things.

Chapter 14: Who started the fire?

When I was Marie Setouchi, I had no recollection of Mariel.

But, for some reason, I have memories of the first Mariel and Setouchi Marie in my second life as young Mariel.

Marie didn’t put all her money into surprises for her grandparents, but she divide it between her monthly [Fluff Love Day] expenses and her one and only hobby, which she kept separate from her savings.

“It’s dangerous, Luna; stay away; Ruria, look after Luna.”


I’m building a bonfire in the fireplace.

The reason I’m building a bonfire is that I’m practicing to camp outdoors.

“You’ve started doing strange things again, haven’t you?”

Prince Bernhardt, who has come to visit as usual today, calls out to me from behind.

“I’m just practicing my bonfire skill.”

“In the fireplace?”

If you make a bonfire outdoors, it will be mistaken for a forest fire because of the smoke.

The last thing we need is Sofia nagging at me.

“This is the safest place.”

Even if a bonfire is lit indoors, carbon monoxide poisoning is unlikely because the smoke from a fireplace is exhausted through the chimney.

“Why are you even practicing bonfires?”


When I was Marie, my only hobby was camping.

And I camped alone, as in “solo camping.”

My grandfather advised me to sleep in the car because camping in the wilderness alone was dangerous for a woman, but that was the whole point of camping.

I slept in a sleeping bag wrapped in a tent.

“Camping? Will you be a soldier in the future? ”

Camping is not common here; instead, tents are pitched as part of an expedition.

“No, sir, it’s for my own pleasure.”

Being in nature, cooking your own food, and spending as much time as possible playing with your fluffy friends…this is what I call the slow life!

For starters, I intend to go solo camping in the woods with Ruria and my other fluffy friends.

“Hey, would you like to go camping with me? I can pitch a tent.”

“Why does the Crown Prince have to learn how to pitch a tent?”

“I may one day stand on the battlefield as army commander.”

The Crown Prince as commander?

“Don’t tell me you’re going into battle as a child?”

“No, maybe when I reach the age of majority, but as the crown prince, I might be able to witness some real combat in the rear guard.”

I was curious as to why the Crown Prince was fighting in the Third Battle of Kureina. It makes sense if that’s the case.

“The Kingdom of Kalkstein and the Empire of Crotalion have been at odds for many years; they are currently at peace, but it is possible that they will become enemies sooner or later.”

“…Yes. My father, on the other hand, advocates friendship with Kalkstein. And…because Kalkstein has Mariel, I’m with my father. I don’t want to cause any problems.”

“…For me… you don’t sound like a rival country’s crown prince.”

The Crotalion Empire’s current emperor has no intention of starting a war with the Kalkstein Kingdom. So, who started the conflict in the first place?

Chapter 15: The Prince’s First Love (Edward’s point of view)

I move my pawns with caution. I only need three more moves to win.

Mariel must be realizing there’s nothing else she can do.

How many matches have I had against Mariel since we began playing chess?

I couldn’t believe it when Mariel asked me to play chess for the first time.

Mariel had previously only talked about trivial matters, such as whether she looked good in her dress today or begged me to buy her an ornament.

And she’s always curling her hair like Croissant, but she’s been wearing only simple hairstyles lately. To be honest, it looks better on her.

I can’t help but admire her because she’s so cute.


“Hmm, I’m not sure what to do. I resign. His Highness is very powerful…”

Mariel pauses for a moment before gracefully announcing her resignation.

She no longer refers to me by my nickname. She called me Ed not long ago.

“Why don’t you call me by my nickname, Mariel?”


Mariel appears perplexed.

“You called me Ed not long ago; why did you suddenly start calling me your Highness?”

“Because of that. His Highness is a prince, and I believe it is only natural to address him as such.”

“We’re cousins. You can call me by my nickname.”

Mariel appears to be maturing; according to my mother, girls mature the fastest.


“Anyway, Ed is fine.”

Mariel is hesitant, but she eventually nods.

More than anything, I wished Mariel would address me by my nickname.


My father, mother, and I haven’t had tea in a long time.

“I heard Edward recently began playing chess with Mariel?”

“Yes, Father. Mariel is a real challenge.”

Mariel is an excellent chess player. I lose to Mariel once every three matches. She is becoming increasingly competitive.

“Mariel has settled down strangely; she was very active not long ago.”

“Your Majesty, the girl grew up overnight; Mariel has been beautiful since she was a baby, but she gets more beautiful by the day.”

I don’t have any sisters. That could be why my mother adores Mariel so much.

“If I had a wife, it would be Mariel.”

I accidentally expressed my true feelings. I immediately covered my mouth with my hand.

“Huh? Does Edward have feelings for Mariel?”

“Uh… Yes.”

Father smiled bemusedly as I affirmed, impatiently moving my hands under the table.

“Then we’re in big trouble. Because the Crown Prince of the Crotalion Empire has proposed to Mariel.”

What?! But the Crotalion Empire has been a long-standing foe of ours!

“I strongly disagree! Allowing Mariel to marry the Crown Prince of Crotalion is tantamount to holding her hostage! ”

I can’t help but get up from my chair and yell.

“The current Crotalion Emperor is friendly, and Mariel’s marriage would serve as a link between our two countries. It sounds reasonable to me. But I had no idea Eduard was so taken with Mariel. That is an issue. Hmm.”

Father appears distressed; he is thinking of his country because he is the king.

But I refuse to give up Mariel.

After my parents’ tea party, I went for a walk in the garden and discovered a drowning puppy in the pond. The pond in the garden is not very deep, but I guess not for a puppy. Why is it drowning in the first place? Don’t dogs know how to swim?

I could leave it alone, but if a dog drowns in front of me, I might have trouble sleeping.

I’m about to summon a servant when I realize…

[I like a man who’s kind enough to save a drowning puppy from the river,] Mariel said casually in the middle of a chess game.

The next thing I know, I’m jumping into a pond to save the silver-furred puppy.

Puppies squeak incoherently.

“He’s cute.”

Come to think of it, Mariel said that she likes animals.

Let’s make this puppy into a present for Mariel.

Chapter 16: Not your average dog or cat?

Prince Edward has given me a fluffy puppy with silvery white fur.

Is it my imagination, or have I been receiving a lot of animal gifts recently?

“Sealver, Luna, dinner’s ready.”

Sealver is the name I gave the puppy because of its long, fluffy, silvery-white fur.

Sealver and Luna get meat jerky because they won’t eat regular pet food.

Dogs and cats are meat eaters by nature, but they won’t eat raw meat; I’ve tried baking and boiling, but they seem to prefer dried meat for some reason.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is a different world than Japan, and I’ve decided to accept that the animals’ food environment may differ from ours.

Ruria just finished his meal with me; he eats the same food as us humans, so I eat in my room with Ruria because it’s more fun than eating alone.

I have Blanc deliver letters to Layleigh-san’s for me. I haven’t seen Laseid and Layleigh-san recently, so I’ve been sending them letters telling them how Ruria is doing.

[I have nothing else to teach you.] Laseid hasn’t appeared in a long time, and I’ve been feeling a little sad and lonely――.

“It’s been a long time, Mariel and little boy.”


Ruria becomes enraged as soon as Laseid steps onto the balcony, seemingly asking, [What are you doing here?!]

When Luna saw Laseid, she hissed “Shhh!” and Sealver growled “Grrrr!”. they must have thought a suspicious fellow had arrived.

“Luna, Sealver, it’s okay. That’s Ruria’s Otoo-sama.”

I stroke Luna and Sealver’s heads, soothing them and enjoying the fluff; they have nice fur today.

“Huh? There are even more of them. What exactly is going on? ”

“Prince Bernhardt gave me Luna the cat, and Prince Edward gave me Sealver the dog.”

Laseid’s gaze hardens as he turns to look at Luna and Sealver.

“Cat? Dog? No. They aren’t cats and dogs.”


I look at Luna and Sealver. Luna, on the other hand, is a cute kitten, and Sealver is a cute puppy.

“The cat is a Zouyu, and the dog is a Fenrir; both are still young.”

Zouyus are auspicious beasts that live on the eastern continent and are said to appear only when a virtuous ruler appears.

Their white fur is said to become covered with black spots and stripes as they age.

The Fenrir is a wolf-like monster, but like the dragon, it is a legendary monster that is said to appear only on rare occasions.

“Neither of these guys won’t reveal themself in the public; I guess you’re just more easily attracted to such things, like my little boy.”

“Is that so? They look like cute puppies and kittens to me.”

“…They only act “cute” to you.”

I’m not ready to give up Luna and Sealver, even though I know they’re not just cats and dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful, fluffy creatures.

Ruria and Blanc are equally adorable. I’d like to live the slow life alongside them.

I’d like to slow down and spend time with dogs, cats, owls, and dragons… I’m glad my wish came true after I took my last breath as Marie.

” By the way, isn’t Bernhardt here today?”

“Come to think of it, he hasn’t been around for the last three days.”

Every day, Prince Bernhardt visited this room at various times.

“What, you missed him?

With a sly grin, Laseid teases me.

“There’s no way,”

He was probably just curious because his opponent was a five-year-old girl and grew bored afterward; that’s just a crown prince’s whim.

I was getting ready for bed when the doorbell rang.

“Mariel, it’s me; may I enter?””

“Otoo-sama? Please come in.”

The visitor was Otoo-sama. That’s unusual.

Otoo-sama entered my room and sat in the nearest chair.

“Mariel’s cute friends must be having a good dream.”

Otoo-sama turned his head to the window and squinted. Ruria, Luna, and Sealver were sleeping huddled together by the window, which is their favorite spot.

“Aren’t they cute when they sleep? By the way, Otoo-sama, what can I do for you?”

Otoo-sama looks down when he sees my face.

“I don’t want to marry off my lovely Mariel, but…”

“What’s going on all of a sudden?”

I’m only five. I won’t be married for a long time. And I may never marry.

“Mariel received an engagement proposal.”


Engagement proposal? To whom? Prince Edward?!

Annoyed, I decided to ask Otoo-sama in all seriousness.

“Who is he?!”

“…Prince Bernhardt of the Crotalion Empire.”


Chapter 17: Bernhard and Mariel’s arranged marriage

Traveling by carriage from the kingdom of Crotalion to the kingdom of Kalkstein takes about ten days.

Because both countries are so large, it would take that long to travel there.

He showed up a week after Otoo-sama informed me of my engagement to Prince Bernhardt. Normally, he arrives via transfer magic, but he took the time to travel all the way here over the course of a week. No wonder why I hadn’t seen him lately.

He’s supposedly here for a friendly visit. However, he came to complete our engagement.

This is extremely bad for me. On a personal level, I could have refused him, but he’s asked me to marry him formally through His Majesty the King.

Prince Bernhard came to my house to set up an appointment while I was trying to figure out how to avoid an engagement.

While my parents entertained him, the maids polished me thoroughly.

I was awakened early in the morning and sank into a half-sleep in the bathroom.

I was dressed, my hair was done, and I was exhausted from getting ready.

Most importantly, I am not allowed to touch my fluffy friends!

Prince Bernhardt is to blame!

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Mariel, and I’m delighted to finally meet my lovely fiancée.”

He says this with a cheeky smile: This isn’t the first time we’ve met! Why do you act as if you’ve never seen me before?!”

I smile and curtsy while cursing inwardly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prince Bernhardt.”

“You two look so cute together,” people say, but we’re just a fox and a raccoon playing tricks on each other.

“Mariel, show the crown prince around the gardens.”

Okaa-sama smiles, while Otoo-sama looks wistful.

The guards and maids are close behind as we walk.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so assertive.”

I pretend to look at the flowers in the garden while sarcastically saying to Prince Bernhardt.

“If I don’t, you’ll keep refusing my engagement, won’t you?”

The fact that you’ve requested an engagement through His Majesty the King almost guarantees it. But I will resist.

“But do you think I’ll accept your proposal?”

“If you and I get engaged, it may bring our two countries closer together after so many years of conflict.”

I knew it was coming, but using the country’s relationship as a shield?!

However, a marriage proposal to Crown Prince Bernhardt could prevent the Third Battle of Kureina.

“Will you promise not to wage war against the Kingdom of Kalkstein if I accept the engagement?”

“Mariel doesn’t like conflict isn’t it?”

“If war breaks out, people will be hurt, and people will mourn the loss of loved ones.”

“As I previously stated, my father and I would like to establish friendly relations with the Kingdom of Kalkstein.”

Nonetheless, he is able to provide assurances.

And the Crown Prince has come personally to consummate the engagement.

As the daughter of a high lord, I can’t be selfish; I’ll have to give up the slow life I’ve always desired.


“…Please understand that even if I marry into the Crotalion Empire, I will do what I want.”

“Mariel can do whatever she wants, have as many animals as she wants, even go camping outside.”

To be honest, the title of Crown Princess is far too heavy for me. People wouldn’t let me do whatever I wanted, even if Prince Bernhardt said I could.

Still, I’d rather not have them complain about my way of life. If I get married in a foreign country, should I try to do some mind games for the time being?

“And… If His Highness the Crown Prince discovers true love, I will gracefully step aside, so please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“True love? What is that?”

That’s what Prince Edward said before deciding on Saint Eliana.

Should Prince Bernhardt change his mind about another woman, I will gladly step aside.

And I will live the slow life with my fluffy friend.

Chapter 18: Mariel and Bernhardt’s engagement party

Engagements concluded between countries are usually performed by a representative.

As a result, it is not uncommon for the couple to meet for the first time on their wedding day.

The engagement party will take place at the Royal Palace of Kalkstein this time, though it may be sudden.

The Crotalion Empire engagement party will take place at a later date.

I discuss Luna with Crown Prince Bernhardt in the carriage on the way to the royal palace for the engagement party.

“Your Highness, the kitten you gave me is a Zouyu, a beast that is said to appear when a virtuous ruler appears. Congratulations.”

“Zouyu? Is that the beast that appears on the eastern continent? That kitten?

“If you ask me to return Luna, I won’t.”

“It was a gift to Mariel. I’m not asking her to give it back.”

Will it be the emperor? Or the crown prince? I’m not sure which one, but the appearance of the beast indicates that the Crotalion Empire will thrive.

“How did you figure out the kitten was a Zouyu?”

“Laseid-sama told me.”

“Yeah. If Laseid told you, then It must be true.”

The ancient elemental dragons’ eyes are known as [Dragon’s Eye], and they have the unique ability to see the abilities of living beings.

Is he able to see something like RPG status or something similar? Is that so? That’s not fair. I want that kind of ability, too.

If I chant [Appraisal] or [Status Open] in Japanese, will I be able to see them? I’ll try it next time.

My engagement to Prince Bernhardt is being held in a chapel of the royal palace, with royalty and dignitaries in attendance.

The hurriedly planned engagement party, though brief, went off without a hitch.

As we are still young children, the engagement dinner was an intimate affair between the royal family, the Grand Duke, and Prince Bernhardt.

I have a strange feeling that Prince Edward has become involved with Prince Bernhardt.

They appear to be having a friendly conversation at first glance, but Prince Edward’s smile is unnatural.

“By the way, is Prince Bernhardt a chess player?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m good at it, but I can do it well enough.”

“Do you want to play against me?”

“No problem.”

Prince Bernhardt is nonchalantly dealing with Prince Edward.

After that…

The incident happened when the children were alone.

“Prince Bernhard, let us bet on who will be with Mariel!”


Prince Edward raises his finger and challenges Prince Bernhardt to a game of chess.

It’s a stretch, but he’s a prince and the crown prince of a great country. That’s perfectly fine.

The only issue is that I’m the bet!

“Oh? Betting for Mariel?”

Prince Bernhardt’s brow furrows.

“Mariel wanted me to be her fiancée, but Crotalion took her from the side!”

Edward! What do you mean?!

Chapter 19: The boys’ passionate struggle for Mariel

Was there ever a chance of developing love in the first place?

I only played chess with Prince Edward.

Did we do anything romantic, such as take walks through beautiful gardens or exchange letters?

I dare say he gave me Sealver, but…

Ah, that’s right!

When asked what kind of boy I liked, I replied, “I like a kind man who saves a drowning puppy from the river.”

Don’t tell me he caught a cold after saving the drowning Sealver from a pond.

I heard from his servant how Prince Edward gave me Sealver.

“If I win, call off your engagement to Mariel!”

It’s complicated to be told by someone you’ve just broken up with in your previous life.

“So if I win, you’ll stay away from Mariel forever?”

Bernhardt! don’t get involved in the bet!

“Please wait! I don’t want to be the object of a chess bet! I am not a thing!”

Prince Bernhardt gives me a thumbs-up and smiles.

“Don’t worry, I’ll win.”

Hey! Listen to me!

“Mariel, you don’t have to get involved in an unwanted political marriage. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to win.”

Prince Edward wears a smug expression.

Listen to me too!

My objections were dismissed, and the two boys began playing chess on their own.

Silence reigned as the chess game between Prince Bernhardt and Prince Edward continued.

I sat between them, quietly observing the situation.

Prince Edward is a pretty good chess player, but Prince Bernhardt can also play pretty well.

Moves that seemed bad at first later turned out to be advantageous.

Well, not as good as Marie’s grandfather’s chess skills, but…

Should I bet on something against Prince Bernhardt?

I’ll ask him to play the next time.

No, that’s not it!

Bet on anything, but don’t bet on my engagement.

I’ll give them both a sermon after this game.

The first game ended in a stalemate.

A stalemate occurs when a piece is not controlled and cannot be moved, resulting in a draw in chess.

In this case, the game is a draw in chess.

“You’re good, Prince Bernhardt.”

“You too, Prince Edward.”

They both chuckle at each other.

Did you form a friendship through chess?

“Shall we play the second game?”

“That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

They’re about to rearrange the chess pieces when I interrupt them.

“That’s enough!”

They both looked at me with blatant displeasure.

“What is it? Mariel.”

“This is a man’s battle; women should stay out of it.”

You are fighting for me!

I bang the chessboard.

“I’ve told you before; I’m not a thing! If you want to use me as a bet, I might go to the monastery and become a nun right now!”

They both look dumbfounded. Of course, I mean it as a threat, but are they convinced? However, entering the monastery after the engagement party would be a major issue.

“”You can’t do that!””

After a pause, they protest in unison. Was the threat effective?

“I will not allow you to enter the monastery; I, not God, will marry you!”

“No! It’s me! ”

I knelt; the threat isn’t working; they’re like children arguing over a toy; what should I do now?

I am at my wit’s end.

Chapter 20: A date invitation

The second chess game never took place because it was stopped by his Majesty the King, who rushed to the scene.

The chess match must have been overheard by the King’s servant.

His Majesty, by the way, was furious with Prince Edward.

He was enraged because he had offended his honored guest, Prince Bernhardt, and made me, his fiancée, the subject of a wager.

Thank God his Majesty is rational.

Prince Bernhardt will spend some time in the Kingdom of Kalkstein.

“Why don’t we have a date now that the engagement party is over?”


Prince Bernhardt unexpectedly asks me out the day after the chess fiasco.

It’s an unsolicited offer, but I’m now engaged to him. There was no reason to refuse.

The maids have been working hard since the day before because Prince Bernhardt is coming to pick me up at the Grand Duchy on the date.

“Would you like to wear this dress, Princess?”

“Because his Royal Highness Bernhardt has gray eyes, let us match the ornaments.”

The maids are having a good time as they bring out the dresses and ornaments from the dressing room.

“…Please let me wear something as comfortable as possible.”

“Princess, have you changed your hobby?”

Sophia has a worried expression on her face.

“Have I?”

“Yes, you have. Didn’t you used to pick out your own clothes when you went out?”

That reminds me. I used to get very excited when I went out.

I remember wearing flouncy dresses that were difficult to move in.

“I realized how important practicality was.”

“…You’ve changed a lot. Do you prefer your hair curled like Croissant’s? ”

Prince Edward said the same thing, is the drill hair called Croissant?

“I’m not going to wear my hair in a croissant anymore.”


It’s a lovely day. There isn’t a cloud in the sky.

The sky is clear, and the sun is shining brightly.

I’d love to take Ruria and the others on a picnic on a day like this.

But I have a date with Prince Bernhardt today.

“It’s so hectic.”

I mumble a few words before sighing.

“Don’t sigh too loudly.”

Prince Bernhardt, sitting across from me, frowns.

Thank goodness for the discreet carriage that picked us up, but it was not a pleasant ride.

It’s a private date, so it’s not exactly extravagant, but…

“It’s his Highness’ fault. Since his Highness came to our country, I haven’t been able to play “Fluffy” with my friends.”



“We’re engaged; stop calling me ‘Your Highness,’ and start calling me Bern.”

Except for family and close friends, royalty and nobility are not permitted to use nicknames.

I used to refuse him, but now that we’re engaged, I can’t.


When I call him by his nickname, Crown Prince Bernhardt, no, Bernsmiles happily.

“Does Mariel not have a nickname?”

My parents do not address me by my nickname. It’s partly because it’s a simple name to remember.

If I may use a term of endearment――

“Mari… No, Marie…”

“Marie? All right. I’ll call you that.”

It’s a more familiar name, and it fits better.

Chapter 21: Bernhardt’s Sense

The first date I was taken on was to [Pee de Merveille], a store.

[Pee de Merveille] is a popular boutique among ladies of noble birth.

The fabrics and laces used for the dresses are all of the highest quality and very expensive.

This would have turned Marie off; after all, she liked the cheap clothes from Target and Walmart.

But now I’m the Grand Duke’s daughter. And engaged to the Crotalion Empire’s crown prince. Let’s be dignified.

By the way, we’re incognito today.

Well, you can tell by my attire that I am the daughter of a wealthy family, and I will not be turned away.

When Bern and I entered the shop, an elderly woman who appeared to be the shop’s owner approached us with a panicked expression.

“I made a reservation.”

“Thank you for visiting our store. Please allow me to show you to your dressing room.”

He made a reservation beforehand?!

The owner’s expression suggested he knew who Bern was.

We were led into a room that was far too opulent to be a dressing room.

“I’ll make the tea for you right now, so please be patient.”

The owner quickly left, and I stared around the room in awe.

The interior is elegantly decorated. It’s an aristocratic dressing room.

I had a custom-made order at this shop in my previous life, but I had to have it shipped to my house. It’s my first time inside.

“Your Highn.. Bern… why did you make a reservation?”

“The first thing I wanted to get for my fiancée was a dress and ornaments that fit her perfectly.”

Well, actually the first gift was a kitten, Luna. It doesn’t seem to count, but it was before we got engaged, so I’ll let it go.


“Oh, I made a reservation at the jewelry store.

He also made reservations at a restaurant.

Noblewomen prefer to be escorted and lavished with luxury. Is he truly seven years old?”

“Is there anywhere else Marie would like to go?”

“I’d like to go to a store that sells pet supplies and camping equipment.”

“… Let’s go another day. What else?”

I wanted to buy some souvenirs for Ruria and others, but I was turned down.

Well, he said we’ll do it another day, so let’s give up for today.

“Well, then I’d like to go to a cafe. There’s a really popular spot right now.”

“What’s the store’s name?”

Bern summoned the squire who was waiting outside the room after I told him the name of the shop.

He will apparently also make a reservation at that café.


A variety of colorful fabrics were laid out in front of me, but my eyes only flicker.

You can tell it’s a high-quality item. It feels wonderful to touch.

I would have been overjoyed if it had been the old me.

“Marie, which color do you prefer? You won’t be like a Golden-throated Canary if it’s that one.

Bern muttered as he picked up the yellow fabric at the end.

What exactly is a golden-throated canary ? Is it the yellow fabric?”

“Because the little lady is very cute, she looks good in any color.”

The owner gives me a friendly smile. She is an older lady who is both elegant and friendly.”

“I want a design that is as light as possible and is simple to move into.”

I’ll have to wear a corset tightening dress at some point.

But, when you’re a girl, at the very least, you should wear a dress that allows you to move.

“I see. you like things that are practical. Then this might be good for you.”

Bern listened to my suggestions and worked with the store owner to find me a dress.

It appears to be a practical dress with an elegant design.

Bern has a good sense of style.

Chapter 22: love the fluff

Unfortunately, the next jewelry store we visited had nothing that I liked, so we decided not to purchase anything this time.

Adult rings with large gems and diamond necklaces are a burden on children’s bodies.

The restaurant served a special lunch for children, and the food was delicious, almost like a fancy version of a “kid’s lunch.”

“Whew~. I’m stuffed. Why don’t we go for a quick walk to freshen up? I think there is a nice garden nearby. Bern? Is there a problem?”

Bern had a difficult expression on his face as he pondered something.

“Oh, no. Nothing. Good. Let’s take a stroll through this garden.”

It’s like he’s lost his mind.

“It’s not nothing. You were absentminded during the meal. What was troubling you?”


“Eh? What about the Jewelry? Are you concerned that I did not select any?”

Should I have chosen something at random, even if there wasn’t anything I liked? But there was nothing in the store suitable for a child.

“No, it’s not. Despite the fact that it is a well-known store, there was nothing that would suit you. I made a blunder.”

First and foremost, I am only five years old. It’s too early to put on genuine ornaments.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just take a walk. The lilies are at their best this time of year.”


On the surface, he appears to be smiling, but his sadness is palpable.

Maybe this self-centered boy dislikes it when things don’t go his way?


“…Is this what you call a well-known café?”

“That’s right. Oh! How adorable!”

Cute cats are gathering at my feet.

Surprisingly, there are cat cafes in this world as well.

When the maidservant told me about it, I felt compelled to take off right away.

Most cafes in Japan charge a fee for a drink in order to interact with the cats, but in this world, you can eat while admiring the cute cats behind a single pane of glass.

You can, however, pay to play with the cats.

Of course, I paid extra to play with the fluffy cats, and I’m currently playing with them. Bern, by the way, paid the fee.

“I always thought cats were fickle creatures who avoided getting too close to people…”

“Some are, but the cats in these places are used to people.”

“But, on the other hand, aren’t they getting too used to it?”

I noticed that a large number of cats had gathered beneath me.

“Isn’t that a good thing? I can fluff them up as much as I want!”

While ruffling the cats’ fur, my face was so loose that I couldn’t recognize myself.

“…As long as Marie is happy, that’s all that matters.”

Bern reached down and grabbed a cat at his feet, but it hissed and jumped out of his arms. Instead, it jumped out of my arms.

Is there anything else like this in the Royal Capital?!

I need to conduct research right away!

Perhaps one day we will be able to love fluffy things in this world as well.

For the time being, let us become member of this fine establishment.

Chapter 23: let’s go to the dragon village

It’s been a while since Bern returned to the Crotalion Empire on the regular route.”

“Ruria, Luna, Sealver, it’s a beautiful day. Shall we have lunch in the pavilion?”

They each replied with, Kii~yui!”, “Nya”, “Kwoon”.

Blanc (the owl), by the way, is nocturnal and thus sleeping in the room.

“Well, fufufu… Let us go ask Sofia.”

I was walking through the gardens with Ruria and the others when―

A dragon with a blue and silver mane covered in white scales appears out of nowhere.

As I was stunned, a voice rang out from the dragon.

“Mariel, I’m on my way to pick you up!”

The voice of the dragon sounded familiar.

“By any chance, Layleigh-san?”

“Yes. It’s me”

I’ve never seen Layleigh-san’s Ancient Elemental Dragon form before, and it’s stunning.

She’s not as tall as Laseid. But she is still a dragon, so she is quite large…”

“What do you mean by picking me up?”

“We’re going to the Dragon Village. Come on, ride with me.”

Dragon Village, the ancient elemental dragons’ home?

How did that come about?

When I was confused, Layleigh-san took me in her mouth and put me on her back.

“Eh? Waitt!”

On the spur of the moment, I let out a stupid scream.

“Ruria should learn to fly. Okaa-sama is unable to help you due to our laws, but you know where to go, don’t you?”


Ruria cheerfully responds to Layleigh-san’s inquiry.

“Kiiyui!” she appears to exclaim “I’ll look after it!”

But what exactly does Layleigh-san mean?

Layleigh-san soars with a flap of her wings.

“Hold on tight, Mariel.”

“Hey! Wait a second! If we’re going to the Dragon Village, I need to get ready!”

I need to inform the others that I’m leaving. And I’ll need to prepare a gift…

“I’ll have someone leave a message for you later. Okay, we’re off!”

I’m suddenly overcome with a sense of flight. It’s nothing like the sensation of flight you get when you fly an airplane or ride a roller coaster.

Because the air resistance is incredible!

“Hiyaaaa!!!!! Layleigh-san! I’m having trouble breathing! I can’t do it!”

As I grab Layleigh-san’s mane, I scream desperately. I’m desperately trying to hold on.”

“Oops. I’m sorry. I’ll raise a shield.”

The air around me has changed. The air resistance is gone, and I can breathe normally as if I were on the ground.

I took a deep breath to catch my breath.

When I look back, I notice Ruria’s small figure. He’s flapping his wings as fast as he can to keep up with Layleigh-san.

“Lulia! Are you all riiiiiiight?!”


Ruria’s little hand is waving. He appears to be doing fine.

Speaking of which, I left Luna and Sealver behind. They’re intelligent enough to return to their rooms on their own, but…

Layleigh-san promised to deliver a message for me, but I need to return before it’s too late.

Speaking of which, where is the dragon village?

Maybe it’s not that far away, considering Laseid and Layleigh-san’s casual visits.

“Where is the dragon village, Layleigh-san?”

“It is referred to as [the end of the world] by humans.”

The end of the world?!

It’s a massive mountain that appears when you cross the straits between our continent and the continent to the east.

I’ve never seen it, but the eastern continent’s popular belief is that you can’t see the top from the ground, and anyone who climbs the mountain never returns.

It is said to be beyond the reach of humanity and not within the realm of human territory.

The Dragon Village is in such a location?!

“Isn’t that a long way away?!”

“We can be there in a flash if you’re an Ancient Element Dragon. Don’t worry about anything. I’ll take you home.”

That’s not the point!

Chapter 24: The Dragon Village

According to legend, the elemental dragons lived on a massive mountain beyond the eastern continent.

A fantastic sight is an aurora-like membrane in front of the mountain, like a curtain of light. The membrane appears to be a barrier.

A mountain could be seen rising into the sky after passing through the membrane. The elemental dragons are said to live on this mountain.

I was brought to the dragon’s village as if I’d been kidnapped.

“Well done, Mariel. this is our home.”

In the middle of the mountain, an island floats in the sky. It appears to be Laseid, the Ancient Elemental Dragon Chief’s home.

Except for the chief’s family, others live on the mountain’s slopes or at its base, depending on their living arrangements.

Although the island floats in the sky, it is so lush and green that it could be mistaken for a forest if the entire landscape is not examined.

The houses resemble log cabins, and it’s difficult to believe dragons live here.

I assumed dragons would live in a volcanic crater or a giant bird’s nest or something.

“Oh! Mariel, are you here?”

Laseid emerges from the house and waves.

“Laseid-sama. Did you arrange for Layleigh-san to pick me up?”

“No.He requested that she bring Marie here.”

Bern comes out from behind Laseid.


Bern once challenged Laseid to a fight. It’s no surprise he’s here.

“But why did Bern call me here?”

If he needs me, he can simply use Transfer Magic to travel to the Grand Duke’s residence.

“Let’s talk inside.”

As I hesitated to enter the house, Ruria kicked Laseid in the face and yelled, “Kiiyui!”

“Hey, little boy. How dare you kick your father in the face? You’re such a jerk, aren’t you? Huh?”


Ruria turned his face away from Laseid, who protested.

Ruria arrived late at the Dragon’s Village and kicked Laseid in the face as soon as he saw him. It was a fantastic kick.

Laseid’s face is covered in claw marks from Ruria’s claws.

“He thought Mariel was kidnapped.”

Layleigh-san smiles as she gracefully sips her tea.

Ruria seems defiant towards Laseid, though I can understand his feelings…

“So, Bern, why did you bring me all the way to Dragon Village?”

Bern, who is sitting across from me, nods and places his cup on the table.

“I’m here to make amends for the previous day.””

“Huh? What is there to make up for?”

I’m not sure what he means by “making amends,” but I don’t think Bern has the reason to.

“It’s to make amends for the ornaments I didn’t get you on our first date.”

Oh! Because I didn’t find anything I liked in that jewelry store?

Is he still thinking about it? I, on the other hand, had completely forgotten about it.

I chuckle.

“You’re surprisingly disciplined.”

“What’s surprising?”

Bern rubs his cheeks and smiles shyly.

“I’m sorry to be so blunt, but what does the dragon village have to do with the ornaments?”

“This dragon village is littered with high-quality natural stones. Bernhardt wanted to give some natural stones to Mariel, so I agreed.”

Layleigh-san responded to my questions on Bern’s behalf.

“There’s usually no reason to share it with humans. But It’s our way of congratulating you on your engagement.

Laseid’s face is covered in scratches. It appears that he and Ruria were still arguing.

Chapter 25: Cave of Wishes

In the Dragon Village, high-quality natural stones are said to be dormant. It is said to be located at the base of a steep valley.

“Impossible! Impossible! I’m not going down into that deep, dark gorge!”

“I’ll be by your side. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not feeling safe!”

Bern squeezes my hand, but I panic in the dim light. I’m not feeling anything.

“I’m following you because I’m worried about you. you should be grateful.”

Bern and I are riding Laseid to the canyon’s bottom. Floating in the dark is an odd sensation. It’s like a roller coaster at a theme park.

According to Laseid’s story, there is a cave at the bottom of the valley containing natural stones known as [the Cave of Wishes].

It is said to lead you under natural stones that will grant anyone who steps into them their wishes.

I know it sounds like something out of a horror film, but this is a strange land inhabited by ancient elemental dragons. Everything is possible.

But even so…

“Why do I have to go too?!”

It’s Bern who wants natural stones in the first place.

“I want Marie’s wish to be granted. Then it’s pointless unless she comes with me.”

No. Simply choose one at random.

“The cave is well illuminated. Don’t worry about it.”

Laseid’s casual tone is strangely irritating.

“I’m not feeling safe…!!!!!”

My screams reverberate throughout the valley.


Laseid was right about [the Cave of Wishes]. It saved me from a state of panic.

“Wow! Beautiful!”

Red, blue, and green etc.

The various colored natural stones are so stunning that they shine as if they’re trying to make a statement.

“You were yelling a minute ago, you’re such a fussy fellow.”

Laseid is dumbfounded, but what child wouldn’t scream in the darkest place?

“How come Laseid-sama is still following us?”

“You’ll have a difficult time getting home without me.”

…Indeed. This valley is quite deep. It is not something that a child can climb.

“Do you have a wish, Marie? I’ve always wanted to ask.”

Bern tilted his head.


Yes. I want the Third Battle of Kureina to be stopped. That is my most pressing wish right now.

My vision blurs as soon as I think of it.


I squatted down involuntarily as a queasy feeling overcame me, as if I had been thrown around in circles.

After a while, my shaken vision has returned to normal, but Bern and Laseid have vanished.

“Bern! Laseid!”

I look around, but they aren’t to be found.

What on earth has happened?

Chapter 26: The guiding voice

I guess I got separated from Bern and Rashid.

It appears to be different from the road I’ve been on. I’m not sure where I am, but the scenery is very similar.

At times like this, the theory is to stay put and wait for help.

The natural stones, however, sparkled and blinked all around me. They seemed to be inviting me into the natural corridor.

“Hmm. How should I proceed? It’s as if it’s directing me to the blinking light, but…”

I hesitated for a moment before accepting the invitation to the corridor.

The stones’ flashing lights lead me to a large space. It has the shape of a dome.

There, too, the whole area was covered with natural stones, and it was a fantastic sight.

“Greetings, guided ones.”

I can hear a voice. The voice belongs to a woman.

“Huh? Is anyone there?”

I look in every direction but can’t find her.

“What is your wish?”

The voices echo again, but as usual there’s no sign of anyone.

“What is my wish? that the third Kureina battle will not take place?”

I could hear voices and no one was there, but for some reason I was talking to myself.

If the Third Kureina War doesn’t happen, Okaa-sama doesn’t have to die, and I do not want Bern and I to become enemies.

“Oh child who has the favor of the spirits. Your wish will be granted.”

And my vision flipped once more.


“Kii~yui! “Kui Kiiyui!”

Ruria’s voice comes to mind. He sounds concerned, as if he’s calling for me.

When I open my eyes, I see Ruria’s dull eyes welling up with tears. Was I unconscious?

When I got up to check on my condition, I sat against the wall with Ruria on my lap.

“Why are you crying, Ruria?”


Ruria jumped on me, and I grabbed him tight.

“Ruria, don’t cry. I’m all right.”

I let my mind wander while comfortingly petting Ruria, trying to sort out the events of what happened so far in my head.

I went to the Cave of Wishes with Bern and Laseid, but we got separated on the way.

Then, in the dome-like room, I heard a voice…

“Now that I think about it, why is Ruria here?”

Ruria is supposed to be staying with Layleigh-san.

“Kii~yui! Kyu!”

“Did you come after me because you were worried?”

Ruria nodded as I wiped his tears.

“Thank you, Ruria… now let us all go find Laseid and Bern.”


Ruria spreads and flaps his tiny wings as I stand up.

Alone, I feel uncomfortable, but with Ruria, I feel relieved.

I was so relieved that I didn’t even realize I was holding something.

Chapter 27: The Voice Echoing in the Cave (Bernhardt’s Point of View)

Marie abruptly vanished.

There’s no sign of Laseid either.

It happened soon after I asked Marie for her wish. My vision abruptly shifted, and I was thrown back to where I was.

“For the time being, I must find Marie. I’m worried because she’s a scaredy cat. As for Laseid… I don’t care.”

The thought of Marie, who was terrified in the dark, made me smile. She’s usually very mature, but seeing that side of her makes me think she’s just a kid who is younger than me.

The cave is bright, but I’m sure she’s scared. I need to find her as soon as possible.

This cave is not a difficult passage, but it contains a strange magic. A normal person would be lost by this point.

Because I’m a demon, I have enhanced senses. I can feel Marie’s magic, albeit very faintly.

I proceed with caution as I follow Marie’s magic. I also sense Laseid’s immense magical power emanating from a completely different direction than Marie’s.

“Are these really natural caves?”

It’s not every day that you come across natural stones of this caliber in a cave. Not to mention, natural stones cover the entire cave. These are high-quality natural stones as far as the eye can see.

The Ancient Elemental Dragons live above the cave. Was it their magic that caused this?

No. Their magical energy is distinct from that of the other dragon species.

In any case, I don’t want this cave. What I want is that Marie’s wish come true.

“…Marie’s wish.”

Whatever her wish is, I want to grant it if Marie so desires.

Even if the wish is difficult.

I was thinking when I found myself in a wide open space.

Even in such a large space, natural stones are buried all around.

“Huh? Marie’s magic presence is here. Was she around here before? If that’s the case, she could be anywhere.

The natural stones begin to glow as I search for a way forward. I was so dazzled with the glow that I quickly covered my eyes with my hands.

“God’s precious child. Do you have a wish?”

A woman’s voice can be heard echoing throughout the room.

“What? Who’s there?”

“What is your wish?”

The voice repeats itself.

“My wish is… I wish I could fulfill Marie’s wish. Any wish. Anything goes as long as Marie is happy.”

“Blessed are you. Your wish will be granted.”

The natural stone’s radiance fades. When I opened my eyes, all I saw was empty space.

“What was it?”

“Hey, Mariel! Bernhardt!”

That’s Laseid’s voice. He must have been looking for us.

I was so focused on the voice that I didn’t notice what I was holding in my hand.

Chapter 28: Dragon’s blood

I hear Laseid’s voice calling my name as soon as I walk around the large dome-like room.

“Mariel! Answer me if you can hear me!”

“Laseid-sama! I’m here!”

When I respond to the call, Laseid appears a few moments later.

“Marie! Are you okay? I’m glad.”

To put it bluntly, it was Bern who ran up to me and hugged me.


“Kii~yui! Kyu Kii~yui! Kii~yui!”

“What? Why am I not protecting her? I’m useless?! How dare you speak to your father in that manner! Wait! What is this kid doing here?!”

Ruria, as usual, is harsh on Laseid. Because, after all, he is his father…

“He was worried about me, so he came after me. Right, Ruria?”


“Hmm. That’s all right. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible. Huh? What have you got?”

It’s not until Laseid points it out that I realize I’m holding something.

I open my palm to reveal a red, gleaming stone in the shape of a drop. It is a small but stunning stone.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Isn’t that a [Dragone Sable]?”

“Is that the stone’s name?”

Laseid appears to be familiar with this stone.

“Yes. It’s also known as dragon’s blood.”

“I was holding the same stone.”

Bern also shows us the stone in his palm.

“Where did you guys get that stone?”

I tell Laseid that I was drawn into this space by a voice and then found myself holding a stone.

“I obtained the stone in the same manner as Marie.”

“Heh. Did the Cave of Wishes respond?”

Laseid laughs and lifts the corner of his mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that your wishes will be granted. Carry it with you at all times.”

I can’t make head or tail of it In that form of response.

However, Dragon’s Blood. Isn’t there a natural stone with the same name?

“Ah! Cinnabar. I think it was also known as the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Cinnabar is a deep red mineral. I learned about it from a book. It’s used as a pigment, and I think it was also used in herbal medicine.

“Marie desires philosopher stones. If I kill Laseid, you’ll have an abundance of Philosopher’s Stones.

Bern has some wild ideas. Well, dragon parts can be used without waste from head to tail.

“Hey! You’re going to use me as raw material?!”


“That’s right,” Ruria says, nodding.

“Little man! You’re going to sell your father?!

Laseid’s screams rang out throughout the cave.

Chapter 29: Advice to Edward

My sixth birthday is approaching.

Relations between the kingdoms of Crotalion and Limestone are cordial, and there are no signs of a third Kureina war.

If there was a third Kureina War, as there was the first time, something between the two countries should have happened by now…

“Is this the effect of the stone I obtained in the Cave of Wishes?

The red stone is now illuminating my chest. Bern gave me the red stone [Dragone Sable] in the form of a pendant.

It appears Bern also wears his [Dragone Sable], which was made into a pendant in the same manner.

“It’s Mariel’s turn. What are you waiting for?”

I was in the middle of a chess game with Edward. I was thinking about my next move and looking down at the chessboard when I noticed [Dragone Sable] hanging on my neck and my mind wandered.

“I was thinking for a moment.”

“Hmm… about Bernhardt?”

“Not at all.”

Edward and I played chess together, and we began to talk in a casual tone.

“You’re on your way to the Crotalion Empire, aren’t you? Why don’t you let your representative handle the engagement party?”

I’ll be traveling to the Crotalion Empire with my parents in a week.

“I can’t do that because I’ve been invited by the Emperor of the Crotalion Empire.”

I might have hesitated if Bern had invited me, but this is an invitation from the Emperor himself. If we refuse, our bilateral relations may be jeopardized.

Besides, I’m curious to know what the Crotalion Empire is like.

“A country that was once our adversary. That would be too risky.”

“His Highness Bernhardt also came to our country with reckless abandon.”

Well, I don’t think Bern would be in danger. After all, he’s a demon with the blood of the saint.

“To think about it, I still haven’t finished the chess game with him.”

“You haven’t given up yet, have you?

“No, of course not. Ah! I didn’t mean to use you as a bet.”

Edward makes up a desperate excuse, most likely because his Majesty the King squeezed him hard.

“If you use me as bet again, I’ll blow you away.”

“…That appeals to me.”

Edoardo mutters in hushed tones.

“Huh? did you say something? Yes! Checkmate!”

“Huh! I lost again. One more game!”

So far, I’ve won three games and lost one.

“Sure. Just one more time. By the way, Isn’t Ed going to be the crown prince soon?”

“Or not. But I’m the first prince.”

He says it as if it were someone else, but Edward will be crown prince at the age of 12 in the future.

“Then you’ll be arranged to meet the ladies of a high-ranking noble.”

“I’m only seven years old.”

“You’re going to be brought together under the guise of a tea party. Prepare yourself.”

I’m sure there are many noblemen who would like their daughters to be future crown princesses.

I was betrothed to Edward at the age of six in my previous life, and the high lords must have been clicking their tongues inwardly.

“That’s vexing. I wish Mariel was my fiancée.”

“You can’t, I’m engaged to his Highness Bernhardt.”

“I should have proposed to you first.”

As he arranges the pieces, Edward’s mouth curves downward.

“Oh, yes. And because we’re cousins, I’ll offer some advice… Be careful with the Saint.”

“What Saint? There are no saints in our country.”

Not yet. But one day Eliana Rattleyer will appear.

Chapter 30: Shadows creeping over the grand dukes.

Eliana Rattleyer, the Saint of the Kingdom of Kalkstein, appeared unexpectedly.

The gentle girl, with her softly wavy golden-brown hair and large violet eyes, generously used her healing powers for the poor and quickly won the people’s sympathy.

But I know exactly what this saint looks like.

This occurred while I was being deported and being transported in a small convoy to a neighboring country.

Soon after, as we approached the border with the neighboring country, the horses suddenly bolted from the bridge, and the carriage fell beneath it.

The impact threw me out of the carriage, and as I fell, I saw Eliana Rattleyer on the bridge, dropping me with a mocking smile on her face….

Eliana may not have been directly involved, but I’m sure she’s the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. She’s a saint, but she’s a wicked woman inside.

I must have died on the spot, because I lost consciousness shortly after.

“Poor horses!”

“Mariel, what’s the matter with the horse?”

“You had a dream, didn’t you?”

My parents, who are sitting across from me, are smiling as they look at me.

Apparently the rocking of the carriage was so pleasant that I dozed off.

My parents and I are on our way to the Crotalion Empire.

“Well…, I was having a dream about horses being turned into horsemeat.”

“Oh my goodness. That’s unfortunate.”

Okaa-sama gives me a gentle smile.

“Mariel, we’ll be arriving in Kureina soon. Crown Prince Bernhard will meet us there. You’ll soon forget about your nightmares.”

Bern will meet us at the border between the two countries, Kureina.

Kureina is the name of the location of the third Kureina battle. And the location of the tragic death of Okaa-sama.

In my second life, I will undoubtedly put an end to the tragedy!


In Kureina there is a monument built at the time of the ceasefire of the Second Battle of Kureina.

It was supposed to be a meeting place with Bern, but…

“Are you the Grand Duke of Rozenstone and his family?”

“I am, indeed. Are you from the Crotalion Empire?”

The man does not answer Otoo-sama’s question.

The men in front of us do not appear to be from the Crotalion Empire.

If they are Bern’s men, they must belong to the royal guard, because it is hard to believe that the uniforms of the royal guard of the Crotalion Empire are all black.

I knew immediately that something was wrong when I heard that the meeting place had been changed at the first sign on the way here.

“We ask for your life for our purposes!”

Wow! That is something a villain would say. Perhaps they are assassins.

The men in black draw their swords.

“Mariel, stand back!”

To protect me, Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama stand in front of me.

I follow my parents’ instructions and hide behind the carriage.

I look around and notice that the guards who were protecting our family have fallen. They are not dead, but many of them have been severely injured. The men in black are extremely skilled.

Otoo-sama is the commander of the kingdom of Kalkstein’s king’s guard, and Okaa-sama is the chief court magician, so I believe they will be fine, but I’ve taken precautions just in case.

For the time being, I’ll take care of the injured.

Chapter 31: The Struggle of Mariel

We are vastly outnumbered.

Normally, we are at a significant disadvantage, but they have the upper hand with just the two of them. Once again, I think my parents are amazing.

Why am I, their daughter, so clumsy if they are so good?

I wouldn’t have been able to use magic properly for the rest of my life if I hadn’t met Laseid.

But if I don’t join them soon, not only will I lose Okaa-sama but also Otoo-sama. If we are not careful, the entire family will go to the other side together.

I take a robe from a black-clad man lying around and put it on. and pull the hood over my head.

I doubt they’ll be fooled, but I don’t want my parents to see me using magic.

“[Infinite magic formula] deployed!”

I’ll have to adjust my magic so that it doesn’t hit my parents――.

“One thousand two hundred water bullets!”

Water bullets rain down on the men in black.



One by one, the men fall. The bullets are not designed to kill; if they hit you, you will only faint. After all, they are vital living witnesses.

But we must exercise caution!

“Chain of commandment!”

Magic chains bind the men in black who are within range of the magical circle.


That’s Ruria’s voice. It appears that assistance is on its way.

When I learned that the meeting location had been changed, I instructed Blanc to deliver the letter to Bern.

This time, I’ve brought my little fluffy friends with me to the Crotalion Empire because Bern said I could.

“Mariel? You’re dressed strangely. No, but that magic…”

Okaa-sama is taken aback.

“You got the wrong person. My name is Setouchi, just a magical girl passing by. It seems that help has arrived, so I will leave you now.”

I quickly tried to turn around, but Okaa-sama caught me.

“Wait for a moment. I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

I guess my mother’s eyes couldn’t be deceived.


Bern and the Crotalion Empire’s King’s Guard apprehend the men in black.

They are brought to the Crotalion Empire to be questioned.

“Marie, I’m glad you’re safe, and the Grand Duke and Duchess of Rozenstone are safe.”

“Thank you for your assistance, Crown Prince Bernhardt.”

“Nothing was done by me. It had already been taken care of by the time I arrived.”

Bern gives me a look.

“A magical girl named Setouchi, who was passing by, came by and helped us.”

I laughed.

“Magical Girl Setouchi? Isn’t that Marie’s magic? I’ve fought her in a magical battle before, so I know what she’s capable of.”

“What! Did you engage in a magical duel with Crown Prince Bernhardt?! When did this happen?

Okaa-sama is biting!

“When Marie was 5 years old… Mmmmnn?!”

I quickly shut Bern’s mouth, but it was too late.

“You’ve been doing magic for that long?! Rezerotta, isn’t my daughter brilliant?!”

“Yes. Most children begin learning magic around the age of six.

In contrast to Otoo-sama’s cheerful face, Okaa-sama’s forehead is covered with blue streaks.

After this, it was difficult to explain to my parents how I learned to use magic.

Chapter 32: Wanting to live a slow life

The King’s Guards were to accompany us on our journey from Kureina to the Crotalion Empire.

Bern completely healed the guards who came with us from the country, but we decided to let them rest in Kureina for a few days just to be safe.

“Is that the cat I gave you? It’s starting to look different.”

Bern and I were transferred to an imperial carriage. My parents and I are in separate carriages.

I suppose the finances are supposed to get along from now on, but I thought it was an unnecessary concern.

“Luna is a Zouyu, not a cat. She is a Zouyu, which is related to a tiger, and as she grows older, she will have black stripes.”

Luna is still the size of a typical cat, but her white fur contrasts with the black stripes. Her ears are also somewhat rounded in shape.

“Hmm. Will it continue to grow?”

Luna purrs happily when Bern strokes her neck. Luna adores Bern. Does she remember the person who helped her?”

“According to Laseid-sama, when they reach adulthood, they are one size larger than tigers.”

“Is that the dog that Prince Edward gave you?”

Sealver turns away when Bern looks at him. He looks like the person who saved him.

“It’s a Fenrir, not a dog…”

“…I suppose Marie is easily drawn to unusual fluff.”


Blanc, the Spirit (Owl), Ruria, the Ancient Elemental Dragon, Sealver, the Fenrir (Dog) and Luna, the Zouyu (Cat) .

The fluffers I wanted to live the slow life with are all here.

But I don’t think I’ll be able to slow down. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be the future Crown Princess.

“Everyone lives a long life, so I’m glad we can spend so much time together.”

It’s difficult and heartbreaking to say goodbye to dogs and cats, who have shorter lives than humans.

When I was in Japan, I visited a cat cafe and learned that “last month, Neko-chan-03 went under the rainbow.” When I heard that, I couldn’t stop crying.

I was suddenly curious about something.

“Bern, isn’t he a demon? Does he have a longer life expectancy than normal people because he has demon blood?”

When I questioned him, Bern looked at me for a moment and burst into laughter.

“Obviously not. Demons are similar to humans. They have a little magical power, but other than that, they’re just like regular humans.”

They’re not just a little more powerful.

“I see.”

I let out a sigh of relief. I didn’t want to grow by myself next to Bern, who had always remained so young. Not that I didn’t want to be ugly, but I felt bad about leaving him behind when the time comes.

“Are you relieved? Don’t be concerned. We will not part until death, but even then, I will not let Marie go.”

“Eh?! Does this mean that even if I die, we’ll still be together in the afterlife?”

Will this boy still drag me around in the afterlife? I’d prefer not to!

“Well, I don’t know what the afterlife is like, but if there is a world after death, I’m sure I want to be with you. After all, I never get tired of being with Marie.”

“What is it? Well, we’re still children. Don’t you think it’s too early to be talking about this?”

“That’s true.” Bern laughed happily.

I’ve recently been reborn. I want to enjoy life for a while longer.

Chapter 33: Audience with the Emperor

The palaces of the Crotalion Empire have the shape of a bird spreading its wings, with perfect symmetry.

Is this type of architecture called Baroque? I don’t know…

The magnificent castle is quite different from the fairy-tale castles of the Kalkstein Kingdom.

Both countries are big, but for some reason, you can feel the difference in national power.

The decoration is made of… Is it real gold?

“It’s real. Do you want gold?”

Bern’s voice brings me back to myself. I was so taken by the palace’s beauty that it came out in my voice.

“Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes. Does Marie like that kind of decoration?”

“I think it’s pretty, but frankly, I don’t like it.”

Japanese castles are my favorite.

“Well, let’s rebuild it to Marie’s liking.”

“Kidding. I think it’s a very majestic and nice palace.”

Perhaps because I glossed over it, the grammar has become strange.

“You’re kidding. Well, that’s not really my thing, either. But you see the outer court at the front; the royal quarters are further back. The place where Grandduke Rosenstone and his family are staying has been prepared for them in the Crown Prince’s Palace.”

“The Crown Prince’s Palace.”

Foreign guests usually have their own palaces.

“The palace for foreign guests is far from the Crown Prince’s Palace. It’s inconvenient to go and see Marie.”

“… Why don’t you just use your signature transfer magic?”

He can use transfer magic as far away as the kingdom of Kalkstein. I’m sure he can do the same in his own palace.

“The wards of the first empress, who was a saint, are still active to this day in places in this palace. If you use magic carelessly, you’ll be blown away.”

“But Bern has always used transfer magic to go to the Grand Dukes of Rozenstone, hasn’t he?”

“I did say in places, didn’t I? The wards of the Crown Prince’s Palace have broken a long time ago.”

“Did he… The first empress won’t be happy. That her descendants have broken the wards, she worked so hard to establish.


After resting briefly and being shown the room prepared for me in the Crown Prince’s Palace, I went with my parents to the audience hall to have an audience with the emperor.

Since my unveiling as Bern’s fiancée will take place after the engagement party, only the Emperor’s family and Grandduke Rosenstone’s family will be present today.

When I was led into the audience hall, the emperor and his family were already seated on their thrones.

I’ll glance at the Emperor’s family as I make my way to his presence.

In the center of the throne sits Crotalion Emperor Klaus III. Bern’s father, the emperor, is more of a military man than a regent.

The dark-haired beauty sitting next to the emperor is Empress Rosaline, Bern’s mother.

The two standing behind the Emperor are Bern and the Second Prince Reinhardt. I’m sure Bern told me that His Highness Reinhardt is the same age as me. A fool? He looks very much like Bern and seems very wise…

As Granddukes and relatives of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Kalkstein we are still of lower rank than the royal family, so our family must show our utmost courtesy.

“Raise your head, Grand Duke and Duchess, and Princess Mariel, you have traveled far to see us.”

The Emperor’s baritone voice echoes through the audience chamber.

Will Bern sound like this in the future?

“Your Majesty. I thank you for the invitation.”

A few words are exchanged as a matter of courtesy, and then the Emperor chuckles.

“It has been a long time. Rudolph. I never thought your daughter and my son would get married one day.”

“You never know where you’ll find a connection.”

Otoo-sama’s tone suddenly turns casual.

Do they know each other?

I turned to Bern, and he shrugged his shoulders. It seemed that Bern had never heard of it before either.

Chapter 34: the hand creeps up on Mariel

After an audience with the emperor and his family, we had dinner together.

While I enjoy the exotic tastes, which are different from the cuisine of the Kingdom of Kalkstein, His Highness Reinhardt, who is sitting diagonally opposite, looks at me curiously.

We’re a little overzealous, aren’t we?

“What did sister-in-law Mariel like about my brother that made her get engaged to him?”

“Sister-in-law? Aren’t you a little quick-tempered?

What did I like about Bern?

I can’t just say It just happened. Well, what can I say?”

“As his younger brother, I think he’s good-looking and smart, but he has a flawed personality.”

I think it’s normal to lift your family up, but you’re too honest, brother.

“I’m sorry for my brother, Marie. Just ignore him. he’s an idiot.”

“His Highness Bernhardt makes me feel safe.”

Although he makes a terrible first impression and is an egoist, Bern is quite easy to get along with.

Ruria and Luna are very fond of him. There is not a bad person who likes Fluffy… I think.

“Being with my brother makes you feel safe? I get it.”

He is impressed by something.

His Highness Reinhardt smiles.

“You’ve found a good, if rather odd, match, brother. Sister-in-law Mariel, please take my brother to the end of the rainbow.”

At the end of the rainbow is used incorrectly. It is a place where deceased pets wait for their owners.

“Reinhardt… that’s a long time to say that.”

“What! Aren’t rainbows glorious?”

Reinhardt, you are either a genius or, as Bern says, an idiot. It’s a fine line between the two…


Today, as soon as I arrived in the Cryptarion Empire, I had an audience with the Emperor and his family and had dinner with them, among many other things that made me tired.

It’s probably mainly fatigue.

Tired but unable to sleep, I decided to take a walk with Ruria and the others through the gardens of the Crown Prince’s Palace.

I got permission from Bern to go for a walk with my Fluffy friends.

Today is a full moon, so it is light at night.

The moon hovers over the ornately carved fountain.

“It’s a bluish moon. It’s beautiful.”

I look into the fountain, and suddenly the image of a girl appears on the bluish moon.

I look up and at the same time, Ruria and the others suddenly start roaring.

“Ki ~yu!”



The girl smiles gracefully.

Good evening, Lady Rozenstone. It’s a lovely evening.

No way?!

She may look young, but I recognized her face.

Golden brown hair, violet eyes.

” Eliana?”

Chapter 35: Darkness of Empire(Bernhardt’s Point of View)

A dry sound can be heard from the end of the dark, damp corridor.

I don’t like this place because it always has a foul smell that stings my nose.

Well, I don’t think anyone likes it, but…

This is a prison for felons.

“Did you say something?”

I asked through the bars.

“This is! Your Highness! you didn’t have to come all the way to a place like this…”

Behind the bars, an interrogator appears to be questioning the attackers we’ve just captured.

The attacker is lying on the ground, apparently pretty badly battered.

We’ve captured all the black-clad men who attacked the Grand Duke of Rozenstone and his family, but the man lying on the floor appears to be the ringleader.

“No. I just wanted to get the truth from these guys directly. And what did they tell you?”

No. They didn’t tell me anything. They are very well trained.”

The interrogator shakes his head ruefully.

Even Grand Duchess Rezerotta, the greatest magician in the Kingdom of Kalkstein, had her work cut out for her. They must be very skilled.

They’re probably trained to withstand severe torture.

Marie took them all out. No. It was a magical girl who just happened to be passing by, which is even more impressive…”

“Open this door. I’ll talk to them myself.”

“N-No. I won’t let the crown prince do that!”

The interrogator shakes his head.

“No matter how much torture you put him through, he won’t talk.”

“Ku…kukuku. The crown prince is right. we won’t say anything. Kill us quickly.”

The attacker, who was on the ground, looks up and chuckles.

“If I can’t get a confession, I’ll just have to look directly into your head.”


I break the cell with my magic and grab the attacker by the head.


“Alois, catch these guys. Right now.”

I’ll give the list to Alois, the Crown Prince’s chamberlain. It’s a list of all the information I’ve extracted from the heads of the attackers.

“Now? But it’s already late. Why don’t we do it early in the morning?”

“I’ll be too late in the morning! You need to take matters into your own hands and keep them under wraps.”

The capture of the attackers has not yet been announced, but it is possible that someone in the Kingsguard is involved.

We can’t let them escape under the cover of darkness.

Alois sighs loudly and says “What a pain in the ass…” and dissolves into the darkness.

He was not very eloquent, but he agreed.

He is a good chamberlain, but Alois has a secret job: He is the head of the intelligence department…

“In the meantime, I will inform my father.”

I am just making my way through the gardens of the Crown Prince’s Palace when I spot Marie, Ruria, and the others.

“Are they out for a walk?”

She seems to be standing in front of the fountain, looking at the moon. Marie’s blonde hair shines in the moonlight. She’s beautiful. She’ll be a beauty when she grows up.

No. I am not attracted to the beauty of form!

As I approached to say a few words to Marie, I noticed a strange girl standing in front of them.

“Who is she? That’s…”

“Eliana?” I heard Marie’s voice. Does she know her?

Chapter 36: Crazy Intruders

“Why is she here?!”

Eliana is the same age as me, now six.

She’s six years old and supposedly lives with her mother in the redlight district of the Kingdom of Kalkstein.

Despite my confusion, Eliana smiles so adorably that it’s hard to believe she’s a seven-year-old girl.

“Do you know me, Lady Rozenstone?”

Eliana’s mouth twists into a crooked line, and I shudder.

“No. I don’t know you.”

“Is that so? But you just mentioned my name, didn’t you?”

Eliana tilts her head and smiles.

Guh! I want to get my ass kicked for saying it out loud!

“A cat. Yes, I was looking for a cat named Eliana.”

That’s my own lame excuse.

“Hmm. A cat. Really?”

“Yes. A-Are you also called Eliana?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I hope I fooled her. But I’m glad I didn’t mention her last name, Rattleyer!

“…So. Why are you here, Eliana?”

I ask quietly, breaking out in a cold sweat inside.

“Fufufu. It’s because…”

Eliana gives me a smile that makes me feel like a flower breaking open.

“To trace your magic.”


“What do you mean by tracing?”

If the word is correct, it means [copy], but does it mean copying and tracing magic? A kind of mimetic magic?

I mean, Eliana is a saint, so isn’t she a carrier of holy magic?

“I was overwhelmed when I saw your magic in Kureina. It’s the strongest.”

Did she see my magic in Kureina? That means Eliana was there. But how?

There are a lot of things I don’t understand.

However, contrary to my inwardly troubled mind, Eliana still insists with a euphoric look on her face.

“I was actually going to trace Prince Bernhardt’s sacred magic, but I changed my mind when I saw your magic.”

Tracing Bern’s sacred magic?

“My sacred magic?”

Bern emerges from the rose arch.


Bern is standing in front of me, facing Eliana.

“Marie, do you know this crazy kid?”

He sounds terrible, but I don’t understand Eliana’s behavior either, so I guess she just looks like a crazy kid.

“No, I don’t.”

Let’s just deny it for now.

“I see. Hey! Who are you? How did you get in here?”

“Even Prince Bernhardt will show up. Lucky me!”

Eliana jumps up and is delighted.

“We’re not on the same page. Are you an idiot? Is this kid…?”

That’s the kind of girl Eliana is. She makes herself pretty in front of men.

In my first life, Edward and his entourage were crazy about Eliana; they thought her every gesture was cute, although women thoroughly hated her.

“That’s terrible. I’m not an idiot.”

Eliana’s cheeks puffed out.

“If you’re not an idiot, why don’t you at least tell us your name?”

“Fufufu. My name is Eliana Rattleyer.”

Eliana says her name in a faltering curtsey. She’s already been welcomed into the Viscount Rattleyer family.

“Rattleyer, Viscount Rattleyer of the Kingdom of Kalkstein?”

“Ara? Do you know my father? He is not very well known, yet a crown prince of a country knows him.”

Eliana makes another dumb gesture.

“Isn’t Viscount Rattleyer supposed to be unmarried?”

I ask curiously, and Eliana chuckles.

“Soon, papa is going to marry my mama. And my papa has recognized me.”

“So how did Viscountess Rattleyer get in here? Even nobles from other lands aren’t allowed to enter the palace.”

“Would you like to know? Fufufu.”

“Yes, I would like to know. I’d like to know how you got in here.”

Bern was irritated; his vigilance had turned murderous.

How can Eliana be so calm when even I can feel the tension in the air? this girl. Is she a bigwig?

“I flew as a bird.”


Chapter 37: The calm before the storm

I couldn’t understand what Eliana was saying, and my mouth was stupidly hanging open.

What do you mean you flew like a bird?

“I see. Is it shape-shifting magic?”

Bern seems to have an idea.

“Yes. I recently met someone who uses shape-shifting magic, and I was able to trace it. It’s very useful, but I’m afraid I don’t have much time to use it.”

Eliana sighs.

Let’s try to summarize the information we have received so far.

Eliana was not born with sacred magic, but she seems to have magic that traces magic.

And this magic can be used only for a limited time.

Earlier, Eliana had said that she would trace the sacred magic of Bern.

Could it be that in my first life she became a saint by tracing Bern’s holy magic?

But Eliana used her healing powers often, even though she had a limited time. How did she do it?

There are still many mysteries.

“Your Royal Highness. Are you here?”

Suddenly, I heard a voice. A bodyguard who came to look for Bern approaches us.

“We’ve been interrupted. I’m afraid I’ll give up for today. See you later!”

Eliana suddenly disappears. I hear the sound of wings above me and look up to see a bird flying away.

“Is that Eliana?”

“Marie, that girl feels dangerous. I’ll take you back to your room.”

In the end, Eliana doesn’t seem to have accomplished her task, but maybe she’ll show up again.


In my first life, I was a fool.

Otoo-sama, who took pity on the daughter who had lost her mother at a young age, spoiled me rotten.

Otoo-sama bought me clothes, jewelry, and anything else I wanted and never made me do anything I didn’t want to do.

I listened to his sweet words and ignored his admonitions.

I was pampered and made to feel good. But behind my back, I was called “Princess Clunker.”

so I was taken advantage of.

Eliana was not only attracted to Edward but to other men as well. Their fiancée wanted to get rid of Eliana, but she was a saint. A saint is not to be trifled with.

That’s where I was noticed.

The daughter of the Grand Duke, a relative of the royal family, and the daughter of the hero of the Third Battle of Craina. In addition, as the fiancée of the first prince, Eduard, I was the perfect banner for them.

All you have to do is say, “Princess Mariel told me to do it.”

It would have been devastating to have been deported after being used as a banner, but that’s just how stupid I was.

“If possible, I didn’t want to see Eliana in my second life.”

In the end, I couldn’t sleep the day I met Eliana and stayed up all night.


“Ruria, did you wake up?”

There was no way I could sleep now, so I got out of bed and saw Ruria tilting his head.

He’s half asleep.

Ruria and the others were allowed to stay in the same room with me and could sleep wherever they wanted.

Luna and Sealver sleep curled up at the foot of the bed.

Blanc is nocturnal, so I let him out in the courtyard facing our room, but he might be sleeping in a tree around there because of the dawn.

Ruria was snuggled up beside me, or he would have woken up when I woke up.

I stroke Ruria’s mane.

“I’m sorry I woke you up. You can still sleep.”


Rolling over in bed, Ruria began to sleep again.

They’re so cute. I’d like to be at peace with them, but…

“Eliana will show herself again.”

Chapter 38: The Girl Who Wants Magic (Eliana’s Point of View)

It’s a lie that humans can’t fly.

because I am flying. I may not look like a human, but I am a human.

Who told me that the royal family of the Crotalion Empire is a family of gods and saints and that the current crown prince inherited the bloodline?

I think it was one of my mama’s clients, but I’d forgotten.

My mama works with men. She is a prostitute. She is one of the best prostitutes in the world.

I’ve seen a lot of men, but all of my mama’s clients were well-dressed.

One of them is my papa.

a nobleman of the Kingdom of Kalkstein, Viscount Rattleyer. That’s my papa.

He often visited my mama with gifts. I love him because he brings me many clothes and sweets.

They will marry soon, and I will be the daughter of a nobleman.

The room I lived in with my mama was nice, but my room at papa’s house is even more luxurious and beautiful.

One day, Papa had to go to the Crotalion Empire for business and took me with him. Unfortunately, Mama has to stay at home.”

“What does the Crotalion Empire look like? I want to visit the imperial palace.”

“It’s a very beautiful place. The imperial palace is… I’m not allowed to go there. But you can just see it from the outside.”

“It’s boring just to go outside. I want to go inside.”

“Hmm. You have to be a bird to do that.”

Papa laughs troublingly.

I can’t trace the Crown Prince’s magic unless I go inside. I heard the crown prince has the blood of a saint and can use Sacred magic. If I can trace the holy magic, I can become a saint.

“If I become a bird, can I go in? Then Ellie can do it.”

“That’s… That’s amazing.”

And then he patted my head. You don’t believe me? I could really do it…

You see, I can trace other people’s magic, and the other day I was able to trace the shapeshifting magic of one of Mama’s clients.


I saw something amazing when I was in Kureina.

Papa told me to wait in the carriage, but I was bored and snuck out.

There was a girl about my age-fighting at the monument.

I’ve never seen magic like this before. I’ve never heard it chanted.

“I like that magic. I want it.”

The girl was wearing a black robe, but I saw her face before she put it on.

I have recently seen this face in the [Nobility Directory].

Princess Mariel of Rozenstone

Papa says, “She’s the daughter of the Chief Magician of the Court, but she’s a clunker.” But she’s not a clunker at all.

The night I arrived in the Crotalion Empire, I snuck out and went to the Imperial Palace. I turned into a bird.

Princess Mariel was just outside and easy to spot.

[She is much prettier than her portrait in the directory of nobles. She has a lot of pets with her. Pets?

I thought Princess Mariel would know my name, but she says it’s the same as her cat’s. That’s rude.

While I was talking to her, The Crown Prince came by.

I knew what the Crown Prince looked like because Papa had a miniature painting that he showed me, but he’s a wonderful boy.

But I’m kind of freaking out.

What should I do? Should I trace down the princess’s magic? Or the magic of the prince?

I’m in trouble. I can only trace one thing, and I can’t use two magic spells at a time.

While I was still pondering, a grown man in a knightly uniform came by.

It’s useless. Let’s call it a day.

I can come back again.

Chapter 39: Unexpectedly invited guests

It was very noisy in the Crown Prince’s Palace that day.

People were coming in and out, one after another. Did something happen?

Did Eliana break in again? Bern seems to be very busy since Eliana’s sudden attack, and I don’t get to see him much, even though we live in the same palace.

He said he would show me around the capital.

I’m not lonely or anything! I’m just trying to be a tsundere.”

“Maybe I should just invite Otoo-sama or Okaa-sama for a walk?”

I visited the next room to invite my parents over, but they were not there.

I ask the guard standing outside the door where they are.

“Which way did Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama go?”

“They have an audience with the emperor.”

“Is it an engagement meeting?”

“I don’t know what they are doing, but I am sure they will be back soon. Would you like to wait inside?”

Bern and I will soon be engaged. If my parents had any business with the Emperor, it would be about that.

“No. Tell them I’ll see them later.”

“All right.”

I feel lonely walking alone, so I take Ruria and the others out to the garden.

“Sigh~, I’m so bored. I wonder if Laseid-sama or Layleigh-san will come?”

“Did you call me?”

Laseid’s voice comes from behind me, and I turn around in surprise.

“La! Laseid-sama?!”

“Kyu! Kyu Kyu Kii~yui!”

“What am I doing here? You’re as cheeky as ever, little boy. Who do you look after?”

It’s his father, isn’t it? But, like his mother, he’s adorable and smart.

“Laseid-sama. When did you come? Besides, how did you get into the Imperial Palace?”

I didn’t notice it at all because I didn’t hear the sound of wings.

“It was just a while ago that Bernhardt’s staff invited me in. I came in front of the building with my head held high. The engagement ceremony is coming soon, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

inviting an ancient elemental dragon? Wouldn’t that be a major issue if they discovered who he is?

“Laseid, are you here? and Marie too?”

Speak of the devil, it’s Bern.

Luna made a cute “meow” and jumped on Bern.

“Luna likes Bern, doesn’t she?”

“Hm? Are you jealous?”

Bern smiles while patting Luna.

“No, I’m not!”

“You guys are close as ever.”

Even Laseid smiles at me, so I turn away.

“Marie, are you free tonight?”

“…I am.”

Is he asking me out? No, no, no. We’re still kids.

“I want you to witness something with me. And Laseid can come too.”

“I’m just an afterthought.”

Witness? And what for?


After a light dinner, I went with Laseid to Bern’s office.

“What are we witnessing?”

“Well. I don’t know what he’s thinking.”

When we came in front of the Crown Prince’s office, there was a chamberlain waiting for us outside. This is the man who accompanied him to the Kingdom of Kalkstein. I think his name is Alois.

Alois bowed and opened the door for me.

“His Royal Highness. Princess Mariel and Laseid-sama are here.”

Huh? Does he know Laseid? Bern must have a lot of confidence in this chamberlain.

“Welcome. Sit down on the sofa there. Would you like a drink?”

Bern sits at his adult desk and works. I’m impressed that he’s actually doing such a good job as the crown prince.

“Can I have hot tea?”

“I like booze. You’ve got a secret bottle or something, don’t you?”

It’s very Laseid-like and unreserved.

“No booze. Not now. Alois, make me some hot tea.

“Yes, your highness.”

Alois brews tea with a practiced hand. Does a chambermaid even make tea?

“Damn! You’re so stingy for a crown prince.”

“I’ll give you plenty to drink later, just be patient.”

With a wry smile, I drink the tea Alois made for me. Is it chamomile? It smells good.

Bern… what’s this all about?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Bern replies curtly as he strokes his pen over some papers.

After a while, there is a knock at the door, and Alois rushes to the door and opens it.

An unexpected person emerges from the door.

Chapter 40: The Truth Revealed

Viscount Eckart Rattleyer went into the Crown Prince’s office with Kingsguards.

He is much younger than I remember, but his face is unforgettable: he is the father of Eliana.

But why is Viscount Rattleyer here?

“Viscount Rattleyer. Thank you for coming.”

Does Bern know what Viscount Rattleyer looks like?

As the Crown Prince of the Cryptarion Empire, he would know the faces of the enemy nobility, but if they were high-ranking nobles or military men, Viscount Latreia would be a trader, I believe.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Crown Prince Bernhardt; my name is Eckart Rattleyer, head of the family of Viscount Rattleyer of the Kingdom of Kalkstein.”

Viscount Rattleyer knelt down in front of his desk and gave Bern a formal greeting, but you could tell he was nervous because his shoulders were shaking slightly.

“Well, Viscount Rattleyer. The reason I asked you to come here today is…

“I sincerely apologize!”

Bern is about to bring up the topic when Viscount Rattleyer cuts him off and apologizes out of the blue.

“Huh? I haven’t said anything yet.”

“But you summoned me all the way to the Imperial Palace because of my daughter, whom you have never met, right??”

Did he call Viscount Rattleyer to tell him that Eliana was in the Crown Prince’s Palace without permission?

No. Somehow I don’t think so.

If he just wanted to warn him, he could have sent a messenger.

“Your daughter is very bold. Her parents should warn her to stay away from the palace. Don’t ever let this happen again.”

“Yes. I’ll remind her. I’m very sorry for any trouble my daughter has caused you.”

Bern’s attitude is cold toward Viscount Rattleyer, who bows his head like a grasshopper with rice.

When Bern does not say another word, Viscount Rattrayer looks up fearfully from his kneeling position.

“Um… May I leave now? I left my daughter at the inn.

“No, the subject is yet to come. Viscount Rattleyer. You know Marquis Aschenbach, don’t you?”

I’ve only recently learned that name. I believe he was a major figure in the Criterion Empire?

“Y-Yes, the honey from the Marquess Aschenbach’s estate is traded by our trading house.”

Ara? Viscount Rattleyer’s eyes are moving around. He looks suspicious.

“The other day, we captured Marquis Aschenbach for treason.”

Treason?! Now it’s getting serious! Am I allowed to be here?

“…I-I didn’t know that. I came to the Crotalion Empire to discuss an important matter with the Marquis, but I came without success.”

“It was not a futile journey. By the way, do you recognize this?”

Bern spreads a rolled-up piece of parchment on the desk.

It can’t be seen clearly from here. But I could see that Viscount Rattleyer had changed color.

“This is the contract you signed with the Marquis of Aschenbach. I don’t need to tell you what it says.

“No way… The contents of the document can’t be known unless the person who signed it poured his magic power into it…”

Viscount Rattrayer clamps his mouth shut, but it is already too late. Bern lifts the edge of his mouth.

“There are people in our country who have the magic to decipher these secret documents.”

Bern casts a sidelong glance at Alois.

So Alois is the one with the magic.

“Bern. No. Crown Prince Bernhardt. What does this contract say?”

I was curious about the contents of the contract and couldn’t resist interrupting.

“Mariel… Princess?”

Viscount Rattleyer, who has just noticed my presence, turns to me.

“As a concerned party, you have the right to know. In short, he wants to start a war between the Kingdom of Kalkstein and our country. For a start, assassinate the Grand Dukes of Rosenstone and make it look like a conspiracy against us. It’s really stupid.”

What did you say?!

I stand up and stagger over to Viscount Rattleyer.

“So the men in black were sent by you and the Marquis of Aschenbach?”


Viscount Rattleyer is silent, but that’s the answer.

I shake my fist and glare at Viscount Rattleyer.

“You are a fool.”

Chapter 41: The Wrath of Mariel

We don’t know for sure, but these fools may have been responsible for triggering the Third Battle of Kureina in my first life.

After the Third Battle of Kureina, the Viscounts of Rattleyer were said to have acquired further wealth. Most likely, they profited from the war.

And that there were rumors that Viscount Rattleyer, who was supposedly a merchant, was trading arms behind the scenes.

When war breaks out, arms are sold.

And the Marquis of Aschenbach is the head of military affairs of the Crotalion Empire.

an arms dealer and the head of state in charge of military affairs.

It is no wonder that both sides want to start a war for their own benefit.

Such thoughts run through my mind.

When I came back to myself, I acted.

I gave Viscount Rattleyer, who was kneeling, a slap on the cheek. “Pang!” A high-pitched thud echoed through the office.


Bern shouts my name in a surprised tone. But I can’t contain my emotions.

“You fool! What do you want by starting a war?! For your own benefit?! How many sacrifices are you willing to make for that? Conflicts bring nothing!”

“Shut up! You little b*tch! If you hadn’t used such heavy magic, everything would have gone well!”

Viscount Rattleyer, who has been so calm until now, suddenly changes his attitude and becomes angry.

And then he yells at me and reaches into his pocket to pull something out. But his hand was intercepted by Alois.

“That will be all, Viscount Rattleyer. Harming the princess will only make your crimes worse, Viscount Rattleyer.”

Viscount Rattleyer is mumbling something as he is restrained by the King’s Guards.

“… How? I had heard that the Grand Dukes’ daughter was unable to use magic properly. I haven’t heard of using such magic…”

I watched as Viscount Rattleyer was captured and taken away.

“…Marie. Sit down for now.”

Before I know it, Bern is holding my hand and leading me to the couch.

“Well done! It’s the most princess-like thing I’ve ever seen!”

Laseid, who had been watching me quietly until then, claps his hands and makes fun of me.

“Don’t make fun of me! I am really a princess!”

He really is a person…er a dragon—who doesn’t bat an eyelash even when the situation is tense.

But I guess I should thank Laseid for blowing my anger out of proportion.

“Hey, Bern, what will happen to Viscount Rattleyer?”

Bern is sitting next to me, still holding my hand.

“By now, a letter should have been sent to the Kingdom of Kalkstein, and when the Viscount Rattleyer family is investigated, they will find the contract he made with the Marquis of Aschenbach. If that happens, Viscount Rattleyer will be facing the ultimate penalty for treason.”

The letter to the Kingdom of Kalkstein was written by Otoo-sama.

Treason. The Viscounts of Rattleyer will be stripped of their titles, and their property will be confiscated by the state.

“…What about Eliana?”

“Her mother was not yet married to Viscount Rattleyer. And there is no evidence that they are in cahoots with Viscount Rattleyer. They’ll just go back to being mother and daughter on the streets.”

Will Eliana return to the redlight district with her mother?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care what happens to her, but it’s funny that I do.

Chapter 42: Back to the Crown Prince’s Palace (Eliana’s point of view)

That is a lie.

Papa was caught doing something wrong!

After going to the Imperial Palace, Papa never came back.

He promised to go shopping with me tomorrow. We were going to pick out souvenirs for Mama together.

“Miss Eliana, I will take you to your mother in the Kingdom of Kalkstein. I will pick you up tomorrow morning, so get ready. I will leave an escort behind tonight just in case something goes wrong.”

Late that night, a man claiming to be the crown prince’s chamberlain came to see me at the inn.

I was glad to open the door, thinking Papa was back, but there was a stranger standing.

He told me briefly that Papa had been caught doing something wrong and that he would take me back to Mama, and then quickly left.

I rushed out of the room to follow him but was stopped by the guards.

“I want to see my Papa!”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t do that. Come on, go inside.”

The guards let me back in and closed the door behind me.

“That’s a lie! Papa would never do anything bad. He’s a kind man. Uwu~u! Papa!”

I fell onto my bed and cried.

I was crying sadly for a while, but then an idea came to me.

“I have to go and see him! That’s it! Let’s go to the Crown Prince and Princess Mariel. And I’ll ask them to let me see Papa.”

Without hesitation, I opened the window, turned into a bird, and flew away.

To the palace of the crown prince――.

I didn’t think twice before getting to the Crown Prince’s Palace, but it was already late in the evening.

The Crown Prince and Princess Mariel must have gone to bed.

But I must leave for the Kingdom of Kalkstein tomorrow morning.

I must see the Crown Prince and Princess Mariel at any cost!

But my fears are unfounded.

The Crown Prince and Princess Mariel were having tea in the Garden Pavilion.

Huh? There’s another guy I don’t know. Who’s that?

Never mind. Let’s just go to the garden.

I landed in the shade near the pavilion.

Chapter 43: Eliana’s attack

Eliana is to return to the Kingdom of Kalkstein tomorrow morning.

Even if she returns home, the Viscounts of Rattleyer will be arrested, and she and her mother will be forced to live on the streets.

By the way, Bern and Laseid didn’t understand me when I used the word “raid” to them.

It is commonly used in Japanese detective dramas, but it is a cryptic word that does not exist in this world.

A raid is “a search under official authority.” I explained it to them.

After Viscount Rattleyer was taken away, I couldn’t sleep well, so I went for a walk in the gardens and met Bern and Laseid.

They were discussing something in the gazebo, and Laseid beckoned me over when he noticed my presence.

“Oh! Mariel. What’s the matter? Can’t sleep? Is my little boy with you?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Ruria was already asleep; I didn’t want to wake him, so I quietly slipped out.”

I left Ruria and the others in their room; only Blanc, who is nocturnal, stayed behind.

“Marie, sit down. I’ll bring you some hot tea.”

Bern pats his neighbor with his hand. He wants me to sit down next to him. I do as he asks and sit down next to Bern.

“You must be tired today. After a cup of tea, go back to your room and rest.”

“I’m too agitated to sleep.”

I’m agitated from all the things I’ve been through tonight, but that’s the only time I can’t sleep. When I was Marie, I couldn’t sleep when I was agitated or nervous. I couldn’t sleep before excursions or school trips because I was too stressed.

“We’re getting engaged in three days, right? You’d better get some sleep, or it’ll be bad for your beauty and all that.”

“Does Laseid take care of his skin before going to bed?”

Does Laseid take care of his skin before bed? Some men take care of their beauty too. I hate to break it to you, but it’s a dragon, not a man.

“No. Layleigh often says that lack of sleep is the enemy of beauty.”

“Oh, if it’s Layleigh-san, that makes sense!

Suddenly, the shade of a nearby tree rustles.

“Who’s there?!”

Bern shouts into the trees. Someone is lurking.

“It’s me, the crown prince. Princess Mariel. I’m here to ask you a favor!”

It was Eliana who emerged from the shade of a tree.

“Oh, it’s you. I thought I told the servants not to let you out of your room. Oh, you’ve shapeshifted.”

Eliana can turn into a bird. She probably turned into a bird through the window, flew away, and came here.

Just as I thought, Eliana showed up again; I had a vague feeling of that.

“You are not allowed to enter the palace. But I will overlook it if you return to the inn now.”

“I’m not leaving! Please! Please let me see my Papa! I want to see my Papa!”

Eliana cries despite Bern’s warning. I’ve never seen Eliana’s genuine tears before.

“No! Viscount Rattleyer… your father committed a crime. I will not allow you to see him, even if you are his family.”

“That’s a lie! My father has done nothing wrong!”

Eliana believes that Viscount Rattleyer was arrested for a crime he did not commit. It’s a heartbreaking cry.

“It is not a lie. Viscount Rattrayer has admitted his guilt. Now, I’ll have you escorted back to your lodgings, and you can go home.”

“…I’m asking so much, yet you…”

Eliana is looking down and shaking her fist.

The next moment, Eliana’s body trembles, and in a flash, she is transformed.

Chapter 44: Monster Battle

Eliana takes on the form of a dragon. The black dragon opens its jaws wide.

[Papa didn’t do anything wrong!]

I thought he was going to breathe out a breath, but then she spoke.

I’m strangely impressed that she can talk even in dragon form, but I’m convinced that it’s only natural since Laseid can talk in dragon form too.

Eliana cries and runs all over the garden like a spoiled child.

The trees around her are falling down, and the wind is howling.



Bern quickly holds me up to protect me.

“Bernhardt! Mariel! Get on.”

Bern and I jump onto Laseid’s back as Laseid changes into his ancient elemental dragon form.

Laseid flies upward to escape the rampaging Eliana, and we see Eliana rise into the sky in pursuit.

“Laseid, don’t fly as fast as you can. Just fly as fast as she can keep up. We’ll lure her into the middle of nowhere and catch her.”

“I know. Don’t tell me what to do.”

I’m impressed. I’ve always thought they were both selfish boys.

“Why doesn’t Eliana use her breath? If she hit Laseid-sama off, it would be easy to catch up with us.”

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me? Well, I’m the strongest dragon in the world, and no dragon can match me.”

“What about Layleigh-san?”


He’s at a loss for words. I guess even Laseid is no match for his wife.

After a while, Laseid begins to speculate about Eliana’s magic.

“She seems to be able to trace any kind of magic, but I doubt she can duplicate the dragon’s abilities. And since she hasn’t used any other magic, she can only use the magic she most recently copied.”

“If Laseid’s guess is correct, then in my first life, Eliana copied the sacred magic from someone else and became a saint.

“If there’s a risk of being copied, it’s probably best not to use magic. Then we would have to physically capture the girl…”

Bern crosses his arms and ponders.

It’s hard for humans to physically capture that giant body…

Suddenly, looking down at the ground, you can see unexplored land.

It’s not likely to cause any damage there.

Laseid seems to have had the same thought and descended into the land.


The two giants are grappling right in front of us.

Laseid, an ancient elemental dragon, and Eliana, in dragon form. It’s like watching a monster movie.

Bern made a plan on the way down here.

[Only the same dragon can physically restrain them. So, Laseid, I’m asking you.]

[What, you’re just going to leave it up to me?! The little girl is here because of you!]

I cast a spell on Laseid, who is angered by Bern’s commanding tone.

[Laseid-sama, please. In exchange, I will give you a year’s supply of macaroons.]

[All right! I’ll take care of it!]

Phew! That was easy. I know Laseid has a sweet tooth.

Bern and I hid behind a rock and watched the fight between Laseid and Eliana.

“Hey, Bern… Can’t we let Viscount Rattleyer and Eliana get together for a bit?”

“Not at the moment. But Viscount Rattleyer is a noble of the Kingdom of Kalkstein. We cannot punish him here, so he will be repatriated to the Kingdom of Kalkstein. Also, there’s the question of whether he can or cannot meet his family upon his return to his homeland.”

The charge against Viscount Rattleyer is treason. He will probably be sentenced to death.

When a nobleman is condemned to death in our country, he is given a [death with honor], but in reality, it’s a death by poisoning. The poison is taken in the presence of the executioner.

And you won’t see your family until the day before your execution.

” …Yes.”

I felt a little sorry for Eliana, even though I had suffered so much in my first life.

As I turned my gaze back to the two giants, something unusual happened.

When Laseid swung his sharp claws at Eliana, her form was distorted, and she turned from dragon to human again.

“Watch out!”

I found myself taking action.

Chapter 45: Long Day

Eliana is the one who took my fiancée from me in my first life and drove me to my death.

But in my second life, Eliana is just a girl who loves her father.

“[Deploy infinite formula]! Chain of commandments!”

The magic chains bind the hands of Laseid, who is about to attack Eliana.

“Oh! Hey Mariel! What are you doing?!”

Laseid protests agonizingly in front of me.

I wasn’t sure if it would work against an ancient elemental dragon, but my magic seems to work against Laseid.

“Because Eliana is human again.”

“I’m aware of that! Quick, break these chains!”

Laseid is struggling to break the magic chain.

“Keep it that way because it’s funny. Marie.”

Bern looks at Laseid with amusement.

“Bernhardt, I’ll remember you later!”

Laseid bared his fangs in anger. The fangs were sharp. I wondered if he would bite his tongue with his own fangs. I’m thinking stupid thoughts.


Eliana, who was lying on her butt on the floor, got up before I realized it and muttered something similar.

What’s weird?

“Why can’t I trace it? This has never happened before!”

Bern turns to me in a panic.

“Marie! Deactivate the magic formula!”

I look around me and see countless magic circles still floating around me. I haven’t deactivated it yet!

“One more time! Trace!”

I hurriedly tried to deactivate the magic formula, but Eliana’s chant came first.

But nothing happens.

“…I can’t…what is that? What are you?!”

Eliana, confused, holds her head in her hands and backs away.

Bern rushes out of the gap and strikes Eliana with a fist to the solar plexus, knocking her unconscious.

This move is often used to stun an opponent, but I’ve only seen it in dramas.

“Bern… Isn’t that a bit much against a girl?”

The solar plexus is a vital point in the human body.

It’s a hand used in self-defense, but it hurts when it’s done, and it suspends breathing.

Trained personnel or not, you can’t do that to children!

“If I leave her alone, she may harm Marie.”

Bern says firmly as he places Eliana, who is unconscious, on the ground.

No, no, no! Eliana was just trying to trace magic. I don’t know why it didn’t work, but…

“Hey! Unfasten this chain!”

Ah! I forgot about Laseid.


When we returned to the palace, it was already dawn. It was a long day.

We landed some distance away and went to the gardens, where I found a crowd of people.

No wonder. It is chaos, as if there had been a storm.

Bern goes to the emperor to explain the sequence of events.

“Marie, I’m sorry. You ended up staying up all night. You can spend the rest of the day in your room.”

“Bern, are you all right?”

“I’m used to it, I’ll be fine.”

“You need to eat and sleep well or you’ll never grow up.”

Those were the words Marie’s grandmother used to say to her. I used to stay up so late that my grandmother would find me the next day and get mad at me.

“Why is that? But I’ll keep it in mind.”

Bern chuckles and walks away with Alois.


I was just about to go back to my room when Ruria hit me with a thud.



“I was worried,” Ruria said, rubbing his face against me.

“I’m sorry, Ruria, for worrying you. Come, let’s go to our room.”


When I returned to my room, Luna and the others all jumped on me at once.

Their fluffy fur was so comfortable that I fell asleep on the bed immediately.

I heard later that Eliana’s magic was sealed and she was sent to a monastery in the Kingdom of Kalkstein.

As punishment for trespassing in the Crown Prince’s palace twice and destroying the gardens…

I sympathize with her situation, but Eliana lacks a little common sense. At best, she is free-spirited.

Noble daughters are raised to be ladies from a young age, so they can’t always express their true feelings.

Socializing is like warfare. How do you mount up? In short, the law of the jungle is the law of the jungle.

The world of the aristocracy is cold.

Eliana, on the other hand, was raised on the streets and lived freely.

In retrospect, it may have been this freedom that attracted Edward and the noblemen.

I can’t help but hope that she will be able to study again in a monastery and one day live with her mother.


Under a bright blue sky, the bells ring in the cathedral.

In God’s name, Bern and I are blessed, and we are surrounded by loud cheers.


“I whisper to Bern next to me.”

“What is it?”

“This is an engagement ceremony, isn’t it? It’s like a wedding…”

“I don’t mind a wedding. Some members of the Crotalion royal family got married at an early age.”

not only in the kingdom of Crotalion but also in the kingdom of Kalkstein.

Today Bern and I were dressed like a bride and groom, and our guests included the nobility of the whole country.

And there’s going to be a big ball in the evening. A wedding reception? I’m tempted to say.

Even for an engagement ceremony in a big country, this is like a wedding.

“The Crown Princess’ training has just begun, and I am so nervous. What if I make a mistake?”

“But Alois reports that Marie will be fine. It’s as if she’s already been educated.”

I shudder. I reluctantly received a queen’s education in my first life, but I don’t think it’s still with me.

The fact that Alois reported to Berne means that I was being judged from the moment I entered the Imperial Palace. The intelligence of the Cryptarion Empire is formidable!

“It can’t be! Alois is just overestimating me. Hohoho…”

I’ll try to cover it with a laugh.

“I knew that the first time I talked to Marie. I knew she had what it takes to be a crown princess.”

“You praise me too much. I want to live the slow life with my fluffy friends, so I’m going to be a reclusive crown princess.”

“I know. I’m prepared for Marie to live the comfortable, fluffy, slow life.”

At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was to find out later what he meant.

Outside the cathedral, people are looking up at the sky and shouting.

“Look! Three dragons are flying!”

“Is that?! You don’t mean Ancient Elemental Dragons?!”

Looking up at the sky, I saw a lapis lazuli dragon, a white dragon, and a little dragon hovering over the cathedral.

It looks like a family of Ancient Elemental Dragons is blessing Bern and me.

“The Laseid and the others. Are they allowed to show themselves in public?”

“I think so. I don’t think anyone can make it to the dragon village.”

Speaking of the Dragon’s Village, can we assume that the wish we made in the Cave of Wishes has come true?

The nobles who are believed to have been instrumental in the Third Battle of Kureina have been captured.

The nobles of the Crotalion Empire are divided into the [Emperor Faction] and the [Noble Faction], but it was the [Noble Faction] that planned to assassinate the Grand Duke of Rozenstone and his family this time.

The plot was led by the Marquis of Aschenbach, and the noblemen who took part were caught like a sack of potatoes.

Surprisingly, there were also conspirators in the Kingdom of Kalkstein who should have been caught by now.

They were probably responsible for breaking off relations between the two countries in my first life.

I hope they will pay for their crimes because my Okaa-sama had to lose her life because of them.

In my second life, I was able to avoid the Third Kureina War, which saved Okaa-sama from losing her life.

I still want to be spoiled by my parents until I get married in Bern.

When the Ancient Elemental Dragons showed up at our engagement party, someone said…

“When the Crown Prince becomes Emperor, I’m sure there will be a long and peaceful reign.” And…


Two days after the ceremony party, Bern takes me to a building near the Crown Prince’s Palace.

The rustic building is a house in the countryside, which makes me feel strangely at home.

“What kind of building is it?”

“No one’s using it right now, but it’s going to be the Crown Prince’s Palace.”


Doesn’t the crown princess usually live in the crown prince’s palace?

When I tilted my head in wonder, Bern gave me a gentle smile.

“When you become the Crown Princess, you can live here. You can keep any animal you like. There’s a forest at the back, so you can go camping if you like.”

It will be renovated by the time I get married. He really is going to fulfill my wish to enjoy the slow life.

“You don’t have to force yourself to do your job as Crown Princess. Except produce an heir.”

I shudder, and Bern shrugs.

“Marie, what’s the matter? Don’t you like it? Shall we build a villa outside the palace?”

“…you are an idiot. Don’t waste the taxpayers’ money…”

I didn’t think he would go that far.

The kindness shown by this selfish guy is surprisingly sweet (moe).

“I like it. But talk to me when you’re renovating.”

“Y-Yeah. Of course.”

When I turn sixteen, I’ll marry Bern and live here with Ruria and the others. Next door to Bern, who could be the love of my life.

Ten more years. I look forward to that day.

~The End~

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