Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Dungeon Life Is Pleasant│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

The dungeon is alive.

It is alive and changing all the time.

Even if you enter through the same entrance as before, you exit at a different location. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the overall impression of the landscape.

Lysette is once again looking out at a forest. The forest was shallower this time around, and there was more light coming in.

Lysette moves in a circular motion through the first layer. She walks on the soft ground and uses preemptive attack magic to burn giant insects, slime, and frogs.

She gradually comes to understand what the dungeon is.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a day in the dungeon. The sky is always blue, and it never gets dark because she has never seen the night.

She found it inconvenient that the time seemed to be off.

“I think it’s time to eat.”

She mumbles, clearly hungry.

and looking at the frog monster with a burning head.

Although a pond is close by, Lysette decides to cook in a sunny spot on the border between the forest and the pond, fearful of the monsters emerging from the pond.

The ingredients are the same as before, but this time she decides to cook them thoroughly using the new cooking utensils she bought.

Her intended target is the thigh. The legs are cut up after being removed with a knife.

—Yes. Lovely pink color.

She seasoned the thighs with salt and spices before frying them. Start a fire on the ground with flame magic and place the frying pan on it.

When the pan is hot, she carefully places the brown thighs in it, followed by a lid on top. She then lowers the heat to slowly cook the thighs until they are fully cooked.

“I wonder if it’s almost done.”

As she lifts the lid, the steam and aroma fill the air.

“It does look delicious. Itadakimasu!”

Taking care not to burn herself, she uses a knife and fork to cut the meat. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and place them in her mouth.

—It’s delicious, as expected~

Her cheeks sag as the juices from the meat overflow.

The salt and spices are also working well.

She can’t stop eating.

“It’s light and has no bad smell. Perhaps it’s the water. And it appears to have rejuvenating properties…”

It felt like her magic power that had been reduced was being restored at a faster rate by her body. and vitality as well.

—Come to think of it, I had a similar energy surge when I defeated the giant flying sea urchin in the previous exploration.

“Could monster dishes have the ability to heal and strengthen the body and magic?”

In that case, Monster Cuisine is also extremely useful for dungeon exploration.

“Gochisōsamadeshita. This is something I need to experiment with and look into further!”

Lysette is having a good time. Like a child, she was excited because of a world of unknowns and possibilities unfolding before her eyes.

Lysette was now drawn to the dungeon rather than the surface. There is freedom here, though bound by a 50 million gold fine.

The dungeon was quieter, safer, and cleaner than the outside world. So much so that she never wants to go back.

The entity that pursued Lysette is also a source of concern.

—Maybe church people…

or those who had heard the rumors

Lysette sighs.

—I wonder if Meldiana isn’t content with simply sending me to the dungeon… Isn’t it enough that she received the Sacred Mark and was dubbed a Saint?

The illegitimate child of a father who took her into her family home—a girl who was innocent and lovely at first, but gradually revealed her true nature while still looking lovely.

“You’re not treating me fairly, Onee-sama!”

She begged Lysette for everything she had.

It all started with clothes. Then there are the room accessories. Her own personal maid, furniture for her room

Her father would be furious if she refused.

And before long, all that remained in Lysette’s room were the bare necessities of life.

Meldiana then desired Lysette’s fiancé, a legitimate son of a duke. He was a handsome man who was eager to consolidate his power.

However, since Meldiana did not have Marquise blood in her, she was not fit to be the next duke’s fiancée.

On the other hand, Meldiana was clearly in love with the next duke.

The next duke secretly met Meldiana and presented her with gifts. It was a little too friendly for a future sister-in-law.

The next is that she wanted the sacred mark of the saint that had appeared on Lysette’s body.

They summoned a “black magician dark elf” and took Lysette’s sacred mark and implanted it in Meldiana’s body.

Meldiana thus became the Saint.

Lysette’s fiancée also ended their engagement and became engaged to Meldiana.

Nobody remembers when the sacred mark of the saint first appeared on Lysette’s body and the black magician vanished.

Lysette was then imprisoned for insulting the saint and breaking her heart, and this is where she is today.

—Everything has been done in accordance with Meldiana’s wishes.

Meldiana is the world’s queen.

The world above has become a place Lysette no longer wishes to return to.

“Yes—I don’t have to leave!”

If you don’t want to return to the ground, don’t.

In Dungeon, nothing is impossible.

Lysette quickly acquires skills by using her extra skill points.


“All right, this should keep me going for a while—things will calm down if I don’t go out for a while.”

She won’t have to cry over bad hygiene with the skill 【Purification-Magic】. She can sleep peacefully now that she has 【Barrier】. If she is unsure about something, she can obtain information by using【Appraisal】.

In other words, these are the necessary skills for surviving in the Dungeon.

“Ara? It looks like I’ve acquired a new magic as well. 【Water-Magic (Beginner)】I’m curious if I got it when I leveled up. It appears to be more manageable than flames…”


She glances at a dead frog and casts her magic.


The remains of the frog are magically encased in a block of ice. The cool air gently touches Lysette’s skin.

“Ah, I see. Ice, in general, is water.”

She throws the block of ice into the pond. As the ice melts, it will become food for the underwater monsters.

“Next is 【Purification-Magic】

When she tried 【Purification-Magic】 on her dirty hands, she found her dirty hands became shiny and clean, as if they had just been washed. When she applied it to her body and clothes, they appeared as clean as if she had just washed them after a bath.


That was possibly the best impression she’d ever made.

She then used 【Barrier-Magic】, which caused a transparent wall to appear around Lysette. When she lightly tapped it, it felt firm but elastic.

When she considers releasing it, the wall vanishes.

“Yes, I believe I can sleep soundly.”

Her fears disappear for the time being, and life in the dungeon becomes a reality. She lived a life of freedom that she did not have as an aristocrat. especially the freedom she couldn’t have in her teens.


—How lovely it sounds.

—If I had been a saint, I might not have had this much freedom.

—I’m curious how Meldiana is doing.

Such a thought suddenly occurred to her, along with joy.

Even after all this, family is still family. She is still her younger sister.

—I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned.

The saint is a vessel for the goddess’s power.

People respect her, as do kings and popes, but saints are not treated as human beings.

And it is not the saint herself who is significant. It is the Goddess’s power that comes to her.

As a result, the saint is disposable when she abuses her powers or when her miraculous abilities wane.

When a saint dies, a new saint is born somewhere else, and some saints are buried in obscurity because they are deemed insufficient.

—I believe she’ll be fine.

It is rare for a saint to lose her power. Meldiana is also well-mannered and well-known.

Lysette is now enjoying her life in Dungeon without any worries.

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