Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Entrance – Third Layer【Side:Leonhardt】│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“Really, you?! Don’t get caught by an item!”

“He’s right, Dee.”


“We can’t fail. Let’s use whatever that’s available. The revival items are important.”

—We don’t have much time to save Lysette.

The longer it takes, the worse the situation gets. They must get to Lysette as quickly as possible.

If they fall dead on certain layers, then, the revive item is very important.

And Douglas is strong. He has been down to the third layer by himself. He is also valuable as a vanguard force.

And with his infatuation with Lysette, Leonhardt is sure he will not betray them.

“Thank you. I will fight for you with my life.”

Leonhardt squeezed his offered hand back.

“Lysette is in the Dragon’s place on the sixth layer.”

“The sixth layer—that’s as far as you can reach.”

“We’ll leave as soon as we’ve replenished our supplies—we’re running out of time anyway.”

Leonhardt was about to go and gather items, cooking utensils, seasonings, and ingredients for use in the dungeon when Dee interrupted him.

“Hey, of course I’m coming with you! I don’t think you can solve the traps and tricks with just you guys.”

“Dee, thank you. That’s reassuring.”


Dee looks away.

As they turn to head toward the main street, two figures come running toward them from the other side.



It was voices he heard so many times he could no longer confuse them.

“Gunter, Hilde…”

Leonhardt’s former companions, the warrior Gunter and the healer Hilde, ran up to Leonhardt and burst into tears when they saw him.

“Thank God… you are safe…”

Inside the dungeon, Leonhardt told them to go back to their home country.

—Why are they still in Norun?

But that sort of thing doesn’t matter now.

What matters is…

Leonhardt bowed to them.

“Please! Help us!”


“My friend is alone with the dragon.” We need your help…!”

It’s the first time he ever bowed to anyone outside his family.

That’s how desperate he was.

Gunter is a bit of a daredevil but a skilled fighter.

Hilde’s healing skills were among the best in the country—she could revive corpses more efficiently than Leonhardt.”

“Leonhardt, please don’t lower your head.”

“You mean Lysette-san? We’ve seen her wanted list. Please let me go with you!”

“I’m sorry… Thank you so much.”

“We’re the ones who should be thanking you. We couldn’t leave here because we were worried about you. I can’t believe you invited us back…”

“Gunter… You’re still a tear-jerker as ever.”

A party of five is formed, three in the vanguard and two in the rear. It is a well-balanced, almost ideal party.

The lack of magic in a physical group is a bit daunting, but Douglas seems to be able to use magic, and Hilde can also use auxiliary magic.

They have prepared as many supplies as they can and are now entering the dungeon, aiming for the 6th layer as fast as possible.

—Lysette… I’ll help you this time.

It was Lysette who saved Leonhardt, who was dying of despair.

It was Lysette who guided Leonhardt, who was about to lose his way.

—I won’t leave Lysette in the deep darkness; I’ll be sure to rescue her.

Leonhardt was determined to do so, so he strengthened his 【Holy-Shield】with all his remaining skill points and headed back to the dungeon. Together with his friends.

The first layer, the forest area, was the fastest.

In the water area of the second layer, they used Hilde’s levitation magic to move around while they rested and ate roasted water reapers.

Eat and rest properly. That was the ironclad rule.

Time was running out, but they couldn’t allow failure.

Even if Lysette was dead, Hilde’s revival magic can resuscitate her even in bone conditions, but if it leaves too much time, the body will assimilate to Dungeon, which is impossible to revive.

Failing once is not an option.

—I met Lysette at this layer…

Leonhardt looks nostalgic at the seawater-filled area while eating water reapers.

At first, for the first moment after he opened his eyes, he thought Lysette was a messenger of the goddess.

Until he found out that the soup he ate contained unicorn meat.


Leonhardt has a strong connection with horses, so he was very reluctant to eat the unicorn meat, a horsey monster, but hunger got the better of him.

—And it tasted so good…

If she had not helped mediate relations with Gunter and Hilde, whom they met again in the Dungeon with a vengeance, Leonhardt would not be diving in the Dungeon with them again now.

—It’s all thanks to Lysette… I don’t know how much she has changed me and my destiny.

The change was an irreplaceable joy for Leonhardt.


passing through the second layer and the third layer. The structure had changed again, so they drew a map to navigate the labyrinth. The mimics they found were physically defeated and cooked.

No matter how strong the monsters are, they are easily crushed by the three vanguards.

“This is the first time I’ve ever felt sympathy for Mimic…”

Dee mutters as he dismantles Mimic.

“Leonhardt-sama…Do you happen to eat dungeon monsters while diving?”

Hilde asks with a tearful look on her face.

“Yeah. I’m getting used to cooking. Mimics are about ready. Let’s eat now.”

He sees the mimic turning red from the boiling and calls in his companions.

Tonight is a Mimic hot pot.

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