Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Dragon of The Sixth Layer│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

There was a hidden staircase inside the fallen Trent, in a cavity deep in the crumbling bark.

There was a cave with a bare rock surface at the bottom of the stairs.

This is the sixth layer. The depths.

The glowing moss on the rock surface makes the cave so bright that no lamp is required.

“So this is the location of the dragon…”

A murmur reverberates through the cave.

It was unnervingly quiet. There is no evidence of monsters.

There are no bats, slime, or any of the lower-class monsters that are common in caves. It was as if the monsters were avoiding this place.

And there was just a sense of oppressive menace in the air.

Leonhardt and Dee were tense and didn’t say much.

They continued down the straight road.

At the end of the road, a large door appeared. It’s a simple yet majestic stone door, like a buried temple.

The door is decorated with carvings. The carvings are curved and circular, like water flowing.

“This is the type of mechanic that will open if you inject magic.”

“Then I’ll do it.”

Lysette placed her hands on the door and poured magic power into it based on Dee’s judgment.

Clack clank

There was a reaction to the door mechanism opening.

After that, Lysette pushed the door slowly, and even with her meager strength, the massive door opened easily.

When the door was opened, a large stone temple appeared.

and also greeted them at the center of the temple…

A massive body covered in tough-looking green scales greeted them in the center, with two long necks and two red-and-white heads staring at them.

“Shut the door!”

“There it is right in front of us!”

She screams with teary eyes while clutching her pulsating chest.

—My heart is racing as a result of the sudden appearance.

“First, let’s just relax. Let’s go over the strategy again.”

Lysette agrees with Leonhardt’s idea and calls a meeting outside the door to talk about how to deal with the dragon.

“First comes the fire breath, and next is the blizzard breath,” he says.

“It’s a dangerous greeting…”

“It takes time for the next charge after he breathes—I can tell when it’s time to breathe again. When the time comes, I’ll block its breath; just don’t get too far away from me.”

Leonhardt has already faced this dragon. He said he retreated because he realized he wasn’t prepared enough at the time, but he has proven that the breath can be avoided with the [Holy-Shield] skill.

“Also, the tail’s attacks are strong, so stay out of its range.”

Dee and Lysette both nod.

“Because of the dragon’s massive body, its movements are rather slow, so if you’re careful, it won’t follow you. It is a formidable foe, with both physical and magical attacks. It has a lot of energy, and once weakened to a certain point, it starts to heal itself. Lysette, this is the time to unleash your full firepower.


“I want you to take a look at the situation and focus on one of the heads.I’m confident your magic will work.”

“All right. Leave it to me. I’ll do my best!”

Lysette was confident in her abilities.

—If he believes in me that much, then all I have to do is give it my all against the Dragon!

“Dee, wait and see and use the items I gave you.”

“All right.”

Dee looks pale as he answers.

“Hey… Are you sure we can beat that guy?”

The dragon is the most powerful of all monsters.

Intelligent, powerful, and physically strong.

No single human being can match its power.

Only the chosen one, the hero, is capable of defeating the Dragon.

“No party has ever defeated the Dungeon’s Dragon.”

“So we’re the first ones, huh?”

“That’s how it is.”

—We may not be able to win this fight individually, but if we band together, we have a chance.

Leonhardt and Lysette both laughed.

Dee sighed in frustration.

“Well, we’ve come this far, so let’s get going!”

Lysette opens the door again and walks into the room where Dragon is waiting.

The Dragon

In a room that looks like the temple from the abyss, a two-headed dragon that was lying on the floor and looking like it was guarding something gets up.

It stomps its four feet on the floor to support its massive body, spreads its wings as if it could fly at any moment, and roars.

The cries of the two heads shake the dungeon, and the ground trembles as its thick tails slap menacingly against it.

After that, the two long necks shake, and two mouths exhale fire and ice breaths at the same time.

Leonhardt’s magical barrier【Holy-Shield】finally activated.

Despite their diametrically opposed properties, the two breaths—fire and ice—did not cancel each other out, but rather amplified the power of both and fell upon the 【Holy-Shield】.

However, the breaths break through the magical barrier that has been preventing all attacks thus far.

—It’s breaking!

Lysette immediately constructs a defense barrier and attempts to fortify their defense.

However, the extreme attack is still causing cracks in the barrier and the 【Holy-Shield】.

The sea of flames and an ice storm are colliding like a raging tide, attacking the defense that is about to be destroyed at any moment.

Lysette attempts to use her magic once more.

She’s about to use fire and water magic to neutralize and cancel each other out.

But it’s too late for her.

For the first time, Lysette faced death.

Leonhardt’s body is on fire.

Dee’s body freezes solid.

The [Heart-Substitution.] reacts to the death of its owner by enveloping their bodies in a light of escape.

A bright light bursts into the sky. It shines brightly, like a shooting star flying upward.

Having seen off the two lights of escape, Lysette comes to her senses. She sits up, leaning against the wall of the room.

—I’ll make it!

Lysette will not accept the inevitable.

In a spur of the moment decision, she strengthens her barrier with skill points and protects herself with a narrow but powerful barrier. Just for herself.

She didn’t want to die; she just wanted to live.

She gives a bitter smile.

She gets up while the sea of flames and ice continues to burn.

—Can I stop the next breath attack? What about a tail attack?

She was alone with the dragon.

One versus one.

The situation is dire.

However, Lysette realizes that the dragon has lost sight of her because the barrier has obscured the monster’s vision and presence beneath the blanket of the sea of fire and ice.

The dragon isn’t paying attention anymore and wants to go back to sleep, thinking that the intruders are gone.

From the Dragon’s point of view, there is no one here anymore.

There are two choices for Lysette.

Make an attempt to flee.

Or fight.


Lysette raises her head.

She smiles as she looks up at the high ceiling.

She lowers her gaze and turns to face the dragon.

She extends her hand to the lovely, exquisite creature.

“Will you dance with me until morning, Dragon-san?”

In the earth’s depths, where neither morning nor afternoon can be found,

Lysette prepared for battle by reaching for the unicorn’s horned staff.

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