Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Welcome to Dwarf’s Inn│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

They walked over the hill to the other side, behind Kanatoko the Dwarf.

There was a house at the bottom of the hill. It was a lovely wooden house surrounded by manicured fields. There were two barns as well.

“This is my residence.”

“Are you living in the Dungeon?!”

“Yes. I also own and operate an inn. Do you want to stay? It costs 3,000 gold per person, including meals.”

“Please, yes!”

Lysette nods vigorously and moves forward when her arm is yanked from behind.

“Hey there, wild boar. Don’t make a decision on your own!”

“Because I’m curious!”

In hushed tones, Lysette exclaims.

“I’m interested in learning how the dwarfs live here and what kind of food they serve.”

Lysette had been living in the dungeon’s first layer for a while, but it had been a survivalist lifestyle, and it was shocking to see Kanatoko living inside the dungeon, building a house and cultivating a farm. She can’t help but be curious about that life.

“What are your thoughts, Leon?”

“Well, he doesn’t seem too bad, so I think it’s all right.”

“Damn softy.”

Lysette doesn’t think of Kanatoko as a bad dwarf. Instead, she thinks of him as a nice dwarf, like Kanatsuchi the Dungeon merchant.

“I’m not sure how long we haven’t had humans in these parts. My arms are twitching.”

Dee shudders at Kanatoko’s mutterings.

“Doesn’t that imply we’re the meal?!”

“It’s like something out of a mountain Ogre legend.”

Leonhardt gives a bitter smile.

“Dee, you think too much. There are plenty of tasty monsters around. He won’t bother eating us.”

Kanatoko, who is walking ahead of them, returns their gaze.

“We’ve got a bath and sake.”

“Sake?! They’ve got sake? Hey, let’s hurry up and go!”

The two-story log house is old, but it is in good condition. It had been well taken care of.

The field next to the house was overgrown with plants, and birds chirped from the shed.

“Kanatoko-san, why do you live in the Dungeon?”

“Dwarfs prefer to be on the ground—besides, everything here is self-sufficient—and my brother occasionally goes out and brings me items from the outside.”

It is almost self-sufficient to live in a dungeon. Lysette envies Kanatoko for having such a comfortable living environment. And she had respect for Kanatoko.

“Do you get attacked by monsters?”

Leonhardt inquires, and Kanatoko responds in the affirmative.

“Well, most monsters avoid this area. There are a few miscreants here and there, but no harm is done.”


It could mean that this house is a safe zone in the dungeon, or it could just be a part of the dungeon itself.

Kanatoko enters the house through the kitchen door rather than the front door. There is a spacious kitchen. He carefully places the bag of rabbits on the well-used work table.

“Now, let’s deal with the exploding rabbit first.”

The exploding rabbit remains as solid as ice. The knife will not go in at this rate.

“I’m going to defrost it.”

He slowly expelled the cold air. While remaining cold, the frozen body softens.

“Mm. Exploding rabbits have an ignition organ in their throats as well as an explosive reservoir near their stomachs. When its body is injured, it emits a special sound and is likely to explode to warn its peers of the danger.”

Kanatoko took out a thick, sharpened knife.

“As a result, when you kill them, you must crush their heads in one blow.”

The knife is dropped with a thud.

“…Drain the blood while in this state—after that, remove the entire guts and proceed as if it were a normal rabbit.”

Lysette keeps a close eye on the masterful knife work.

“You may be tempted to eat it right away, but rabbit meat must be cured. I’ll serve you the rabbit I caught earlier today.”

“Can I assist you?”

“I can’t do that to my guests. I’ll take you to your room and leave you to rest.”


“I’m surprised… He looks right at home in the dungeon.”

Leonhardt was impressed while sitting on the bed in the guest room.

Lysette nods as she organizes her belongings beneath her bed.

“I think it’s wonderful.”

“Me, I’m horrified—this layer may appear to be above ground, but it is, after all, underground—under the earth! I don’t want to live among the monsters!”

As he lies on his bed, looking up at the ceiling, Dee’s viewpoint is probably the most common.

Nonetheless, this Dungeon inn will soothe the adventurers like an oasis in the desert or a cabin in the snowy mountains. Lysette admires Kanatoko, the proprietor of this inn. In her mind, he is now her master.

“So, what brings us all in this room?

“It’s a four-person room, isn’t it?”

Lysette tilts her head in response to Dee’s question.

There was one room for four and two rooms for two, and they were told they could use any of them, but Lysette and the others were in the only room for four.

It was a nice room.

The room was serene, with wood floors, walls, and ceilings. The beds are comfortable and clean.

“It seems safe here, but it’s not a good idea to leave. We should stick together.”

“Hehehe, if you want, I’ll leave.”

“—Dee! Lysette and I are not like that!”

Leonhardt is flushed and irritable.

“I can’t believe I’m getting in the way~ I’m afraid I’ll cause you problems, but please allow me to accompany you both.”

“Ugh, yes, yes…”

Dee appears to be pleased with what he sees.

The men’s cryptic exchanges are beyond Lysette’s comprehension. So she doesn’t bother.

“While the food is cooking, I’m going to take a bath.”

“Wait a second! Moving away from each other is not a good idea.”

The perplexed Lysette was stopped by the blushing Leonhardt.

“I don’t think we’ll fit in the bath together though?”

“No, no, no! I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Hehehe. And here I thought you were a bit reserved, but it turns out you’re quite bold.”

” No!!”

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