Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Fourth Layer, Wind and Sky│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

The blue sky, the golden light, the breeze. as well as lush green meadows.

As Lysette and the others went down to the fourth layer, they were met by blinding light and wind.

White clouds floated through the sky, and birds were flying.

The atmosphere was similar to that of the forest in the first layer, but there was less discomfort in the sky here.

and vastly different from the third layer’s narrow, dark labyrinth.

“It’s fantastic… I can’t believe there’s another world beneath the earth…”

“In the dungeon, anything is possible.”

In contrast to Lysette and Dee, who were enthralled, Leonhardt was composed.

“You two, we’ve made it to the middle layer. The monsters are becoming more powerful. You should brace yourself.”


Leonhardt was correct. No matter how unbelievable the underground dungeon appears, it is unmistakably a dungeon.

The thing flying in the sky is not a bird, but a bird-shaped monster. It is a harpy, with the head of a human woman.

Common sense does not apply in this situation.

“In any case, we need to get some food as soon as possible—there isn’t much time left.”

“Isn’t that good.”

Dee points to a hill where a gray-haired rabbit stands with its ears up, warily looking at them.

“Even if it’s a monster, you can eat it if it’s a rabbit.”

“That’s an exploding rabbit—it explodes and scatters when hurt.”

“It appears cute but is actually quite fierce.”

“I’m not going to scrape up mincemeat…”

—As expected, raking up food on the ground is difficult. If possible, I’d like to cook something that has been kept in shape.

“The sound of exploding rabbits is said to warn their friends of impending danger—it’s best to kill them from afar, preferably by severing their ignition organs.”

“You’re a cool-headed guy, aren’t you?”

Dee shrugs his shoulders.

“I don’t have a bow and arrow, and my knife has limited range.”

“They’re also extremely suspicious. Lysette’s magic can finish them off when they emerge from their burrows.”

Lysette nodded and took up the unicorn’s horned staff.

“I’ll handle it—let’s go rabbit hunting!”

—My grandmother had taught me how to go rabbit hunting. I’ve even touched and eaten them.

Perhaps because of the disturbing atmosphere, the rabbit escapes up the hill.

“How will we get them out of the burrow?”

“Yes! Throwing snakes into the burrow will bring the rabbits out.”

“If it’s from the place where you can catch a snake, there’s one out in the bushes over there.”

At that moment, a green snake crawls out of the tall grass nearby like a moving thick rope.

It appeared to be a little large to throw down the rabbit hole, but a snake is a snake.

“Whoa, just in time…”

Dee had noticed it as well and was about to catch it when the grass behind it shook violently.

And a massive rooster with a magnificent cock crown slithered out from behind the grass. A bird of prey’s razor-sharp eyes locked on them.

“A big chicken has come out, carrying a snake on its back!”

“No! That’s a Cokatrice!”

【Appraisal】Cokatrice. A Cokatrice is a cross between a rooster and a poisonous snake. It has a rooster’s body and a venomous snake as a tail. It has a potent venom.

The Cokatrice takes flight in their direction. Its sharp, hooked claws are aimed at the approaching Dee’s neck.

—Fire ball!

Lysette fired a small magical fireball, striking the head of a Cokatrice rooster, startling him and blinding him.

As soon as the cokatrice wobbles in the air, Leonhardt pushes Dee out of the way, preparing his stance, and cuts off the head of the cockatrice with his sword.

The snake’s head is also severed with his sword.

Leonhardt draws his sword just as the cokatrice collapses, having lost two heads.

“I need you to clean the sword, Lysette—the cokatrice’s venom has seeped into the sword.”


The black blood attached to the sword is attempting to envelop the entire weapon, producing gray smoke.

Lysette casts purification magic, and it instantly vanishes.

Leonhardt takes up the purified sword and sheathes it before returning his gaze to Dee, who is still lying on the ground.

“I thought I was going to die…”

“I’m sorry for pushing you—are you hurt?”

“Thanks, That’s a lot better than getting kicked in the head.

Dee grabs Leonhardt’s extended hand and stands up.

“Since it’s here, let’s have some cockatrice dishes!”

“Doesn’t it contain poison?”

“The poison is only found in the snake’s body—the rooster is not poisonous and will not harm you.”

“There’s also Purification Magic, and I see anti-poison grass everywhere!”

She picked up some anti-poison grass that had sprouted right at her feet. It had a pleasant aroma. fresh and high-quality. Lysette planned to pack some and make—herb-roasted cokatrice.


When she looked up, she noticed three harpies flying around, watching them.

They’re chirping at each other in high-pitched voices, possibly talking about something.

“They’re scary, aren’t they?”

“But they don’t seem to be attacking us. They’re most likely just being cautious.”

Leonhardt grabs the cokatrice’s ankle and begins walking. He makes his way towards the nearest forest.

“Let’s switch places—the harpies are most likely going to interrupt our meal.”

“Interrupt? In what sense?”

Leonhardt opens his heavy mouth after a brief pause.



“They’ll spray filth from the sky…”

“Dear Goddess.”

“That’s how they plan to steal our food.”

He appeared depressed, as if he remembered an unpleasant scene.

“Isn’t it true that they’re birds? Then I’ll construct a thicker barrier.”

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