A former villainess who doesn’t want to see her husband again even if she were reborn – Chapter 4

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“Your Highness, Your Highness, please let me go!”

His Highness ignored me, grabbed me by the arm and forcibly dragged me into an unknown room.

In this school, there was a parlor that only royalty could use, but I, a commoner, did not even know that this room existed.

When I entered the room, he finally let go of my hand, but he was standing by the door and it seemed like I couldn’t leave without permission.

“Violet, not, um, Lilina? Have a seat.”

He called me kindly, completely disregarding the fact that we had never met before, and asked me to sit on the sofa.

But I had no way to comply.

In my heart, I was glad to see him again and to be able to talk to him, but outwardly, I felt uncomfortable being dragged away by a stranger prince.

“Your Highness, I’m in trouble. Please let me go.”

I frowned as I said this, and he relaxed his eyes in amusement as he said.

“Violet, I know that you have a habit of looking diagonally to the right when you tell a lie!”

“What!? No way! I didn’t know I had that habit!”

In response to his words, I put my hand over my mouth and backed away.

In response, he said, with a relaxed expression.

“Yeah, I’m lying.”

“Huh? A Lie? Eh!”

“We’re both liars, aren’t we? Violet, you know me!”

He looked at me with his intense eyes, like he was sure of something.

I turned my head away and said, “Yes, I know. You’re Prince Aaron, aren’t you!”

But he didn’t tolerate my deception. He took both of my cheeks in his hands and turned them toward him.

“No, don’t play games with me, Violet. It’s me, your husband. My name is!”



When I looked into his piercing, too-straight eyes, the old lady in me called out his name as if she had given up.

“Sir Soleil.”

The moment I said that, he hugged me.

“Violet, Violet the liar, I’ve missed you.”

He was trembling as he pressed my face against his shoulder and hugged me tightly.

Knowing that he was trembling, I felt ashamed of my deceitfulness.

Yes, there was no point in pretending not to know.

In a previous life, we had been husband and wife.

I couldn’t do anything about the mistakes of my previous life now, but maybe he would accept my apology.

I apologized as he wrapped me in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Sir Soleil, I’m really sorry.

I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I really think I was cruel.”

I sobbed into his chest.

He didn’t say a word when I said I was sorry and kept gently stroking my hair.

I don’t know how long I cried, but when my emotions had finally calmed down and my crying had subsided, he loosened his hold on me and looked at me again.

“Have you calmed down?”

He sat me down on the sofa he had suggested earlier, and I sat down next to him.

“Um… Sorry…”

“Enough with the sorry.

Where have you been hiding all this time?

We were at the same school and I didn’t notice you at all, I’ve been looking for you and Violet didn’t think I was reborn!”

He looked at me with a sultry face, and I was nervous.

“Because I didn’t know if His Royal Highness Aaron was Soleil’s reincarnation, and if he was, I thought it would be better not to see him.”

“Why not? You promised to meet me even if you were reincarnated!”

“Yes, I did, but… after you died, I went to your grave to ask to change your promise, but you didn’t hear!”

I don’t really want to talk about the details of my past life if I can help it, but His Highness Aaron doesn’t stop asking.

“You didn’t ask me, or rather, why didn’t you go to the same grave as me? What do you mean?”

I didn’t think he would even ask about the grave.


“To be honest, I only vaguely remember what happened after I died, but I do remember waiting for the day when your life ended and you were laid to rest.”


“I said, ‘Take your time,’ and also, I said I’d wait for you, right?

We’re a married couple. You’d think we’d be in the same grave, right?


“What!? I’m sorry, I mean… I thought Sir Soleil would have a lot of regrets about his hometown, so I had him reburied in your hometown. I joined the Marquis family’s grave, so we were buried separately…”

I was honestly explaining the situation at the time, but His Highness Aaron’s expression was grim.

“I have a lot of regrets about my hometown?


Of course, I had a lot of regrets about the Marquis family.

We were only about 21 and 22, right?

The children were too small, and I was angry at myself for having to leave Violet with such small children. It was really hard.”

It’s hard for me, too, when you put it that way.

That’s right, Sir Soleil stopped time when he was 22, but I lived until I became a grandmother, didn’t I?

“I’m sorry… but both of our children are grown up.

Cain looked just like you when he grew up.

He grew up fine and took over the Marquis family.

When Marian grew up, the man she loved wanted him to marry her.

I, too, had a happy life surrounded by children and grandchildren. I’m sorry.”

He smiled sadly as I talked about his children after his death.

“Why are you apologizing? Please don’t apologize.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t protect Violet, that I died so early…

Well, they’ve grown up so much, haven’t they?

I wish I could have been there to see them grow up.

I can’t believe Marian got married.

She was just born when I died.

That’s all well and good, but I know we had separate graves, but why didn’t you come and visit me? You’re too heartless.”

It’s hard for me too when he’s holding my hand tightly and blaming me.

“I’m sorry about that…”

“What’s wrong with that!”

“Eh? Because I’ve made you unhappy…”

“What are you talking about? I was sick. Okay, I had no choice. It wasn’t Violet’s fault.

In fact, it’s my own fault for letting the disease get the better of me and leaving young Violet behind.

But I won’t let you go. I’ll live longer in this life.

I’ll watch our children grow up together, and I want to see my grandchildren’s faces. Then we’ll definitely be in the same grave.”

I was puzzled when he said that with a straight face.

“Yes, but…”

“Lilina? Could it be that after you’ve been reborn, you don’t like me anymore!”

“Eh!? That’s not what I meant… it’s not important…”

Did you say we’ll be buried together in this life?


“What? What’s not important!?”

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment!?

I’m not going to let you go now, so be ready.”

He’s pushing me so hard I’m half on the couch.

This position is awful.

I put my hand on His Highness Aaron’s chest and tried to push him back.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

I want you to pretend we never made that promise.

I don’t think we have to keep the promises we made in our past lives. Do we?

I know Sir Soleil is very loyal and law-abiding, but I want Sir Soleil, or even His Highness Aaron, to be happy with the person he loves in this life.”

When I said that, His Highness Aaron seemed to have noticed that I was leaning over and pulled me up.

“What, what do you mean?

What good is that going to do?

What do you mean by being happy? 

What do you think I was born to do?

To meet you and start our life over again!”

“Then forget about it.

In my previous life, I was able to live quite happily with my children and grandchildren, and I don’t need you to think about your responsibility for your early death.

I’m sorry that I tied you up and shortened your life in an unfamiliar environment.”

I looked away and said that, and again His Highness Aaron grabbed me by the face and forced me to look at him.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!!

I don’t care if you’re responsible for my early death or not.

It’s true that I was a lousy husband for leaving you so young, but that’s why I say I want to be happy with Lilina this time!!!”

We’ve been going around in circles.

I was getting frustrated with my stubborn ex-husband, and my voice was getting louder.

“That’s why! I’m all for His Highness Aaron’s being happy, but!

I don’t want to be the one to have to tell you that. You’re about to get engaged to a duchess, aren’t you!?” 

When I said that, His Royal Highness Aaron rolled his eyes for a moment, but then, as if a circuit had been established, he denied it in a loud voice.



You mean Caroline Wimberly?

I’m not marrying that woman! I’m not even engaged to her!”

“Eh? But she’s your lover from your previous life!”

“What!? From a previous life? That would be you!”

“Wasn’t I the evil woman who forced you to marry me in a past life?

I’m the villainess who tears apart lovers who truly love each other, aren’t I?

Wasn’t she the beloved lover you cried yourself to death!”

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!????!”

An even louder voice echoed through the room. “.

“…Huh?… No!”

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