Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Rumors of the Golden Cloud

Strange rumors spread in the town of Deals, the eastern gateway to the Kingdom of Kholdar.

“A golden cloud appeared to the west of the territory. The army is coming and evacuating those with magical powers. It seems that those with magical powers lose all their magic and collapse when they get close to the golden cloud.”

The first ones to hear these rumors were a couple who managed Cyril-san’s family home. It seems that the rumors quietly spread through the town’s shopping district. Apparently, someone who took refuge at a relative’s house mentioned it, and that relative talked about it while selling vegetables at the market.

“I heard that Pauline-sama has magical powers. I hope she has a designated place to evacuate to in case of emergency.”

They worried about it, but the couple themselves were relaxed. Since they didn’t have magical powers, they had a sense of “those with magical powers have it tough.”

Upon hearing this, Pauline-san, Victor, and I exchanged glances. Pauline-san had never mentioned anything about a golden cloud before.

“Pauline, I’ll make the gelato, so can I ask for a more detailed vision? Let’s start with the situation in Sumner tomorrow. See if it’s related to the golden cloud.”


Pauline-san immediately sat down on a chair in the kitchen and began her vision. She closed her eyes and focused her magical power and consciousness on the tips of her fingers.

While cooking red rice porridge, I glanced at Pauline-san’s state from time to time. She looked serious and dignified as she performed her vision. Cyril-san, who happened to come into the kitchen, noticed our behavior and quietly sat down diagonally across from Pauline-san.

I chopped wild boar belly meat for the topping of today’s porridge and sautéed it with garlic, shallots, and chopped herbs. The broth simmered and a delicious aroma filled the air. Victor heated milk with sugar in a pot and slowly stirred it with a wooden spoon.

Eventually, Pauline-san opened her eyes with a snap.

“Nothing will happen tomorrow. The golden cloud will just grow larger.”

“Do you know where the cloud is right now? Any idea of its location?”

“No, I can only see the forest endlessly. There are no landmarks.”

“I see. So, for now, we’re safe tomorrow. . . Well then, shall we go about our business as usual?”

We loaded all the goods onto the carriage that Cyril-san had modified, and we headed to the town square. Everyone seemed lost in thought. Unable to bear it, I was the first to speak up.

“Could that golden cloud that steals magical power be related to the whirlwind?”

“I was thinking the same thing. But those who controlled the whirlwind were captured, and moreover, all the ones I faced had weak magical powers. They didn’t possess the vast magical power to create a cloud like that.”

The three of us tilted our heads as we headed to the square, where a crowd had gathered.

“I wonder what’s going on.”

“I’ll go take a look.”

Victor ran towards the crowd but quickly returned.

“It said that those with magical powers must go to the mayor’s place. And according to the townspeople, those who headed to the mayor’s house, adults and children alike, hurriedly packed their belongings and went somewhere.”

“They must be evacuating them.”

That was the only explanation I could think of.

“Well, according to Pauline-san, today and tomorrow should be fine, so let’s get down to business as usual.”

I spoke cheerfully, but deep down, I had made up my mind.

An invisible threat had emerged, and as someone summoned to this country, I could see it. I pondered the meaning of it repeatedly. No matter how many times I thought about it, there was only one answer.


In terms of the ratio, there were few people with magical powers in this town, so the crowd was no different from usual. We sold rice porridge with toppings, gelato, and hot tea. “Let’s make money while we can,” I said, and Victor laughed and helped me. Pauline-san had a slightly gloomy expression.

For over a week, we worked as usual. The town’s situation remained unchanged. Pauline-san’s visions only mentioned that there was a golden cloud above the forest, slowly growing and moving.

A change occurred in our lives about ten days after the notice was posted. Many soldiers arrived in the town of Deals. There was a person who seemed to hold a high position, and when Victor and Pauline-san saw that person, they froze.

“Do you know that person?”

“Haru, that’s Vice Commander Douglas Edwards of the Kingdom’s army.”

“Why is Douglas-sama here? Even if there’s a shortage of magical power, it doesn’t mean they’ll die.”

“Hey, Pauline, isn’t that. . . the Crown Prince?”

“Oh, you’re right. Why is the Crown Prince here?”

I listened silently as the two exchanged whispers. My heart was restless.

We temporarily stopped the carriage at the entrance of the square, unsure of what to do, but the sparkling prince suddenly turned his face towards us.

“Oh no. I feel like our eyes met.”

“Victor, it seems like our eyes did meet. He’s coming this way.”

“Huh? Victor, Pauline-san, what should we do? Is it okay if we’re found out?”

Victor looked at me with a dark smile.

“Haru was kicked out, and I’ve been fired from the royal castle. We just have to act naturally. Besides, Haru isn’t even from this country.”

Then Pauline-san put her hand on her forehead and muttered.

“I. . . might be in trouble. I’ve already used up all my approved vacation days, and I don’t know if I’ve been fired or if I’m on unauthorized leave.”


Only two months remained until the great disaster that Pauline foresaw.

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