Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Explosion Sound

It’s probably midnight now, I think.

Suddenly, a loud explosion echoed in my stomach, long after Kuro had been sent away. At the same time, the building shook violently.

Have they arrived? Did Victor and the others come to help? Many people were screaming. There were sounds of explosions and the cracking of wood. The screams continued.

“Kuro! Are you here? Come here if you are!”


“Can you cut the rope?”


Kuro lightly scratched the rope that was tied around both of my wrists with its front paws. The rope snapped with its claws, and my arms were finally free after a long time. I quickly removed the bag from my head.

“Ugh, it’s bright.”

Even though it was only the light of a squeezed oil lamp, it was blinding to my eyes that had been covered by the bag for days. Kuro’s eyes were shining green as they reflected the light.

“Kuro, can you let me out?”


I thought Kuro would use magic or something to unlock the door, but it started scratching the wall facing outside. Oh no, it’s just a cat. That’s exactly what a cat would do. Maybe I had expected too much.

And then, as I was disappointed, the wall crumbled and a hole appeared, which grew bigger and bigger. It was a hole that I could pass through if I bent down. Demon cat, you’re amazing.

“Thank you, Kuro.”


There was no one outside. The explosion had occurred on the opposite side of the cabin. Smoke was rising.

“Please let Victor know that I managed to escape.”


I walked towards the nearby bushes, staggering on my weakened legs. I wanted to run, but my bound legs wouldn’t move as I wished. Just a little more to reach the bushes, and then I heard a voice from behind. 

“Stop! If you don’t stop, I’ll attack.”

I turned around slowly and saw a young man holding a small fireball in his hand. It was much smaller than Victor’s.

“Don’t worry, Kuro. Let’s go.”


I continued towards the bushes.


I could tell from the heat in my back that the fireball was approaching, but I was fine.

“Huh? Huh?”

I heard a surprised and flustered voice from behind.

After that, I heard the voice saying “Fireball!” multiple times, and hot gusts of wind came, but nothing happened to me. Actually, the bushes in front of me were catching fire, so I wished they would stop. That’s more dangerous!

“Kuro, drive them away.”


“Wha! It’s a monster!”

Good job, Kuro.

Soon after, a battle started right behind me. I immediately heard Victor’s voice saying, “Haru!” When I turned around, I saw Victor fighting alongside several people who seemed to be wizards.

I’m sure everything will be fine now, I thought, and then I suddenly felt weak and squatted down. But I saw something that made me unable to relax.

A whirlwind was approaching them.

“Whirlwind! Behind Victor! Run that way!”

No, they’re catching up. I hurriedly returned to the cabin. Hurry! Hurry! Damn it, I should run faster!

One soldier fell with a thud. The whirlwind, which had turned into a golden pillar by absorbing his magic power, moved on to the next person. The fallen soldier’s eyes remained open, motionless. Is he unconscious? This is bad. I staggered while looking for the person creating the whirlwind. 

There they were. A pair of them using magic towards us. I stood between them and the rescue team. I prayed that I could shield them with my body.

“Watch out!” someone said behind me. Then, a young man with a thick wooden stick in his hand ran towards me, shouting, “Don’t interfere with us!” He was about to swing it down at me. I didn’t even have time to escape. It’s true that everything seems to be in slow motion at times like this.

(Ah, this is it. I’m going to die.) I closed my eyes.


When I opened my eyes, Kuro was biting the right shoulder of the man holding the stick. With its translucent black wings flapping, it floated in the air and bit down hard. Its fangs were long. I didn’t know Kuro had such long fangs.

A person wearing a black mask ran over and chanted something while holding his hand towards the young man. Then, golden powder overflowed from the young man. He immediately collapsed and stopped moving. The other pair had already been defeated by the person in the black mask. Kuro flew over to me and landed on my shoulder, turning around once in the air.


Pauline-san came running. When I saw her tearful face, I finally felt relieved. Then, I really lost my strength.

“Pauline-san, you came too. Thank you.”

“I can use fire magic a little, you know. I knew you were safe from my foresight, but I’m finally relieved.”

Pauline-san hugged me tightly, and then she guided me, saying, “Come this way.” The sounds of battle were still going on behind me, but it was getting quieter.

I got on a sturdy carriage, checked for injuries, drank herbal tea from a water bottle, and was hugged once again.

“Kuro guided the soldiers. At first, we were all wide-eyed. Thanks to Victor’s explanation, we followed Kuro. It was quite a strange sight, with dozens of soldiers riding horses and following Kuro, who was fluttering in the air like that. I want to pass down that story to future generations.”

I also wanted to see that.

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