Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: A Beautiful Person Came

It was a day that had passed almost a month since we started selling gelato in the Sloane territory. As we were tidying up to go home, a completely unfamiliar person came to our place.

“Haru-sama, Victor!”

She was a beautiful woman with red hair and glasses. I had no recollection of ever seeing her before, but she seemed to know me.

“Um, who are you?”

“Haru, I’m surprised too, but this is the visionary wizard Pauline Lane.”

“I’m Pauline. Nice to meet you, Haru-sama. It’s been a while, Victor.”

Pauline-san had calm red hair, green eyes, and thick glasses. Her face was fair with beautiful features and clear eyes.

“I’ve been searching. I’ve been doing visions every day.”

“Pauline-san used magic to find this place. It’s amazing magic.”

Pauline-san coughed lightly.

“I knew you were selling gelato from the first day, but it took me a while to pinpoint the location.”

She confessed shyly.

“So, why did Pauline come here? What about your work?”

“I took a day off. I really wanted to persuade Haru-sama.”

I probably had a strained expression. After all, the topic of summoning was still very much alive in my mind.

Victor looked a little troubled as he glanced at me and Pauline-san. Sorry for putting you in a difficult position.

“Pauline, the great calamity is still more than a year away, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. We have a year to prepare. But that’s not all. It’s about Haru-sama. . .”

“Please call me Haru.”

Pauline-san blinked a few times and then continued speaking.

“Since Haru arrived, the future of this country has split into two. A prosperous future and a devastated one. I think it depends on Haru’s actions how the future of this country will turn out. But then I heard those idiots drove Haru away. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I escaped from the castle.”

Victor and Pauline-san looked at me. No, no, that’s impossible.

“Um, as you know, I don’t have any magical powers. Even if there are earthquakes, typhoons, or monster rampages, I can’t do anything.”

Victor took my hand. What is it? What is it!

“Pauline, who excels in visionary magic, has come all the way here, and I don’t think the summoning was a failure. Sorry, but can I tell her your abilities?”

“Sure, but I won’t accept being called a saint.”

“That’s fine. Pauline, Haru can see magical powers. And she can nullify my attacks.”

Pauline-san delicately covered her mouth with both hands and widened her eyes.

“Victor was skilled not only in summoning but also in all types of magic. Nullifying that?”

“Haru, can you demonstrate it later?”

“Um. . .”

I gave in to their enthusiasm and said “um,” but if I were to show that, it would surely cause a commotion.


Pauline-san came with us to Cyril-san’s house. She seemed excited. Cyril-san, on the other hand, changed into a slightly stylish shirt and brought out wine, perhaps because a beautiful lady had come.

“Cyril-san, I’ll take care of something before preparing dinner.”

I said that and the three of us headed to the backyard. Cyril-san followed with a wine glass in hand. Of course, he wants to see. He wants to know what we’re doing in his backyard.

“Alright, Haru, let’s do it.”

Saying that, Victor unleashed ice lances one after another towards me. Pauline-san screamed in surprise, and Cyril-san shouted in anger.

Of course, the ice lances disappeared without harming me. Understanding that, Pauline-san said, “So that’s Victor’s magic limitation, being able to nullify my attacks too, I want to know,” with a hint of fear.

“Please go ahead. I think it’ll be fine. Also, I’m not consciously blocking them. They just disappear on their own.”

“Is that so? Then, then. . . Ah, it’s impossible to aim at a person after all!”

Pauline-san collapsed. Then Victor said, “Alright, watch this. Pauline was planning to use fire magic, right?” and threw a fireball at me. The fireball disappeared in an instant, surprising Pauline-san.

“It disappeared. . . Then I’ll. . . Fireball!”

A smaller and slower fireball than Victor disappeared in front of me. So, I can nullify anyone’s magic. I see. 

“Wait, let me sit down. It was too stimulating for me.”

In a hurry, Victor and I supported Cyril-san from both sides and entered the house. And while we were at it, I called Kuro. 

As soon as Pauline-san saw Kuro appear, she screamed, “Gyaaa!” and tried to use some kind of magic, but Victor had already prepared and stopped her from behind.

While she calmed down, I prepared dinner. 

That night, we had garlic ginger stir-fried lean meat, tomato and leafy green salad, and soup with beans and milk. Kuro sat at my feet the whole time.

“Why does it feel like my mother’s cooking even though I’ve never eaten this dish before?”

Pauline-san, who was still in an excited state, and Cyril-san, who elegantly poured wine for her. Their attitude towards me was completely different. It was so different that it was refreshing.

That night, Pauline-san, who had been excited by various things, got quite drunk.

“My visions were not wrong! Haru-sama is indeed the Saint-sama! Take that, Prime Minister! You’re so focused on your own agenda that you can’t see the truth of the Saint-sama! Idiot, idiot!”

She repeated that over and over. Perhaps Kuro found her too noisy, as he had disappeared without me noticing.

Eventually, Cyril-san went to his room, and Victor and I laid Pauline-san in the other guest room before going to the backyard and sipping wine while standing under the golden fountain.

“It was quite noisy, sorry about that.”

“Victor, you don’t have to apologize. Pauline-san seems like a nice person.”

“She is.”

“But she called me a saint in front of Cyril-san.”

“I think Cyril-san noticed but pretended not to. His eyes seemed a little unfocused.”

“Yeah, I felt the same way. He seemed a bit distracted.”

“Well, what’s been said can’t be unsaid. It was my mistake for not silencing her.”

“But still, even though I can nullify magic and summon Kuro, I can’t imagine that I can save the country. You know, Victor.”


“If it’s for you, Cyril-san, the Aura, and everyone who has been kind to me, and if it’s something I have to do, I might be willing to risk my life. Lately, I’ve been thinking that way. It’s really scary, though. But I don’t want to work hard for the important people in the castle.”

“Yeah. . . I understand. But I won’t let Haru do anything dangerous alone. If we have to fight something, I’ll be with you. I’ll protect you with all my might.”

Saying that, Victor ruffled my head and entered the house.


Seven months remained until the major disaster that Pauline foresaw.

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