Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Whirlwind Returns

“Conrad-san has experienced it, but I haven’t.”

“So what?”

“I want to experience it too.”

“…Don’t say stupid things! Stop it, let’s quickly go inside the building!”

“What are you guys doing?”

I forcefully pushed Conrad-san, who was talking, into the entrance of the inn behind us.

“If you want to see, then watch from there! Hey, Victor, please. Please stop.”

However, Victor remained motionless with a stern expression. Our physical strength difference was too great, so no matter how much I pushed or pulled, he didn’t budge. I’m on the verge of tears. Why!

“How far has it come? Tell me. Only you can see it, Haru, so tell me quickly!”

Is it his curiosity as a wizard? Even though Victor is still recovering from his illness.

“Right now, it’s in front of the general store. It’s moving slowly. Now it’s in front of the greengrocer’s. It’s coming. Hey, it’s really coming!”

The slowly advancing whirlwind seemed to have eyes as it approached Victor, who was standing on this side of the road. 

“It’s here!”

As if drawn to Victor, the whirlwind approached, and in the moment it touched or didn’t touch him, a vast amount of golden powder erupted from Victor’s entire body. Unable to bear it, I grabbed Victor’s arm and pulled with all my strength.

Victor staggered and swayed. The whirlwind followed him, moving two or three steps. 

“Go over there!”

The whirlwind had now become a pillar of gold, about the size of a person’s embrace. When I swung my arm and touched it, scattering golden powder, the pillar dispersed into thin air. Perhaps due to anger, the fear inside me from earlier had calmed down a bit. 

Victor knelt down on the ground with a thud.

“Victor! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, thanks to Haru, I managed to avoid running out of magical power. What happened to the whirlwind?”

“It disappeared when I touched it.”

Victor looked pale and was sweating. It seemed like he was feeling faint.

“Are you guys okay?”

To those who couldn’t see it, it probably looked like a quarrel between a young man and woman. There were people passing by, grinning and even whistling.

“Haru, I’m sorry. I worried you. I’ll be fine. Although a considerable amount of my magical power was taken away.”

“You idiot. Victor, you idiot. What will you do if you collapse again, even though you’re still recovering?”

“I’m sorry. I just really wanted to experience it.”

At that moment, Conrad-san timidly interjected.

“Um, sorry to interrupt, but could you explain it in a way that I can understand? Please.”

Is this person also the same type as Victor?

“What is the most important thing to Conrad-san after his life?”

“What’s with the sudden question?”

“Just tell me.”

“Well, um, my wife, my daughter, and my subjects.”

I stood right in front of Conrad-san, peering into his eyes as I asked.

“Then, if you promise not to tell anyone other than your wife, daughter, and subjects, I will explain.”

“Hey, Haru, stop it.”

“Victor didn’t listen to me either.”

“Alright, calm down. You’re trembling.”

I didn’t realize I was trembling until he pointed it out. Ah, I was really scared that something would happen to Victor. He’s my only companion. 

I told the innkeeper and his wife, “I want to talk to this person,” and the three of us entered the room. The innkeeper’s wife made tea and handed it to me. I was grateful.

Victor and I sat on our respective beds, while Conrad-san sat on the only chair.

“So, what happened?”

“My magical power was completely drained. As you can imagine, I am a wizard.”

“Haru seemed to be able to see what was taken from his magical power, right?”

“Yes. I can see it. It’s something that looks just like a whirlwind.”

And then? Conrad-san looked at me as if asking.

“Both yesterday and today, a whirlwind-like thing slowly wriggled and spiraled its way from the east side of the street. Real wind doesn’t blow, but when it approaches someone with magical power, it sucks out their entire body. The whirlwind from before wrapped itself up and turned into a pillar of magical power, then rose into the sky and disappeared.”

“Did it rise into the sky this time too?”

“This time, it dispersed and disappeared when I swung my arm.”

Maybe it’s better not to mention that I touched it.

“I have one question too. How many people in Conrad-san’s area have been affected?”

“I’ve received reports of three people being affected. Of course, all of them are wizards.”

I had been thinking for a while, and I had only one idea.

“Is there a way to detect where people with magical power are?”

“There is.”

“There is.” 

Conrad-san and Victor immediately responded, and Victor explained it to me.

“If you’re a wizard who can use detection magic, it’s easy as long as the other person is using magic. But Haru, you don’t think that was the work of a wizard, do you?”

“I can’t say for sure yet, but there is a possibility. Natural phenomena are usually well-known, right? Conrad-san, you came all the way here to investigate, so it must be something unusual, right?”

Oh, Conrad-san looked at me as if saying, “I see.”

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