Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Whirlwind in Heartfield

After three days of being shaken in a carriage, we arrived at the heart of the Heartfield territory, a large city called Heartfield.

“Well, first we should look for an inn.”

“I don’t have much money, so can we find a cheap inn?”

“Yeah, that’s what I plan to do. Who knows how long we’ll be living like this.”

“We also need to find jobs.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

We decided to stay at a small and modest inn called “Swingbird.” It seemed to be run by an elderly couple.

“We can’t provide meals, is that okay with you?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Thanks to that, we were able to secure a place to sleep at a low price. The room was small, just one room. Well, if we use something to divide it, it’s like having two single rooms.

“I’m going to walk around the city and look for work.”

“I’ll go with you. Haru, you’re unfamiliar with this city.”

“Please, do as you like.”

Heartfield city was big. It wasn’t as orderly as the capital, with winding streets and narrow alleys that gradually became narrower like capillaries. It seemed to be an old city, like the Middle Eastern scenery I saw on the internet. It also felt Middle Eastern that most adult women were wearing thin veils that covered their faces.

“What does that veil mean?”

“Married women don’t show their faces to anyone other than their family.”

“I want one too. I want to hide my black eyes and black hair.”

“I see.”

The two of us entered a Western-style shop and bought veils. Alright, I feel a little relieved. Victor-san also bought a local-looking gown-like outfit. We might look like locals at first glance, right?

“Now, let’s look for jobs.”

“You’re enthusiastic.”

“If I stay still, I won’t think of anything good. It’s easier when I’m moving.”

“I see. So, before looking for a job, should we take a break somewhere?”

Oops, I forgot. Victor-san is still recovering. I hurriedly looked for a suitable shop and settled down at an outdoor seat.

“Um, I’m sorry for not realizing. I’m a bit clumsy, so please feel free to tell me.”

“No, I also forgot. But traveling in a carriage can be tiring. I feel like my body was more comfortable when I was in front of that statue.”

It would be nice if there were places in Heartfield where gold dust would spring up too.

The tea that was brought to us looked similar to jasmine tea. The two of us silently drank tea while watching the passersby.

“Oh, someone is using magic.”

Victor-san raised his head and looked at the crowd. I also stared at the waves of people, and from a distance, a small whirlwind slowly approached us, swirling and undulating.

Although it was a whirlwind, no one’s clothes fluttered. It didn’t stir up dust or trash. It was just a strange whirlwind that distorted the scenery like a mirage as it moved.

“What’s wrong?”

“Victor-san, there’s a thin whirlwind slowly moving along the street. What is that? It’s creepy.”

“A whirlwind? I can’t see anything.”

“Yeah, ah!”

A gust of wind approached a well-dressed middle-aged man. It came close silently, but the man didn’t notice. Suddenly, golden powder burst out from his entire body, and the gust of wind turned into a pillar of gold.

Eventually, the gust of wind subsided and disappeared into the sky.

“Oh! He collapsed!”

The man, who had emitted golden powder from his whole body, suddenly fell to the ground. The people around started peering and causing a commotion.

“I’ll go.”

“Hey, Haru!”

I didn’t know what was happening, but if the golden powder was something only I could see, maybe I could be the only one who could help. Pushed by a guilty feeling of “only I can see it,” I rushed over.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh, ugh…”

He was sweating and looked unwell.

“Um, should I help you stand up? Should I call a carriage?”

“Sorry, please call a carriage.”

“I’ll go and call one. You stay here, Haru.”

Victor-san ran off, and I helped the man sit at the side of the road. The people who had gathered dispersed.

“Um, is it because your magical power ran out?”

“W-Why do you know?”

I couldn’t just start talking about the golden powder here. I reluctantly had to lie. I wanted to slap my own mouth for saying unnecessary things.

“Just a feeling, I guess.”

“Do you sense it?”

“Something like that.”

The middle-aged man was well-dressed, and his skin and hair were well-groomed. I thought there would be servants at his house, so we were waiting for the carriage to arrive when I said, “Take care of yourself,” and tried to leave.


When I tried to help him into the carriage, he unexpectedly grabbed my wrist with a strong force. Victor-san quickly intervened and tried to release his grip.

“Please, I want to express my gratitude, so come with us.”

“No, thank you. We’ll go back like this.”

“Please, just this once.”

The well-dressed man bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry. We can’t ride in a stranger’s carriage.”

I bowed, quickly shook off his hand, and ran away. I looked back a few times, but there was nothing. We returned to the shop from earlier and moved to a seat where we couldn’t be seen from the outside.

“I’m sorry. I said something unnecessary to that person.”

“What did you see? You mentioned a gust of wind.”


I told him as accurately as possible what I had seen. The thin gust of wind swirling with golden powder. When I watched the man earlier, a large amount of golden powder burst out from his whole body, causing him to collapse. When I asked if his magical power had run out, he admitted it.

“That man was in a state of magical power deficiency. When the magical power in the body is depleted, it becomes like that. Anyone can become like that if they use magic excessively. But, there shouldn’t be a case where it happens while walking.”

“Maybe he had a massive amount of magical power drained from him?”

Victor-san tilted his head.

“I’ve never heard of a gust of wind that absorbs magical power.”

“I wonder what it could be. But, I’m glad he’s safe. Let’s discuss this matter later. First, we need to find a job.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You can take it easy a little longer.”

“No, I’ll go too.”

Victor-san’s fondness for me was adorable.

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